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     Yugioh EQG 
  • Flash Sentry is established to be an anti-social teen in this continuity, who threw out all his duel monster cards because he kept losing. But in just the first chapter he shows he is still a Nice Guy, standing up for two little boys who are having problems with bullies stealing their cards, and one of those boys was Spike.
  • Flash becomes popular overnight thanks to his Pendulum cards. While just the day before everyone would ignore him or try to stay away from him, suddenly everyone wants to talk to him and see his cards.
  • Twilight's crush on Flash starts when he helps Spike get his deck back from Garble, and Flash quickly forms a friendship with her when she volunteers to help him learn more about his deck by dueling her.
  • Flash is feeling upset all day because of how he was humiliated by Cold Steel the day before in their duel. Pinkie manages to cheer him up in their duel and teaches him that just because you don't always win that doesn't mean you can't still have fun and smile.
  • Twilight originally wanted to run for Class Rep but decides not to when she learns that Applejack and Rainbow are already running and doesn't want to compete against her friends. At the end of the chapter it is revealed Flash put down her name for her as an anonymous candidate and went around telling everyone she was running, since he knew she wanted to compete, and almost everyone in the school voted for her.
  • Rarity insists on helping Flash's relationship with his little sister Scootaloo, since she used to have a bad relationship with Sweetie Belle until Applejack helped them and wants to do the same for Flash and Scootaloo.
    • Flash's reasons for ignoring Scootaloo outside of home, while ultimately misguided, show he never stopped loving his sister. She got bullied in their old neighborhood because she was his sister and he kept losing duels, so after they moved he distanced himself from her to be sure that wouldn't happen again.
  • Flash and Cadance form a fast friendship when Flash meets her at a Duel Festival, and she becomes a Shipper on Deck for him and Twilight, instantly picking up on an attraction between the two of them.
  • Flash desperately duels to save Twilight when she is sealed in an airtight room. He eventually gets the door open and manages to save her with CPR. Twilight Velvet thanks Flash for saving her daughter's life.
  • Flash keeps Twilight company while she is recovering in the hospital and they both reflect on how close they have become in just two months. A sweet slow moment between the two.
  • While facing Gizmo in the first round of The Shooting Star Micro Tournament, Flash Heart Dragon's Pendulum ability saves Flash from a direct attack. Flash Heart does a Punch Catch, saving Flash from Gizmo's monster before shoving it away. Flash thanks Flash Heart with a thumbs up, and his monster returns the gesture before kneeling down to pick Flash up and put him on his shoulder. This was the first true time Flash interacted with his ace.
  • Doubles as a awesome moment, during Flash's duel with Lyra, Lyra takes control of Flash Heart Dragon and pushes Flash into a corner. Lyra gives Flash a chance to give up to avoid losing to his own monster and he almost takes it, before snapping out of it and refusing the offer while saying if he gave up he'd be betraying the bond he's made with Flash Heart. It is when Flash truly acknowledges that dueling has helped improve his life, and Flash Heart Dragon has helped him, not just as his best card, but as his partner and friend. A connection not unlike how the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh see their respected aces.
    Flash: If I surrender this Duel it means I'm letting you get away with stealing my best monster, and there's no way I'll let that slide. I owe everything to Flash Heart Dragon. Ever since he came into my life it's been nothing but good things. I've grown to love Duelling again, I've made great friends and I've reconnected with my love ones. I owe all of that to Flash Heart, because he's more then just a card. He's my friend. We share a bond that you'll never destroy.
    • Then when Flash regains control of Flash Heart Dragon he jumps onto his back and rides on him as he delivers the final blow to Lyra.
    Flash: Let's do this...PARTNER!
  • During Flash's duel with Tidal Wave, Flash has a vision where he is standing in some ruins, and finds Alchemy Dracokid with her head stuck in the ground. Flash pulls the little monster free, and the little girl gratefully rubs her head into Flash's chest. This event also awakens Alchemy Dracokid's card and her pendulum ability lets Flash fusion summon and win the duel.
  • Flash's last opponent of the tournament is Spike, who says he entered the tournament to face Flash, seeing him as a idol and someone to look up to.
  • When Rainbow duels Gilda she explains how her friends are always supporting her, even when their aren't there watching her. This is enforced by cutting to her friends at different locations and each one wishing her luck. Then after Rainbow manages to beat Gilda, she offers to be her friend, to give her the support she needs.
