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  • Jesus killing Hank in Consternation. The episode began with Hank suffering a very much Unwanted Revival, and when Jesus stabs him, unlike with Tricky at the end of Depredation, he doesn't even try to fight it. Both of them seem to think it's the best thing to do, and that moment seals the fact they see the other as a Friendly Enemy.
    Jesus: Good night, Hank.
    • Similarly, Hank flies into a rage when he sees that Tricky has killed Jesus in Depredation.
  • At the end of Inundation, Jesus' Heroic Sacrifice to destroy the primary Improbability Drive. His death is final this time, but of all his deaths, this final one is where the Savior sacrifices himself to save humanity. It's how he'd want to go.
  • Besides being funny, some of the little nuances of Sanford and Deimos's interactions are this. They check if each other is alright when they first wake up in 5.5, Sanford bandages Deimos's head for him in between fights, Deimos helps Sanford up after the latter is shot and continues to protect him until he patches himself up, and they help each other pick out clothes.
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  • At the end of Abrogation, as the Auditor starts to break down, Hank realizes they need to get out of there immediately. The first thing he does is grab Sanford and pull him close, and the next thing he does is start climbing down the platform. Especially notable because at this point, Hank has been mutated into MAG form and is barely even sentient.
  • There's a brief moment in the latter half of Expurgation where Hank pushes Sanford back and takes on some enemies himself. While you might say Hank was just being his usual Blood Knight self, the gesture still seems rather protective and thoughtful considering Sanford was unarmed at the time and has been visibly wearing out throughout the episode.

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