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The Higher Powers are actually US.
Word of God said that if it weren't for the praise, the series would've stopped at Madness Combat 2: Redeemer.

Jebus has always fought to keep peace.
In the very first Madness episode, he shows up after Hank has killed a few dozen people, clearly trying to kill Hank and prevent further violence. After that he works for the Sheriff, apparently as a law enforcer or something. Once the Auditor started running the show, Jebus quickly turned to fighting the L33t Crew, presumably because the Auditor kept the violence going for his own amusement, which Jebus wouldn't allow.

Jebus is the real good guy. He's the only one who wants all the madness to stop.

Sanford And Deimos are the ones who keep reviving Hank between episodes.
In their spotlight episodes, Sanford and Deimos fix one another's wounds the way Hank's are bandaged. In Aggregation they go out of their way to revive Hank with new powers.They probably need Hank's remarkable willpower for whatever they're planning.

Madness Combat takes place in The Matrix or a similar universe.
The Auditor, Tricky and Saviour are all either rogue agents or similar programs, while Hank, Sanford and Deimos are Redpills or the Madness Combat equivalent.
  • The Higher Powers continue to revive the characters for unknown reasons (Lulz?).
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  • The Auditor wishes to continue the Madness and violence, the same as the Higher Powers and is possibly working for them. Lawful Evil
  • Saviour/Jebus wishes a peaceful return to normality. Lawful Neutral
  • Tricky/Clown is a rogue program who has no real goals. Chaotic Evil
  • Hank just kills things. He seems to have a rivalry with the normality seeking Saviour and the Madness seeking Auditor. Chaotic Neutral OR True Neutral
  • Deimos and Sanford are pursuing an unknown agenda, although they seem to have been fighting the Auditor mostly. Neutral Good (?)

Madness and Soul Eater share the same universe
Okay, the only thing I've got is that the sun in both world's is creepy (and now dead), insanity is taking hold EVERYWHERE, they're both set (mostly) (somewhere) in Nevada, and Tricky and Auditor look like Kishins.

The characters represent various mental conditions or symptoms of mental illness and instability.
  • Hank is pure murderous psychopathy. He has no discernable motive besides killing as many people as possible, while specifically fixating on the Sheriff, Jebus, and Tricky.
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  • Jebus represents religious delusions. Taking the above WMG regarding Jebus being the good guy into account, I present the alternate theory; Jebus thinks he is the good guy, doing God's will, but this is mostly the construct of his own mind.
  • Tricky is absolute mania. Where as Hank is cold murder, Tricky is all that is Ax-Crazy.
  • The Auditor is the god complex. Where as Jebus believes himself an agent of God's Will, the Auditor believes himself to be the god figure of this world, and that it exists for his own amusement.
  • Deimos and Sanford are harder to place, but perhaps they represent obsession. Assuming the WMG about them being the ones who bring Hank back to be true, they could be obsessed with him to the point of having a compulsive need to see him complete his mission.

The Auditor... an Auditor of Reality, from Discworld. Albeit one that somehow managed to acquire individuality without being destroyed.

The entire series... somehow related to the hotdog vendor. First, the normal blood sort of looks like ketchup. Then, the ATP-Agents have blood that looks like mustard. The hotdog vendor is shown in multiple episodes and never dies, which is rare for anyone in this series.
  • Plus? There are posters everywhere assuring you that hot dogs are food. Seems a bit suspicious, eh?

Dr Hoffnar (from Project: Nexus) is the Auditor
An update to Project: Nexus it shows not only the origin of the titular project but of Jebus. In the second mission you are tasked with rescuing a Dr Hoffnar, which perhaps another update shows that he becomes the Auditor.

The whole series takes place in a computer/machine.
Not so much a Matrix scenario (though Krinkels has drawn some pretty obvious references to The Matrix), maybe more like TRON: Nevada is a hard drive, and those inhabiting it are programs and whatnot. The Auditor and antagonists of the like are viruses deteriorating the hard drive, which the protagonists - the anti-virus programs - are trying to stop, but there's all this mess because everything is infected and corrupted and running improperly. Madness Combat 1 demonstrated a situation where all was normal and working, with Hank fighting off some malware in the 'park'. Then in Avenger, the activation of the Improbability Drive was something akin to the opening of a Trojan horse file and all hell broke loose with the computer glitching and going haywire. This explains the ability of characters to resurrect in the early series. The random flashing texts are also part of this, since they relay what is actually going on with the system (e.g. "KEYSTONE FRAGMENT COMPROMISED").