  • During Flash's duel with Timber he explains how Timber's view of only strong monsters being important is flawed, and how he and his monsters work with each other and support each other. He is also sure to support Shine Crest Magna Wolf when Timber insults it. Twilight just smiles at this, remembering what she likes about Flash and forgetting her previous anger at him for his rude behavior to Timber.
  • During Flash and Twilight's team duel against the Masked Riders, their team name is "Flashlight", their ship name.
  • Grand's story of how Flash and Scootaloo's parents met. When Trail Blazer saved Grand and Misty Vail from a group of duel gangsters, and beat three of them by himself.
  • Twilight is broken hearted over Flash leaving to get back his points solo, so Cadance tries to assure her everything will be okay. But, it is Trixie who gets through to her, by telling her she's letting her hurt feelings interfere with her dueling, and actually considers calling off their duel when she sees Twilight isn't even trying to win, until Twilight actually becomes focused.
  • The Crusaders run into a boy named Shining Spoon who is a big fan of Flash and wants to be his student and duel like him. When Spoon is struggling in a duel against Pipsqueak he almost gives up, until suddenly Flash shows up himself and encourages Spoon to get back up and win.
  • Applejack saves a town from a duel gang led by Longhorn by beating him in a showdown-like-duel. A little girl named Cupcake thanks her and says she wants to be as good a duelist as Applejack someday. Applejack tells her she knows she'll be even better.
  • Gilda becoming the new leader of the Black Griffons duel gang and all of them agreeing to clean up their acts.
  • Flash reunites with all his friends on the last day of the first round.
  • After Flash finally beats Cold Steel in a duel he sees a vision of his new card, Vail Pixie, who welcomes him.
    • When Flash sees he got Vail Pixie’s card to appear, Cold Steel laughs happily before formally introducing himself to Flash and finally giving him the answers he wants.

     Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates 
  • Pinkie and Applejack introducing their friends to Maud and Big Mac at the party before the finals.
  • Even if she's a self-absorbed girl working for Sombra, it is shown Adagio loves her sisters and wants revenge for what happened to them.
  • Shining Spoon managed to make it to the finals, and is overjoyed that his first opponent is his idol Flash Sentry.
  • After Flash's win against Shining Spoon in the first duel, Shining Armor and Cadance both say that if Twilight wasn't in the finals they would be cheering for Flash to win the whole tournament.
  • Even though Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich lost their duels to Maud and Big Mac they still showed they had fun and wished their opponents luck in the next round.
  • Flash, Twilight and Spike run into Thorax again after the first day of the finals. He explains his home life to them, how being a prince means he hasn't been able to do any normal stuff kids his age do. Spike cheers him up with a duel, and when he leaves to go home they all hope he can take control of his own life some day.
  • When Flash and Maud are paired to duel against each other, Pinkie doesn’t know who to cheer for and becomes depressed. Twilight quickly cheers her up by telling her she can just cheer for both of them, reminding her of Flash’s duel with Spike.
  • During Flash’s duel with Maud he gets another vision, where Flash Heart Dragon leads him to a statue of a dragon and Flash realizes this statue is a monster that’s sleeping and is a friend of Flash Heart Dragon. Flash convinces the new monster to wake up and join him, and it helps him win his duel against Maud. The new monster, Destiny Bound Dragon, also begins to wake up from its statue form when Flash mentions its friend Flash Heart Dragon.
    Flash: I don't know you, but if Flash Heart trusts you then I know I can too. I need your help, so will you please lend me a hand? I know you've been sleeping for a long time, so why not wake up and join me? Come on out, come join the adventure!
  • After Applejack beats Big Mac in the third round, Big Mac congratulated her, also being the first time anyone heard him talk outside of a duel, and the two siblings share a hug.
  • Before Flash’s duel in the third round a young boy named Heart is excited to see him duel again. Seems Flash has already made a few new fans.
  • Flash might have gone over the top in defeating Garble and his goons, but many of the witnesses speak in Flash’s favor, calling what he did self-defense against three cheating bullies.
  • Flash rushes to Twilight’s duel against Adagio as soon as he learns about it and cheers for her as soon as he gets there, giving her confidence to continue.
