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YMMV / Yugioh EQG

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  • He's Just Hiding!: Several readers think that Moondancer did not actually die at the end of her debut chapter, and went into hiding after surviving her accident or that the accident was staged for some reason.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Chrysalis crosses it when it is not only revealed she is working with Sombra, she duels her own son Thorax to prevent him from escaping. She not only beats him very violently, she then helps contain him and brainwash him to "tie up lose ends."
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Timber Spruce is introduced flirting with Twilight, and is completely unaware of how upset this makes Flash. When he and Flash duel he shows that he's a jerk who only respects strong monsters and uses his weaker monsters as Cannon Fodder. Even Twilight, who saw him as a nice guy before, is shocked that he'd treat his monsters so heartlessly. Flash beats him with Shine Crest Magna Wolf, one of the cards he mocked Flash for using and dismissed as weak.
    • Timber shows up again in the sequel as a finalist. He thinks his point score is one of the highest, only to find out that he's actually in last place. Then he loses in the first round of the finals to Cloak N Dagger. Flash smirks at both of these events, finding enjoyment in Timber's suffering.
    Flash: Is it wrong that I totally enjoyed that?
    Spike: No, but don't let Twilight see you.

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