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  • The first episode. Especially the absurdly cheerful dialogue at the end that summarizes the whole thing.
    "And so, on this day forth, our hero has slain 30 men. And he would later admit to having a good time while doing it, too."note 
  • Deimos sneaks up on Sanford and tries to freak him out with a Mook's mask. Sanford's not impressed, and Deimos gets slapped for it.
    • Sanford's irritated gesture at Hank's body using his hook right after this. For a series with no speech, the moment was conveyed perfectly.
  • Sanford and Deimos clothes shopping while agents prepare to breach the store they're in, and Sanford's response to Deimos' new outfit.
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  • "YOU DO NOT KILL CLOWN! CLOWN KILLS YOU!", followed by Tricky's super happy smile. Awwww.
  • The ending of Apotheosis. Everyone dies but Tricky, who surveys the scene. Then, he just shrugs and puts a record on, and guess which one? The Chicken Dance from the very first Madness Combat.
  • Well into Madness Combat 5.5, Deimos and Sanford find themselves being hit by a massive wave from the Improbability Drive. Despite the ensuing carnage and Tricky involved, there are several funny moments, including when Tricky bounces like a high-powered superball, followed by a long Zerg Rush of Elite Mooks where Sanford wields two swords at once! Reason why it's funny? Deimos kicks back and has a cigarette, watching the battle.
    • Even better, when Sanford's finished off the last enemy, he turns around to see Deimos just standing there smoking and makes a one-handed pointing sort of gesture at him as if to say, "Come on, are you kidding?". Deimos promptly throws the cigarette away.
  • In 7.5, Deimos opens fire with a huge machine gun on a big open room full of mooks. Sanford is right in the line of fire, and drops to the floor right before Deimos starts shooting. Sanford then proceeds to scoot himself backwards, still flat on his front, until he's safely behind Deimos. It's easy to miss, but it looks absolutely hilarious.
  • Incident: 001A: Why yes, Hank, a huge-ass MAG Agent will blend!!
    • Viewers also noted that, after disposing of over a dozen agents, Hank decides to pick up an axe rather than one of the many guns strewn across the floor.
  • The Auditor, quite angered that his fight is going poorly, begins sucking in and absorbing every corpse in reach for power, including those outside the building. One of those corpses sucked in is Tricky. Reality itself goes into a blind panic at what's about to happen to the Auditor.
    NO! NO! NO!!
    YES! YES! YES!
  • The ending of Incident: 010A. After slaying a horde of zombies and agents, Hank is promptly and unceremoniously torn in half by a MAG Agent v4. His reaction just before his demise sells it.
  • Incident: 011A: At the very end, the guy with the M203 wipes the blood off his face with his hand, then wipes his hand on the hot dog vendor's apron. The hot dog vendor is not pleased.
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  • In Abrogation, Sanford and Hank play rock-paper-scissors to see who will go into the building first. Hank loses to Sanford and has to go first.
  • In the third episode, Avenger:
  • In Madness Combat: 5.5, Tricky's Epic Fail of trying to use the upper half of Jebus' severed head to resurrect two agents, whose heads simply explode. Afterwards, when Sanford and Deimos have left, he stomps into the room angrily screaming "HOW COME THIS DOES NOT WORK?" The reason? Jebus' halo is the source of his incredible powers, not his brain. What makes it even funnier is that it looks like Tricky is using Jebus' head as a hat.
    • This sets up a whole chain of funny events involving Jesus leaving the agency throughout the following episodes. In 6.5, he retrieves his head and plants his resignation notice (which he somehow wrote while missing his eyes) in sight of a camera so the Auditor can see it.
    • Then, in 6, he's moved on to doing odd jobs around Nevada, such as raking leaves next to a billboard. When Hank and Tricky speed past on a runaway locomotive, and then the rest of the detached train slows to a halt right in front of him, he briefly acknowledges it before going back to work.
  • In Antipathy, while Hank fights the grunts and agents inside the building, Tricky, without a care in the world, goes outside and buys a hot dog.
