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Yugioh EQG

  • Flash's first Pendulum Summon. He's caught in a lock by Garble that stops him from attacking and down to his last 100 life points, then his blank cards suddenly gain images and he performs his Pendulum Summon that breaks Garble's lock and he finishes him with three monsters.
    • Garble acts like a Sore Loser and tries to attack Flash after his loss, but Flash notices him and flings him over his head, sending him flying several feet. Then he shows that he also took back Spike's deck from Garble while he did this.
  • Flash figures out Trixie has been cheating against every opponent she has faced, hacking into their duel disks to look at their decks and make a deck to perfectly counter them. He evens the odds for Twilight by sneaking two of his Pendulum cards into her deck, and these cards are exactly what she needed to win.
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  • The Duel-Bot in the museum. It is said that nobody has beaten it passed level 6, and it can One Turn Kill an opponent even at level 1. Flash gets a moment of his own when he faces it at level 10 to save Twilight and wins!
  • Cold Steel during his second duel with Flash, reveals he can perform Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz summon. Then in his last turn he reveals he can also Pendulum summon with his own Pendulum cards. He is the first person to defeat Flash on-screen.
  • Flash gets a moment during each round of The Shooting Star Micro Tournament:
    • At the start of his duel with Gizmo he has a bad hand and needs to use his ace, Flash Heart Dragon, to set the pendulum scale, but is still able to get it on the field using its pendulum ability and save himself from a direct attack. Then at the end of the duel he gets an action card that lets him win by jumping into a collapsing building! Activating the card not only saves him, but lets him reset his pendulum scale and summon every monster he needs to win.
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    • In round two he is forced to fight Flash Heart Dragon when Lyra takes control of it. He saves himself from defeat by summoning Magna Fighter Crossbolt during Lyra's battle phase and activating its effect next turn to destroy one random card in Lyra's spell/trap zone. Since there was only one card there it was the only target and it was the one controlling Flash Heart. Once Flash Heart is back on his side Flash rides on his back as it goes to deal the finishing blow to Lyra.
    • The semi-final round against Tidal Wave has Flash trapped in a loop that clears his field and deals him damage for every card that he had out and is unable to attack due to traps set. Flash manages to awaken a new pendulum card, which lets him fusion summon a brand new monster, which has the effects he needs to break the loop and deal enough damage to win on that turn.
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    • Flash faces Spike in the finals, who has modified his deck specifically to deal with Pendulum summoning. Spike's ace Dragonic Blazemaster has the ability to attack all his monsters in one turn, his new fusion monster has already been destroyed, and his ace is removed from play. Flash manages to awaken his second fusion monster, and use manages to use his first fusion monster as a substitute for Flash Heart as a material, and it turns out to be a sword wielding dragon just like Spike's. Since both monsters are evenly matched, both duelists race for an action card. Spike gets one to power up his monster by 500 points and the dragons clash swords, except Dragonic Blazemaster's sword quickly cracks and shatters. Flash's card reversed the effects of the first action card, making it Dragonic Blazemaster weaker instead of stronger.
  • In Twilight's first duel in the Celestic Cup she faces Derpy Muffins. Instead of an easy win, the clumsy girl gives her a very hard time. If it weren't for a small misplay, summoning a monster after her battle phase, she would have actually beaten Twilight.
  • Flash and Timber face each other in a duel shortly after meeting. During the duel, Timber states his preference for strong monsters and mocks Flash's weak monsters, like his Shine Crest Magna Wolf. At the end of the duel, Flash beats Timber using his monsters abilities to return nine cards to Timber's deck at once, and increase Shine Crest Magna Wolf's ATK to 4600! Flash's "underdog" wolf managed to tear apart Timber's "alpha" Dark Timber Wolf like it was a toothpick.
  • Flash and Twilight participate in a team turbo duel against a pair called The Masked Riders. In the duel the boys are in charge of their cards during their own turns, but during the opponent's turns the girls are in control, relying on teamwork and understanding to make the best decisions. Part way through the duel, Flash and Twilight find out The Masked Riders are really Shining Armor and Cadance. Despite knowing this they decide to continue, and once backed into a corner, managed to Synchro summon a brand new card, an evolved version of Flash Heart Dragon called Flash Dragon Accel. After Accel attacks, its ability lets it sacrifice itself to summon to original Flash Heart Dragon with its effect negated, which allows it to attack directly for the win.