The Sheriff and the Hotdog Vendor are the same person.
I got this theory from the Madness Wiki, BTW. Here goes:The hotdog man doesn't appear troubled by Tricky, but runs in far from Hank. When Jebus kills his two customers, he lets the hotdog man live, implying they might know each other. After being killed, the Auditor could have revived him easily, and there wasn't much of a reason not to. If the Auditor did revive him, he'd need a job, as he obviously couldn't go back to being sherrif. He has quite alot of advisement for a simple hotdog salesmen.

Deimos and Jebus will return/be revived/get resurrected in a later episode after 10
Even though it's unlikely, and that we're not sure whether there will be a Madness Combat 11, the fans love both of them and they'll return to aid Hank and Sanford, thus forming a team to take down whatever new evil is going on.
  • Confirmed by the "Deimos Adventure" mini-series where Deimos is resurrected.

"Stats" on the Magnification Chamber are not static values, but coefficients
While Krinkels might have said that MAG!Hank is retarded, we see that is clearly not the case. If anything, he's even smarter than he was before, being able to think tactically and showing even better reflexes than he had before. The values that Deimos put on his Mag chamber might mean rather than an intelligence of 3, his intelligence was multiplied by 3.

Post-Magnification Chamber Hank was Too Dumb to Fool
While there is comparatively little to suggest that he was arrogant before, it's nerveless apparent that Hank started fighting smarter AFTER being put in the tank and supposedly had his intelligence reduced. Obviously, the chamber stripped away any arrogance, distraction, self-doubt, fears or other miscellaneous thoughts Hank had, leaving behind a monster with the low cunning common to wolves and similar smart predators.

Hank is a Death Seeker
After Tricky revives him in Consternation, he yells "Knock it off!".

Madness Combat takes place in a dystopian future, where entire countries are ruled by sheriffs, clowns, and religious nuts. Hank, Sanford, and Deimos are part of a resistance group trying to take back their freedom.
First off, this would explain why Hank wanted to murder the Sheriff, and why Sanford and Deimos are trying to help him out. Also explains why Jebus and the Clown were trying to kill Hank. After he was killed by Jebus and the Clown, he was not seeking revenge. He was just trying to take back his freedom.

After the Clown was absorbed by the Auditor, Slenderman was created.
The Auditor is pure evil, and the Clown is pure distortion. Combine those two elements together and you get the Slenderman.
  • Corollary: The monster created became the thing that murdered Jebus is the non-canon Incident: 111a.
    • Jossed but this monster is a rejected design for a Auditor/Tricky fusion.
  • Jossed.

Dr. Hoffnar WILL become Tricky.
According to the Madness Combat wiki, there is a huge possibility Hoffnar will become Tricky, as "Hoffnar" means Jester or Clown in German. This would also explain how Tricky has a rivalry with Jebus.
  • Confirmed with Project Nexus 2, where Hoffnar descended into madness thanks to Phobos screwing with Hoffnar's own experiment results, and became Tricky very quickly.

The A.A.H.W. is running out of troops.
In Inundation, Jebus entered a room full of tubes with people inside them, and he proceeded to destroy the control panel, most likely shutting down the whole thing. We can conclude this is an important place for the A.A.H.W., seeing how a MAG agent messages the Auditor about it. Taking all things into consideration, including that the Auditor resides in a nearby facility, it seems pretty likely that room was where the A.A.H.W. modifies their agents into L33Ts or ATPs. There is also the OBSV agents, but the last remaining factory was shut down by Deimos and Sanford in 7.5.

Add to that the fact that even then, there's still got to be a large amount of agents that had been deployed before the deactivation of the factory, and you get that the A.A.H.W. may be running on a limited bodycount this time around...

