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  • Nanami's restored faith in herself and confidence at the end of the Indian Poker game.
  • While Itsuki now essentially owns Kaede's life, she appears to handle it with the utmost care, due to still caring for him greatly. The Election Arc shows she regularly visits him in the hospital and brings snacks.
    • In the anime, when Yumeko receives the winnings from her gamble with Kaede she admits that she handed his life over to Itsuki for this exact reason.
  • Most of the "Logical Girl" chapter, in which it's all but stated that Sayaka's feelings for the president are reciprocated.
  • Suzui and Mary fighting for Yumeko's life in the game against Miyo and Miri, especially how Mary rushes there as soon as she hears Suzui needs her help.
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  • While it's something general, Yumeko's respect for her enemies is noteworthy. She (mostly) doesn't boast about her victories nor tortures her opponents more after the game, and she considers most of them her friends. In the end of the Choice Poker, she even suggests for Itsuki that the thing to do upon seeing her opponent utterly defeated and in shame is to commend each other for a battle well fought and appreciate the beauty of someone who gave it their all in a game.
  • In Episode 12, Yumeko assures Suzui to feel no pressure about how his choice affects the outcome of the game, since she's the one who risks leaving the school and not him. He reminds her that he always wants to be by her side when she gambles and that losing the game is just as much of a risk for him if it means losing her (and giving an implicit Love Confession that Sumeragi fangirls over in the process).
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  • In Episode 14, Yumeko reassuring Erimi that she’s not upset about the iron plate guarding the guillotine and that she was amazed by the girl’s courage and confidence despite her absolute fear is very sweet, adding that she hopes they can gamble again in the future. Another nice display of Yumeko’s Defeat Means Friendship mindset, especially considering Yumeko’s anger towards people who remove the factors of risk.
  • In Episode 17, Sumika Warakubami, aka the famous actress Kawaru Natari does a rendition of "Amazing Grace" during the Active Station game's vocal component that is so powerful, it elicits a strong emotional reaction from Yumemi, who suddenly recalls a fond memory of her own teacher teaching her how to be a good singer before shedding tears.
    • Bonus points for the dubs keeping the original performance of Ayahi Takagaki as Sumika, who is not only an accomplished singer/actress in her own right, but also has a surprisingly good grasp of English, which she uses to full effect in the song.
  • Epiodes 21 and 22, the adaptation of the "Logical Girl" arc, aka the "Tower of Doors" arc, shift perspective to have Sayaka as the protagonist, and shows where her devotion and adoration of Kirari comes from. When Sayaka loses the Tower of Doors game, as per the conditions, she jumps to her death...only to have Kirari come after her and embrace her as they fall! Turns out that Sayaka had unknowingly chosen the one door that would let her survive the fall, her seemingly last act rejecting the logic she held dear, but Kirari let Sayaka know that she found her logical mindset fascinating, and licked away Sayaka's self-inflicted head wound.

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