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Given that Fate/Grand Order is a very popular game with Loads and Loads of Characters, fan nicknames are bound to be made. Here are a significant amount of them. Memes go here.

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    Main Characters 
  • Gudao for the male protagonist, and Gudako for the female protagonist. These names (from the Japanese pronounciation of "Grand Order", "Gurando Oda", plus male/female name affixes -o or -ko) originated in the official preview gag manga by keikenchi (where they were derived from the term gudaguda, as Fate/GUDAGUDA Order itself was), and were dropped after the strip they were introduced in due to being "silly nicknames". But because the two protagonists were not given any names in any other form of official media for over a year and a half (and even then only the male protagonist got a name, "Ritsuka Fujimaru", which due to being gender-neutral was eventually used for the female protagonist in a play later), Gudao and Gudako stuck with fans. "Riyo Gudako" is the specific manner to refer to the incarnation in Learning with Manga! (or The Master With No Name, but that's too long). They're also referred to collectively as "the Gudas".
  • Mashumallow for Shielder, based on the Japanese pronunciation of her name combined with marshmallow and her chest. It's acknowledged by Scathach in her trial quest, and Blackbeard calls her this a few times.
    • Also Eggplant Kouhai or simply Eggplant, based on the color of her armor; it got a popularity boost after a comic strip in Learning With Manga where Gudako hanged Mash on a tree with a paper with "Eggplant" written on it pasted on her face.
    • ECOAS Mash for Mash's Ortenaus Costume Dress, since she resembles the ECOAS Jegans in said costume dress. Also VR Mash as her headgear looks like an Oculus VR.
  • Roman also gets "The Good Doctor", or Bromani.
  • The real Solomon is sometimes referred to as "Solroman".
    • In Japanese, it's sometimes Soromani.
  • Tamamo Bitch for Koyanskaya, since she looks a lot like Tamamo-no-Mae and is speculated to be one of her tails that became a 'sexy secretary' (referred to as 'Tamamo-vitch', which further enhanced the nickname justification since she's Russian). And she shows herself to be a bitch the moment she appeared on screen.
  • The leader of the Crypters, Kirschtaria Wodime, often has his name shortened to Kirsch. Also "Master Fionn" for his resemblance to Fionn.
    • Among Dies Irae fans, Wodime is sometimes referred as the Nasu version of Reinhard. The fact that an arrangement of Mozart's Dies Irae plays in this chapter certainly helps.
  • Scandinavia Peperoncino gets nicknamed "Pepe" both in and out-universe due to the sheer absurdity of his (admittedly fake) name.
  • "Smolga" or "Director Lily" for the younger version of Olga Marie Animusphere who turns up in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.

  • Artoria is still preferred by pretty much everyone over the official translation of "Altria", due to its more obvious linguistic connections to Arthur and Artorius, and having been in unofficial use since the series' beginning over a decade ago and in other officially translated works such as Extella. Or else they use Arturia from a fan translation of the original visual novel, though the game indicates it's supposed to be the feminine form of Artorius so spelling it with an O is more correct.
    • Penguin King for Altria's original sprite, which resembled a penguin in stature. Also the rather unflattering nickname "3.5", due to her low placement on tier lists for the current metagame, despite being one of the stronger Servants in lore. She's also known as Seibah, OG Saber, or OG Seibah due to being the original Saber-class Servant of the franchise, and the original Saberface.
  • Alter, Saber Alter, or Salter for Altria Alter, by virtue of being the original Alter Servant from the visual novel. It's generally understood that if one refers to "Alter" in a singular term rather than a general term, it's Altria Alter they're referring to.
    • Meanwhile, her Swimsuit Alter form is commonly referred as SAM (Saber Alter Maid).
    • Her Santa Alter form is sometimes called Santer.
  • Umu for Nero Claudius as players noticed her repeated usage of the term in voiced dialogue.
  • Faber for Julius Caesar, short for "Fat Saber". In Japan, he is referred to as DEBU (FATSO in English) after Caligula calls him that way in all-caps Roman letters during the Moon Festival event.
  • Sumanai-kun for Siegfried. note 
  • The Japanese players refer to d'Eon as "d'Eon-kunchan" due to their ambiguous gender.
  • Daishouri is usually used to refer to Okita Souji, since she likes to exclaim that phrase adorably when scoring victory, followed by a hilarious Incurable Cough of Death, and, being a rather effective Saber all around, it's also used to refer to her prowess.
