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There are quite a lot of Servants that have made their debut in this game, and have been greatly loved by the fans.

  • Sasaki Kojiro was overshadowed by his fellow Servants during the original Fate/stay night, but his appearance here caused his popularity to skyrocket, thanks to his extreme usefulness in Orleans. His set of skills means he's also highly effective elsewhere when played right, making him a mainstay on many gimmick teams. He gets a role in Shimousa as the Nameless Saber, serving as the episode's Post-Final Boss.
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  • Scathach was a huge hit instantly after her reveal and in-game debut. Statistics showed that she made more money than any other Servant ever had before her debut. The director even admitted they made her Assassin version the welfare Servant of the 2016 summer event so players could have at least one version of her. She later received another variant, Scathach-Skadi, who created an entirely new metagame (or if you prefer, she revived a metagame that desperately needed help) and is generally seen as one of the most powerful servants in the game.
  • Marie Antoinette was also widely popular in the early days of the game because of her AoE Noble Phantasm, her upbeat demeanor, her interactions with Mozart, Sanson, and d'Eon, her innocent attempts to go Totally Radical with "Whassup, my homies?" and her superb design. She continues to be popular today.
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  • Saint Martha only made an appearance in Orleans as an easily disposed-of brainwashed antagonist along with bit roles in events. But her quirky personality shown through these events and player interactions (basically, anything but the actual story), the Crazy Awesome implication that she defeated Tarasque with her fists, and her voice actor made her an instant favorite, leading to her getting a Ruler form and being on the arcade game's roster as well as being the Deuteragonist for the 4th Christmas Event, where she enters a lucha libre/martial arts tournament.
  • In general, Summer event servants tend to be widely popular despite being essentially seasonal gimmicks due to obvious reasons as well as gameplay for some. For instance, among the first such batch in 2016, the most popular and sought-after were probably Assassin Scathach who is both the free welfare unit and uncommon for her class due to her area of effect NP; Ruler Martha who is a rarity both in terms of being a Ruler Servant in general, and being a Buster-oriented single-target NP Ruler, thus more of a damage-dealer than others; and Archer Altria who has a uncommonly powerful gameplay niche as an Arts-oriented single-target Archer who serves as both support and offense with easily spammed NPs and party buffs.
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  • Jeanne Alter was an interesting concept, but in her first appearance in Orleans, her design was simply a Palette Swap and she was merely an Arc Villain. Her popularity skyrocketed after the Da Vinci event, which fleshed out her characterhow , gave her a new design and animations and made her Promoted to Playable, with players finding her to be the offensive Game-Breaker and her becoming a big money maker as a limited Servant.
  • The Japanese fandom really loves Shuten-douji, introduced in the Rashomon event, for her seductive, drunk, and teasing voice, provided by a very popular voice actress. Her pairing with Kintoki from the same event is one of the more popular pairings among the fanbase, and notably one of the few pairings to actually appear in official merchandise. Her popularity goes to the extent of the Halloween 2018 event, where a Caster version of her is given out as a welfare event servant.
  • Several Type-Moon staff members have Kintoki pinned as their favorite Servant for the same reason as the fans: he's versatile against bosses and easily cleans up mobs for farming. The Onigashima event had a Rider version of him as the free Servant because he was so popular. And his Rider form is a Game-Breaker as well, so he's become even more popular.
  • Asterios and Euryale, after their interactions in the Okeanos chapter. Euryale's popularity was further boosted with her third skill, when players realized that effectively curb-stomp male enemies with her NP, which could be further damage-boosted with the aforementioned skill.
  • Also originating from the Okeanos chapter is Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. While his taste in women tends to be off-putting for some, the sheer over-the-top, ridiculousness of his character, coupled with being the resident Butt-Monkey and hints that he's more clever than he lets one, make for a very entertaining Servant. He may not be universal beloved, he's certainly memorable.
  • Edmond Dantes exploded in popularity in Japan, thanks to his design, personality and voice actor, capped off by being drawn by Danganronpa artist Rui Komatsuzaki, with him basically being the closest thing to a Fate version of Komaeda (the edginess is his main selling point). Then players who weren't aware of his origin read the book he came from, The Count of Monte Cristo, and fell in love with him even harder. In fact, he became one of the most popular Servants original to the game with a large amount of fanart, which may have contributed to his event being rerun in late January 2017.
  • Robin Hood and David are very much adored by the fandom, both due to their usefulness and designs. Robin in particular has become one of the main husbandos of the fandom if Pixiv is anything to go by. Billy the Kid joined the club as well. A lot of people liked his Simple, yet Awesome design. It helps that he has one of the best ascension artworks in the game and he's a very effective unit for a 3*.
  • Due to her cute design and artwork (by the character designer of popular dating sims Kimikiss and Amagami and the latter's Anime First sequel Seiren), kinky outfit and NP, unapologetic teen Alpha Bitch personality and voice actress, Medb exploded in popularity when America was released.