    • Twilight manages to beat Adagio with the two cards Shining Armor had left for her, essentially beating her with the help of her family.
    • Twilight is congratulated by her friends and family for her win, and shares hugs with Spike, Cadance and Flash.
  • During Flash’s duel with Applejack in the Semifinals he has another vision where he faces Chaos Command Dragon and his Super-Powered Evil Side. Flash apologizes to Chaos Command Dragon for what he did to him and says he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven by him. However, Chaos Command Dragon actually wants to help Flash, knowing he’s a good person, and was just waiting for him to apologize. This repairs the bond between them, let’s Flash have full control of him and gets rid of the spirit of hatred created by their damaged bond.
  • Twilight telling Flash she's believed in him since the day they met, and later coming to his duel to cheer him on like he did for her.
    • The whole stadium joins in cheering for Flash against Shadow, and after Flash beats him they all chant Flash's name in celebration.
  • Spike stays behind from the rest of the group to duel Throax and free him from Sombra's brainwashing. Spike tells Throax to snap out of it during the duel, and before he makes the winning move Thorax fights back enough to ask his friend for help.
  • Flash states to Sombra that if the girl he loved, while picturing Twilight in his head, chose to be with someone else instead of him he would be hurt by it but he would accept it would be her decision.
  • Cadance cheering up Twilight when Twilight is depressed over Flash being hurt, and helping her realize that she is in love with Flash. She also convinces her to confess to Flash once he wakes up, since it will give him something else to fight for.
  • Cold and Grand tell Thorax that even if his mother has made her decision and is working with someone evil, he doesn't need to be like her and can use the card created by her anyway he wants.
  • Flash and Scootaloo's parents explain to them how the duel monster spirts kept them safe when they first arrived in the Spirit World and looked after them. It is even shown that Flash's parents named him after Flash Heart Dragon, the one who first saved them when they arrived, and baby Flash happily holds the giant's finger.
    • Misty Vail's speech to her baby son before she and Trail need to leave him with Grand Hoof is also this.
    Misty Vail: You'll probably hate us for this, but please know that mommy loves you. Whenever life seems hard and you feel alone, just know that we will always be with you in your heart. You are the most special baby that will ever exist. Born of two worlds, you are the bridge that connects them. And one day, you may have to protect those worlds. You will be its protector, its guardian, its...sentry. Flash Sentry.
  • Thorax promising that when he takes the throne from his mother he'll repair their home the proper way, using the lessons he learned from all his new friends.
  • Cold recognizing how far Flash has come since they first met and believing he has what it takes to save the world, and wants to do all he can to help him.
    Cold: Watching over you was often irritating, often exasperating, but to be honest...a lot of fun.
  • Before Adagio vanishes after losing to Twilight, her only request is for her to tell her sisters she's sorry and she hopes they have a good life.
  • Sunset and Twilight are forced to leave the tower to save Cold's life, and leave Sombra to Flash. Before they leave though, Twilight surprises Flash with a kiss, as extra incentive to win.
  • During Flash's duel with Sombra he admits that a few months ago he might have agreed with Sombra that the world needed to be cleansed, but then he met his friends and was able to actually enjoy his life despite the struggles he's been through.
    • During's Flash's last turn, he's able to use his powers to create a new card to defeat Sombra just like he did against Shadow, except this time it is at a much larger scale. Instead of gathering the Ener-D of just a stadium of people cheering for him, he gathers it from the entire planet, untied together to help him stop Sombra. As Flash points out, the world is untied like Sombra wanted, untied to stop him and his Doom-Vaders.
  • Flash saves Sombra from the Doom-Vaders despite all he has done. Sombra ends up being critically injured, but is brought to the Spirit World where his soul will survive and he'll be reborn as a duel spirit, where Sombra says he can finally do something worth wild.
  • All of Flash's monsters bowing to him for leading them through the battle.
  • Once Flash appears in front of everyone, revealing he's okay, Twilight once again kisses him, this time with him returning it.
  • The epilogue has tons of moments:
    • Adagio finally wakes up after having been unconscious since the Crystal Tower collapsed, and is finally reunited with her sisters Aria and Sonata. The three sisters share a group hug together, together again after so long.
    • Thorax's coronation as King is still a few weeks away, but he asks Spike and the others to come to it.
