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  • Saint Tail's 'warning notes' double as Love Letters asking Asuka jr. for a date, and are heartwarming just by this, but some are particularly egregious:
    • in episode 3, it was a note sneaked in Asuka jr.'s book, like a classmate asking him for a date (in a way, it was);
    • in episode 5, it invited him to an amusement park whose main attraction is a clocktower said to bring luck to couples who watch its dolls together;
      • And they did. Saint Tail even thanked him for the date.
    • in episodes 7 and 41, it was in a lunchbox Saint Tail prepared just for him (the second one even has Meimi looking at him wondering if he'll like it while holding a cooking book);
      • The second one is even bigger because Asuka jr. is now dating Meimi, and this time is properly embarrassed for eating food prepared by who he believed to be another woman (not that he had a choice: his lunch had been swiped away).
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    • the Saint Tail doll in episode 13. Meimi was improvising... So she used a cute Saint Tail doll holding the note to deliver it;
    • in episode 16, the note was on a giant screen outdoor;
    • in episode 32, the warning was on a banner;
    • in episode 34 she wrote it in the sky with fireworks;
    • in episode 43, it said that Saint Tail was going to steal Asuka jr. himself.
  • Asuka jr. protecting Saint Tail from Rina's tear gas attack in episode 7. He presses her face to the inside of his jacket so less of it reaches her eyes. It's basically a hug.
  • Asuka jr. tutoring Meimi in math. Sure, he had to be ordered to by the teacher, and he blackmailed her into promising she'd treat him to a baseball game before doing it, but she liked studying with him. Plus, he did it even before she delivered.
    • Later, Rina (who found Meimi's ticket when she lost them during a caper as Saint Tail), offered to treat Asuka jr. at that same game. He refused, even when she offered to share the knowledge of Saint Tail's identity.
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  • At the end of the anime version, at the baseball game:
    Asuka jr. *knowing that Saint Tail made the game possible: "I guess we have to thank Saint Tail."
    *Meimi blushes, and Asuka notices*
    Asuka jr.: "Why are you blushing? Weirdo."
    Meimi *embarrassed*: "You wouldn't understand! It's very hot!"
    Meimi *thinking*: "I love you!"
  • If Genichiro and Eimi Haneoka are in the same room, there is a good chance that one of these is happening, such as the mere mention of the engagement ring Genichiro gave Eimi triggering a round of found reminiscence and pet names in Ruby's introduction.
  • Asuka jr. being completely fascinated by Meimi in a wedding dress in chapter 9 of the manga (episode 9 of the anime), and then trying desperately to change the topic. Meimi's pleased look says it all.
  • Asuka jr. standing out for Meimi and then being embarrassed by it when he explains to Saint Tail.
    • What, in Rina's attempt at catching Saint Tail, got our thief angry? In her own words to Asuka jr.:
    Saint Tail: "If I'm going to be caught, I want to be caught by you!"
  • Saint Paulia Middle School has a tradition for their festival: girls get the lock of the locker of their beloved and hang it from the eastern fence of the school's roof in the hope he'll ask them to dance. And, in the middle of a caper taking place at school during the festival:
    Saint Tail: "Would you mind... if I took this lock?"
    • And, incredibly, Asuka jr. asks Meimi to dance with him. By accident, sure... But then blushes when he realizes what he has done, and that she accepted.
  • Seira's declaration that if Saint Tail is arrested, she'll follow her.
  • Asuka jr. showing himself jealous when Meimi appears to have fallen for Sawatari. Not that he realizes he's jealous...
  • The reason why an old woman wished to eat some particular rice gruel before dying: it was a dish made by her true love that she had been forced to leave due an Arranged Marriage.
    • And at the end of the episode, the reunion of the two lovers, after Saint Tail "stole" (i.e. kidnap from his restaurant and transport to the hospital) the boyfriend (now a famous cook) from the owner of the restaurant. The epilogue shows that they have apparently gone into business together by opening a restaurant. This also leads to a cute She Is Not My Girlfriend moment when the chief assumes that Meimi is Asuka Jr's girlfriend which immediately prompts a simultaneous denial.
  • Saint Tail using a misunderstanding to help a girl in finding love.