  • Saber Shiki is "Void Shiki", as a manifestation of her Void personality.
    • Void-neesan (older sister Void), because of her older sister-like personality.
  • Brock or Takeshi (in Japan) for Fergus, due to having somewhat similar hair and Eyes Always Shut.
    • Fergus Lily for the young Fergus that appears in Agartha.
  • Moedred or Mo-san for Mordred, due to her Moe speech pattern in relation to her "Father". She's also called "Mordy" or "Morty".
    • In Japan, Rider Mordred is referred as "Samo-san" (short for "Surfer Mordred-san").
  • Dadcelot for Lancelot due to acting like a doting (and sometimes, in fanart, overprotective) father to Mash. He is also called Saberlot to differentiate him from his Berserker self.
  • Because of Halloween 2016 and the description of his Bond CE, Gawain gets called "Gorilla Buster" or simply "Gorilla". Also "Goritine" from Elisabeth Brave's dialog about him.
    • Ascended during April Fools 2017; Riyo's art depicts him with a ridiculous chest and arms — just like a gorilla.
    • As a logical extension of his nickname, some fans call him "Harambe" as well.
  • Bedivere is often dubbed Princess Bedi both because Mash carries him like a princess at one point in the Camelot singularity and because, well, he looks like one, being a male Saberface.
  • Arthur Pendragon is occasionally nicknamed as Waifu/Thot Killer because of his Would Hit a Girl moments in Prototype Fragments. His old nickname "Proto Arthur" is also used often.
  • Suzuka Gozen has the nicknames "JK Saber", "JK Fox", or simply JK (JK = Joshi Kousei, or "high school girl" in Japanese).
  • Yagyu Munenori is sometimes referred as "Sitting Master" due to his skill animation and his final Ascension artwork involving him sitting down on the ground crossed legged, which is seen as pretty badass by many fans (not to mention that his nickname and real name are considered to be too tedious to pronounce properly among English speaking fans). There is also "Historically Accurate Old Man" due to his rather realistic appearance.
  • Since both Sigurd and Brynhildr stress about his glasses in-and-out, Sigurd is also known as Shinpachi, or Sakamoto (which is funny since there is already a Sakamoto Servant — Ryouma).
    • He's also sometimes called Star Lord due to his mask.
    • And of course, some just call him "Kaiba" due to his Seiyuu's most famous role.
      • As a side effect of this, Brynhildr has been called Sigurd's Blue Eyes White Girlfriend, given that she fits the description of Kaiba's most famous monster (minus the dragon part, but then again, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon was originally Priest Seto's girlfriend, so...)
  • Beni-enma is otherwise known as the "Birb Gordon Ramsay" due to being a Chef of Iron, heading a literal Hell's Kitchen, and for having a rather sharp tongue towards those who have taken her cooking class (i.e. Tamamo-no-mae, Kiyohime, Osakabe-hime and especially Tomoe Gozen).
  • Lakshmi Bai obtained the nicknames "Choco Saber", "Choco Jeanne", "Gal Jeanne", "Gyaru Jeanne" or "Okijeanne" upon her reveal for being a dark-skinned Saber who looks a lot like Jeanne thanks to how she styles her long hair along with being a Saberface (it helps that she is also dubbed as the "Jeanne d'Arc of India", furthering the gag).
    • She is also sometimes nicknamed "Lakshmibae", based on Tamamo's own nickname "Tamabae".
  • Bananarama for Rama, because he's one of the MVP's of the Rashomon event, where the raid boss is Ibaraki-douji (nicknamed "Banana Oni" by fans, see below), and because his updated skill animation has him taking a banana... and eating it.

  • Atanyanta (or just shortened 'Nyanta'), Nyatalanta and Evil Cat for Atalante, due to having cat ears and tails to look like a Cat Girl without being one note . There's also Atlanta, due to her name sounding and spelling similarly to the capital of Georgia.
  • Arash used to be called Atrash, although the nickname has been abandoned as he's now very respected by the fanbase. Also, Arash Ackbar, or Arash-class ICBM/Nuclear Missile. Nowadays he's usually called STELLA, always with all-caps, sometimes with boldface.
  • Gilgamesh is sometimes called "AUO" because his title of "King of Heroes" is "Eiyuu Ou" in Japanese, which sounds like AUO.