  • The survival duel that is held halfway through the first round of the Celestic Cup has 100 duelists in a free for all Battle Royale, where duelists don't get life points back once the duel ends.
  • Cold Steel takes on Garble and his two goons in a three-on-one action duel and beats them all without losing a single life point.
  • Rainbow Dash and Gilda face Guto, the leader of a Duel Gang, in a two-on-one duel and are just barely able to keep up with him in the beginning. Then Guto summons his ace, Fiend of the Dark Abyss, Arimaspi. With an ATK of 5000 it seems like there is no stopping it, until Rainbow pulls a move that's a combination of two awesome moments from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL and Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. Playing Armored Xyz that Gilda gave her to equip one of her Xyz monsters to Gilda's and then use it to Chaos Xyz Summon Rainbow Assault Wing Platinum and use its effect to weaken Arimaspi's ATK from 5000 to just 100!
  • Twilight has a rematch with Sunset, and Sunset backs her into a corner with her Synchro Monster, Solar Phoenix Rebirth. Twilight Synchro summons Imperial Magician of Twilight, an improved version of her own ace, and uses its special ability to reduce Solar Phoenix Rebirth's ATK to zero while increasing Imperial Magician of Twilight's attack to 6500. The author even describes Imperial Magician of Twilight as being Twilight's answer to Majestic Star Dragon.
  • Flash faces Cold Steel on the last day of the first round, and unlike their first two duels he is finally able to hold his own against him. He narrowly avoids defeat even when Cold brings out his ace Frozen Heart Dragon and wins the duel by using Reverse Polarity to swap the ATK of Flash Heart and Frozen Heart and increase Flash Heart's attack even more with Lightspeed, destroying Frozen Heart with one punch to the chest.

Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates

  • A villainous example for the mysterious Shadow. At the party before the finals begin, he says he got a late start to the first round, only beginning during its last week and still managing to come in first place with 10,000 points! To put that in perspective, Flash dueled the entire month, even working his way back up from the start halfway though, and only got 9,500 points.
  • The first match of the finals is Shining Spoon facing his idol Flash. Spoon actually does a good job against Flash due to knowing all about his deck and styles. Flash struggles against the first Xyz Monster, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and later its evolved form Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon. Flash manages to win by fusion summoning Spectral Nova Dragon with a monster that Spoon had never seen before.
  • Maud and Big Mac show that even though they are normally quiet individuals, they can become loud and serious when they duel. They both win their matches in the first round against Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich respectively.
  • Twilight winning her first match in the finals against Comet Tail, who was constantly making sexist comments and bragging about how only strong monsters are the ones who win duels.
  • The villains show to be no slouches in the tournament either when Adagio and Shadow defeat Rarity and Rainbow Dash in their first round matches.
    • Adagio shows a her new ace, Dark Siren, capable of absorbing an opponent's monster and adding its ATK to its own.
    • Shadow's deck, Shadow-Mechs, are based on the Transformers, and uses Shadow-Mech Xyz Bot, a powerful Xyz monster that can reduce another Xyz monsters attack to zero when attacking it. Also it is revealed that Shadow is an Evil Doppelgänger of Flash, looking almost exactly like him.
  • Applejack revealing a new Xyz monster, Orchid Sheriff, with a rank up card and winning her second round match. Especially after Chrysalis comments that Applejack's deck needs more power.
  • Flash and Maud's duel has several awesome moments:
    • Maud uses a trap, Dragged Down, sacrificing her strongest monster, Tectonic Colossal, to send Flash Heart Dragon to Flash's graveyard. She cut Flash off from his ace since he couldn't re summon Flash Heart like he could in other duels, and that also means he couldn't summon most of his extra deck monsters.
    • Despite the major setback, Flash was still able to gain a big lead against Maud by attacking her directly and lowering her to less than 1000 life points.
    • Despite sacrificing her strongest monster, Maud says she has a monster with practically limitless potential. She summons Muka Muka, a card that starts out weak with only 600 ATK but gains 300 for every card in her hand. Once she plays the spell Infinite Cards she insures its ATK will keep growing.
    • Flash manages to awaken his first Xyz monster, Destiny Bound Dragon, who turns out to be a friend of Flash Heart Dragon. When Destiny Bound Dragon attacks a monster whose ATK is higher than its original, it gains the same amount to its own ATK, raising it all the way to 4800, higher than Muka Muka and earning Flash the win!
