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  • A few stories were dedicated to Rina's attempts at proving that Meimi is St. Tail and Meimi trying to convince her of the opposite. How did that ended? Well, Rina had finally caught St.Tail and showed her face to Asuka Jr... Only to freak out when she touched St.Tail's manly moustache! Planning to be caught, St.Tail had knocked out a burly and moustached male cop and dressed him with her costume and a wig for a last-minute swap, so she'd convince Rina that St.Tail was a man, and traumatized both her and Asuka Jr. in the process. She later explained what she had done to Asuka Jr. because she felt sorry for him, but Asuka Jr. went on telling Rina that St.Tail was a male...
  • Meimi's message about taking on Rosemary, made by having a zeppelin show it to the whole city... And then realizing in horror that the message revealed Rosemary's true Embarrassing First Name. Immediately followed by Rosemary swearing to make her pay for this, scaring the patrons of a restaurant with her rage-generated Battle Aura.
    • Bonus point for her mother doing the very same thing in her youth, complete with Rosemary's true name, and Meimi doing it to copy her.
    • Also, Rosemary's Embarrassing First Name itself: it's Kabako, or, in English, Miss Hippopotamus.
  • The prequel manga chapter showing how Meimi first met Seira and Asuka Jr. and started going around as Saint Tail.
    • How Seira realized Meimi could help her recovering the stolen key of a confessional? Easy: Meimi couldn't resist the temptation to perform and summoned a kangaroo dressed with a tuxedo in spite of her father forbidding her from doing it in public until she's a professional, and Seira (and the kid who would be peer-pressured into stealing the key) saw her.
      • Later in class, Meimi was having her very first fight with Asuka jr., this one over stage magic being a scam or not... And Seira terrified Meimi by praising her, before recognizing her as the nun who saw her.
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    • Asuka Jr. had found out about the kid stealing the key because his friends would otherwise call him a coward for saying he had seen a kangaroo with a tuxedo. Asuka Jr. told him that doing something like that was the mark of a coward, and that kangaroos don't wear tuxedos... Cue him witnessing an horde of tuxedo-wearing kangaroos. Dancing.
      • When the still unnamed Saint Tail has left, having recovered the key, scared the kid into not doing it again and showed Asuka Jr. that stage magic is not mere tricks and scamming, the kid had marked her as a Phantom Thief, and Asuka was crying in despair because he couldn't understand what had just happened.
    • The day after, Seira shows Meimi the school journal with a bad picture of her (presumably taken by Asuka Jr.) dubbing her a Phantom Thief, and, in an instance of Sure, Let's Go with That, told her she would go by Saint Tail and steal stolen things and give them back to their legitimate owners, and that she would pass her the information in the confessional whose key had been recovered by Meimi (Seira had kept it to 'reserve' the confessional for themselves). Seira is smiling all the time. Meimi is less than amused.
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    • How did the chapter end? With Asuka Jr. reading about kangaroos to make sense of Saint Tail's trick while his father (in his only appearance in the manga) threatened to disown him if he tried to breed kangaroos.
  • In one occasion, Saint Tail wrote her 'warning note' on Asuka Jr.'s face as he was sleeping. His reaction when he saw it in the mirror made it even funnier: first he freaked out, then... "I'm not washing my face".
    • As we are in the 'warning notes'... Here's the whole list (warning: they all double as Moment of Awesome for what Saint Tail managed to pull off. Also, being thinly veiled love letters, they double as minor or major Heartwarming Moments, depending on the occasion):
      • Episode 2: a balloon exposed right out of the school.
