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Yugioh EQG

  • The day after Flash gets his deck he goes from being an outsider at his school to the most popular guy, with everyone asking him about his new type of cards. Flash however hates all the attention and rushes to get away from everyone at lunch time, running to the roof of the school and running into Twilight.
  • Flash and Twilight really get into their duel with each other, smirking at each other while complementing each other. This does not go unnoticed by Twilight's friends.
    Rainbow: (creeped out) Are they... flirting?
    Applejack: Looks like it.
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  • Cold Steel's first scene has him decide which card to use in his deck. He does this by spinning the two cards on the table and they run into each other several times before one is slapped away. Cold just says "Awesome" at the result.
  • Rainbow and Applejack clash during their attempts to be elected Class Rep.
    • Applejack puts up a poster saying "A vote of Rainbow is a vote of Anarchy." and Rainbow puts up one that says the exact same thing, except hers has "Anarchy" written in cool and edgy font.
    • After everything, Twilight ends up being the Class Rep, even though she didn't put her name down. It turns out Flash put her name down for her and told everyone she was a third candidate, because he knew she wanted to be the Class Rep even though she didn't want to compete with her friends. Twilight is grateful to him but also immediately appoints him her Co-Rep, meaning he needs to come to every meeting and write down her ideas, as punishment for going behind her back. Flash just slams his head on his desk after hearing this.
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  • When Twilight refuses Trixie's challenge to duel her, Trixie stalks her around town until she agrees to duel her. She follows her everywhere she goes pretending to do something else while near Twilight, the library, the grocery store, even the bathroom! She even ends up in Twilight's own home when she sucks up to Twilight's mother and gets invited to dinner!
  • Twilight convinces Flash to go to a carnival with her and the others by giving him Puppy-Dog Eyes. Flash tells her to never do that again, which she just teases him about. At the end of the chapter, she says she doesn't have to do it anymore, since she got a picture of Flash and Scootaloo sleeping together on the river bank together, no doubt planning to use it to convince Flash to do anything in the future.
  • When Flash asks Twilight how she knows so much about Shining Armor and she hesitates to answer, everyone thinks it means she is a fan-girl of his. Applejack teases her that she probably has an entire wall of poster of him, and Twilight says she only has one poster of him.
    • The group later learns the truth when Shining Armor says that Flash has already dueled his little sister, and Flash, realizing that only one person fits the description, turns to Twilight and exclaims "YOU'RE HIS SISTER!" and Twilight just blushes in embarrassment.
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  • Cadance shows to be a Shipper on Deck for Twilight and Flash. When she, Shining Armor, and Twilight are traveling home together she makes a bet with Shining Armor, saying if Flash beats him when the two of them finally duel then he can't go into "overprotective big brother mode" when he and Twilight start dating. This leads to both siblings giving a Big "WHAT?!" in response and leading to an argument for the rest of the ride home.
  • Flash once again becomes the center of attention and runs from crowds when news quickly spreads of how he saved Twilight at the museum. But the story of how he saved her quickly becomes exaggerated more and more, with him having fought off a two-story robot to save her and bringing her back to life with a single kiss.
  • Celestia and Luna finally make an appearance, but instead of being the principal and vice-principal of CHS or some other important figures, they are the mascots for the Celestic Cup, providing hammy commentary and explanations.
  • When Flash is worried about how real the attacks the solid holograms use in Action Duels feel, asks if it is dangerous at all and points out how his best card does a sucker punch for its attack and how much that could hurt if someone got attacked directly. The others all shiver at the thought of being sucker punched by Flash Heart Dragon themselves before assuring Flash it is still safe.
  • The girls trying to train Flash to prepare for Action Duels when he signs up for the Shooting Star Micro Tournament.
  • During Flash's vision in the middle of his duel with Tidal, Alchemy Dracokid falls out of nowhere and lands on Flash's head before getting stuck in the ground. Alchemy Dracokid struggles to get out, like an overweight house cat, until Flash pulls her out.
  • When Sharp Shooter explains how he was going to let his bow choose his first opponent for him, everyone else points out the flaw in this logic, like what would have happened if his arrow hit the ground instead or someone not in the tournament.
  • Derpy is just as hilarious as she is in canon. She doesn't even know her own cards effects, at least until she sees them in action again to remind herself. She very nearly beats Twilight in their duel until she makes a rookie mistake that prevents her from winning.
  • Flash's jealousy towards Timber from the moment he sees him with Twilight. Twilight is completely oblivious as to why Flash has a bad attitude towards Timber, which Spike teases her about.
    • It turns out Spike recorded the entire thing with his phone and sent it to Cadance, remarking how much she was going to love it. Indeed, Cadance finds Flash's jealousy cute.
  • After Flash and Twilight win their duel against Shining and Cadance, Cadance lets Flash keep the Duel Runner they used since she has two more at home. Cue the CMC each wanting a turn driving it until Flash says none of them are getting a turn.
  • At the start of the Survival Duel Flash is ambushed by Rose, Lily, and Daisy who challenge him to a three-on-one duel. Flash asks who would be so scared over losing that they would gang up on someone, and the scene immediately cuts to the CMC agreeing to stick together.
    • Their three-on-one strategy does not end well when Flash ends the duel with more life points than the three of them combined on the last turn before eliminating each of them on the same turn. When they are each eliminated they scream their famous lines from Aplebuck Season, with Flash calling them Drama Queens before walking away.
  • While Twilight is in the middle of a depression over Flash leaving to go solo to get his points back, she walks right past Trixie when Trixie tries to make a dramatic appearance before her, either not noticing her or just ignoring her entirely.
  • After Flash finally defeats Cold Steel, Cold transfers him his original points after a brief explanation. Just a few seconds later the deadline for first round ends. Cold walks off congratulating Flash on making it in time.
  • Everyone participating in the tournament needs to take remedial classes due to missing an entire month of school for the tournament. Most of them are okay with it, except Rainbow who describes it as hell.
  • The final scene reveals who has been giving Flash blank cards. While leaving school after finishing their remedial classes, Flash and his friends spot Cold Steel at Flash's open locker. Cold and the group stare at each other in silence for several moments before Cold places the cards in Flash's locker and walks out like nothing happened. Once outside though, he smirks to himself over what just happened.
    Cold: Caught in the act.
    Flash: SO IT WAS YOU!

Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates

  • Everyone's reaction when they see Thorax on TV and realize he is the prince of the small nation of Changeland.
  • While helping Flash prepare for the dance, Grand Hoof combs Flash's hair for him, much to Flash's discomfort. Grand simply tells him he wouldn't have had to do this if Flash had just cut his hair like he suggested. He also says Flash's mother always said the same thing to Flash's dad.
  • There are several moments that happen at the party for the finalists:
    • As soon as Flash arrives he is assaulted by the Paparazzi, taking his picture and asking him questions. Once Flash, Scootaloo, and Grand force their way into the building Scootaloo just says that was terrifying.
    • Flash is amazed to see Twilight in her dress when she and the girls arrive, with Twilight just shutting his mouth close with her finger to close it.
    • Flash just recognizes Granny Smith as the lunch lady from school when Applejack introduces her and Big Mac to everyone.
    • Twilight and Flash run into Timber at the party, but both have widely different reactions. Twilight is happy to see him again, while Flash just moans at seeing him again. When Timber introduces them to his sister, Gloriosa, she mentions how he wouldn't stop talking to her about Twilight, much to Twilight's discomfort. Timber also brags to Flash about his point total, saying he has over five thousand and is probably one of the biggest at the party. Flash just smirks at this, knowing he is wrong, and tells him to wait and find out. When the points are revealed to everyone, Timber discovers he is actually in last place!
  • Maud and Big Mac, two quiet characters, suddenly become loud and serious whenever they duel. Twilight guesses that in Maud's case she probably has a Split Personality that takes over whenever she duels.
  • Timber loses in the first round of the finals to Cloak N Dagger. After he loses, Flash is seen smirking in the stands.
    Flash: Is it wrong that I totally enjoyed that?
    Spike: No, but don't let Twilight see you.
  • Comet Tail's rude sexist comments to Twilight while they are dueling anger Shining Armor. Everyone else is the VIP stand noticeably sits away from Shining during the duel as he growls under his breath, not wanting to get too close to him.
  • Cold suspects that Cloak N Dagger may be another agent of Sombra's for most of the finals. This is eventually proven to be incorrect when Cloak is jumped by Garble and his goons before his duel with Flash, getting his Pendulum cards and his cloak stolen and is found by security naked.
  • After Flash repairs his bond with Chaos Command Dragon and tells Twilight that all he needed to do was apologize to it, Twilight is just shocked that Flash never bothered apologizing sooner.
  • In a bit of a Mood Whiplash, when Shadow doubles Annihilater's ATK to 10,000 Flash screams that it is "over 9,000".
  • After the reveal that Shadow is actually a robot, and he finishes his backstory to Flash, Celestia and Luna state that there are probably no rules for dueling an android since nobody would even consider the possibility, meaning Shadow isn't disqualified and the duel continues.
  • While Sombra has Flash and Cold trapped and is giving them his his backstory, Flash interrupts halfway through when he gets to the point about Misty Vail marrying Trail Blazer instead of him with the scene cutting from the flashback to the Present.
    Flash: Wait a minute! Are you saying you've done all this because my mom married somebody other than you? (Sombra doesn't reply) You've gotta be kidding me! That's the stupidest reason to turn evil ever!
  • Twilight getting flustered when Cadance tells her that the reason she is so worried about Flash is because she's in love with him.
  • While Sombra's followers are practicing using their new cards with each other and explaining to each other their motivation for joining Sombra in the first place, they are eventually interrupted by Chrysalis ordering them to report to the lab, apparently an hour passing since she previously told them to be ready.
  • Cadance convinces Twilight that once Flash wakes up she should tell him how she feels about him, saying it will just give him something else to fight for. Twilight eventually tries to do so, bring Flash somewhere they will be alone, but right when she is about to tell him she loves him his phone goes off and interrupts her. Although Twilight is clearly annoyed at being interrupted, she still gives Flash permission to answer it.
  • When Cold needs to be dragged outside the Crystal Tower due to being injured and slowly bleeding out, Sunset tries to drag him away herself to stop Flash and Twilight from wasting time arguing. Only she can't do it herself and Twilight is forced to accept she needs to help her and leave Flash to deal with Sombra himself.
    • While they are carrying Cold down the stairs, Twilight suddenly tells Sunset to stop before running back to Flash and surprising him with a quick kiss. Afterwards, she tells him it was extra incentive to win. When she walks back to help Sunset, she sees Sunset giving her a knowing smirk.
    Twilight: (embarrassed) Shut up.
  • After Flash emerges from the collapsing Crystal Tower in front of everyone, Twilight embraces him in another kiss with him returning it this time. As everyone looks on, Applejack just comments "Well, it's about time."
  • During the giant battle royal in the final scene, the Crusaders all try to gang up on Shining Armor, only for his ace monster to send all three of them flying with one swing of its sword.

