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  • In the first episode, where despite the dark start, we see several ways how the league's at peace and doing well in several instances.
    • The Titans are bristling with optimism as a team, defeating this universe's version of Mad Mod, chilling with each other, and even poking fun at each other.
    • Wally and Artemis, after their brush with Darkseid are living happy, taking turns watching their daughter, and generally living a peaceful life in semi-retirement.
    • Hearing how Superboy and Superman have truly buried the hatchet, with the "big brother" giving leadership and spiritual advice to Conner, and the two of them joking about how nurture has truly made them two different people.
      • There's also a single line that indicates that Lois is in on the Superhero secrets and knows all about her nephew. It's in the sweet way she mentions it to Conner on his visit.
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    • Girls night celebrating Barbara's anniversary of joining the team. The last time we had so many superheroines together, Artemis's "death" overshadowed it. This time though, there's nothing but lighthearted joy as they all catch up on how life's going.
      • Also of note is how Zatanna reveals she's now dating John Constantine. After all her Disappeared Dad elements that defined her character with Dr. Fate, it's nice to see her finally moving on with her life and getting social with others.
      • And there's Barbara herself. Her legs might never work again, but she's surprisingly happy about her life, and is happy to still have her aiming skills to use on Harley Quinn.
  • The way Starfire and Supergirl talk with each other. As two alien strangers to earth, they share a special kind of bond that provides Star with her truest connection to Earth.
  • The gentle but firm way Conner and M'gann confront Raven about Dr. Fate investigating her powers. Even though Rachel felt betrayed and hurt and scared about it all, they both drew upon their pasts and their knowledge of how much love the teams have to help her.
    • Their work with her really seemed to affect Raven, because after this, even though she remains introverted, she seems more willing to joke and smile compared with before. That she knows the Titans Tower is her home now.
  • The 7th year anniversary of the beginning of the show. Thankfully unlike the last couple times, there's no betrayal or continuing adventures or what have you. At least for the league. It's mostly hijinks and bonding.
    • Wally begins the day by sending out a music Shout-Out to the original team. Making the whole group chuckle in one way or another.
    • Seeing Terra, at least for now, happy and playful with Beast Boy especially.
    • There's a nice sweetness to having M'gann try and give herself closure by talking with Megan (from Hello Megan). Telling Marie indirectly that her son has grown up and become a fine and true hero.
    • M'gann and Conner's promise to Garfield that we watch out for each other, and there's no shame to be had in losing Carter for a few hours.
    • The way Kaldur converses with Lilith. Even though she considers Earth and herself a lost cause due to trigon, he never gives up on her, getting information, truth and kindness even while trying to ensure she sleeps easy.
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  • Arthur Jr. and Carter. Sea pals, and thankfully, both living a wonderful life, both alive in this continuity.
  • Batman demonstrates how important his family is. The moment he gets Tim's distress signal, he stops his patrol and speeds off for his location.
  • No matter how the Love Triangle plays out, Terra, Rachel and Garfield are positively fun to watch messing around with each other, especially in how Raven's now even willing to pull pranks with her powers.
  • The junior titans team and all the joy they have preparing for their first solo mission. Every one of them has something they're happy about.
    • Cissie's happy to continue on the arrow legacy with Artemis handing over a new outfit blending her and Red Arrow's outfit.
    • Terra's happy because she finally feels that she's part of the team, with her own uniform now.
    • Garfield's happy to get a new outfit with changing stealth mode.
    • Kyle's jovial about getting time off from training as his reward.
    • And Raven actually has a genuine smile of enthusiasm for getting a new outfit from Zatanna.
  • Seeing the young titans having fun on their mission was actually nice, especially in how they used stopping a food thief gave them a free pizza!
  • Raven and Beast Boy share a moment where they're both boosting up each other's confidence, with BB assuring Raven that her powers are awesome, while Raven tells BB how he truly is the best qualified to lead them when Conner and M'gann aren't around. Shame Kyle had to be a Moment Killer before Raven could tell him the truth about her father.
  • There's something sweet about the way Talia talks with her lover and son, that among the light's many bad eggs, we still have a woman who is ready to pull Even Evil Has Standards to be on guard for her father going too far.
    • Then there's when Bruce talks to his son about how he lost his parents, and says that he wants to be able to give him the one thing he lost: A normal childhood.
  • From Rebound
    • There's how Cyborg first wants Beast Boy to bounce back from his Heroic BSoD since Garfield helped him to get himself back too.
    • Then there's how Red Tornado has complete faith not only in The Titans to handle a supervillain on their own, but speaking to Kaldur on how to make things right with Lilith.