      • Episode 3: Asuka Jr. has been caught sleeping in class, and is forced to read out loud from the book... And reads out loud Saint Tail's message sneaked in the book. After a few seconds of silence, Asuka Jr. realizes what he had just read and freaks out;
      • Episode 4: as detailed above, it was written on Asuka jr.'s face;
      • Episode 5: written on the back of a theme park flyer and given to him by Saint Tail dressed as a giant plushie;
      • Episode 6: an arcade screen after Asuka jr. gets a game over thanks to Rina's dubious help;
      • Episode 7: written out with food in a heart in Asuka jr.'s lunchbox, without Asuka jr. consciously realizing the hidden meaning of this warning. Of course, Rina got pissed (with Meimi actually planning for this) and his classmates try and eat it in his place;
      • Episode 8: a note that pops out from a soccer ball that exploded after hitting Asuka jr. in the face. This gets even better with Meimi's mental commentary, "Geez, pay attention!";
      • Episode 9: posted as a large notice in the classroom's bulletin wall. Asuka jr. gets so distracted by it that he walks right into another wall;
      • Episode 10: a note that exploded out of Asuka jr.'s egg as he was preparing breakfast;
      Rina: "Why is the note burnt?"
      Asuka jr.: "Because it was in my breakfast!"
      • Episode 11: appears from Sawatari's camera in place of a photo;
      • Episode 12: this time Saint Tail committed her caper without warning Asuka jr.... So Asuka jr. broke in a television studio and cried to the whole city where and when he wanted to meet her;
      • Episode 13: held by a Saint Tail doll that appeared on Asuka jr.'s head (Meimi was improvising);
      • Episode 14: written on the package of oden Asuka jr. had just bought with the grocery. On Asuka jr.'s favourite variant of oden;
      • Episode 15: a note that exploded out of Asuka jr.'s mail;
      • Episode 16: posted on an outdoor giant television screen;
      • Episode 17: posted on the gallery wall of the art classroom. Made funnier by Asuka jr. freaking out when he noticed and accidentally altering it, so the note doesn't state the target as a notebook anymore, but as the heart of the school's Chick Magnet;
      • Episode 18: written on the back of Asuka jr.'s ticket for a concert he was supposed to go with Rina (chosen specifically because Meimi had been about inviting him to that same concert but her shyness prevented her from saying it until the more direct Rina butted in and invited him);
      • Episode 19: written on a note found in the snow. It says she's gonna steal a comet;
      • Episode 20: partially recycled the egg one, only this one was in a chicken coop Asuka jr. was cleaning;
      • Episode 21: written on a note that Asuka jr. had to follow directional street signs to find. Asuka jr. being Hot-Blooded, he immediately started running, and smashed his face on a wall after the last turn;
      • Episode 22: parachuted down from a toy UFO;
      • Episode 23: appeared written in chalkboard on a blackboard as Asuka jr. was cleaning it;;
      • Episode 24: left in Asuka jr.'s mail. This one is a fake;
      • Episode 25: written on a note that pops out of Sawatari's camera;
      • Episode 26: explodes out of a soccer ball hitting Asuka jr.'s face again, only this time Asuka jr. himself kicked it (with a double take to assure us that yes, Asuka jr. really did it). And he wasn't even playing;
      • Episode 27: written on Asuka jr.'s bath towel;
      • Episode 28: appears in a bubble;
      • Episode 29: printed in a newspaper. Another fake;
      • Episode 30: a note thrown near Asuka jr. (Meimi wasn't in the mood to show off);
      • Episode 31: explodes out of a tiny ball found in Asuka jr.'s sweater;
      • Episode 32: written on a banner in town;
      • Episode 33: written on a note posted on the spare tire on the back of a passing car;
      • Episode 34: skywritten with fireworks (Meimi was on a strict schedule and didn't know where Asuka jr. was, so she used that);
      • Episode 35: explodes out of a strange-looking flower;
      • Episode 36: written on Asuka jr.'s popcicle stick;
      Asuka jr.: "It's a warning note! Beat I licked Saint Tail's warning note..."
      Those Two Guys: "Let me lick it too!"
      • Episode 37: explodes out of a bouquet of roses in Asuka sr.'s hands, ruining his attempt at courting a visiting Fair Cop;
      • Episode 38: explodes out of a ball that floated out of Asuka jr.'s pocket;
      • Episode 39: explodes out of a pigeon egg left on Asuka jr.'s head;
      • Episode 40: another note parachuted before Asuka jr.;
      • Episode 41: pops out of the lunchbox Saint Tail prepared for Asuka jr. But this one didn't specify where Saint Tail would strike... So Asuka jr. spent the afternoon and the whole night trying to find the place.
