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    Helen Sweetstory 

The author of Snoopy's favorite book series, the Bunny Wunny books.

  • Meaningful Name: Her name is 'Sweetstory,' and she writes a series of children's books that—judging by the excerpts shown in the strip—are sweet to the point of saccharine.


    Joe Shlabotnik 

Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player, and a man who may actually be a bigger loser than Charlie Brown himself.

  • The Ditz: He isn't just a bad athlete, but is totally clueless as well. For instance, when he gets hired as a manager for a minor league team, he's fired after one game for calling a squeeze play with nobody on base. When he was invited to a sports banquet, he failed to show up because he marked the wrong date, the wrong city and the wrong event in his calendar.
  • Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: After he crashes out of professional baseball, he winds up working at a car wash.
  • The Klutz: He is a terrible ball player. He's known for making 'spectacular plays' on routine fly balls (implying that he's stumbling around and only barely catching really easy balls), and also for once ending a season with a .004 batting average. For context, that means he got on base once every 250 tries.
  • No Sense of Direction: When invited to dinners in his honor, he gets lost and never shows up.

    Linus's grandmother 

A woman who hates blankets and tries to get Linus to give his up, though she never quite succeeds.

  • Determinator: She really does try hard to get Linus to give up his blanket. Linus, though, always manages to fend her off.

    Miss Othmar 

Linus's beloved teacher.

  • Fired Teacher: At one point she is fired shortly after joining a teacher strike.
  • The Maiden Name Debate: She eventually marries and changes her name to Hagemeyer, but Linus is adamant that she should keep her name.


Minor characters (affiliated with Charlie Brown and Sally)

    Charlotte Braun 
First Appearance: November 30, 1954 — Final Appearance: February 1, 1955

A very bossy girl with a name similar to Charlie Brown's.

First Appearance: July 17, 1992 — Final Appearance: November 2, 1992

A little boy that Charlie Brown meets at camp. He later attends Sally's school and sits behind her.


A Hispanic girl who appears in a series of educational filmstrips, though not in the printed comic itself.

  • Token Minority: The first female minority to be introduced to the strip.

First Appearance: February 11, 1995 — Final Appearance: August 13, 1999

A girl that Charlie Brown meets and befriends at dance lessons... or so he thinks. When he goes back for more lessons, he learns that nobody named Emily is in the class, and he's later seen dancing with no partner while thinking he's with Emily. However, in subsequent strips Emily does appear and is seen by Snoopy. Whether she truly exists or is just a figment of Charlie Brown's imagination is never fully resolved.

  • Imagine Spot: It's never clear if she's just in one of these, thought up by Charlie Brown, or if she's a real character.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The strip of Charlie Brown dancing with nobody and fantasizing that he's with Emily is genuinely unsettling.


First Appearance: July 14, 1993 — Final Appearance: July 15, 1993

Another kid that Charlie Brown meets at camp.

  • The Ditz: He tries to make an Indian arrowhead but is confused and winds up making a big directional arrow.

    The Goose Eggs (Austin, Leland, Milo, and Ruby) 
First Appearance: March 11, 1977 — Final Appearance: October 10, 1987

A group of little children that Charlie Brown meets when he's a fugitive from the Environmental Protection Agency (It Makes Sense in Context). Charlie Brown helps them put together a baseball team, and they actually win a game when Lucy (who has taken over Charlie Brown's team in his absence) forfeits rather than risk stepping on the kids. Leland and two others reappear a decade later asking Charlie Brown to join their new football team.

    Harold Angel 
First Appearance: December 24, 1983 — Final Appearance: May 20, 1984

A boy who sings after Sally in a Christmas pageant, and who develops a crush on her.

  • All Love Is Unrequited: He asks Sally out, but she just worries about what Linus—her own crush—would think.
  • Meaningful Name: His name is Harold Angel, and he's largely known for his performance in a pageant which includes the line "Hark! The herald angels sing!"

    Joe Agate 
First Appearance: April 7, 1995 — Final Appearance: April 11, 1999

A bully who cheats little kids out of their marbles. He only shows up for one arc, but is notable for being one of the only people on Earth to lose to Charlie Brown.

  • The Bully: He coerces kids into playing marbles with him, then keeps all the marbles when they're done, and the kids can't fight back because he's bigger and because he won them 'legitimately.' Charlie Brown puts him in his place, though.
  • Hustling the Mark: Charlie Brown calls him out on this. Agate acts like he's just looking for a friendly game with no real stakes against low-skill players, but then he plays seriously, trounces his opponents, and keeps the marbles.

