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  • Ascended Fanon: Wonder Beetle, one of the Ships That Pass in the Night is canonized by Angelus, saying that Jaime asked out Cassie sometime after she and Tim Drake broke up. In a way, he tries to rationalize it by using their contrasting personalities as a way of showing how they could have been attracted to each other.
  • Post-Script Season: Given the nature of his previous fic, this fic definitely has a different sort of "feel" to it, with the focus shifting farther and farther away from classic Team missions and intrigue into more straight heroics. Moreover, as Young Justice: Darkness Falls was a Grand Finale, this is the best way to describe what this fic was probably meant to be.
  • Recycled Script:
    • Exam bears several resemblances to previous episodes, including Drop Zone and Infiltrator. With a team of teenagers going out on their first solo mission, but in the course of their mission need to pick a leader, have an unexpected encounter with a supervillain, and even though they made several mistakes, overall did well enough to warrant praise from their brooding mentor.
    • See if this sounds familiar: A team takes on a girl who has a Dark Secret in regards to her evil father who she doesn't want to acknowledge. The girl hides her emotions, is standoffish with the team around her, and only gradually warms up to them all overtime. Are we talking about Artemis back in Season 1, or Raven in season 4?
  • Schedule Slip: A subverted case. For this new fic, the author initially had an update schedule of one chapter per week. However due to outside activities, he stopped this regular schedule. However, now we have an update schedule of 5 chapters every 3 weeks or so. This on average means that the story actually comes out faster than before.
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  • Trolling Creator: As Rex X got more character interaction, there was a question posed by the author on whether to reveal X's true identity, or to keep it a mystery like it was in the other animated show he was a part of. Some fans were more interested in actually seeing behind the mask, and we got a few hints that he was quite the dashing man. But just when Supergirl was about to say his name to the reader and X, we cut back to X's reaction. Darn it!
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This fic in its current form could have never existed. Before writing a new YJ sequel fic to his previous one, the author posted a poll on his profile asking if his fans were more interested in a series 1 year after Darkness Falls, or one 30 years afterwards. 1 year won out 80%-20%.
    • The author has also expressed interest in doing other fics on the 5 years between season 1 and 2, and doing that distant future fic with basis in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come and Batman Beyond. However, as their account has gone quiet, it's likely this might never happen.


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