    • Flash arrives late to the celebration everyone is having and is confronted by Twilight. The two playfully exchange words before Flash pulls her into a kiss, and they ride the elevator to the top floor holding hands. After two stories of Ship Teasing they are an Official Couple at last.
    • The group celebrates with a battle-royal duel in Freeze Stadium, with all of them just enjoying themselves as they make their own path to the future. The only one who doesn't participate in the duel is Cadance, who reveals she is pregnant.

     Yugioh EQG: XX 
  • During a video call between Flash and Twilight it is said that Flash is Flurry Heart's godfather and that he babysits her for Cadance. Not only does Flash love Flurry and enjoys doing fun activities with her since Twilight is unavailable, it shows how much Shining and Cadance trust Flash to make him Flurry's godfather despite only having met him last year.
  • Twilight stopped wearing contacts and switched to glasses during the Time Skip. Why did she do this? Flash told her she looked cute in them.
  • Flash has grown bored due to having no challenge ever since defeating Sombra last year. After losing to Tempest, instead of being disappointed he is overjoyed at having a challenge again, which grows after Tempest tells him about the Double X Tournament.
  • At the end of one of their video calls, Flash and Twilight avert The "I Love You" Stigma, showing just how much they mean to each other and how comfortable they are with their relationship after a year.
    Flash: Love you Twilight.
    Twilight: (blushing) Love you too.
  • Sunburst's memory of making a promise with his childhood friend Starlight that they will both make it to the big stages in the dueling world and won't give up until they get there, making it a Pinky Swear. This memory convinces him to keep going instead of giving up in his duel against Spike.
  • Rainbow's time at her new school, Wonderbolts Academy, has been really good for her. She has made a lot of close friends, and eventually finds out that Soarin is a duelist like her.
  • When Rainbow and Soarin request to Principal Spitfire to let them form a team for the Double X, Spitfire tells them the story of the stone statue in her office and how the story represents limitless potential for those who push themselves because want to and how it eventually led to their school being built, before saying she approves their request.
  • Though Soarin lost his duel against Gilda, he impressed her enough that she still agrees to join his and Rainbow's team for the Double X.
  • The various teams all meeting together to have training duels to prepare for the tournament. They are also joined by Shining Armor, Cadance, and Fluury Heart to watch. Flurry particularly enjoys watching her godfather Flash duel.
  • Twilight and Moondancer form a quick friendship quickly after meeting each other. The day after first meeting, Moondancer invite Twilight to spend the day with her, and gives her one of her rarest cards, Magic Tome of Starswirl, as a symbol of their new friendship.
  • During her duel with Moondancer, Twilight has a vision where she appears to become her ace monster Twilight Warlock. She sees Moondancer's own ace, Moondancing Scholar, Saltalunam, who tells her that she is seeing this because of her close bond to her monster and is capable of performing a miracle called soulink.
  • Twilight is still in mourning a week after Moondancer's sudden death. Even though she only knew her a short time she was just as close to her as any of her other friends and her loss has affected her deeply.
    • Tidal eventually gets her to begin moving on, saying that achieving their dreams for her will be in their honor and letting her death slow her down will be dishonoring her memory.
    • Twilight sees ghostly images of Moondancer as she duels, causing her emotional pain. When she decides to start moving on and honor her instead, the image smiles at her and surprises her by stepping forward and hugging her. As she does this she suddenly explodes into a burst of light and spreads around Twilight's body, symbolizing that she will still be with Twilight even if she is gone.
    • Twilight decides to honor Moondancer by entering in the Double X, like she was planning to, and make it to the top in her name.
  • Twilight's reunion with Cadance and Flurry Heart at the airport, with her giving her niece a new teddy bear and playing with her on the ride home.
  • Sunset has taken a job as a duel training coach to help spread the joy of dueling to kids, though she has trouble getting through to them.
    • Sunset at first refuses Twilight's offer to join her team, since she is busy with her jobs and wants to be more independent. But she eventually agrees after being convinced that asking Cold for some help would be for the best since going pro would let her help spread the joy of the game more and help her become more independent.
  • Twilight and Flash's reunion, with the two rushing toward each other and meeting in a Twirl of Love and sharing a kiss.
  • Fluttershy is revealed to be Twilight's final teammate, saying that even though she doesn't like playing in tournaments she is fine doing it for a friend.