      • Episode 42: the zeppelin, as detailed above;
      • Episode 43: Ruby delivers the notice to Asuka jr., who is being held prisoner by Rosemary (and now knows Saint Tail's real identity), and warns him that Saint Tail is going to steal him. Doubles also as an immense Heartwarming Moment, both because of the message and because Pandora, after hearing Asuka jr. calling it a warning note, sets the things straight by shouting "Are you stupid?! That's a love letter, isn't it?!", finally getting him to realize that Meimi is truly in love with him and has been for almost two years.
  • From the first anime episode, right after Saint Tail committed the first heist shown in the series:
    Detective Asuka sr. (Daiki Asuka Jr.'s father): "What's that?"
    Theft victim: "Oops! Nothing!"
    Police officer #1: "Detective Asuka! This picture..."
    Asuka sr.: "It's the painting Evening Primrose, stolen from the city museum last week! What's the meaning of this?!"
    Theft victim: "Ah! It's... Nothing..."
    Asuka sr. *pissed, at the theft victim*: "Well! What is this all about?! Shall we hear your explanation?!"
    • It was present in the first manga chapter too, but the absence of the police made it less funny.
  • How did Meimi get permission to buy and keep her pet hedgehog Ruby? Easy: she proposed the name Ruby after her mother's engagement ring, and took advantage of her parents' attack of romanticism.
    • About Ruby... Meimi's crush on him. To her, going at the pet shop to see her was a date (her words).
    • From that same episode... Meimi's hedgehog-themed trick. She was so crushed when the villain bought Ruby before she could and made the hedgehog eat a diamond... And really happy when she found out the latest caper involved stealing Ruby.
    • Asuka Jr. and the villain were chasing Saint Tail, and at one point they were on an elevator and Saint Tail on another next to it, and capable to see in the other. Asuka Jr. mentally begged for Saint Tail to turn so he could see her face... And she did, hiding the face with Ruby while blowing a raspberry at them, before saying bye bye: her elevator stopped, theirs went on.
  • In episode 5 and the manga chapter it's taken from, Asuka jr. meets Meimi after receiving a note from Saint Tail. He talks to her about the clocktower with statues that bring happiness to couples that see them, Meimi wonders if he's going to ask her out, and then...
    Asuka jr.: "Is it true that they're very expensive?"
    Meimi: "I suppose so..."
    Asuka jr.: "Why would shenote  do something so villainous?! I got it. Never mind, see you!"
    • From the same episode:
  • Rina's debut, from her failed attempt at helping Asuka jr. with a game at the arcade to him noticing she's One Head Taller.
    • Even funnier in the anime, where Asuka jr. decides to run away to plan to capture Saint Tail after a warning received from the Game Over screen of the arcade game and Rina gives chase to find out who Saint Tail is (she has just arrived in town). He refuses out of spite, but Rina convinces him thanks to her very persuasive Octopus Stretch and Boston Crab.
    • During Saint Tail's caper, Rina butts in with the excuse her family has loaned paintings to the targeted museum. At one point as they chase Saint Tail, Rina reveals she lied... And Asuka jr. ends up hitting a wall face first before declaring that Rina is a thief because she lied
  • Rina meeting Asuka jr. in class for the first time. Just that. That, and Rina's moment of awesomeness parody when people tell her that Asuka jr. has been ordered by the mayor to arrest Saint Tail and she replies that the mayor is her uncle.
    • In the same episode, Asuka jr. is organizing the surveillance on Saint Tail's next target. When Rina butts in again, he tells her that she's not authorized and has to go home... Cue letter from her uncle the mayor telling Asuka jr. to let her help.
    • After Rina's tear gas attack, Asuka jr. protected her and breathed in all the gas. Saint Tail couldn't bring herself to escape, even knowing that this way Asuka jr. would see her, but then...
    Asuka jr.: "My eyes are so teary, I can't see!"
  • From the anime version of the baseball glove chapter:
    Meimi: "The truth is... I have tickets for Sunday's game!"
    Meimi produces a maths test gone really bad.
    Seira: "M-Meimi-chan..."
    Meimi notices what she has produced and starts searching for the tickets.
