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  • Author's Saving Throw: Several readers disliked how during Applejack and Soarin’s duel Rainbow cheered for Applejack instead of Soarin, her own teammate, especially people who shipped the two of them. They also thought it was a bit harsh for her to say she doesn’t want him to think he was on her level when he had been trying to improve just to impress her and give her the kind of duel Flash could. During the last chapter, Rainbow calls Soarin the best partner she could ask for, and apologizes for what she said during his duel with Applejack, explaining she just didn’t want him to get cocky. Soarin says he figured that and says that probably would have happened if he won, which would have made him crushed when he eventually lost again. This was much better received.
  • Catharsis Factor: Considering how evil they are, any time a Dominator or Zealot loses a duel is sure to be enjoyable to watch.
    • Of special note is Flaming Emperor Hellfire, the spirit Dominating Heath Burns, who, after brutally defeating Twilight, is defeated by Flash's new Fusion Monster with him being unable to do anything to stop it. His smug bravado quickly fades away and he shows his true colors as a Dirty Coward.
    • A better and more drawn out example, however, would be regarding the Spirit Dominating Starlight Glimmer. After cruelly belittling and then defeating Starlight's friend Sunburst in their duel, she's defeated the next day by Team Wonderbolt's underdog player, Soarin' Skies. Needless to say, she does not take it well. After this, she winds up on a losing streak, slowly becoming more unhinged with each defeat, until she's finally beaten by Sunburst in the finals, with a little help from the real Starlight. This results in Starlight breaking free of her control, while the Dominator Spirit can do nothing but scream at her to stop.
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    • Hellfire continues to be an example in the sequel. After joining the Omega Zealots just to ensure his own survival, he gets a major ego boost after reviewing the Fire Zenith Dragon, and begins calling himself a god of destruction. He eventually gets in a duel with Sunburst, and Sunburst says that unlike Hellfire, he acknowledges that he is weak and it is thanks to that he has all his friends to support him and draw on their own power, spitting on everything Hellfire is constantly preaching about. After Sunburst stops Hellfire's final attack, showing him he's not the "god" he thinks he is, he beats him on his next turn and finally frees Heath Burns, putting an end to Hellfire once and for all!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Yugioh EQG: Ω Zenith is the darkest entry in the series, and as a consequence perhaps the hardest one to enjoy. Many chapters have the Zealots winning and furthering their plans, often being very petty and cruel while doing so, and the heroes are constantly struggling to keep up with them, with their lives constantly being in danger. Things come to a head when Twilight is made the vessel for Zeronull, becoming Midnight Sparkle, and Flash uses the Darkness Zenith Dragon in a desperate attempt to save her, only to fail and have his entire deck destroyed.
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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: An early chapter of the first story features Trixie following Twilight all over town trying to get her to accept her challenge to duel, even showing up at her house. It's actually pretty amusing. Fast forward to the latest story, where at one point we're shown Trixie in Paris, watching Twilight as she sleeps. Given the circumstances, this time it's a lot less funny and a lot more terrifying.
  • He's Just Hiding!: Several readers thought that Moondancer did not actually die at the end of her debut chapter, and went into hiding after surviving her accident or that the accident was staged for some reason. Eventually, Banshee513 confirmed that the accident wasn’t staged and that Moondancer was indeed dead, and was not coming back.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Chrysalis crosses it when it is not only revealed she is working with Sombra, she duels her own son Thorax to prevent him from escaping. She not only beats him very violently, she then helps contain him and brainwash him to "tie up lose ends."
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Timber Spruce is introduced flirting with Twilight, and is completely unaware of how upset this makes Flash. When he and Flash duel he shows that he's a jerk who only respects strong monsters and uses his weaker monsters as Cannon Fodder. Even Twilight, who saw him as a nice guy before, is shocked that he'd treat his monsters so heartlessly. Flash beats him with Shine Crest Magna Wolf, one of the cards he mocked Flash for using and dismissed as weak.
    • Timber shows up again in the sequel as a finalist. He thinks his point score is one of the highest, only to find out that he's actually in last place. Then he loses in the first round of the finals to Cloak N Dagger. Flash smirks at both of these events, finding enjoyment in Timber's suffering.
    Flash: Is it wrong that I totally enjoyed that?
    Spike: No, but don't let Twilight see you.

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