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Tear Jerker / Young Justice Titans

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  • "Jump the Shark" is mainly wacky and silly. Still, M'gann ending in Hello Megan is quite sombering, especially when she tells Marie Logan's character her son is doing alright.
    "Who's Marie? I'm Megan."
  • The death of Vibe. It's sad in how sudden it was. All he did was go chasing after the bloods, and next thing you know, he got a dagger in the back. All his teammates, mentors and leaders all felt hollow from his loss, with Green Arrow puncturing the end of the episode with what no team wants to hear. "We lost another one."
  • From Rouge Mission. This one is going to have a lot, being a major Wham Episode
    • Garfield is angry that he can't do anything against Queen Bee, and when M'gann tries to calm him down, he angrily tells her You're not my mother! The reaction from everyone is immediate and shocking, but none were as sad as M'gann, who felt nothing but pain and emptiness from such a thing being said of her. The narration even says that it felt worse than when Conner broke up with her.
      • What's worse, she admits as much, then does the equivalent of running off with tears in her eyes.
      • And poor Garfield, for all his anger, immediately pulls himself back, realizing My God, What Have I Done?, and just breaking down sobbing into his pillow for the pain he caused his new family.
    • The Death of Aqualad. All he wanted was to see Lilith smile and keep her safe. But when the bloods came back for her, he couldn't fight all 3 of them at once, and died right in front of Lilith's eyes.
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    • Just think about everything M'gann went through in 1 evening. Her Blood Brother rejected her in anger, making her realize she was unconsiously taking the place of Garfield's mother, and then her true son was kidnapped right in front of her eyes. She's either going to be a nervous wreck or an angry bloodhound after having tragedy strike twice.
      • For that matter, Conner's angry yell at the kidnapping happening.
    • Beast Boy's despondent feelings that after being revealed as The Mole, that Terra probably never loved him, and that being, well, him meant most people wouldn't want him. Raven flinches at this, not being the best at expressing herself, but you can see the author made it obvious that Raven had a chance to say "I love you." And she blew it.
  • Red to Blue
    • After Conner and M'gann are summarily suspended from league activities, their wards morosely decide to go off for one last hang out time before the future takes them away from each other.
      • And, true to their predictions, they are split up, with Kyle and Cissie put on different teams afterwards.
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    • The Reveal. So often in Young Justice, when a Dark Secret comes out, it's the covering up rather than the actual secret that draws ire from their teammates. Not so for Rachel Roth. She literally feels a withering change in opinions about her (she is an empath after all) when Batman drops a Drama Bomb about her connection to Trigon. She flees the room a sad and withdrawn wreck, and out of everyone there from 2 teams, only Garfield supported her. That's...harsh. And so wrong because Raven doesn't deserve that treatment from people whom she finally considered a new family.
    • The restructuring of the younger teams did not bring anyone together per se, and in particular, the titans practically rejected Tim Drake as their supervisor. It's just so wrong to see those once semi-stable teams now somewhat messed up by politics and anger.
      • In particular, at a meeting weeks later, Garfield and Rachel finally figured out what was wrong. They worked as a team, but they LIVED as a family in the titans. And that's why they've missed the old times so much.
    • The fall. In a desperate attempt to keep their wards from dying, Superboy and Mrs. Martian paid the ultimate price. First the Bioship took a hit to protect them and was destroyed, and then Trigon skewered them with magic, sending them plummeting to their "deaths" in each other's arms.
  • Raven breaks down in front of her Mother (though she didn't know it), saying that she didn't believe her mom ever loved her because she never saw her in her hard life growing up.

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