The series will end at MC12.
By then, MAG Hank and Sanford would have killed whatever antagonist may be around, and destroyed all the Improbablity Drives, thus completing the 'normality restoration'. After all, the series probably can't really go much further after Abrogation's events.

Tricky is the dancing man in MC1.
If the Project Nexus continuity is non-canon, and combined with the facts that Hank was resurrected twice - even before the Improbability Drive was enabled in Avengernote  - and that Tricky was shown dancing in Apotheosis, this could very well be possible.

The series shares very dark and loose references to Spider-Man.
Hank is an eventually-costumed One-Man Army who takes down Mooks in one fell swoop, like Spidey himself can do - but Hank lacks the wit, powers and especially the Thou Shalt Not Kill code. Tricky seems to resemble Green Goblin the most, as he has a Green and Mean coloration, a deep fascination with his nemesis note  and has little to no morals. Jebus is most like Venom, as he is against the protagonist, but has some type of morals of his own. The Auditor resembles both Doctor Octopus and Carnage, since he is the mastermind behind the chaos like Doc Ock is in most storylines, but is also a big fan of madness like Carnage - this aided by his coloration.

The Auditor is the embodiment of The Sheriff.
After The Sheriff was Killed Off for Real, he turned into The Auditor. This makes sense, considering his last appearance was right before the episode of the same name. This might explain the series' transition from Grey-and-Gray Morality to Black-and-Gray Morality; in this case, the Sheriff suffering defeat at the hands of Hank and releasing The Auditor into the Madness universe. The Improbability Drive may or may not have something to do with this.
  • That could also be why the AAHW was formed; the Sheriff is still in charge as the Auditor, and he is pissed with Hank. His cowardice as the Sheriff could also just be him Obfuscating Stupidity.

Deimos has to step up to stop the Auditor now.
With all the similarities between the realms from Expurgation and the Dedmos series, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The Auditor will end up defeating himself.
It's become clear that the Auditor's main goal is, seemingly for no real reason, to spread madness around with the Improbability Drives. He may not bear the power to keep the insanity in check, and as a result he may be destroyed in the chaos, stopping the madness shortly after it even starts.

Deimos Adventure started when his corpse got engulfed off-screen by the black goop at the start of Expurgation.
Which is why he is in a similar place as Hank and Sanford, but since Tricky is too busy with them (and probably don't even know Deimos is here), Deimos is in what hell looks like when it's not invaded by Tricky.
  • Jossed as seen in DedmosRebuilt.fla. Plus Deimos Adventures and Expugation canonically are set in different places.

Deimos has Height Angst.
It's been confirmed that Deimos is shorter than Hank and Sanford, which may imply that he's short in general, then we have the Deimos Adventure series that takes place in some kind of hell that psychologically tortures Deimos by showing Sanford dying (Anamnesis.fla) and by remembering him of his own death (Powerless.fla). But the last episode has him fight some giant mooks who might be a representation of his insecurities, one poster (either from 2BDamned or from hell itself) also says "WE ALWAYS THOUGHT you were a little on the small side" which sounds like taunting. Lastly the fact that Deimos beat up all the giant Mooks on his way with ease may be a metaphor of how he managed to overcome his insecurities.

Tricky became the Ax-Crazy Monster Clown he is now because he has an obsession with Hank's killing prowess.
Before becoming a zombie, Tricky was a Smug Snake personality wise, but otherwise was largely stable and is more than likely to deliver a quick, clean kill to his enemies, but being killed by Hank and then revived by the Improbability Drive did a number on his sanity from the resulting Villainous Breakdown he had and the otherworldly powers that affected his mind, and a majority of his behavior as a zombie stems from his obsession with Hank, such as how he uses a stop sign, the very thing that Hank used to kill him as a weapon.

Madness Combat 9.5 will take place in the same afterlife that Deimos has been in.
The environment depicted in it from the previews on his Twitch Stream are similar, plus, the blood of the Mooks Hank fights is black, similar to Deimos's injured state and Sanford's messed up injuries in 11.
  • Confirmed.
Madness Combat 12 will have the Auditor as the Villain Protagonist.

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