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  • As scary and depressing as it is, watching the bloods give their establishing characteristic of straightforward religious brutality is a great opening to show their menace rather than just tell about it.
  • The opening battle for the Teen Titans. A new team, working together to put YJ's version of Mad Mod.
  • Something about hearing Zatanna dating John Constantine is nice, in that it opens up one of the less obvious DC characters to inclusion in this expanded YJ universe.
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  • Silver Banshee get's a pretty awesome entrance. Not only is she a leader for the blood cult, but with her razor claws, ruthless demeanor and sonic screeching, she even fought Wally and Artemis to a standstill.
  • Batman sending Blackfire packing by shooting her into space. (she survived of course, but still)
  • There's something awesome about Superboy and Mrs. Martian using their own personal experience when talking with Raven. They demand the truth out of her, but they also know a lot about being ashamed of their origins, and so they're doing everything they can to make Raven see there's a better way to be than alone.
    • On that note, when Raven has mini Freak Out knowing the League's investigating the Bloods and wants to leave again, somehow Superboy was the one who not only stopped her, but also ended up being the one in the therapist's chair to talk through this with her. It really drills in just how far he's come since he was "born", and has actually become a kind of cornerstone of the 3 leagues. Respected in two segments, leading another, and actually strong and wise as well.
  • Garfield's been practicing ever since his first meeting with Raven over a year ago. When he first met Raven, he ended up settling on a "Cut me a break I don't really have a glare" glare. However when dealing with Damian, he actually came off as unsettling, and intimidating.
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  • Brother Blood is awesome. He's impervious to conventional weapons (and unconventional weapons like Blue Beetle's sonic cannon), he moves fast, and he's an energy vampire as well. All these things make him scary and dangerous, and a threat to any superhero, even the great Batman.
  • Silver Banshee vs Black Canary. A battle between the female Sonic Screamers, culminating in a scream war. Which BC won on a technicality. (she was able to stay on 1 foot while Silver banshee had to fall to her knees).
  • The junior team members Lock and Load Montage where they get their gear together for their first solo mission. Of particular awesome is getting to hear Kyle recite his famous oath.
  • The Teen Titans vs The Scarecrow. You wouldn't expect a B List/Low tier A list batman villain to stand up against a sorceress, a geokinetic, an archer, a shapeshifter, and a green lantern, but thanks to some impressive moves and techniques, he does amazingly against the titans in their outing.
    • For that matter, Kyle does what Dr. Fate did back in season 1. Turn an otherwise deadly gas into no problem at all. In this case, creating a giant vacuum to suck up scarecrow's fear gas and shoot it into the atmosphere.
  • Damian goes out as Robin for the first time, showing off his great skill in fighting criminals and saving civilians.
    • Then to save damian from a street gang lead by OC Bone Daddy, he calls down the wrath of the active batfamily. Cassandra as the new batgirl, Batman, Robin and even Catwoman all come in to kick some street ass.
  • The Titans vs Killer Croc. Beast Boy only managed ok alone against the crocodile man, but once they rallied themselves together for a unified attack, the croc stood no chance, finally going down thanks to a headbutt from a pachycephalosaurus.
  • The mission to Tameran featured a couple awesome moments.
    • Supergirl in particular was an unstoppable blur, making mince meat of anyone who tried to get near her.
    • Then Red X used ninja abilities to get the remote from Blackfire due to her carelessness.
    • And finally, this leads into the epic Challenging the Chief Starfire and her sister have. While stated that Blackfire was technically better, Starfire's righteous fury gave her the power and will to fight on even terms.
      • There's also an interesting Call-Back to when Star's true sister Supergirl fought Granny Goodness, Calling the Old Man Out with every blow. Well, here it's starfire's turn to do it to her sister, angry at all the wrong she did not only to her, but to her planet and her friends as well.
      • This also ties into the ending of the battle: A Single-Stroke Battle that caused a tremendous explosion in the city before Starfire emerged the victor.
  • Rogue Mission: A dark episode only makes the awesome parts even more awesome.
    • Aqualad VS the bloods. He never stood a chance, but used every trick in his book to try and outlast the 2 lieutenants and save Lilith.
    • The kidnapping of Carter Kent. Ok, so it happening isn't that great, but the way it was carried out by the light's new enforcers Scandal and Ravager was awesome, right down to the kryptonite sword.
    • During Beast Boy, Terra and Raven's mission to see if Queen Bee knows anything about Carter, the 3 teens ended up walking into a trap. However, when Garfield went into his Beast mode, it lead to a series of crazy battles, where each of them needed to use their powers more fully to win.
      • Terra was playing down even more than before, since she'd just had her memory wiped. However, she utilized trickery and blinding attacks to stay alive. Her greatest achievement though was seizing hold of the earth particles in concrete, and sending her opponent flying.
      • Raven trapped Ravager in darkness, and basically suffocated her to unconsciousness there, saying that the dark was her realm, and she couldn't be beaten there.