    • After the duel, Maud mentions that her youngest sister Marble Pie is actually the best duelist in the family, and says that she's skilled enough to beat all three of her sisters in a three on one duel.
  • Time Turner's duel with Shadow has him summon his fusion monster Chronodragon, Gear Chronicle, whose special ability raises its ATK to 7000. Unfortunately, Shadow survives with an Action Card, and beats Time with his Shadow-Mech Fusion Bot to reduce Chronodragon's ATK all the way to 0 and win, showing that these monsters can even decrease an ATK to zero even if it's been increased by effects prior. Before losing, Time says that the rest is up to Flash.
  • Octavia nearly defeats Twilight without ever attacking her. Vinyl says Octavia is a Lover, Not a Fighter, so her entire dueling style involving forcing her opponent to discard their deck until they lose by Deck Out. In fact the only life points Twilight loses in the whole match are the ones she herself gives up for a card effect. Twilight is reduced to just one card, but that's all she needs to Synchro Summon her new monster, Twilight Alicorn. Twilight Alicorn's effect depends on the number of spell cards Twilight banishes from her graveyard, and she had plenty to chose from thanks to Octavia. Twilight changes Octavia's only monster to ATK mode, halves its ATK and raises Alicorn's ATK enough to wipe Octavia out with just one attack.
  • Twilight duels Shining Armor when he wants for her to forfeit the next round, afraid she'll get hurt against Adagio or Shadow. During the duel Twilight calls him out on his overprotectiveness, saying she can look after herself and if she forfeits like he wants her to it would go against everything he and Cadance taught her. Then she beats Shining Armor's improved ace monster with her Twilight Alicorn, winning the duel.
  • Applejack and Big Mac duel in the first quarter-final match, and Applejack finally beats her brother for the first time.
  • Flash is scheduled to face Cloak N Dagger in the second quarter-final match, but things take an unexpected turn when Garble and his goons steal Cloak's cards and force Flash to face all three of them instead. The three gain a major advantage by playing the same cards that prevent Flash from attacking, while his life points are slowly chipped away, apparently due to rigging their duel disks to shuffle their decks to get the exact cards they need. When Flash only has 100 life points remaining, he angrily forces a connection with his last Xyz card, Chaos Command Dragon, and ends up with a Super-Powered Evil Side. Chaos Command Dragon uses its ability to clear the field of all the opposing monsters and gets to attack once for each monster, a total of 10 attacks, but Flash speeds it up by attacking them all at once. It is completely brutal and scary, but Garble and his goons totally had it coming.
    • Adagio and Shadow report this new development, and even Adagio is scared a monster like that might be too much for them to handle.
  • Cold takes Flash to an underground area to test his ability when he's angry and try to control it. Flash's evil side takes control again and it explains how it came to be, formed from the anger between Flash and Chaos Command Dragon, making him a spirit of anger. Cold however defeats Chaos Command Dragon with a new card, the Ritual monster Eternal Ice Dragon.
  • Micro Chips might lose to Shadow, but he manages to do a good job against him, with Shadow only surviving thanks to an Action Card, and forces him to use his last shadow-bot, Shadow-Mech Synchro Bot, to beat him.
  • Adagio has Twilight trapped in a combo with her Dark Siren and Dark Door, meaning she can only attack with one monster each turn and block that attack with Dark Siren's ability. Twilight manages to Acceel Synchro Summon with the cards Shining Armor gave her and summon Celestial Body Magician. Her ability lets Twilight check the top five cards of her deck and attack once for each spell book card she gets. Adagio uses a trap that will negate up to three attacks she makes, meaning she can block four attacks that turn, but Twilight one ups her by drawing five spell books, meaning she can attack five times with the same monster, bypassing all the locks Adagio set up, destroying her ace and winning the duel.
  • Flash manages to control Chaos Command Dragon after apologizing to it, and uses it to great effect in his duel with Applejack. Applejack uses a trap to weaken his dragon and stop it from attacking, but Flash uses an Action Card to switch the effect to her own monster, Orchid Sheriff. This weakens it enough for Flash to finish off AJ by having his dragon attack her Sheriff four times.