    • Also, the reason she has those tickets: after the last bad grade in maths (the very same she produced in the anime), Meimi was told to get tutored by Asuka jr.... Who promptly used this to blackmail her into treating him to that game. Too bad she lost them during a caper, and Rina found them...
    • From the anime version of that episode: Asuka jr.'s reaction to finding out the baseball glove targeted by Saint Tail had been stolen from his favourite pitcher by a child, and Rina's face when Saint Tail stole back the tickets.
  • In episode 9 and its manga counterpart we have confirmation that Meimi's Transformation Sequence into Saint Tail is not just fanservice but something she actually does. Why is this funny? Because this time Rina is hounding Meimi, who is desperately trying to transform quietly, and is out of the dressing room.
    • In the episode there's a wedding gown contest being held, with Saint Tail's target being one of the gowns and the stolen design it was made from. How did Saint Tail reach the stage? Hidden under the skirt of another contestant.
    • One of Meimi's problems with this caper is that she's one of the models, and so Rina knows where she has to be to make sure Meimi doesn't change into Saint Tail. She gets away thanks to Seira, who disguises herself as Meimi for the duration of the caper... And keeps an incredibly funny embarrassed face all the time, after giving herself a What the Hell, Hero? because she's a nun. Oh, and this scheme was her idea to begin with.
    • Saint Tail had to steal the gown while the model was wearing it... So she replaced it with a ridiculous dinosaur costume.
    • How did Saint Tail cover her escape? She threw a dozen bouquets, causing half the girls in the audience to trample Asuka jr. to catch them. But what about Rina? She was too busy grabbing a bouquet to give chase.
  • In episode 10, Meimi found out of Asuka jr. and Rina's bet: if Rina proves that Meimi is Saint Tail, then Asuka jr. will become her boyfriend. Later, we have this exchange:
    Meimi: "I certainly don't want to be caught now!"
    Seira: "You mean you wanted to at one time?"
    Meimi: "OF COURSE NO!"
    • As you probably guessed, this is the chapter mentioned above where Rina ended up believing Saint Tail was a man.
    • And Asuka jr.'s embarrassed reaction when Saint Tail tells him she doesn't want to be caught by anyone but him.
  • From episode 11: "Asuka jr.-in-a-bag, ready to go!"
    • The caper of this episode happens during the school festival, so Seira suggests to take advantage of the presence of one or two Saint Tail cosplayers to move more freely. The day after this suggestion, Meimi's classmates try and get Meimi to cosplay as Saint Tail. She only gets away from it because Asuka jr. protests them ruining Saint Tail's image by using Meimi as a model.
      • Later during the festival, Asuka jr. is chasing fake Saint Tails for all the school, until he barges in a particular classroom:
    Asuka jr.: "Is this where you are, Saint Tail?!"
    *Asuka jr. notices the banner: "Hurry up and join! One million Saint Tails planned"*
    Chorus of Saint Tails: "Yes, it is!"
    Asuka jr.: "Give me a break... Stop dressing everyone up like Saint Tail!"
    Chorus of Saint Tails: "Spoilsport!"
    Asuka jr.: "Every girl in school..."
    The REAL Saint Tail: "Hey! Isn't that Saint Tail?"
    *Asuka jr. runs out chasing Saint Tail's indication*
    • The target of this heist is the film of Sawatari's camera: to document the school festival's tradition of girls getting a boy's locker's lock and hanging it on the east fence of the roof in the hope to dance with him, Sawatari took a picture of a girl obtaining one such locker on a friend's behalf, and is set to publish it in spite of the misunderstanding it would cause. Upon learning of it being Saint Tail's target, he decides to hide it in his own locker... Only for his fanclub to add a dozen locks, as Sawatari is really popular with girls but has only one lock.
      • After noticing Asuka jr.'s locker is open, he decides to hide the film inside it, as no girl would want to dance with Asuka jr. He can barely hide the film inside that Rina shows up and scares him into accidentally closing the lock, before she complains that now she can't get Asuka jr.'s lock. Sawatari's face is priceless.