  • Sunburst's vision during his duel with Garble. He sees Sunburst Magician, his prized monster, walking towards a light to his future with him unable to catch up to him. When it seems like the darkness around Sunburst is about to consume him, Sunburst Magician returns to him, protecting him. His monster refused to abandon him and wanted them both to move forward together. He and his monster both tell each other the same thing: "I might not know how to get stronger...but as long as you're with me, I'll keep trying!"
  • During the final match between Team V-Fighters and Team Crusaders, with the winner qualifying for the Double X, Flash hesitates for before declaring his winning attack against Scootaloo, since it would prevent her and her friends from entering the tournament. Scootaloo notices the doubt on his face and instead of taking advantage of it for herself, she goads him into attacking her to give her everything he's got. Flash thanks his sister before having his ace monster deliver the final blow.
  • The sendoff parties seen for the teams, where each team bonds even more with each other before the Double X:
    • Team V-Fighters: Flash takes Spike and Sunburst to an amusement park, where all of them ride several rides together, win prizes at the game area, and when it starts raining they attempt a rainy day challenge at a Japanese restaurant together.
    • Team Wonderbolts: Rainbow, Soarin, and Gilda are called to gymnasium where they see a surprise party set up for them by many students and teachers. They spend their time playing games and eating pizza with their friends before being sent off for "phase 2".
    • Team Tidal Maidens: Twilight, Sunset, and Fluttershy are treated to a relaxing spa day by Tidal Wave.
    • The ending of each sendoff has the teams in three separate locations all watching the same fireworks. Each one of them amazed by the beautiful show and prepared for whatever happens next.
  • Once it has been revealed that Moondancer was a member of Team Dominator before her death, it is shown her old teammates Tempest Shadow and Starlight Glimmer both miss her and wish she was still with them, instead of having to replace her with Heath Burns.
  • Maud's flashback of Pinkie Pie cheering up Marble with a duel.
  • When Sunset is on the ropes during her duel with Adagio she remembers what Tidal said to her before the Double X. He told her to keep an eye on Twilight and help her if her grief resurfaces. When Sunset asked why he was asking her to do it, he simply says it is because Sunset is Twilight's friend. Sunset finally realizes that she is Twilight's friend, despite how they were rivals when they first met and how she only cared about Cold back then. With Twilight and Fluttershy in her mind, Sunset resolves to win the duel so she won't let her team, or her friends, down.
  • When Flash and Sonata duel in the first round of the Double X, Sonata says she's going to get Adagio out of the Graveyard and that after everything her sister did to help her and Aria it's only right for her to do the same now.
  • Sunburst's memory of how he and Starlight started dueling, after Starlight said she wanted to learn how to play with him and practically begged him to try it with her. This memory and some encourage meant from Rarity lets him open up and finally enjoy dueling again while still keeping his promise to his team to do everything he could to help them win.
  • When Flash starts to realize that there is something going on with Tempest and her team at the center, he asks Cold why he didn't just tell him from the start. Cold says he didn't want to get Flash and all his friends involved after everything they had already been through, and they finally managed to start enjoying dueling again. This shows how much stronger their trust in each other has become since they first met.
  • After Trixie's team is disqualified due to all three members losing duels and ending up in the Graveyard together, Lavender Lace and Fuschia Blush both apologize for letting Trixie down. Trixie however doesn't blame them at all and simply says they just need to train harder and try again next year.
  • Spike feels like he let his team down after losing to Rainbow Dash, costing Team V-Fighters an opportunity to advance to the next round. Rainbow tries to comfort him by telling him he was pretty tough before he is transfer to the Graveyard, and neither of his teammates blame him or feel he has anything to be ashamed of since it was the first duel he lost since the start of the first round.
  • The day after the first round ends, Twilight calls Flash and asks him if he has time to hang out, saying even if they are technically opponents in the Double X they are still boyfriend and girlfriend and they haven't had any alone time together since she got back. Flash already had things he needs to do that day but makes plans for a date with Twi the next day.
  • Flash's reunion with his mother Misty Vail.
  • Misty says Sombra's transformation into a Duel Spirit went off without a problem, and she also says he has been helping her and Trail Blazer in the Spirit World, solidifying his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Misty Vail's enjoyment at seeing her best friend Vail Pixie again, and seeing her son using her in his deck.
