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There are the characters on Chaos Code.

Bravo Peperoncine

Bravo, who used to be one of the top Italian chefs, one day ran into a dramatic incident. He then decided to become a Chinese chef. His superb mix of Italian and Chinese dishes became very famous and popular. One day his restaurant was destroyed because of customers fighting inside. Bravo, who had nothing left, threw himself into the battle to win the reward that was put on the "Chaos Code".

  • Chef of Iron: Naturally, as a chef in a fighting game, he attacks with food and cooking utensils.
  • Grapple Move: The game's resident grappler, who tosses opponents around with his hands, frying pans, or flour bags.
  • Shout-Out: The Fourth color is based on Mario from Mario Bros and the extra one is based on Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: When he's not attacking with his kitchen-related items, he's using his raw strength and weight to dismantle opponents.


Cait & Sith Whisker

Cait & Sith, twin boy and girl whose father is a treasure hunter. They are looking for a cure for their father who was cursed in a dungeon, and they are chasing after a man who was with their father when it happened, as they suspect he is related to the cause of the curse.


Catherine is a mangaka who doesn't care about the unlimited power of the Chaos Code. Instead they're pulled into the events of a story as a complication of a love triangle that absolutely exists between Cerberus, Kudlak and Catherine which happens to be the plot of Catherine's manga. Catherine also has magical cosplay super powers that are unexplained and unrelated to the magical powers of the Chaos Code, or are they?


Celia is a robot built to protect the Chaos Code, but she decided that was lame and so instead she's just really into gothic lolita fashion. Respecting Celia's independence, the professor who created her made a different robot to guard the Chaos Code instead. But then things go wrong and Celia must put her average ordinary gothic lolita school life on pause to rescue the Chaos Code and ensure it's limitless power isn't used for evil.

Celia II Kai

Celia 2 (Kai to her friends) was created to guard the Chaos Code, but really all she wants to do unblockable people. She's pretty mad because her unblockable cost 3 meters and can be rolled on reaction.

Cerberus Black

Cerberus is a world renown treasure hunter and adventurer who accidentally turned his best friend into a hat. He fights with his magical sword-hands and magical bullet-gun while searching for the Chaos Code to use it's unlimited power to save Pit so the two of them can go back to adventuring/ignoring their children.


Cthylla is a magical girl who came from another world to torture humans for fun. After hearing about the Chaos Code she decided to get it as a new "toy". What would a sick and twisted creature would use the unlimited power of the Chaos Code? No one knows. (She wants to use it to get bigger boobs).

Hermes Gberardini

Hermes was once a mild mannered and prudish young girl before discovering a strange magical book which unlocked the elemental spirits, at the cost of never being able to wear pants again. Now working for the anti-government ninja clan "Kuranai" Hermes seeks the Chaos Code, planning to use it's unlimited power to betray "Kuranai" causing they're boring.


Hikaru, a military agent working for the Earth-Union, wishes to save the poor people living in the slums, and believes working for the Earth-Unionis the best way to make his wish come true. One day he was given a secret mission: "Eliminate Kaguri", the secret agent working the anti Earth-Union organization 'Kurenai' and secure the 'Chaos Code'.


Kagari, a secret agent for the anti Earth-Union organization "Kurenai" lost her parents at a young age due to the war caused by the Earth-Union. Her resentment for the Earth-Union grew with every passing day. She was then adopted by the leader of the anti Earth-Union organization Kurenai who showed her the same love her parents did. She decided to work as a secret agent to repay Kurenai, and to avenge her parents' death.


Kudlak comes from a long line of magicians and is the last to know the secret of magic (if you ignore all the other characters who are magic). When growing up Kudlak lost interest in magic and pursued science and technology instead, but then he decided to go back to magic and now he wants to use the unlimited power of the Chaos Code to make the world worse as revenge for... something.

MG Hikaru

Hikaru waited in line for a limited edition sculpt of an underage girl who's underwear is falling off totally normal anime figure so long that he went insane. Upon staring into the figure's pantsu Hikaru learned the secrets of the universe. No longer was just regular Hikaru, now he is MG Hikaru; AKA Master Grade Hikaru; AKA Monster Girl Hikaru; AKA Moe Guardian Hikaru; AKA Mother Goose Hikaru; AKA My Guy Hikari.

Rui Mishima

Rui Mishima lived her whole life trapped in the country longing for a chance to get out and make it big. After seeing the town's magical artifact up for aution Rui was overcome with a sudden surge of hometown pride and sets out to find the chaos code and use it's unlimited power to destroy capitalism.


A war orphan separated from his sister during the Earth-Union war. Vein has come to believe that his sister abandoned him on that tragic day, and has lived on his own ever since. Now that he has discarded everything relating to his past, he has formed a strong resolve; to end the world filled with deception.

Introduced in Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe


Lupinus is a member of the earth union military who wants to use the unlimited power of the chaos code to get senpai to notice her.


Ray is a mercenary hired to track down the chaos code or something. Whatever it is he's up to, it's important that you know he's very mad about it.


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