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  • They Mythology Gag from Arrowette mocking the conventions of her original costume. "Well, one thing I know is that I wouldn't be caught dead running around in a skin tight top and a skirt."
  • Isis apparently inherited wally's big eating, but the one time he was playing with her, she threw up on him.
  • Apparently, The Team ruined any chance of future teammates to play games. These range from the perverted (twister issues) to the Noodle Incident with all kinds of weird reasons given for Truth or Dare, Candyland and Connect 4. (apparently for the first one, Superboy isn't allowed in Sweden anymore (for some reason).)
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  • Harley Quinn comes in to rob a restaurant for a "night off" from The Joker. However, since so many superheroines were also there, it wasn't even a fight. Just them slapping her around without issue.
  • Artemis rolls her eyes at Wally's whole "back in a flash" deal. "Can't speedsters think of any original lines?"
    • Red Tornado for that matter is still flabbergasted that artemis and wally continue to snipe at each other like no other even though they're married now.
    • Also, Wally is convinced to spend the night at his mother-in-law's place due to Strawberry waffles.
  • Cassie finds out she has leeches on her body. And promptly faints afterwards.
    Cassie: I hate the jungle!!
  • Jaime gets a kick out of his scarab noting that Aqualad's embarrassed to talk about Lillith.
  • Cassie also subverts Failed a Spot Check by taking out some guards as her teammates are discussing the prophecy of Trigon. It's all in how she keeps trying to get their attention, then throwing up her hands and saying, "forget it."
  • Jump the Shark is a Bizarro Episode and a Breather Episode, and so has a ton of funny moments.
    • Bart's introduction to Damian and Cassandra Cain his a laugh thanks to his knowledge of their future as heroes.
    • Kyle starts crushing on Cassandra, and immediately asks garfield for advice saying, "you're the one with the hots for goths."
    • Control Freak is more annoying than funny for the most part, but thanks to Continuity Nod, we get a funny line on her modus operandi.
    Artemis: Who uses toys to commit crimes?
    Wally: Toyman?
    Artemis: Shut up!
    • This line: "We lost the baby!" Who knew YJ could have a laugh with a simple delivery of something like that?
    • Cissie finds out that the original team is Trapped in TV Land with perhaps the best out of context line ever.
    Cissie: I think I found Dick and Wally, and I think they're on dancing with the stars with a girl with too much acne.
    Everyone Else: What??!!
    • Damian gives out a girlish scream...At Carter's true martian form.
    • Each of the Team in TV land ends up in a hilarious scenario in one way or another.
      • Wally ends up on The Big Bang Theory, where he gets distracted by the laugh track, gets Sheldon up in arms about his stuff getting destroyed by Control Freak, and in the end, he uses one of Sheldon's batarangs to get away, prompting Sheldon to say, "I'm friends with the flash through my batarang and you're not. Bazinga!.
      • Superboy ends up winning a wrestling belt of all things.
      • M'gann ends up in I Dream of Jeannie as the genie, and accidentally turns Kaldur into a cat.
      • Kaldur becomes the skipper of Gilligan's Island, complete with a remixed theme song from it.
      • Artemis ends up on The Walking Dead, where she actually geeks out meeting Darrell.
      • The inevitable confusion of The Flash coming back to see everything in confusion after Raven got the team out of the tv, control freak escaped and wolf returned with both Isis and Carter on his back.
  • When Raven wants to leave (again), she tries to get Conner out of her room by two methods. Both get a chuckle.
    • First, she tries to intimidate him with her demon eyes. Conner's response? Batman was scarier.
    • Then she throws a punch at Conner.
    Raven: "Ow!"
  • Despite the context, Orca telling L'gann's fish story about how brave he was in helping the team is kinda hilarious to hear when spoken out loud.
  • From 524
    • One thing the Justice League doesn't do well is stock up on coffee. And the reminder from Superman usually only gets dirty grumbles since he's one of the few supers who doesn't need it.
    • Batman doesn't always have his A and B list rogues to fight on a nightly basis. Sometimes he has less threatening crazies to fight like The Condiment King. Whom he defeats in 70 seconds.
  • From Exam
    • Apparently, Raven still brings dangerous spell books to read in her spare time. So when Cissie asks her about it, her response is rather...unsettling but funny.
      • Also, the very fact that she's actually willing to pull pranks is a real laugh and feels a good mile from typical raven characterization.
    • While the team is holding criminal capture competitions, they get the munchies, even though they ate all their snacks. Thankfully, they get a lucky break when Garfield tripped up a pizza thief as a pig.
    • When they accidentally get into a fight with Scarecrow, Raven comments that with enthusiasts Beast Boy and Kyle jockeying for position as the new leader, one of them is going to have to explain this to their leaders. Both of them promptly declare, "Not it!"
  • From Fear Itself
  • From Like Father:
    • Damian drives Alfred insane, commenting when he's locked outside Damian's room, "that boy will be the death of me."
    • Tim has apparently begun dating none other than Stephanie Brown. However, when he breaks off his date with her, she calls him a "spoiler". Considering her future as the vigilante The Spoiler, it seems that she's going to be living her life making fun of tim.
    • When bruce has Damian knocked out for being obnoxious, Tim does so, but doesn't catch him. His response to the question about it? "He deserved for insulting us, you, and especially Alfred. You don't mess with Alfred."
    • There's also how Cassandra reacts to Bruce catching her on the streets as Batgirl: just shug at him.
    Batman: Don't you shrug at me young lady.
  • From Women's Work
    • Lobo makes a surprise return as a combatant for Blackfire's affection. He's a hilarious main man, laughing at exploding heads, saying that he's made of only the best things, or crying out in pain when he gets his powers switched off on a hit.
    • Though perhaps tinged with Unfortunate Implications, there's quite a few female jokes included.
      • The way Jaime feels down that the boys will never let them live down needing to be saved by Superboy's wife and cousin, as well as his girlfriend.
    • Supergirl reveals that she saw X's face and heard his name. X in turn sinks down into his chair, sad that his philandering ways might be at an end with a kryptonian holding this over his head.
  • Rogue mission is NOT a lighthearted episode, but it does have a few good laughs.
    • Raven's response to Terra asking if going on a rogue mission to investigate Queen Bee is a good idea. "We're teenage super heroes. Since when is anything a good idea?"
    • Then when she's fighting Ravager, Ravager says that the dark is still her element.
    • Finally, with the night over at last, she reminds Garfield that as the leader, he still needs to explain what happened to Conner and M'gann later.
  • Blue to Red
    • After a Rage Against the Mentor moment, Arrowette realizes what she just says, and we cut over to her having a panic attack.
  • No Time
    • Arrowette returning to Earth after Kyle and Terra gave quips going through just shakes her head saying, "I have nothing else to add."
    • As a brief comedic reaction: when Garfield gets kissed by Rachel, his tail shoots straight up in surprise.
  • Against the Wall
    • Bart finds the bickering between Hawk and Dove annoying. Considering he was the chatterbox of season 2, this is bound to get a few chuckles.
    • Apparently Zatanna's boyfriend John Constantine is on good terms with Swamp Thing. Think about that as an odd pair. And then when he leaves to go pick on Red Hood and the Outlaws, he sinks into the ground at Alec's behalf.
    John: Hey, Hey watch it Alec. You're covering any drycleaning I need to do.
  • Go
    • As pointed out by one reviewer in the epilogue, the league's faced so many supernatural and worldwide threats at this point that they consider older threats like Mammoth and Devastation "light weights." How embarrassing to see how far the old threats to The Team have fallen at this point.

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