  • During Flash's duel with Cold, he eventually realizes the point of Cold doing this wasn't because he still doesn't believe in him, but because he does believe in him and trusts he can do what needs to be done.
  • Even though Flash had to blow off their date, Twilight now has more time to spend playing with her niece Flurry Heart. After she and Spike feed her, they take her with them to Cold Stadium so she can watch them train for the second round of the tournament with the rest of their friends. Also, when Twilight tells Flurry that maybe Flash will show up too, she calls him "Uncle Flash" instead of just "godfather", and Flurry happily laughs and claps at this.
  • Flash challenges Heath Burns during the second round, declaring he is going to get payback for Twilight.
  • It is revealed the spirit that is Dominating Starlight can't use its own card because Starlight cares too much about her Celestial Spirits deck and won't get rid of it. The whole reason she cares about that deck and has a strong bond with it? Sunburst is the one who gave her her very first Celestial Spirits card, Celestial Spirit, Leo, and she promised to always have it in her deck and collect the rest of them just so it would be her ace.
  • Crossing over with a tearjerker, Flash Heart Dragon X struggling to resist attacking Flash when Storm King Dominator controls it, to the point of crying when it can no longer resist.
  • Team Wonderbolts spends most of the second round avoiding Team Dominator and Rainbow's friends to avoid any tough opponents. Soarin realizes that this way is not how Rainbow enjoys dueling though, and goes against her orders to challenge Starlight. In the middle of the duel Soarin assures her that even though he knows she doesn't think he is as good as her, she can trust him to make sure they get to the finals so she can duel the way she wants to, even if she ends up losing because of it. Rainbow thanks Soarin before leaving him to finish his duel.
    • After Soarin defeats Starlight, Gilda acts unimpressed by this feat but Soarin can tell that she just doesn't want to admit it. Before heading out, Gilda, in a departure from her usual attitude, takes a moment to tell Soarin Rainbow never considered him beneath her, since if she did she would have never asked him to join her team, even if there were no other options.
  • Flash and Rainbow's duel in the second round. It is just a duel between two friends that both of them enjoy, a departure from the pressure that Flash has been facing since learning the truth about the Dominators. The biggest concern in the duel is the fate of Flash's team since he is the last member still in the round, but even with that it is the first duel in a long time that Flash actually enjoys. Sunburst also remembers from watching them how he used to have fun dueling just for the sake of it, but lost that feeling when he went to Duel Academy and began feeling pressure to do well.
  • Several moments throughout the beach chapter:
    • When Flash and Cold finally fill everyone in on what they know about the Dominators, and by extension Moondancer, Tidal and Twilight both believe that if their friend actually knew what the Dominators were planning she would have wanted no part in it.
    • After Twilight throws Flash into the water and jumps in after him, most of the other character join them and spend some time swimming and enjoying themselves, with Cadance and Shining Armor spending some time trying to get Flurry to swim a little.
    • Sunburst finally feels better after learning the truth about Starlight. Now knowing that it wasn't actually his childhood friend who said all those horrible things to him, he is determined to beat her in the finals and save her.
    • Twilight is initially mad at Flash for not telling everyone what he knew about the Dominators for so long. While the two are alone collecting water together though, Twilight quickly forgives him after they spend some time splashing around in the pond together and happily pulling each other into several kissing sessions. As the two of them make out together they don't even notice as they end up floating under the waterfall together and are splashed by it, too focused on making up for lost time together spent on the Double X. Flash promises not to keep things secret from her again and the two share one more kiss together before Twilight officially forgives him.
  • Although the Wonderbolts are beaten by the Dominators in the semi-finals, the crowd still cheers for the Wonderbolts instead of the Dominators, showing that they still won over the crowd even with their defeat. Although they don't say anything out of pride, Spitfire can also tell that they managed to impress the board of directors, who were previously giving Spitfire grief for authorizing a team for a "card game". Spitfire even thinks that they can make another team for the tournament next year thanks to their performance.
  • The semi-final match between Team V-Fighters and Team Tidal Maidens is filled with little moments, showing how both teams have nothing but respect for each other:
    • Although both teams want to win, they both want for the other team to show everyone what they are made of too, so the match will be more exciting and to show they belong in the final round.