First Appearance: May 28, 1991 — Final Appearance: December 19, 1991

A kid in a Bible study class that Sally teaches. He seems to think that The Great Gatsby is in scripture. Charlie Brown eventually learns that Larry is the minister's son.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: He's dumber than Sally, and that's saying a lot. He literally thinks that Jay Gatsby is in the Bible.

First Appearance: May 22, 1974 — Final Appearance: July 27, 1974

A girl scout.

  • Girl Scouts Are Evil: While Loretta isn't straight-up evil, she's certainly manipulative. Charlie Brown is aggrieved to discover that, while she acted like she wanted to be his friend, she just wanted to sell him cookies.

    Morag (Charlie Brown's pencil-pal) 

Charlie Brown's pen(cil)-pal. Unnamed for decades, Charlie Brown finally learns her real name near the end of the strip's run.

  • Pen Pals: She is this to Charlie Brown... and, as he eventually discovers, about 30 other people.
  • Scottish English: In a 1994 strip, Charlie Brown finally gets a letter back from her and reads it, revealing that her writing is accented with a thick Scottish burr.

    Royanne Hobbs 
First Appearance: April 1, 1993 — Final Appearance: March 12, 1994

A baseball player who claims to be the descendant of Roy Hobbs (as in The Natural). Charlie Brown does surprisingly well in baseball against her... or so he thinks.

  • Go Mad from the Revelation: She is stunned when Charlie Brown explains that Roy Hobbs is a fictional character and thus she cannot actually be his descendant.
  • I Let You Win: She eventually tells Charlie Brown that she let him hit home runs off of her.

Minor characters (affiliated with Linus)

    Janice Emmons 

A close friend of Linus who also hangs out with the rest of the gang. She appears in one of the TV specials, during which she is revealed to have cancer.

First Appearance: June 9, 1986 — Final Appearance: March 23, 1999

A girl who sits behind Linus in school and exasperates him.

  • Sudden Name Change: She demands to be called by different names now and then, which exasperates Linus, who finally gives up and just calls her 'Lydia' from then on.

    Tapioca Pudding 
First Appearance: September 4, 1986 — Final Appearance: December 1, 1986

Another one of Linus's classmates with a crush on him. Her father is in licensing, a fact which she reminds everybody of at every opportunity.

First Appearance: March 31, 1975 — Final Appearance: January 29, 1977

Another of Linus's classmates. He has a slight crush on her.

  • Fail O Sucky Name: She is named after truffles, a type of fungus that grows underground.

Minor characters (affiliated with Peppermint Patty)

First Appearance: July 26, 1976 — Final Appearance: August 6, 1976

A kid who attends camp and has a crush on Marcie.

  • All Love Is Unrequited: Marcie never returns his affections.
  • Butt-Monkey: Most of his strips involve Marcie pushing him into something unpleasant or dumping something on him. It turns out that she thinks he's being sarcastic when he calls her cute names.

    Joe Richkid 
First Appearance: June 22, 1981 — Final Appearance: July 3, 1981

An arrogant kid who winds up playing golf with Peppermint Patty. He also has a caddy who hits on Marcis, resulting in Marcie pushing the caddy into the lake and ending the game early.

    Jose Peterson 
First Appearance: March 20, 1967 — Final Appearance: September 24, 1969

A talented member of Peppermint Patty's baseball team.

  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's shorter than the other kids his age, but he's a very talented baseball player nonetheless.
  • Token Minority: Jose has Mexican and Swedish ancestry. He was the first non-white person to be introduced to the cast, beating Franklin by a little over a year.

First Appearance: July 21, 1986 — Final Appearance: July 29, 1986

Marcie's cousin who is hired to tutor Peppermint Patty. Patty fires him when she learns he's being paid for it instead of doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

  • Insufferable Genius: He's smart, but he's a total jerk to Patty, even starting off his first meeting with her by asking if "[she's] the dumb one."

    Shirley and Sophie 

Shirley's First Appearance: June 18, 1968 — Shirley's Final Appearance: July 20, 1987

Sophie's First Appearance: June 18, 1968 — Sophie's Final Appearance: August 19, 1987

Two out of three girls that Peppermint Patty mentors at camp. Sophie, in her initial story arc in 1968, was the first character to call Patty "Sir," three years before the introduction of Marcie. She also befriended Snoopy, but didn't terrorize him as Clara did.

First Appearance: June 4, 1970 — Final Appearance: August 4, 1973

Another member of Peppermint Patty's baseball team.