  • Twilight manages to take the lead in her duel against Shadow, destroying all of his Shadow-Mechs one by one. Unfortunately Shadow survives her last attack and reveals a brand new monster. A Ritual Pendulum monster that can only be summoned when all three of his Shadow-Mechs are in the graveyard. This new monster, Shadow-Mech Annihilator has 5000 ATK, and is basically a duel monster version of [[Franchise/Transformers Unicron]]. Shadow doubles its ATK to 10,000 with Limiter Removal, and uses its ability to stop Twilight's Synchro monster's ability, sending a monster of the same type from the extra deck to the graveyard, and Annihilator wipes out Twilight with just its finger.
  • Flash and Shadow finally face off in the finals. with both giving everything they've got. Halfway through Shadow's true origins are revealed: he's really a robot, a duel-bot created by Sombra that gained sentience years ago and who dreams of being a real human. Shadow corners Flash with Annihilator and it seems like there's no hope for Flash, until Twilight arrives to give him a Rousing Speech, with the whole stadium joining in. Flash is able to create a brand new card, Spiral-Vector Dragon, who's special ability lets Flash reveal a number of cards off the top of his deck, equal to the Pendulum Scale of the monster that he used to fusion summon him and for each one that's a Pendulum monster, Annihilator loses 500 ATK. Shadow tries to negate this ability but can't because Spiral-Vector Dragon is a Pendulum Fusion monster, he needs to discard a fusion and pendulum monster to negate its ability, but has used up his pendulum monsters from the Extra Deck. In order for Flash to win, all 8 of the cards he reveals needs to be Pendulum monsters, and he actually pulls it off! Spiral-Vector Dragon blasts a whole clean through Annihilator's head, which also strikes Shadow, winning Flash the duel and the championship.
  • After spending so much time being Demoted to Extra, Celestia and Luna finally get a chance to shine by beating the brainwashed Aria and Sonata in a tag duel.
  • Spike saves Thorax by beating him in a duel, and using an improved version of his ace monster, Dragonic Blazemaster Assault Mode.
  • While investigating Sombra's lab, the group stumbles on an army of Shadow duplicates, which Cold believes were backup bodies for the original. The army comes to life and attacks the group all at once forcing them to go into a free-for-all, blasting them away with their best monsters.
  • While Sombra is telling Cold and Flash his background story, Flash interrupts him partway through and basically calls him out on his motivation behind his whole Evil Plan being he was angry that Misty Vail married Trail Blazer instead of him.
    Flash: You've gotta be kidding me! That's the stupidest reason to turn evil ever!
  • Sombra tricks Flash into falling into his trap, and straps him into a machine that drains him of his Ener-D and summons one of the last two cards he needs for his deck. The strain was too much on his own body already so he used Flash's link to the Spirit World instead.
    • By the end of the chapter Sombra has all but one card for his deck, and the gathered cards restore Sombra's youth and grant him a metal suit of armor and a red cape. He sets the lab to blow to leave no evidence while he and his followers escape. Though everyone gets out alive, Flash is rendered comatose from the experience.
  • Fluttershy knocking some sense into Rainbow and beating her in a duel when she sees she hasn't been herself ever since the assault on Sombra's lab.
  • Pretty much the entire four on one duel between Doom Raizer, the Crusaders and Sunset:
    • Doom Raizer traps Sunset's Solar Phoenix Rebirth and uses it to power up his Theta Thinker each turn.
    • The Crusaders manage to save Phoenix and Sunset turns their two remaining monsters into level one tuners, so she can double tune them with her Phoenix, creating Solar Monarch - Friendship Phoenix.
    • The new Phoenix has the ability to instantly raise Sunset's life points back to a full 4000, and the ability extends to the Crusaders too. When it attacks its other ability lets any duelist give up life points to increase its ATK, Sunset and the Crusaders each give up all but 100 points each, raising its ATK to 19,100!
    • Doom Raizer may have lost, but he still success in getting the Ener-D Sombra needs, and manages to send it to Sombra before he can be stopped. But its a Pyrrhic Victory because his duel spirit collection break free thanks to their containers being weakened by the duel, and they are pissed at their former captor.
  • A flashback shows that when Flash and Scootaloo's parents first arrived in the duel monster spirit world they were attacked by Black Tyrano but Flash Heart Dragon saved them, sending Black Tyrano flying with one punch, and he held it off while Vail Pixie and the other monsters in Flash's deck kept them safe.
  • Flash duels his father, Trail Blazer, to prove he's ready to stop Sombra. Trail Blazer's deck is revealed to be the Blazing Soul deck that Cold used against Flash in their very first duel.