    • After Sunburst defeats Sunset in their rematch, he assures her that she was the real star of the duel and she is sure to be scouted now.
    • Flash and Twilight's duel is the biggest example. Each time one of them gains the upper hand in the duel, their opponent just smiles in respect for them. The two of them both take the time to tell each other they are glad they got to have such a great duel together. After Flash wins the duel, he and his monster catch Twilight as she is falling, with Flash holding her bridal style. Twilight congratulates Flash, even if she is upset she lost, and pulls him into a kiss in front of the viewing stadium.
  • While everyone is helping the V-Fighters train for the finals against the Dominators, Misty Vail says she wants to spend some time with Twilight, saying she wants to learn more about her future daughter-in-law. Though she admits she is just teasing she says she is glad Flash found a wonderful girl like her to be with. Twilight and Misty remember how they first met Flash and Trail respectively, and how much they have both changed, and how Duel Monsters was a big part in it.
  • Misty Vail reveals that Cold Steel gave her her old job back as a card designer, and the first card she created was one especially for Twilight.
  • During Twilight and Starlight's duel, when the Dominator tries to claim the moral high ground by claiming that Twilight claims she cares for her monsters but forces them to fight battles they probably don't even want to, Misty Vail speaks in Twilight's defense, claiming that as a Spirit Seer she can see the feelings of Duel Spirits. All of Twilight's spirits are happy and have one of the strongest bonds she has ever seen, but all of spirits in the Dominator's deck hate her because she stole Starlight's body, taking away their real partner from them, and sharing no bond with them at all.
  • Twilight briefly sees the real Starlight trapped. Though she can't free her herself, Starlight is able to give her a message to tell Sunburst for her.
    Starlight: Please... tell Sunburst...
    Twilight: Yes?
    Starlight: He's... strong. Tell him... I believe in him.
  • It is revealed that just like how Sunburst gave Starlight her future ace, she gave him his too, Sunburst Magician, mailing it to him when he was at Duel Academy.
  • During Sunburst and Starlight's duel Sunburst finally realizes that what Flash told him so long ago was right, his deck is more than just paper and ink and respond to him. This is emphasized by Sunburst seeing visions of all his monsters, his ritual monsters at the front of them, and realizing he was never alone because they were always there for him.
  • When Sunburst is backed into a corner during his duel against Tempest and begins to doubt himself, Starlight calls out to him showing him that he freed her. Knowing that he saved his friend gives him the confidence to keep going.
  • When Storm King Dominator briefly speaks with the V-Fighters in Tempest's mind, there is a brief moment where Tempest and Scarvolt are reunited when Flash summons Scarvolt, in her original uncorrupted form, to protect them from Storm King. It turns out Flash has the card with him because Cold gave the card to him before the finals, so Scarvolt herself could be there when her partner was freed.
  • During the climax of Flash's and Tempest's duel, Flash speaks with Vail Pixie about how he wishes everyone could share the bond he has with his monsters, instead of just seeing them as cards or holograms. Vail Pixie explains that although most duelists can't communicate with their monsters like Flash and his family, there is still a connection they all share, explaining that was how the spirits heard the calls of their duelists and came through the Shadow Gate a year ago. This inspires Flash for a goal for the future. One day he'll make it so humans and Duel Spirits will live together on both worlds in harmony, not just to battle each other in the game but to do whatever they want together as friends. This is emphasized by a vision of Flash's goal, humans living with all kinds of Duel Spirits in both worlds, talking to any spirit they want and the spirits playing or working with the humans.
  • The first half of the final chapter has quite a few moments:
    • Tempest and Scarvolt happily reunite in a hug once Tempest is freed from Storm King. In the real world, Tempest thanks Flash for saving her, and he gives her Scarvolt's card, seeing that it has evolved into a new stronger form.
    • Everyone congratulating the V-Fighters on their victory. Flash and Twilight share their best kiss yet, Spike is swarmed and hugged by almost every girl he was friends with, and Sunburst and Starlight finally reunite for real and hug each other after years of separation.
    • A week after the ending of the Double X, young teens and kids were getting into the game for the first time because of watching the tournament. Some were making plans for the tournament next year, some tried learning the game while copying what they saw, and others just discuss their favorite summoning style.