      • Later Rina complains in Asuka jr.'s and Meimi's presence, involuntarily telling them where the film is. After Asuka jr. reveals he's one of two persons in the school who don't know of the lock's tradition (the other, Seira, is justified as she's a nun and has no interest in boys), Rina asks him the lock, but he refuses. Meimi gets hopeful, as maybe Asuka jr. is keeping it for her...
  • The 'Tama caper'. Saint Tail's target was a pet named Tama, that she knew was black with a ribbon. She expected a cute little cat, but, to her immense and amusing horror, found a large lizard. In the anime, she even failed the first attempt because she was too scared to touch it (in the manga, she resorted to levitation)...
    • Also, Asuka jr.'s reaction to Saint Tail not sending a note. Especially in the manga:
    Asuka jr.: "Why? Why did she make a lizard fly without telling me?"
    • In the anime version, Asuka sr.'s chase of Saint Tail, ending in a midnight bath in the river. In winter.
    • After being summoned by Asuka jr. on pain of having her identity revealed, Saint Tail shows up to the park and does her best to terrify him into revealing what he actually knows while he's in a phone boot. Asuka jr.'s reaction? Call her on the cell phone he placed for her use and cry to cut it out, before revealing it was a bluff.
  • In episode 13, Sawatari blames Saint Tail for the theft of a mirror, and publishes it on the school newspaper. Two seconds after they find out, Meimi and Asuka jr. rise up at the same time, grab him for his arms and haul him away for interrogation.
  • In episode 14 (first of the various Fillers), Meimi, pumped up by a movie, was really enthusiast about helping John, an American tourist who had fallen in love with a local woman, and also a biker get back his bicycle and help their love.
  • Right at the start of episode 15, Meimi's chase of the dog who stole her snack.
    • Later in the episode, Saint Tail appear flying hanging to some balloons. Asuka jr. gives chase, grabs her... And has an Oh, Crap! when realizes it's a decoy that, as usual, promptly explodes.
  • The target of Saint Tail's caper in episode 16: the Chinese Iron Chef. As in the best cook specialized in Chinese dishes of the whole town.
    • To pull it off, she needs to distract both the police and a group of gangsters (as the owner, and boss of the chef, is a smuggler of poached animals, and had a sale just that night). What does she do? She transforms all the meat dishes in cartoonish versions of the live animals and has it attack police, gangsters and chef to create a distraction. And when Asuka jr. runs with the chef, she replaces the chef's arm he was holding with a rubber arm.
    • The chef hanging from Saint Tail's balloons.
  • At the start of episode 17, Asuka jr. telling Meimi that for Valentine's day he'd prefer some takoyaki to the Chocolate of Romance.
  • At the start of episode 19, Meimi and her classmates are talking of what they'd take with them to run away from a comet hitting Earth. Then someone asks Sawatari:
    Sawatari: "Ha ha ha! *grabs Meimi's hands* Let's run to the end of the world!"
    Every witness: *Literally freezes and states "No way." in disgust. Yes, even Rina, Asuka jr. and Seira*
  • From episode 20:
    • Meimi is sitting under a tree, fantasizing about being an explorer. Cue terror when a lizard fell on the book on her lap.
    • Professor Hyuga brags he has no need for the Asukas to help him stopping Saint Tail, for he has a secret weapons: his assistants making a bad Ghostbusters shout-out. Sure, the backpack are actually tranquillizer guns, but they look ridiculous.
    • Before the confrontation, Hyuga swears his technology will allow him to either capture Saint Tail or reveal her identity, or he'll shave his head bald. Near the end of the episode we see Asuka jr. cackling as he reads a newspaper showing a picture of Hyuga with his head bald.
  • From episode 22: Saint Tail, the Thief from Outer Space.
  • Episode 25:
    • Asuka Jr. has been taken off the case and replaced by Kaede Kitamura, an inspector from Tokyo Metropolitan Police who uses electronic trackers to chase Saint Tail. As Saint Tail is committing a caper, Rina is bugging her uncle the mayor to get Asuka Jr. back on the case, but the mayor replies that by then Kitamura must have already caught Saint Tail... Cue Kitamura breaking in the room, accusing Rina, of all people, of being Saint Tail (cue hilarious WTF face), and engaging her in an epic contest at throwing each other across the room, with the mayor and Kitamura's sidekick wondering what the hell is happening and Saint Tail's pet hedgehog (that had brought the tracker there) laughing its ass off. Needless to say, Asuka Jr. got back the case by the end of the episode.