    • Was used in CCC for the infamous "AUO Cast Off" scene.
    • "KNO" for Gilgamesh's Caster self, short for "Ken Ou", or "Wise King" (or "Sage King").
  • Nobunobu, Nobbu or Nobu for Nobunaga Oda, though the latter two are commonly used in-game already.
    • Her Swimsuit Berserker incarnation gains the nickname "Nobuzerker", and the skeleton she summons in her NP is often called her "Stand", because of its usage of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • Finally, her Avenger form is called "Maou Nobu"; fans sometimes call her "Mommy Nobu", not because of any maternal traits, but because of the "she went from 'nice to meet you ma'am' to 'your son calls me mommy, too'" meme.
  • Euryale's NP has been given the nickname "Love Arrow Shoot", because of her being an idol-type goddess, and her final ascension line also saying "shall I pierce your heart"; all three are references to Sonoda Umi.
  • The Swimsuit Archer version of Altria is called Archeria/Archuria. Squirtoria, too, because she uses a water pistol/squirt gun (which later got mutated to Squirtle).
  • Chloe von Einzbern gets called "Kuro" because the Archer card caused her to take the form of a dark-skinned Illya with strawberry blonde hair; and "Serial Kisser" due to her kissing/mana transfer antics in her home series.
  • Hellshake Yano for Tristan. Bonus points for their similar looks, both playing a string instrument, and Yano's kanji literally means "arrow field".
  • "Riceman", "Hanzo main" or "RYUU GA WAGA TEKI O KURAU" for Tawara Touta, because of his out-of-gameplay NP of unlimited rice, and his in-game NP being a dead ringer for Hanzo's ult. His Noble Phantasm is in turn often called "Unlimited Rice Works."
  • Ishtar is often referred to as "Ishtarin", given that it's literally, well, Ishtar and Rin. A number of fans suspect the names snapping together like that is no coincidence.
  • Japanese players refer to EMIYA (Alter) as Bob. note  Some Western fans, however, turned to calling him Pucci or Father Pucci. Tamamo Cat calls him DEMIYA (Detroit EMIYA) in the CCC event. There's also "Edgy Emiya" or "Edgemiya", which became canon in the NA translation.
  • Too Moe for Tomoe Gozen, because of how her name is spelled, and because her My Room dialogues reveal that she is both badass and cute.
  • "Hot Wheels" or "Wheel Man" for Ashwatthama due to his weapon being a giant wheel which can also be set on fire.
    • He's also called "Angry Red Archer" due to his color and for being pissed whenever he's commanded.
    • "Zapp" with added descriptors like "Red/Indian/Alter" because of the two characters sharing the same hairstyle, skin color, and Hot-Blooded personalities.
  • "Big Boss" for William Tell due to having similar demeanor and design, most especially when he wears an eyepatch in his Third Ascension.
  • Paris' weapon is widely known as Dainsleif, which incidently fits for he's the one who killed Achilles (see below); hilariously, Paris and Kudelia share the same voice actress.
    • Paris himself is nicknamed "Fluffy Boi" because of his sheep motif and third Ascension form's coat.
    • Before Paris, Euryale's NP had the "Dainsleif" nickname because it hits for massive damage when supported correctly.

  • SPARTA for Leonidas, due to not only being Spartan, but also quoting the memetic "THIS IS SPARTA!!" line whenever his Noble Phantasm is selected.
  • Likewise, Romulus is often nicknamed ROMA for saying that line a lot whenever he attacks... and being the very first Roman.
  • Cu Cockroach (or simply Curoach) for the original Lancer Cu Chulainn, thanks to how incredibly hard to kill he can be (compared to Carnival Phantasm where his constant deaths are a Running Gag).
  • Scathach has the nickname shishou (master), mostly due to how Cu Chulainn addresses her.
    • She also has "Oppai Tights" (also coined by her character designer) due to her notable appearance.
    • After she debuted for the Thanksgiving event in the NA server, she also gained the nickname Scaturkey.
  • Lusamine for Brynhild, since the two look almost identical and have... issues regarding love. Brynhild is also commonly shortened to 'Bryn'.
  • Altria's Lancer version is called CCO (read as "Shishi-O" for Lion King in Japanese), Lanceria or Lancuria. Her Lancer Alter version? Chichi-ue (a Japanese synonym for dad and breasts) or Lalter, in keeping with the Alter-naming convention. Both Lancer Altrias are also called Tituria (Alter) or Oppaitoria (Alter) respectively, due to Rhongomyniad giving them a visible upgrade.