  • At the start of episode 19, Asuka jr. was asked what he'd take with him to run away in case a comet was about to hit Earth. Later, as part of her plan to 'steal' a comet in episode 19 (actually kicking out the astronomers from the local observatory so the local kids would be able to see the comet as the previous director had promised them before being replaced), Saint Tail makes it appear that a piece of said comet has broken off and is directed against the observatory, causing the scientists to run away... And Asuka jr. to still trying and catch Saint Tail, because he literally can't think of anything more important.
  • The bond between Meimi and Seira is apparently so deep that they can do the pre-caper heist at the same time from distance and without previously agreeing on a set time.
  • Meimi's worry for Asuka possibly getting off case in episode 30.
  • Episode 39:
    • The story of Hiromi and his friend Mana the Pearl Dolphin.
    • Meimi and Asuka jr. alone together.
    • This episode also marks the start of Asuka jr.'s Love Epiphany: he first notices that Meimi and Saint Tail are practically identical in both looks and even aura, then after being asked why he chases Saint Tail, he tells Meimi that Saint Tail is his dream girl, and at the end, when asked by Saint Tail why he's chasing her, he tells her "You resemble the girl I can't stop thinking about!".
    • With this episode the second ending Upside Down is replaced by Yumemiru Melody, and its video, briefly resuming the whole story, fits in this category.
  • Episode 40:
    • We're shown the first encounter between Eimi and Genichiro. Eimi, as a thief, was trying to escape the police, and Genichiro spontaneously decided to hide her in his apartment. But she was wounded and he had nothing to treat her, and she was threatening to make him pay if she got caught... Then Genichiro hid her under a mountain of roses conjured specifically for the occasion, and her heart melted.
      • What follows is a Falling-in-Love Montage, capped by Present!Eimi having this dreamy and squishy look on her face.
    • Asuka jr. helping Meimi with her homework without being asked. He himself didn't know why he did that.
    • The end of Asuka jr.'s Love Epiphany. For two days he's been thinking about Meimi and what he told to Saint Tail, and, after Sawatari mentioned the legend of the treasure at the end of the rainbow, that's where he finds Meimi... And finally realizes he's in love with her. And, being Hot-Blooded and in spite of having a fever, has only one thing to say:
    Asuka jr.: "I love you. I love you, Haneoka. It's the truth. I'm really happy that you're here with me, that my hand can reach you..."
  • Episode 41:
    • Asuka jr. apologizing for his unwillingness to not engage into Sickeningly Sweethearts business, and Meimi saying she doesn't mind.
    • What does Rina have to say about the new situation?
    • As a fortune teller, Maju tells Asuka jr. and Meimi their relationship is doomed to failure. Asuka jr. is quick to call it nonsense.
    • Meimi's refusal to quit being Saint Tail, even if she's now Asuka jr.'s girlfriend. While a large part of her motivation were her sort-of-dates during the capers, people still need her help and so she's going to help them.
    • Seira tells Meimi that if her capers ever become too painful, then she can Pass The Torch to Phantom Thief Saint Seira.
  • Episode 42:
    • Rosemary and Pandora are framing Saint Tail for their thefts... And yet, Asuka jr. knows she's innocent, because she wouldn't steal just for greed and because she didn't send any warning note.
  • Episode 43:
    • Rina conforting Meimi (in her own unique way) when Asuka jr. is found missing.
    • In a twisted way, Rosemary's willingness to renounce her revenge against Saint Tail if she'll join her and Maju into stealing their way to prosperity. That, and the reveal that she adopted Maju: given she was already a talented enough thief to catch Rosemary's eye at her young age, she probably didn't have a good life beforehand.
      • Also, Saint Tail's reply: Asuka jr. is her jewel, and Rosemary must give him back.
    • Asuka jr.'s reaction to Maju pointing out that Saint Tail's warning notes are actually love letters.
    • Asuka jr. finally capturing Saint her jumping into his arms after her balloons are shot down in a scene similar to their encounter in the first episode. Immediately followed by them reaffirming their love, without any more lies standing between them.
    • Rosemary seeing the above scene... And renouncing her revenge, a bit envious of both Meimi and her mother having met someone who would love them no matter what.
    • The final scene, set eight years later

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