    • After meeting Kitamura, Sawatari decides to tell the class everything about her. Down to her three measures.
  • Episode 26:
  • During the caper of episode 27, Sawatari managed to take a picture of Saint Tail. He and Asuka jr. run to process the picture... And get one of themselves in an embarrassing position during the caper. Turns out, Meimi switched the film...
  • Episode 28:
    • We're shown again the Drag Queen!Saint Tail in a flashback.
    • Rina has Saint Tail's note, and doesn't want to give it back to Asuka jr. When Asuka takes it back, Rina blushes and has one thing to ask:
      Rina: "Asuka, when did you get taller?"
    • Genichiro's freak out when Eimi tells him that middle schoolers may have boyfriends and girlfriends and his 'idyllic life' (his words) crumbles around him because Meimi has a boyfriend (she doesn't have one). Then Eimi reminds him that Meimi didn't tell him she likes a boy:
      Genichiro: "What? You don't like boys? Does that mean you prefer girls? That is a problem. Let's have a heart-to-heart talk."
    • Sawatari had entered Meimi in a contest to choose the new image girl for a shampoo, and for the sake of the caper Meimi went on with it. Her shyness and Luminescent Blush made it fairly amusing, but it became truly funny when she was asked a certain question:
      One of the judges: "What is your idea of the perfect man?"
      Meimi: "Eh?"
      Sawatari: "This I've got to hear!"
      Meimi: "*embarrassed gibberish* SOMEONE LIKE MY FATHER!"
      Everyone but Seira: Face Fault
      Saint Tail: "HI~! Number 51, Saint Tail! I'm a thief! How's that?"
  • In episode 30, Asuka jr. and Saint Tail are both captured by the villains, who lock them in a room. As soon as Asuka jr. and her decide to collaborate to get back the stolen object of the episode, Saint Tail opens the window and jumps out. Asuka jr. jumps behind her to save her, as they're at the second floor... Except he misses and Saint Tail is flying on her balloons.
    • A short after, Asuka jr. has taken back the stolen crystal swan and is escaping with a flying Saint Tail, when one of the villains, Yabe, grabs Asuka jr. by the leg. He gets a kick in the face, but he says he didn't feel a thing. Cue a few dozen kicks and two broken teeth.
  • Episode 31:
    • Sawatari's attempt at courting Meimi right at the start.
    • Sawatari's cry when he accidentally dropped a candid picture he snapped of Meimi, and Asuka's reaction when he heard him calling it a "special picture". Then Asuka jr. notices Ruby in the picture, and asks about it:
      Sawatari: "I don't know. Unfortunately I only have eyes for the beautiful Haneoka."
      Sawatari: "Are you even listening to me?! Hey!"
      • Soon after, Asuka jr. has been told that Ruby is a plushie. He doesn't want to let Meimi go and end his questioning, but is stopped by Sawatari:
      Asuka jr. *frozen in shock*: "How can you say that...?"
    • Later Sawatari offers Asuka jr. his help into finding out if Ruby is a plushie or live.
      Asuka jr.: "You're nicer than I thought."
      Sawatari: "We're classmates. Haneoka!"
      *Sawatari does a Flash Step and grabs Meimi's hands*
      Sawatari: "For that reason, please go out on a date with me!"
      Asuka jr.: "Wait a minute! For what reason?!"
      Sawatari half-strangling Asuka to shut him up: "I want to take another picture of you with the stuffed animal. May I?!"
      Meimi *sweatdropping while blushing in embarrassment*: "Uh, I'm sorry, but-"
      Sawatari: "Well, how about after school tomorrow? All right?"
      *A Megaton Punch sends Sawatari flying.*
      Rina: "What's the matter? Of course I'm talking about the snack for tomorrow night. You'll grow hungry during tomorrow night's surveillance. *jumps on Asuka and hugs him* Which one would you like?"