  • The Fate/Extra version of Vlad III is often called Sad Vlad in response to Apocrypha Vlad's Rad Vlad nickname.
  • Jeanne Alter Santa Lily version is called, ahem, Jailter. She is also sometimes called JASL due to her Overly Long Name, Janta due to being a Jeanne Santa, or Starbucks for all the details.
  • Babylonia introduced a child alternate of Medusa that, while not stated to be one, is called Medusa Lily by the fandom. Or to keep things shorter, "Medulily" or "Lolidusa". The Japanese fandom, on the other hand, calls her Ana after the name she takes in the Babylonia story (Medousiana).
  • "Clay" or "Claybae" for Enkidu, who really IS a lump of clay given life in the legend.
  • The English community calls Hozoin "Ero-monk" a lot because his look reminds several players of both a certain American porn starnote  and a certain erotic anime that aired a couple of seasons beforenote . He's sometimes referred as "baldy" due to him being Bald of Awesome and a straightforward kit for a Critical Hit Class 3* Lancer.
  • Eresh for Ereshkigal. She's also called Blonde Rin or Blonde Ishtar because... well, she's a blonde Rin.
  • Bootymante for Bradamante, because of how the camera is angled when she uses her NP. Also Baka-mante because she's quite the simpleton (mistaking Fou for Merlin, for example).
  • Karna is often referred to as a "Sunbro" because of his father, the Sun God Surya and because he has a very supportive "bro"-type character.
    • He gains the nickname Super Karna when he gets a super-powered costume change from Shiva and Vishnu in order to counter the Lostbelt Berserker. Karna even acknowledges it In-Universe because Ganesha is the one who gave him that nickname.
  • Gareth's animation earned her the name Gunlance. She's also known as a "fujoshi" from her reactions during her debut in Summer 2018.

  • Shotaxander or Shotaskandar for Young Alexander. Broskander or just DUDE for the adult Iskander.
  • Boudica is either Boobica or Bootyca.
  • Ushiwakamaru is often given the shortened nickname "Ushi" by fans. Or "Sushi".
  • Marie Antoinette gained the nicknames "MLG Marie" and "Thug Life Queen" for her... rather memorable and memetic attempt at modern slang in the NA version of the game.
  • St. Martha is usually called either One Punch Saint (due to the implied brutality she inflicted to subdue/befriend Tarrasque) and Lewd Saint, since she can be too forward about unsaintly things (like being tied up, for example) and her blushing expression made her look like she's just finished with some physical exertion.
    • Her Ruler version is often called Martha Brando because her NP involves re-enacting the famous Road Roller scene from Stardust Crusaders, with Tarrasque as the Road Roller.
  • Anne Bonny and Mary Read are known as the "Yuri Pirates" due to their suggestive poses and situations as portrayed in their ascension art and craft essences.
  • Zero Two for Medb, due to their similar appearances. Nasu himself called her a CSB, short for Celt Super Bitch. Others simply label her as "Thot" or "Queen of Thots".
    • And true to form, her Summer variant is nicknamed "Saberthot".
  • OzymanDIO (or just DIO) for Ozymandias, due to sharing a bombastic demeanor and seiyuu with Dio Brando. Or Uncle Man Diaz, due to Google Translation's misinterpretation of his namenote 
  • Because it's such a mouthful of a name, Quetzalcoatl is simply called "Quetza", "Quetz", or "Colt" or her in-game nickname, "Kukurun". Later on, she gained the nickname "Lucoa".
  • Many people have called Sakamoto Ryouma Michael Jackson on account of his white suit and dapper looks.
    • Some have also called Sakamoto Ryouma Kimblee for similar reasons, though ironically, he shares a seiyuu with Okada instead.
    • Oryuu is often called "Ryouma's Stand" because of how she uses Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and always hovers at Ryouma's side.
  • Achilles is also known as Orga Itsuka due to their similar outlook, which also leads to Achilles being made fun of.
  • Young Da Vinci is either called "Loli Vinci/Lolinci", "Smolvinci", "Da Vinci-chan" or "Da Vinci Lily".
  • Summer Carmilla is called "Carmilla Sandiego" due to her resemblance with the titular character.