    • While Flash might have struggled against the deck when he was a novice, he is now able to go toe to toe with it, defeating Blazing Soul Dragon, Purgatory Dragon, the card that beat him last time, and Trail's true ace, Blazing Soul Dragon Trail Blazer Dragon.
  • Sombra shows Flash a flashback of when Flash's monsters beat the Doom-Vaders. Destiny Bond Dragon and Chaos Command Dragon are shown being injured during the battle, and escaped to rest and regain their strength, explaining why they were in stone when Flash found them. At the end of the battle Vail Pixie opens a breach to seal the Doom-Vaders away and Flash Heart managed to push Tyrant Reaper Dragon through by evolving into his Accel form snd blasting him through.
    • After all this, Sombra explains how he and the Doom-Vaders are Lawful Evil and wish to turn both worlds into a perfect world by conquering them and ruling them so there can be no war or pain and suffering. Flash still refuses to join him, stating that even if the world isn't perfect they need to learn from their mistakes, and wiping the slate clean would just be another mistake. Flash firmly claims he'll never join Sombra's cause and that he'll stop him.
    • This shows great Character Development for Flash. In the previous story he mentions how he wishes he could fix his mistakes so they never happened back when he dueled Time Turner and had to learn that the past makes you who you are today. Here, he now embraces that, knowing that even if the world isn't perfect they can still improve on their mistakes and learn from it.
  • Thorax’s Changeling Drone evolves into Changeling King, and he changes with it. Thorax has Changeling King copy Changeling Queen to gain its original ATK and ability, and since Changeling Queen has the same ability, he uses it again to gain Dragonic Blazemaster Assault Mode’s ATK too.
  • Rainbow realizes she can’t beat Lightning Dust’s monsters with raw power, so she wins by using the classic trap Mirror Force, causing Lightning’s monster to destroy itself.
  • Applejack uses a Rank-Down spell to de-evolve her Xyz monster in her tag match with Big Mac against the Flim-Flam brothers. Her new monster, Seed Shooter, can banish any monster in the graveyard that's a certain level Applejack picks, and she picks level one. This removes all the level one monsters the Flim-Flams have in their grave and lowers Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord's ATK to 0 while raising Seed Shooter's to 4000.
  • The brainwashed Adagio uses a Rebirth Ritual card to evolve her Dark Siren into Ultimate Dark Siren, which has the ability to permanently increase its own ATK by destroying Adagio's own monsters.
    • During the duel, Twilight's will to not give up causes a new card to be formed, using Flash as a conduit. The new monster, Perfect Harmony Alicorn. This new monster gains half of Twilight Sorcerer's ATK since it was used as a tribute to summon it, and it gains another 1000 for every spellcaster on the field, and since there were four spellcaster tokens its total ATK was raised to 8550.
  • During Flash's duel with Sombra, Sombra brags about how the whole world will see Flash lose and explains how the duel is being brodcast around the world. Flash then is able to pass instructions to his friends and the world on how to slow the Shadow Gate from opening, using Sombra's own broadcast against him.
    • Flash tells everyone to use the energy from the Shadow Gate to destroy the Crystal roots and stop it from opening, and everyone is able to summon their ace monster to destroy the roots. People all around the world helping against Sombra. We even see Flash's friends and duelists from the Celestic Cup all using their aces to destroy the roots.
  • Flash is able to create another new card during his duel against Sombra, similar to when he did it against Shadow, only this time using the Ener-D from duelists all over the world. His new monster, Flash Dragon Magna Harmony, gains the abilities of Chaos Command Dragon and Accel Dragon, clearing Sombra's field and setting it up for Flash Heart to destroy Sombra's ace and win Flash the duel.
  • The Doom-Vaders try to punish Sombra for failing to keep his part of the deal by pulling him and Flash into their world, and try to force the Shadow Gate open themselves, which would cause all three world to be destroyed. Flash tries to save Sombra, and when he starts being pulled in himself all his monsters in his deck arrive to save them. It all ends with his extra deck monsters pushing them back into their world, and Flash Heart Dragon punching Tyrant Reaper through the gate.
  • Flash has mastered his connection enough that he can now change some of his cards by opening his connection to them, making them stronger the same way their duel spirits have grown stronger.
  • The group celebrates with a battle-royal duel in Freeze Stadium, during which Rainbow, Twilight and Flash all get to show off new cards.

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