  • Ereshkigal exploded in popularity upon her debut in Babylonia, even though she wasn't even a playable Servant at the time of the chapter's release and not even having her own unique character sprites (she turns into a Massive Ghost before her boss battle). This is most likely due to a combination of her own possession of Rin like Ishtar (and taking the form of a good-looking Palette Swap of Rin), her endearing interactions with the Protagonist while pretending to be her sister, and her Heroic Sacrifice that greatly buffs the player's Servants to the point where defeating Tiamat is much easier. Her popularity with the players eventually lead to her becoming the featured SSR of the Christmas 2017 event.
  • Merlin is fairly popular due to him being one of the best Servants (if not the best) in the game, being a well designed Bishounen and having a charming character. Banners featuring his character are some of the highest grossing ones, due in past to his character popularity, his strength as a servant and the rarity of their appearances.
    • Because of his massive popularity, along with the help of Prototype Arthur, Merlin (Prototype) became popular even before she actually made an official appearance, with fan art often depicting her either as a Saberface due to her sharing the same voice actress as Artoria, or simply Merlin... with boobs. On September 23rd, 2020, Merlin (Prototype) finally received an official design, averting the Saberface trope, instead being a Merlin-face with a feminized design to show off her form and different staffs. She’s also drawn and designed by the same artist as Merlin, Taiki. However, she has yet to be implemented into Fate/Grand Order proper, making her official debut in Fate/Grand Order Arcade first.
  • King Hassan, though already a well-received NPC from Camelot, quickly exploded in popularity after his big One-Scene Wonder moment in Babylonia. He used his abilities to force the concept of death onto the immortal Tiamat - using an ability oddly similar to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, no less - and his one playable stage solidified him as a very powerful Servant that can One-Hit Kill even with his normal attacks. Then he was released as a limited-time Servant, with his awesome artwork and voice (provided by Type-Moon veteran Joji Nakata) clinching the deal for those who were thinking of rolling him.
  • Leonidas is merely a 2* Servant, but he stands amongst the most popular of those people despite his only main story appearance being as a side-character in the Babylonia chapter (albeit a really memorable one). People really liked his extreme tanking utility even for a low rated Servant, being Rated M for Manly and having tons of Shout Outs to a more widespread version of Leonidas, including the yell "THIS IS SPARTA!". His Hidden Depths of being actually intelligent for Spartan standards and being scared shitless of ghosts and Mash fangirling about him also adds up to his charm.
  • Quite a large proportion of the fanbase loves Ushiwakamaru thanks to her personality, her voice actress and generally being a very useful Rider overall, especially for the rarity. Her even more Adorkable portrayal in the Babylonia anime, her budding friendship with the protagonist, and her Dying Moment of Awesome fighting against Gorgon/Tiamat made her even more popular. Despite this, her only main story appearance was in the Babylonia chapter, where she played a similar role to the aforementioned Leonidas.
  • During the Solomon chapter, the Fourth Demon Pillar, Barbatos, became the primary target of pretty much every player due to his highly sought after material drops. This had the side-effect of making him surprisingly popular with many players in the community, to the point he trended on Twitter, and many even mourned him when he was finally brought down hours later.
  • Senji Muramasa, despite his brief appearance as an NPC story Servant in Epic of Remnant's third chapter. Being a pseudo-Servant with Emiya Shirou and having a new EMIYA remix playing during his climatic appearance against Amakusa Shirou only heightened his popularity. Since his appearance, he's been one of the most requested characters to be added every year by the fandom.
  • Tomoe Gozen also exploded in popularity after her debut in Shimosa, based on her beautiful design and being a Gamer Chick for some reason. This is despite the fact that her first mention in Babylonia was an off-screen cameo (where she was quickly killed off), and her debut in Shimosa was just as one of the enemy Servants that didn't play that big of a role. Eventually, this resulted in her being the main Servant companion of the Setsubun event.
  • Lavinia became incredibly popular despite being only a NPC in Salem because of her Creepy Cute design which wouldn't be out of place in a Tim Burton movie and her adorable friendship with Abigail. Likewise Carter also enjoys a fair amount of popularity despite him being a generic NPC because of the implications he brings to the Nasuverse at the end of the story chapter.
  • The Avenger of the First Lostbelt, Antonio Salieri has generally gotten nothing but praise from much of the fandom, owing to a combination of his awesome design, his uniqueness as a 3* Avenger, his excellent animation in-battle and his outright tragic nature as a character.
  • Likewise Patxi, the NPC who accompanies the Protagonist and Mash throughout the First Lostbelt and becomes the Sacrificial Lion of that story arc, has become a fan favorite, due to his amiable personality, his devotion for his old, sick mother, his character design and the fact that, despite the Despair Event Horizon he goes through, he still sticks with the protagonist and Mash until the very end, wanting for them to fight to save their world. A good boy through and through. It also helps that his name can be spelled like 'Patsy', both an endearing name and a character from a classic humor film.