  • Casko, Tamae, Tamabae or Fox Miko for Tamamo-no-Mae. (Casko roughly means "Cas[ter]-girl" in Japanese and comes from her Extra days as her identity was at first kept secret.) Also "MICOOON" after her "mikon" and during the SE.RA.PH event when her boss fight is named as such.
    • Or they just straight up call her "Mikon".
  • Due to the Cu Chulainn Caster's Noble Phantasm being Wicker Man, some have taken to just calling him the WIKKAAMAN, or worse, Nicolas Cage note . Or CasCu if you're just into the whole brevity thing.
  • Caster Gilles is sometimes referred to as "Greatest COOL" or simply "COOL" from his one remarkable line from Fate/Zero and his NP card select line. It also disambiguates him from his Saber version (who, for his completely opposite personality, is sometimes called "Uncool").
  • The Good Doctor, P, or Dr. Evil for Paracelcus.
  • Mama Iri for Dress of Heaven Irisviel, even though this version of Irisviel never gave birth to Illyasviel.
  • Captain Leomon for Edison.
  • Considering Pop Culture Osmosis for the Journey to the West event, Sanzang has often been dubbed as "Bulma" after her counterpart who shares a similar role to the original character from the story.
  • Merlin is occasionally called "Futa Maker" or "Dick/Cock Wizard" after his infamous meta changing skill, which fans joke to be the one that temporarily gave Altria a male sexual organ in her backstory that led to the creation of Mordred.
    • He's also commonly referred as "Memelin" due to him being able to trivialize Buster based servants such as Jeanne Alter, Raikou, Miyamoto Musashi, King Hassan, etc. due to his overloaded and powerful kit, and making a lot of challenge quests significantly easier for the player.
    • It's gotten to the point where in most F/GO character review videos, a rooster's head wearing a wizard hat is used as visual shorthand for Merlin himself.
  • Preceding Scheherazade, Nitocris is also sometimes called Choco Caster.
    • She is also sometimes called "Gravelord Nito(cris)" due to namesake and her NP actually summoning spirits of the dead.
  • Scheherazade gained the nicknames "(Thicc) Choco Caster", "Bed Warmer" and "Ultimate Spook" due to her appearance, her role in her original myth, relatively low in-game ability (she eventually did get some much-needed buffs to her skills) and propensity for showing up in the gacha when a (good) 5-star Caster (i.e. Merlin) has a rate-up.
  • Choco Caster 3.0 for Caster of Midrash, due to being the third Ambiguously Brown female Caster in the game, after Nitocris and Scheherazade.
    • And before her true identity was revealed, she was also referred to as "Tittyba" or "THICC Caster" (like Scheherazade) during her tenure as Tituba because of her, uh, large assets.
  • Elsa for Anastasia before her name was officially revealed thanks mostly to her ice powers and their passing similarities with their designs and initial demeanor.
    • Anastasia is also often shortened into "Nastya" or "Anya"; the latter is also often used by many of her impersonators or the Don Bluth movie about her.
  • Avicebro for Avicebron, since it's just as easy as removing one letter from his name, and he's quite the bro in Lostbelt #1, as opposed to his eventual treachery in Fate/Apocrypha.
  • As a carryover from Fate/Apocrypha, people still refer to Sieg as 'Cardboard-kun' or Sumanai Jr.
  • Similar to Nero's "Umu", the players nicknamed Murasaki Shikibu "Awawa" due to her tendency to say this.
  • Chen Gong got tons of nicknames since his debut, but one of the most well-known (and easiest to understand) is Catapult Turtle (or Brion Stoutarm/Fodder Cannon), which functions exactly like him.

  • "Savior of France" and "REGEND" for Sasaki Kojiro.
  • As before, "Jack the Stripper" for Jack the Ripper.
  • Kerry for Assassin EMIYA, who happens to be Kiritsugu Emiya as a Counter Guardian.
  • ASMR Oni/Loli for Shuten-douji, since her voice is acknowledged both in-universe and out as both relaxing and quite arousing.
  • King Hassan is often called "Gramps", thanks to a popular fancomic where Gudako refers to him as such, which also nods to his status as the original "Old Man of the Mountain".
    • "King Hassan" itself is also considered one since his official in-game name is "Old Man of the Mountain", and it's usually too long to keep using.