    • The titans slowly rebuilding their self confidence is all kinds of heartwarming, right down to Raven slapping Beast Boy telling him that he's the best candidate to lead them.
      • And their joy at the end of the mission, happy that they could actually handle themselves again.
  • From Woman's Work
    • Supergirl's absolute care for Starfire. Right down to the fact that she's considered Star's real sister in contrast with Blackfire. She's even the first to (silently) acknowledge Starfire as the new queen.
      • And the hugs. Always the hugs between them.
    • Starfire tearfully telling Tameran she can't stay, because she has another war she needs to help win. But that in order to start reversing the damage her sister did, she declares an opening of all culture to pursuit, and that all she wants now is to have her planet return to peace.
      • Then when talking to her team, she gets deeper into it, saying that what she wants most is to spend more time with her sister, and her friends.
  • From Rogue Mission
    • Kaldur is so close, so close to realizing that he loves Lilith. Even admitting to himself that he just wants to see her smile. Also a tearjerker since he dies by the end.
    • Even though Raven and Terra don't like each other personally, when Garfield calls M'gann "not my mom", both of them get on him, saying that was uncalled for.
      • There's also something sweet in M'gann saying that she wasn't interested in being a Parental Substitute for Garfield, but that it just happened because she wanted to care about him.
      • Then when Gar goes to make up with M'gann, they both have no words, only hugs, showing that no matter how they feel, they still love each other.
    • With The Reveal, there's a high chance that any of the titans could reject Terra after finding out she was The Mole for Queen Bee. And yet, instead they hold her up, saying it's not her fault this happened to her, and insisting that they're still her friends.
    • The whole team plopping down exhausted, watching the sun rise, all of them tired, but all of them happy they survived the night.
  • Blue to Red
    • Talking during a brief reunion the disassembled original Titans team discusses how they were grouped as a team, but they trained to be a family, and that's why these transitions weren't working out so well for them all.
      • Also during this time, Arrowette and Kyle finally bury the hatchet of hostility towards Raven, telling her no matter what she thought about them all, they won't hold her evil dad against her, especially since they already have experience with one of those.
  • No Time
    • This was a big catharsis episode for Raven, finally getting out all her old baggage to her mother in disguise. So there were natually quite a few tender moments between them, even though Raven didn't realize it was her mom the whole time.
    • The way the titans pick up on Raven's true anger at Trigon, and how she's finally found a passion to fight for.
    • The Big Damn Kiss cementing Beast Boy/Raven.
      • For that matter, Angela smiling feeling the waves of happiness that came off both of them from a distance.
  • Against The Wall
    • When Dr. Fate and Zatanna enter the battlefield, Z always refers to Fate as "Father", indicating that she's finally come to terms with Nabu and her dad being 1 being now.
      • And in fact, her initial teleportation spell is to go to father (backwards of course).
    • John Constantine visits Zatanna outside Trigon's dome. He admits that even he can't get through it, and that technically no being from their plane can stop Trigon. However, he also has absolute faith in Raven's ability to save them, even saying that part of his conviction comes from a time he met a certain carpenter when he died, and how even in the worst times, you gotta have faith.
      • In general, this Constantine seems a lot more upbeat than many other iterations. That is heartwarming.
    • The Reveal that Damian WAS meant as a mole to kill Batman. But Talia cleared his subliminal messaging because she loves Bruce more than her duty to her father. Even Evil Has Loved Ones at its finest. And Ra's even lets her get away with it, showing the same.
  • Go
    • Last year, Dr. Fate spoke of Beast Boy and Raven becoming what they were born and raised to be. But what he couldn't have foreseen was that in their hours of need, the two would work together to end Trigon once and for all. One gave the power, the other gave the heart.
    • As Rachel prepared to attempt a Heroic Sacrifice, she actually cried and told Garfield how much he'd done for her, and that she wished they had more time. And her counterpart held her hand tight, pleading with her not to go through with it, even as she sent him away.
    • The reunion after victory. While at first devastated at her apparent death, after finding Rachel alive on the beach, the two teens embraced, thanked each other for all their help, and then shared their second kiss.
      • Rachel even admitted to herself that she wasn't going to hide away from this wonderful feeling anymore.
    • Lilith's joy at being able to feel safe now that Trigon's evil powers have left her. No more evil visions, no more fear of being sacrificed.
    • Water Omen Triumphant. Given a nudge by Superboy, Kaldur finally gives Lilith a kiss. And this time, she responded in kind.

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