Yugioh EQG: XX

  • When Flash makes Spike his teammate for the Double X, they initially plan to ask Thorax to be their third teammate. Rarity quickly points out the flaw of this plan, saying that Thorax is a king now and is trying to pull a country out of recession and can't just take a break to join a tournament.
  • After Flash explains to Sunburst how he beat Spike, due to his cards responding to him and explaining the cards are a link to another world, Sunburst, rather than feeling inspired or amazed by Flash's explanation, doesn't understand anything he is saying and resists his urge to tell him he's crazy.
  • At Rainbow's new school, everyone notes how Soarin has gotten a lot more clumsy in the last year. Right as they are discussing this, Soarin accidentally trips over a chair and his breakfast goes flying, landing on an unfortunate Rainbow Dash.
  • The one downside Spitfire sees with her position as Principal is all the paperwork she needs to do. After she agrees with Rainbow and Soarin's request to make a team for the Double X and gives her criteria for their final teammate, she tells them to return with their full team so she can fill out the paperwork, pausing for a moment as she realizes what she was saying.
  • When the teams meet for a training session to prepare for the tournament, Flash's team still don't know what to use for their name. Spike innocently suggests that since Flash is their founder they should name themselves The Flashers. This gets a Dramatic Gasp from most of the girls present, and Pinkie Pie pulling a glass of water out of nowhere just to do a Spit Take.
    Sunburst: We are not calling ourselves that. I'm here to duel, not get arrested.
  • Sunset's frustrations trying to teach some kids how to duel properly.
  • When Fluttershy is revealed to be Twilight's last teammate, saying that although she doesn't normally like tournaments she is okay with helping a friend, Flash asks why she didn't offer to be his teammate when he was looking for one. Fluttershy just says that he never asked.
    • Tidal is also a bit disappointed by this since he thought he was going to be on Twilight's team, forgetting that he is 21 and thus too old to compete in the Double X.
  • After Sunset hears that Sunburst almost beat Flash, she says it took a lot of work from a friend of hers to get him to where he is now, calling Flash a "chump". Not only is Flash a bit surprised by this, it is humorous to hear Sunset call Flash a Insult of Endearment instead of her usual brand of teasing.
  • The various official team names everyone has:
    • Flash spent half the night coming up with the name "Team V-Fighters", with the V standing for "Victory". Twilight calls the name generic and others don't immediately know what the V stands for and make wild guesses.
    • Tidal registers Twilight's team to be "Team Tidal Maidens", registering the name without telling them.
    • Rarity registered her team with Applejack and Big Mac as "Team Applejewel", much to their embarrassment.
  • At the first qualifying round for the Double X, where there are five rounds of randomly determined matches, Scootaloo gets unlucky and ends up dueling Shining Armor twice in a row. For the third round, Sunburst gets paired with Shining Armor instead and Scootaloo just breaths a sigh of relief off to the side, glad she didn't end up with him for a third time.
  • After Sunburst's duel with Garble, and Flash secretly using his powers to temporarily make Sunburst Archmage real and burn Garble and his cronies, Garble and his cronies run outside with their clothes on fire and jump into the water to put themselves out, only to be promptly arrested by the police right outside.

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