      Asuka jr. "Neither! Give me some space!"
      Meimi *emitting a Battle Aura of rage*: "SAWATARI!"
      Sawatari *scared shitless*: "Yes!"
      Sawatari: "What?! It's my lucky day!"
      Seira *remembering Saint Tail is supposed to commit a caper on the following day after school*: "Oh, Lord..."
    • Meimi's Oh, Crap! moment when she's told that the stuffed toy identical to Ruby is out of stock.
    • Asuka jr. disguised with a plushie fox costume. Meimi sees through the disguise thanks to the way he falls down the stair.
  • In episode 33, Saint Tail is facing a whole Kendo dojo. She defeats them in five seconds and forces them to dance the can-can while complaining there's no female martial artist to make dance.
  • Episode 34:
  • Episode 35:
    • Saint Tail using stage magic to simulate a tree getting furious at having the owner of its nature park carving it up. It's the confront between that guy and his men's terror and Asuka jr. and his two cops' nonplussed faces that sells it.
    • Saint Tail is flying away with the tree, and Asuka jr. and the cops are giving chase:
      Asuka jr.: "I'm going to catch you today for sure!"
      Saint Tail: "It's dangerous to run without looking where you're going!"
      *Asuka jr. and the cops look where they're going and notice they're about to hit a group of trees. Then they hit.*
      Asuka jr.: "I'm going to catch you next time for sure..."
  • Episode 36:
    • As they were cleaning the school's park, Meimi and her friends said the words 'great' and 'nice' in the same sentence, causing Sawatari to start rambling about his coolness and Asuka jr. to throw a bucket on his head, when something unbelievable happened: Rina saw a bagworm and was utterly terrified. The onlookers were too surprised to laugh at her crushing Asuka as she hugged him in fear... Except for Meimi, who was too busy bending her broom in rage. The scene was concluded by Meimi's friends trying to distract her by asking her what insect she didn't like... Prompting Asuka jr. to try and scare her with a lizard. Cue slap.
    • The wisdom of Asuka jr.'s great-grandfather, as told by Asuka sr.:
      Asuka sr.: "We're a family that has trouble with women."
      Asuka jr.: "Shut up!"
      *Asuka sr. is forced to catch a platter with his teeth*
    • Asuka jr.'s flying kick at Sawatari, complete with Funny Bruce Lee Noises.
  • Episode 37:
    • Asuka sr. getting motivated in catching Saint Tail to try and impress visiting Fair Cop Tomoko Nagata.
    • Later in the episode, Asuka jr. is supposed to show Tomoko around the town, but Asuka sr. is still trying to court her, and shows up declaring he'll show her an adult's hospitality. Then, to Asuka jr. and Tomoko's embarrassment, he produces a bouquet of red roses, but before Asuka jr. can properly scold him the bouquet explodes and produces a warning note from Saint Tail.
    • At one point the villain declares at a press conference that Saint Tail has been misinformed about him having the painting "Wings of Freedom" (that he had bought and then switched with a fake to cheat a lot of money from the art dealers, Tomoko's parents), and swears to God he doesn't have it. Then he notices that Saint Tail has hung the painting right behind him.
  • Episode 38:
    • Ryoko and Kyoko have decided to try and arrest Saint Tail before Asuka jr. can do it... So they recruit Meimi to help. They had tried to recruit Seira too, but she was able to talk her way out of it...
    • Ryoko and Kyoko's first plan is to catch Saint Tail as she delivers a warning note. And tell Meimi after preventing her from delivering it. They then mistake a boy for Saint Tail, and catch him (that's when Meimi hides the floating ball in Asuka jr.'s pocket).
    • Ryoko and Kyoko's second attempt has them butting in when Saint Tail actually attempts the caper (Meimi had managed to get there on her own by faking a cold). They do so by jumping in so obviously that everyone present (including Sawatari) were embarrassed. Then they started throwing raw eggs at Saint Tail-shaped balloons.
    • Meimi often tells Ruby to cover for her when she leaves for a caper. He actually does it with a video cassette recording that Meimi did for him.
  • Episode 39:
    • At the very start, Sawatari got embarrassed by his own antics.