  • NEET Hime for Osakabe-hime. While she is more of a Hikikomori, the two terms are usually mixed with each other.
    • Osakabe-hime (due to her shut-in personality), Tomoe (due to her video gaming), and Anastasia (due to her interest in Osakabe-hime's kotatsu) are often grouped in fanart and called Chaldea's Slacker Trio.
    • Her summer version is called "FORTNEET" due to her obsession with battle royale video games getting her to go out of her room.
  • Prior to her official name and class reveal (which had been long guessed right anyway), Charlotte Corday is referred as the "Tawawa Assassin" due to her uncanny resemblance to "I"-chan, up to her bust size.

  • Herc is short for Heracles.
    • He is also called SEKAI DE ICHIBAN TSUYOI DAKARA due to Illya's quote from Unlimited Blade Works, and because with his Bond Craft Essence, he can take on tough bosses on his own and usually come out on top.
    • And Mega Herc is for Megaros, the gigantic boss version of Heracles you face in Agartha (which was also conveniently lampshaded by Astolfo).
  • Tamamog (also Nyamamo) for Berserker Tamamo. Or Tamacat.
  • Uncle Vlad for Vlad III, which caught on after the Halloween event showed a hidden Cool Uncle-esque side to him. Brave Liz in the Halloween 2016 story even calls him "Lord Uncle". Another name commonly used to differentiate him from the other Vlad is Rad Vlad.
  • Berserker Lancelot is called Zerkerlot to differentiate him from his Saber self. He is also often referred to as Jets due to a particularly memorable aerial battle with Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero — and said battle is referenced in his NP after his animation update.
  • Kinbro/Brotoki for Kintoki, and Kinrider/Ridertoki/Bikertoki for his Rider form. Japan settles on calling him Gold (as in the english word).
  • Asterios is "Fluffzerker" for having, well, a fluffy mane and a Gentle Giant personality while being a Berserker.
  • Frankenmoe for Frankenstein's Monster, along with the In-Series Nickname of Fran.
  • Banana Oni or Banana Loli for Ibaraki, due to her mostly-yellow ensemble and the fact that, well, she looks like a little girl.
  • "Mama" for Raikou because of her inability to distinguish romantic from maternal love.
    • There's also the nickname "Raicow" due to her disproportionately-large bust.note 
  • Berserker of El Dorado is nicknamed Pen-chan by some, while others call her "Angry Murakumo" due to her slight resemblance to Murakumo of Kantai Collection and her Berserker tendencies.
    • She also gained the nickname "Amazoness CEO" from the Halloween 2017 event.
  • Atalante Alter is known as Atalalter, Alterlanta, Nyalter, or Mad/Angry Cat because she's a Cat Girl who is also an Alter, as well as being a Berserker.
  • Pakozerker for the Lostbelt Berserker, Arjuna Alter, because of his character designer, Pako, who also drew Arjuna, Karna, Nobunaga, Nobukatsu, Chacha, Ryouma and Oryou.
    • He's also called God Arjuna as he's fused with the majority of the Hindu Pantheon.
    • Because his Third Ascension has his horns shaped like cat ears, he's called Arju-nya.
    • The Japanese fandom has taken to calling him Junao from (Ar)Juna A(lter) (Oruta in Japanese).

    Extra Classes 
  • Edmond Dantes is often called Edgelord, Komaeda (due to looking like Komaeda Nagito) or Dangan Dantes (due to Dantes' illustrator also working on Danganronpa) by fans (ironically Komaeda is Born Lucky while Dantes' luck stat is blank). Another nickname for him would be Super High School Level Heroic Spirit.
  • Jeanne d'Arc Alter as either her Ruler or Avenger incarnation is often referred to as Jalter or D'Arcness. She's also just called the English spelling of Jeanne's name, "Joan." Meanwhile, the Japanese fanbase almost unanimously refers to her as 邪ンヌ. Explanation 
  • Angry Man Jew/Angry Mango/Angry Mayo for Angra Mainyu.
  • After the upgrades to his skills and becoming one of the most sought after buff removers and damage dealers for the Nero Festival 2017 Challenge Quest, players refer to Amakusa as "Super Amakusa-kun".
  • Gorgon gets called "MILFdusa", due to how much her character portraits emphasize her sexual attributes (comparing those to her character portraits as Rider, that's an accomplishment).
  • Kiara Sessyoin gets called "Cosmic Thot" due to her character, as well as her NP.