    • Wonderbolts Academy has received a lot of good promotion from the performance of Rainbow's team. Not only did the board of directors find their placement acceptable, several other students have come forward asking about joining the team next year, with it being highly likely the academy will be able to send several teams to the tournament next year.
    • Before heading out, Rainbow tells Soarin he was the best partner she could have ever asked for in the tournament, and apologizes for what she said about him when he dueled Applejack. Soarin says he understands, since if he hadn't of lost that duel he probably would have gotten too cocky and have been devastated when he lost again. The two of them promise to make it to the top together next year, and they walk away from each other both completely red in the face.
    • Cold gives Sunset a long list of sponsors that want to fund her professional career after seeing her performance in the tournament.

     Yugioh EQG: Ω Zenith 
  • In the first chapter, Flash and his friends are still doing good since the Double X ended two months ago.
    • Sunburst and Starlight are still close, with Sunburst tutoring Starlight to help her catch up on the year of education she missed while she was Dominated, with Flash teasing Sunburst over there being something more between them.
    • Everyone at Wonderbolts Academy is dueling now, with all of them wanting to be able to compete in the next Double X to represent their school. Rainbow and Soarin both agree that this makes the school officially perfect. Soarin also asks Rainbow, since Gilda is busy, if the two of them should have a "team hangout" after school. Rainbow feels like Soarin is asking her out on a date, but accepts anyway, with the two agreeing to getting ice cream.
    • Twilight returns to Paris to continue studying abroad, where her classmates compliment her on her performance in the tournament. Twilight is also determined to learn all she can, to both help herself with her goal as a Duel Manager and help Flash build the future he is aspiring to create, all while remembering her friend Moondancer.
  • Twilight tries to comfort Starlight when Starlight tells her how she has been having nightmares from the time she was Dominated.
  • Though it isn't under the best circumstances, the defeated candidates meeting each other in Void and seeing that they are all alright for now. This is especially true for Flash and Twilight reuniting, and later Spike and Twilight.
  • Even though they are both serving Zeronull as members of the Omega Zealots, it is shown that Rhodos and Amphitrite both care about their family, which is one positive quality more than any of the other Zealots or Dominators have displayed thus far.
    • Both are clearly panicked in a flashback when Rhodos' brother Neptabyss is mauled by Daedalus.
    • When Grand Hoof defeats Rhodos in a duel, Rhodos returns to her mother in shame over her defeat, Amphitrite comforts her daughter for keeping the Zealot's plan on schedule and declaring that she will have revenge for the pain her daughter has suffered.
  • The heroes all working together to save the captured candidates from Void, with nearly everyone getting a scene where they state their resolve to defeat the Zealots and proclaim what they are fighting for.
  • When Sunburst duels Hellfire, Hellfire continuously declares himself to be stronger than everyone else and that is why he deserves to survive. Sunburst on the other hand calls himself weak, but unlike in the previous story, he proclaims that because he is weak he knows he can always count on his friends to support him and lend him their strength, essentially spiting on everything Hellfire has been ranting about since the previous story.
  • After Gaia-Maiden Lady Marble takes back full control of Marble, after loosening her grip on her a bit, she fully expects that Pinkie and Maud will be so crushed by this that they will give up on getting Marble back for good. Instead, Pinkie and Maud are even more determined to get their sister back, because now they know she is still in there somewhere.
  • During Tempest's duel with Amphitrite, Amphitrite shows some level of respect for Tempest and Scarvolt, believing that Scarvolt's willingness to sacrifice herself for Tempest's other monsters is the mark of a true leader.
  • When Amphitrite tries to convince Tempest to rejoin the Omega Zealots, offering to find a way to reestablish her link with Storm King, Tempest immediately rejects the offer, saying there is only one monster she would ever let herself Soulink with, before she and Scarvolt turn and smile at each other. Then when Amphitrite threatens to destroy Scarvolt's card before declaring her would-be final attack, Tempest just screams back that nobody is ever taking Scarvolt away from her again. It really shows how much these two partners mean to each other.
  • Flash takes Cold's place during his duel with Draconequus, having known Cold for so long that he can use his deck just as effectively as Cold himself would.
  • The final attack against Draconequus has Flash and Cold both assure each other they will continue to protect each other, showing just how close the two of them have become.
    Flash: I won't let you die.
    Cold: I won't let you become the vessel.


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