  • Okada Izou from "GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail" turned out to be massively popular with fans in large part to his interesting character and cool design, despite being just 3* (and a limited one at that) with little advertising. He was announced in December 2018 to be the most grailed Servant of that year, beating out both Okita Alter (the SSR Servant headlining her and Izou's debut event) and Jeanne Alter's swimsuit version (already an insanely popular character in her own right and this version was a welfare Servant, free to everyone who played through her event). He even becomes playable during the first GUDAGUDA event on Arcade, way long before his official debut.
  • Storywise, Olga Marie Animusphere is pretty much the Forgotten Fallen Friend, she died in the Prologue, and then was quickly forgotten in favor of everything else. Thanks to her quintessential Tsundere attitude during the time she was alive and then being Spared by the Adaptation in Learning with Manga! FGO, she actually garnered a substantial following even in the main story. It was not that seldom to hear the fandom using her as a rallying Battle Cry to beat the crap out of Lev/Flauros during both Septem and Solomon singularities solely to avenge her. She also appeared in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files as a Guest-Star Party Member because of that.
  • Out of the seven released bronze Servants for the game's fourth anniversary, Chen Gong received far more attention for his Noble Phantasm essentially being a reverse version of Arash's - it must kill another party member in order to be used. Fans immediately attempted to exploit it as much as they could to see how far they could go with this one gimmick. The others, notably Jason (who changed from a Hate Sink to a Butt-Monkey in just one day) and Charlotte Corday had taken lots of attention as well thanks to their earlier appearances as NPCs like Chen Gong, although in Corday's case she'd got an Early-Bird Cameo in the Lostbelt opening.
  • Siduri, Gilgamesh's assistant, both in the Babylonia singularity as well as the original myth, was decently-liked for being a much more kind and polite Foil to her liege and doing her best to be helpful, but her tragic fate of being kidnapped by the Lahmu, turned into one, and despite that, maintaining her sense of self and performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save Kingu (whom she mistook for Enkidu) earned her an instant spot in many fans' (now-broken) hearts as one of the biggest woobies in the game. When Battle in New York 2019 took place, not only did she get her own Craft Essence, but she even got to replace Queen of Sheba as the shopkeeper, and she was fully voiced! Fans got so excited over this that her name (in Japanese) trended worldwide on Twitter!
  • If the vote before the 4-star giveaway at November 2019 is any indication, Ashwatthama has a surprisingly explosive popularity despite having only been released for about half a year. Many look upon his faithfulness to the mythology, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold personality with Undying Loyalty towards his master and companions, peaking with him lending his lifeforce to Karna in order to defeat Arjuna Alter.
  • Brynhild, when she debuted, seemed like a peculiar yet extremely beloved Servant. She doesn't appear in any main stories at all as opposed to her Fate/Prototype Fragments non-Saber compatriots Arash, Ozymandias, Hassan of Serenity (They appeared in the Camelot Singularity), Paracelsus and Jekyll & Hyde (They appeared in the London Singularity), and her role was basically limited to bit roles, with one gaining unexpected popularity, but overall, she just played second fiddle to the other Ensemble Dark Horse, Jeanne Alter. And furthermore, she became one of the most elusive Limited Servants after her debut, not appearing in any other banners for one whole year until she returned in the second NeroFest, but she still remained as elusive as ever. She ends up being one of the most beloved Lancer Servants thanks to her really above average capabilities as a Servant, her beautiful design by Shirow Miwa, her unique personality, her tragic litany of life and fans latched onto her so much that eventually her big break came during the second Lostbelt where she gets heavily featured (although less advertised than Napoleon) and gets her one wish to reunite with her lover Sigurd. And after that, a Summer version of hers in the fifth Summer event. In the end, she eventually got more materials compared to her Prototype Fragments compatriots despite her elusive start.
  • Of all the Servants revealed in Atlantis, Mandricardo has stolen the hearts of players more than even the higher-rarity Servants thanks to his downtrodden but sweet personality, strong skillset, and nature as The Woobie who just wants to grasp Durandal and prove himself worthy despite his obscurity. In fact, he became the single most popular Servant to give a Valentine to in 2020 just a few months after his release, beating out all the other Servants by a landslidenote 
  • When it comes to fanservice appeal, Yang Guifei quickly exploded in popular by her sheer design alone the moment she was released in 2020 New Year, despite lacking an actual appearance in canon yet. She became subject of fanarts, both safe and NSFW, more than any female Servants released a year before her in just a month.
  • Several Gods that appeared in the 2nd part of the 5th Lostbelt gains this status; but most especially Demeter and Aphrodite, surpassing even Zeus, the Arc Villain of the Lostbelt. They only have dialogue sprites for their human forms and they're fought in their mechanical forms thus their battle sprites are limited to that. However, you wouldn't believe how much people wanted them to be summonable in their humanoid form, complete with new fighting styles and sprites. Aphrodite especially since she's also involved with the backstories of several Greek Servants, although mostly for negative effects, but people thought her meeting these Servants personally would be interesting.
  • Kijyo Koyo, introduced in the Fate/Requiem crossover event, became a huge hit among the fanbase when her Ascensions were revealed, thanks to her beautiful design in her human form, and also the fact that her first Ascension is a friggin T-Rex! How cool is that?!


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