    • In line with this, Andersen gets the nickname "Thot Repellent" due to his constant trash talk while he was her Servant in Fate/EXTRA CCC.
  • Some people have taken to calling Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch (or any of the ridiculous spellings thereof), due to Actor Allusion and the fact that they look similar.
  • Mozart Alter for Antonio Salieri, mainly because he looks exactly what an Alter version of Mozart would look like.
  • Okita Alter is referred to as Okitan, due to her tan and Adorkable nature, atypical for an Alter.
  • Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di has several: Mothra or Mothman due to his NP, Emperor Lelouch due to his voice actor, Ultimate Life Form due to his fashion sense and general fabulousness, and Mercury Man due to his use of quicksilver when attacking.
  • Summer Ruler Artoria is called "Bunny Artoria" or "Bunny-toria" because her summer outfit is a Playboy Bunny suit.
  • Thanks to their outfit in "Dead Heat Summer Race" (a klaxon siren and police cap), Avenger of Shinjuku gained the nickname "Lobocop".

    Gameplay, Story and Misc. 
  • Cavalry or Horsemen for the Rider, Caster, Berserker, and Assassin classes, stemming from the "Four Horsemen" name of the events that benefit them.
  • Apologems for the Saint Quartz that Delight Works gives out to apologize for sudden maintenance (which used to happen quite often).
  • Grail Ascension for the Palingenesis mechanic since it's a lot more catchy then the official term. "To Grail" is also used as a verb.
  • Chaldea Gods of Fitness for Beowulf, Xuanzang, Saint Martha (Ruler), and Berserker Nobunaga due to their propensity for Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs when using their Noble Phantasms.
  • Welfare servants for the free servants players get by completing events, because they're free and most of them are actually viable in gameplay.
  • Just about every snake-related Servant is called a "snek".
    • The Gorgon triplets (Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa — Lancer, Rider and Avenger incarnations included) also get the moniker "snek triplets". Medusa's incarnations in particular are called "mini snek" for her Lancer incarnation and "mega snek" for her Avenger incarnation.
    • Mochizuki Chiyome gains the nickname "Snek Priestess" due to being a Miko of Orochi, and for being paired with Gorgon Medusa in the Setsubun tower event.
    • Furthermore, Kiyohime also has the nickname "Snek Princess", mostly due to her April Fools' art (and the Learning With Manga series) giving her a snake tail. Others call her "Dragon Loli", due to her Noble Phantasm and historical legend.
    • "Snek Boi" for Asclepius due to his association with snakes and several of his attacks having him summoning a snake.
  • After the final singularity's English name was revealed to be "Salomon", fans refer to Solomon as "salmon".
    • And to keep with the fish puns, the fans gave Merlin the nickname "marlin".
    • For further fish puns, in Japanese, Servants are sometimes called "mackerel" (鯖), since it's pronounced "saba", which sounds like a shortened form of "Servant" in Japanese. In fact, some machine translators actually mistranslate "Servant" as "mackerel" in some Japanese websites, much like the "Uncle Man Diaz" above.
  • In the Final Singularity, many NA players like to call the Demon Pillar Barbatos by the Affectionate Nickname of "Barbie".
  • Just about every dog-related Servant (the different versions of Cu, Avenger of Shinjuku) are called "doggos".
  • Fans also often use BerserCu, CasCu, Proto Cu, and Bro Cu to distinguish the various Cu Chulainn Servants. Japanese fans do something similar, but use ニキ in place of Cu, giving us 槍ニキ (Spearniki), キャスニキ (Casniki), and オルタニキ (Alterniki).
  • Some players refer to certain non-Berserker Servants with a three Buster Card load-out and a Buster NP as "gorillas", like Ruler Martha, Miyamoto Musashi, King Hassan and the aforementioned Gawain.
    • Meanwhile, any non-Caster Servants with a three Arts card loadout and a Buster NP are called "Arts Gorillas", like EMIYA, Arjuna, Rider Martha, David, James Moriarty, Abigail Williams and Semiramis.
  • The Rashoumon event is often given the nickname "Ibaraki bullying" because, well, it's what you do in it. Granted, she can and will bully your Servants back, given the opportunity (which is why players ramped up the bullying during the rerun, and with Merlin added to the mix, well, let's just say the result wasn't pretty. And with the Foreigner class added, that only means more bullying is on the horizon).
