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  • These can be subjectively found pretty much all over the place in the animations' usual violence. Whether it's Badass Normal teamwork at its best, or spectacularly bloody use of telekinetic powers, or just our protagonist Hank Wimbleton tearing his enemies apart with his bare hands, awesome moments are never hard to find.
  • The intro to Apotheosis marks the beginning of a more cinematic Madness Combat. The previous two episodes are concisely summarized with Hank's injuries, Tricky's signature mask is introduced, and it ends with Hank firing his guns at the viewer, the muzzle flashes forming a capital letter H. The whole sequence is set to some of the series' most captivating music.
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  • In 6.5, Jesus retrieves the top half of his own head from where Tricky left it, and reattaches it with his halo's healing power. He then walks out of the room, leaving a note on the wall saying that he's quitting. This itself doesn't really stand out in the Madness Combat universe, except that the note had been written before he put it up. Jesus somehow wrote that note while missing the top of his head.
  • Jesus' Big Damn Heroes moment in Consternation. Hank has spent the entire animation fleeing from Tricky. The most he's able to do is to get Tricky to temporarily retreat. Then, when Hank looks like he's finally out of luck, the Savior shows up, and completely wins the fight within ten seconds of appearing. Not only does he kill both Hank and Tricky, he does it with one sword strike and one bullet apiece.
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  • Hank outfighting the Halo-empowered Auditor at every turn in Abrogation, even when the Auditor grows to about ten times normal size and dwarfs Hank. Especially satisfying, given how often and how painfully he's been at the mercy of monsters like Tricky.
  • The Abrogation theme features parts of Consternation, Depredation and Inundation. Fittingly, the animation itself brings these past animations' events to closure.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Expurgation counts, as it has the best animation, sounds and music by far out of the entire series, but the ending certainly counts as the crowning moment. After Tricky steals the show and takes the Auditor's body for himself, Hank and Sanford fight through the afterlife to wipe out the clown once and for all. When they're at the very cusp of it, warring against an undead MAG Agent and various Elite Mooks, Hank decides to go apeshit, giving the final push the two of them need to not just kill, but annihilate Tricky for good.
    Violence Required
    Violence ACQUIRED
    • Tricky's grand return, emerging in another One-Winged Angel form, literally roaring out Hank's name in what can only be bloodthirsty rage.
    • A moment that deserves mention: When Hank is given his arm back by the Auditor, he proceeds to give Tricky a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, crushing him with a stone platform, tossing corpses at him, and obliterating his body with his own LMG. Tricky only manages to survive because he can make himself new bodies. Hank's certainly learned not to take the clown lightly.
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    • The Auditor also deserves mention as to how cunning he is in the episode. Even after having his body hijacked by Tricky, he made his way into the afterlife and happens to see Hank weakened before him. He immediately grants him a new arm and then some new weapons...just so that they can live long enough to unwittingly give him back control. After Tricky's seemingly final death, the Auditor immediately rises out of the skeletal corpse, whipping the halo back on as Hank and Sanford's bodies lay before him. In short: the Auditor finally did what the thousands of his Mooks, Jebus and Tricky could not do: he won. He seemingly killed Hank and Sanford, It seems no one is left to stand against him. Tricky and Jebus may have killed Hank before, but the Auditor netted himself a complete victory with no effort at all; had "Dedmos" stayed that way, it would also have been permanent.
  • DedmosRebuilt.fla
    • Deimos, torn to shreds, seems to hack Hell itself to rebuild himself using the rock around him. From this point on, not only is he caving in the skulls of all the hostiles he comes across, even at twice his size, the chains that constantly dug into him and pulled him around can hardly even touch him.
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    • The protagonist of the short, 2 B Damned, tricks the Soldat rocketman into killing most of his own team, finishes off the remaining member with a grenade, then takes out the rocketman with a sniper shot that goes straight through the Soldat's eye.

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