    • Sawatari being smitten by the sight of Meimi and Seira, and his mental rambling, concluded by a prayer to the Lord of showing him the way to not risk breaking their friendship with a love triangle. Cue Asuka jr. and Rina inviting themselves in the outing Sawatari planned only for himself, Rina and Meimi.
      Sawatari: "Hey! Hold on for just a minute! First of all, there's only five free tickets!"
      *Beat moment in which Sawatari realizes that Meimi, Seira, Asuka jr., Rina and him are five.*
      Rina: "Wow, perfect! *threatens Sawatari with a punch* Did you have something to say?"
      Sawatari: "No... Nothing..."
    • To reach the aquarium they need to take an elevator... But it's so crowded that Meimi going on it set off the weight alarm. Asuka jr. takes her on it anyway, saying they can still squeeze one more in... And omitting he just pushed another guy out.
    • The situation in which Sawatari switches his crush to Seira for good. It's too absurd for description, and the Only Sane Woman of the situation was Rina.
      Seira: "Wow, wonderful! I can't wait!"
      Rina: *Disapproving Look and face that expresses the feeling of being Surrounded by Idiots.*
  • Episode 40:
  • Episode 41:
    • Asuka jr. getting teased about him being now Meimi's boyfriend. The whole class does it and his overly animate reactions are bond to include chuckles. In particular, they say that he's no longer interested in catching Saint Tail because has he a firm hold on Meimi's hand instead.
    • Sawatari and Rina's reactions:
      *at the school's church*
      Sawatari: "How could she, Haneoka?! How could she choose Asuka over me?! Why, Haneoka?!"
      Rina: "Hey! Get away from me, Saruwatari!"
      Seira: "What's wrong? It's unusual to see you here..."
      Sawatari: *recovers instantly and grabs Seira's hands "Mimori! I've come here to see you!"
      Rina: *Sweatdrops*
      Rina: "Boy. I can't even have a broken heart in peace... *notices that Seira is looking her and blushes*' What?!"
      Seira: "Nothing. I'm impressed, Takamiya."
      Rina: "What else can I do? First of all, those two took too long to get together!"
      Sawatari: "Oh, I see! So half of it was stubborn pride! Oh, brother..."
      Seira: *trying to distract Rina to save Sawatari*' "I'm sure you'll have God's blessing!"
      *Sawatari tries and acts cool, and gets another Megaton Punch from Rina*
      Rina: "When I'm hitting him I feel good. That's interesting..."
      Seira: "So God's blessing may not be necessary..."
    • Seira tells Meimi that if her capers ever become too painful, then she can Pass The Torch to Phantom Thief Saint Seira. This is accompanied by Meimi's Imagine Spot of Seira in her outfit.
    • Saint Tail is confronting Pandora, who whips out her scent-based hypnosis.
      Pandora: "Doesn't this smell nice? Now take a deep breath."
      Saint Tail: "What is going on? This fragrance is... The smell in a bathroom!"
      Pandora: "IT'S LAVENDER!"
  • Episode 42:
  • Episode 43:
    • While conforting Meimi on Asuka jr.'s disappearance, Rina declared she was sure Asuka jr. was still eating when it was mealtime and sleeping when he had to sleep. The following scene goes to showing us Asuka jr., prisoner of Rosemary... And sleeping until lunch, and then eating, barely slowed down by his situation and the reveal of Saint Tail's identity.
    • Maju's exasperated reaction to Asuka jr. not noticing the warning note is actually a love letter, "Boys are so dumb..."
      • Asuka jr.'s reply (after finally realizing that yes, Meimi is in love with him, has been for a long time, and he's an idiot for not noticing earlier):
      Asuka jr.: "Don't play with me! I am... I am not a princess locked up in a tower!"
    • Ruby attacking Maju. It's made funnier by Ruby realizing he looked ridiculous and having a Sweatdrop for it.
  • The ending of the final episodes has a video that starts showing pictures of the various characters. At one point a picture of Rina pissed off and Sawatari looking smug appears... And they're promptly replaced by one of Rina having just punched and Sawatari holding his head in pain.