    • This is often combined with Ibaraki's nickname Banana Oni to refer to the Rashoumon event as "Banana Bullying"
  • The ascension material Primordial Lanugo is usually called "Richard's hair" after Richard the Lionheart from Fate/strange fake because both its blond and red color is the same as Richard's, and the monsters that drop it are lion-like.
  • Chinese Triad for Jing Ke, Assassin of Shinjuku and Assassin of Nightless City, as they are a literal trio of Chinese Assassins.
  • Fran's Family for the trio of Frankenstein's Monster, Charles Babbage and Archer of Shinjuku after their team in Summer 2017 event and continuing at the following Nero Festival.
  • "Epic of Rerun" for Epic of Remnant due to the multiple consecutive event reruns that occurred in the period before Shinjuku's release and the four-month interval between Shinjuku and Agartha.
  • Gaijin is this for the Foreigner class, since that's the word for "Foreigner" in Japan. Abigail henceforth is often called "Loli Gaijin".
    • Hokusai, however, threw this nickname for a loop, because she's a Japanese Foreigner.
  • Karoshi (a Japanese term for "death by overwork") for Zhuge Liang and Merlin, as these two are present nearly in any team formation even as just a support, often joked to be that they have been worked too hard. Also applies to Caster Gilgamesh as he actually died from overwork during the events of Babylonia chapter. Scathach=Skadi recently joined the group of overworked Caster supports as well, since she's effectively the Quick version of Merlin.
  • The Chaldea Combat Uniform is often referred to as the plugsuit as it's a Latex Space Suit with Too Many Belts.
  • "Double Waver" refers to the strategy of using Waver, a Friend's Waver, and the Chaldea Combat Uniform. One uses all of Waver's buffs, which not only give attack and defense bonuses to everyone for 3 rounds, but also increases the Noble Phantasm Gauge. Then one uses the Combat Uniforms Switch ability to bring in the Friend's Waver and do it again. Together this boosts everyone attack 2 times and their defense 4 times, as well as allows use of the Noble Phantasms at the beginning of a fight.
    • "Double Merlin" is this, with Merlin instead.
    • Don't forget "Double Tamamo" for Arts teams and "Double Skadi" for Quick teams.
    • There is also "Double Miyu" as well with the Prisma Illya rerun due to her NP functioning like Merlin's NP.
  • The Big Four, or the Elite Four usually refers to the four powerful support Casters: Waver (general), Merlin (Buster), Skadi (Quick), and Tamamo (Arts).
  • Indian servants Arjuna and Karna are referred to as "the Bollywood Boys". Ashwatthama, a fellow Mahabharata character, joins this too, soon after this debut. Rama is sometimes included despite coming from a different epic.
  • Thanks to the catchy title of their events, all of the Koha-Ace original servants are collectively referred to as "GUDAGUDA-Gumi".
  • Even the voice actresses also have nicknames; in Japan, Rie Takahashi gained the nicknames "Lahmu Takahashi" (because of her crazed laughter), "Spartacus Takahashi" (because she gains Mad Enhancement EX, you can talk with her but she can't be reasoned with while her fixation is active) and "Bucephalus Takahashi" (because Alexander's horse), among others; this is due to her fixation on young male Servants on the F/GO Chaldea Radio show (such as Child Gil, Nobukatsu and Alexander).
  • "Gilfest" for the Battle in New York 2018 event which features Gilgamesh as the main host due to the formatting similarity with Nerofest (a lottery, 6 nodes to farm the currency, and difficult boss fights with no revives).
  • Every variant of Elisabeth Bathory is called "Liz" for short; her Lancer version gets called "Liz" by default due to being first. Halloween Liz / Pumpkin Liz for the Caster version, Brave Liz for the Saber version, and Mecha Liz for Mecha Eli-chan.
  • "Caster balls" for the generic "firing balls of light at the enemy" attack animations that many early Servants have in lieu of actual physical attacks or unique projectiles. Considered very lazy by most of the fans. Called "Caster" balls because most of the Servants that have them are Caster-class, but other classes can have them as well.
  • Not even the DW directors for the game are safe from the nicknaming, as Shiokawa is named "salt river" for an appropriately punny surname, while Kanou who took over in Part 2 is named "Two-kun", or worse, "Ni-chan" for his iconic shirt he wears whenever he makes appearance in livestreams.


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