  • Asshole Victim: He's eventually punched by Marcie, but almost everyone agrees he deserves it.
  • Innocently Insensitive: He gets mad when Marcie joins the team, saying he doesn't want to play with a girl. This deeply offends Peppermint Patty, as she doesn't like the implication that Thibault didn't consider her a girl (since he never complained about playing with her).
  • Jerk Jock: He's athletic, but he's also an arrogant, condescending bully who gets on everyone's nerves.

Minor characters (affiliated with Snoopy and his siblings)


In-universe, Amy is one of Snoopy's many admirers, and they exchange Valentine's Day and Christmas cards. Out of universe, Amy Schulz was Charles Schulz's daughter, and he would occasionally work 'happy birthday' messages into the strip for her.

  • Note From Ed: Schulz wrote (unsigned) 'happy birthday' messages to Amy into the strip.

First Appearance: June 18, 1968 — Final Appearance: August 29, 1997

A girl who is mostly known for her attempts to keep Snoopy (and later his brother Andy) as her own dog. She does have a couple other appearances at camp, where she is mentored by Peppermint Patty along with Shirley and Sophie.

  • Meganekko: In her first appearances in 1968, Clara wore glasses and looked remarkably like an early version of Marcie, albeit without opaque lenses. In future appearances she lost the glasses but gained a hair bow.
  • My Beloved Smother: She acts as this to Snoopy, trying to dress him up in 'girly' outfits so he looks pretty and also keeping him chained up in the yard so he can't get into trouble.
  • Never My Fault: One of her more annoying habits in the animated cartoon Snoopy, Come Home. At one point she gets distracted during a tea party and spills the tea, then blames Snoopy and threatens to spank him.

    "Crybaby" Boobie and her brothers ("Badcall" Benny and Bobby) 

Badcall Benny Boobie's First Appearance: April 16, 1982 — Badcall Benny Boobie's Final Appearance: April 30, 1982

Crybaby Boobie's First Appearance: July 5, 1978 — Crybaby Boobie's Final Appearance: March 10, 1997

During doubles tennis matches, Snoopy often winds up playing against a whiny, tantrum-prone player called "Crybaby" Boobie. Boobie's partner is typically one of her brothers, either the equally-obnoxious "Badcall" Benny Boobie or the silent Bobby Boobie.

  • Consummate Liar: Badcall Benny constantly lies that all of his opponents' serves are out of bounds, regardless of where they actually land.
  • The Faceless: In most of Crybaby's appearances her Volumetric Mouth is so big that her face can't be seen. It's only in her very last appearance, close to two decades after she was introduced, that we actually see her face—because Snoopy kicked her hard enough to break her out of her tantrum and shut her mouth.
  • The Ghost: Bobby Boobie is never depicted, though he plays tennis (offscreen) against Snoopy and Volley.
  • Prone to Tears: "Crybaby" Boobie throws fits about everything.
  • Volumetric Mouth: Crybaby has a big one of these, and she uses it at every opportunity.

First Appearance: August 24, 1968 — Final Appearance: August 24, 1968

Snoopy's original owner. She was forced to return Snoopy due to her landlord not allowing pets.

  • Ill Girl: In her only appearance in the main strip, Snoopy finds her receiving treatment in a hospital.

    Molly Volley 

First Appearance: May 9, 1977 — Final Appearance: September 16, 1990

A short-tempered and aggressive tennis player whom Snoopy often partners with during doubles matches.

  • Competition Freak: Molly Volley. She cares a lot about winning her tennis tournaments, and eventually gets so fed up with Snoopy's lack of skills that she drops him as a partner and leaves the strip entirely.
  • Sore Loser: She is furious when Snoopy's screw-ups cost her a win.
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: Molly Volley is incredibly aggressive, ordering her teammates around and flipping out whenever anything doesn't go her way.

First Appearance: October 1, 1998 — Final Appearance: October 10, 1998

A kind-hearted girl who finds Spike in a veterinary clinic that is operated by her mother. Naomi looks after Spike and feeds him lots of pudding, causing Spike to think about staying with her, but she does eventually return him to the desert.

    Ponytail Girl 
First Appearance: July 28, 1989 — Final Appearance: August 3, 1989

A girl who claims to be old friends with Snoopy—except she calls him Charlie Brown—and also claims to have no knowledge of the real Charlie Brown. The strip never explains where (if at all) she first met Snoopy or why she thinks he's called Charlie Brown.

First Appearance: January 7, 1973 — Final Appearance: January 7, 1973

A girl who offended Snoopy once, but misses him and wants to see him again.

  • The Nicknamer: Charlie Brown mentions that she was the first person to call him 'Charlie Brown.'
  • Your Cheating Heart: Snoopy acts like she did this to him; she once threw a stick, but when he got it and came back he found her going off with a golden retriever.


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