  • In the non-canon Incident: 100A, the beginning of the animation has Sanford and Deimos betting on whether or not Deimos' decoy works. It does, and Sanford is not pleased when he has to pay up. At the end, when they find out they grabbed the wrong guy, you can plainly see his rage at losing a pointless bet.
  • In Consternation, when Hank first encounters MAG Agent: Torture he unloads an entire magazine into its face in a Bullet Time moment... to absolutely no effect. If you watch carefully he gets about a second to regret it before Torture decides to club him clear across the canyon using its shotgun like a golf club. Somehow Torture gives the impression of being completely unfazed yet peeved enough to retaliate in the pettiest manner possible.
    • In the room just before, one of the posters on the wall has a picture of Hank, in his current gear, captioned with what starts out as a Madness Mantra of "MURDER MURDER MURDER" before devolving into inarticulate jibberish punctuated with a " :-| " emoticon. One gets the feeling that the repeated defeats and blows to the head did a really bad number on Tricky.
    • And right after being thwacked like the first tee-off at the Masters, Hank lands on some poor Agent running drills outside and kills him on impact. He was a smoker anyway.
  • Also from Consternation, Tricky's reaction to Jesus killing Hank is hilarious with his wide-eyed look and indignant "HAY!!!" as he sticks his oversized head through the wall. Also, when he dies from Jesus destroying the Portable Improbability Drive, the device's final integrity readout before it fails is "%X_X"
  • In 7.5, the Auditor's overly-long reply to the ATP Soldat's IM confirming that Sanford and Deimos have arrived. It doesn't even come through until the two Soldats are already out the door. One gets the feeling that the Auditor doesn't do a lot of IMing.
    • The fact that the Auditor's handle is "BIGBADAUD999".
    • The bomb. N0:PE
  • Episode 8:
  • From Incident: 110A:
    • There is a moment where Jesus split an ATP engineer in half with his telekinesis, but the lower half walks a bit before falling over.
    • In The Stinger. Having depleted the counter of surviving enemies to 0, Jesus picks up a minigun and starts mowing down a huge stream of mooks. The scene cuts out again just as the counter goes down to -20.
  • Despite otherwise being Nightmare Fuel, the Deimos shorts have a few humorous bits.
  • Episode 11: Expurgation:
    • When Tricky is roaring Hank's name, the second time it happens, Sanford covers his ears.
    • Speaking of Sanford, before he ends up barraged by Tricky Demon's M60, his foe actually adjusts the sight on it. What's funny is that every single adjustment is followed by a [ACCURACY ++].
    • Since we are mentioning "stats", Hank's Auditor-induced upgrade near the end of the episode finishes with the lines: "Violence Required" and "Violence Acquired".
    • A healed and renewed Hank is fighting the halo-carrying Tricky Demon and, after a fairly even fight, he's sent flying at high speed... and crashes into Sanford, who was looking at the fight from afar.
    • Just before picking up the M60, Tricky lets out what can only be described as a gleeful salivating noise punctuated by a goofy little "huhuh!"
  • A few days after the release of Expurgation, Krinkels teased the next animation.
    Deimos: (clinging to the back of a giant ATP engineer) ayyy pal, lemme see them POKEMON CARDS
  • Dedmos Rebuilt:
    • When Deimos clears the first room of giant grunts, he advances to the next room by jumping around like a cheerful child.
    • Deimos, after dodging a chain and getting a giant agent impaled on it, decide to saunter on the chain over to him and steal his Cool Shades before caving his face in.
      • For a split second after Deimos grabs the agent's shades, the word "melon" and an arrow pointing to the agent's head appears behind them, just before Deimos smashes his head like one.
    • Deimos dabbing while a giant ATP Engineer aims at him.
    • After embedding a baton into a giant agent's throat, Deimos just gives him dual finger guns, taunting him as he flounders away with it still lodged inside him.
    • How do they bring Deimos back? By smashing him in the face with the anchor! Cue Smash to Black with just the word "OUCH" onscreen, with the letters smushed together and quivering slightly in pain.
  • Madness Combat 9.5


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