      • Beast Boy was a relentless pursuer, but his most awesome moment was actually that he managed to hold himself back from being fully animal enough to dodge a point blank bullet. Not an easy feat.
    • Lex was ready for Conner and M'gann coming in to save their son. Very ready. He created a heat barrier to split up the two, and then got each trapped on their floor, utilizing reach technology to keep M'gann down. Then he sent them adversaries tailored to their powers (psymon for m'gann, Metallo for Conner), and even if they got past all that, he also had power rays ready to strike them down once they charged him. Talk about being Crazy-Prepared.
      • Of course, there was the one thing he couldn't know about, which of course foiled him: Sphere as the Big Damn Heroes, stopping his plans cold.
    • M'gann vs Psymon. Now with what is presumably demonic powers, Psymon was an unstoppable force. So what does M'gann do? Create a world within the psychic plane so he thinks that he killed her, when he was actually still stuck in his own mind.
    • Conner vs Metallo. We get a brutal reminder why Metallo is always so deadly to any superbeing, with him stuffing down Conner with little trouble for the most part. However, the truly awesome part was when Conner used his Tactile Telekenisis's molecular grip to create his own version of heat vision. That's right, Conner was able to create makeshift heat vision. And who says he was a failed experiment?
    • Finally, we have the last confrontation with Lex, Conner and M'gann. As the de facto leader of the light, it's so awesome not only to see him taunt Conner about being too good to kill him, but then the 2 parents showing Lex that they don't have to kill him to hurt him. M'gann's punishment in particular was rather vicious, but but still satisfying after everything Lex did to the world without even a hint of karma.
  • Red to Blue
    • Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is stand up for ourselves. But that's what Arrowette does when the League suggests the Titans are too unprofessional in their approach to crimefighting. Mind you, she didn't do this to anyone, she did this to the Trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) and some of the old team too.
    • No matter how bad it is for earth, Trigon's coming is still awesome to read in building up the atmosphere and horror of his coming.
  • No Time
    • The titans fight a Dragon! A shadow dragon given, but still a DRAGON! How awesome is that!
      • And Garfield beats it with a blue whale bellyflop.
  • Against The Wall
    • Starfire fighting Silver Banshee is pretty awesome, with how evenly matched they were.
    • Dr. Fate actually coming close to getting rid of Trigon all by himself, reminding us why the lord of order was great for earth.
  • Divide
    • Superman and Supergirl vs the possessed Batman and Guy Gardner. In the end, Supergirl snapped, and wound up Batman] like it was nothing, while Superman reminded [[spoiler: Guy that the man of Steel is more than a match for the greatest weapon in the galaxy.
    • Remember how creepy the powers of someone like Jericho is? Well in this battle, it actually allows him to deposess people from Trigon's control. Not an easy feat to remove demonic control like that.
    • Silver Banshee and Black Canary get into a rematch. Only this time, Black Canary stops Banshee cold by sticking a plunger over her mouth, and then doing a sidewinder chock to knock her out.
      • Also the cameo in this chapter: Mary ==Mc Ginnis==. Looks like this universe could also get Batman Beyond if things go far enough.
    • Batgirl and Little Robin (Damian) vs Guardian and Vibe. In terms of gear and powers, the two were outmatched, but using some tricks and sonic weaponry (which counts as Death by Irony on Vibe's part), they were stopped cold.
    • The reveal of Red Robin's wings. Looks like Batman's not the only one who can simulate flight now.
  • Go
    • The Titans vs Trigon's home guard.
      • The Arrowette managed to be the big hero of the titans, stalling 2 defenders to give Garfield and Rachel time to get into position, and incapacitating a possessed M'gann all by herself.
      • Due to power difficulties, Kyle Rayner formed a giant cannon to shoot Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl away from the battle to give themselves more space.
      • However the real star of the show was Lilith. According to Word of God, she was purposefully kept from being upgraded to becoming Omen precisely because her powers when used properly are Story-Breaker Power. And she demonstrates that perfectly by defeating 3 out of the 5 titans all on her own, using nothing but tricks, dodges, a borrowed chaos water whip and ingenuity.
    • Raven vs Trigon.
      • Much like with Dr. Fate, Raven had to fight smart as well as hard, using "dad's" own magic against him. But much like Fate, she was outclassed by normal means, Trigon even giving her a magic overload to pacify her before absorbing her soul to finish his takeover.
      • But in her struggling, Rachel finally began tapping into the love she has for others and into Azerathean sorcery, so that right before her whole soul is lost, her powers activate STRONG. This turns her into her Super Mode as the white Raven with red tattoos from her mom's chakra snaking around her body to show her new greater level of magic, and altering her dress and hair as well. Not to mention 1 shot K Oing Omen who'd been unstoppable to that point.
      • The great Beam-O-War between Trigon and Daughter.

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