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Continued from Made of Win (current page).

Koveras: A MOW to whomever made "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue into a Self-Demonstrating Article.
Nightsky: Some win and an Internet for whoever wrote the image caption on The Edwardian Era. Wasp waists indeed.
Kyle Jacobs: One for whoever wrote Kuja's caption on Final Fantasy IX:
This is the face of a man [citation needed] with a plan

Reflextion: One for DracMonster and mlsmithca, for this pun-tastic exchange on Ask The Tropers in regards to an unfortunate troper who asked a question that belongs in Lost and Found:
mlsmithca: 'S like they say here on ATT all the time: no-one can ignore a big green Banner...

1810072342: A particularly fine piece from Warp That Aesop, just to show that they haven't changed over time:
Braveheart: English people are EVIL!
The Patriot: English people are still EVIL!

And it might just be my familiarity with the game the image was taken from and the issue the page presents, but the page image for Casual/Competitive Conflict is also great.

Earnest: One to eroock for the picture on Nameless Narrative. Who'd have thought a movie's credits would be a perfect illustration of a trope?
TheWildWestPyro: To whoever made the trope page for the best Frozen fanfic I have ever read, Frozen Hearts, I hereby award you a Made Of Win for your hard work.
Maso Tey: To olicool10 for folderizing the Quote Bin. A good idea always looks obvious in retrospect...
SpiriTsunami: To sinesofinsanity for the relative populations of the Canadian provinces.
Reiko Kazama: A BIG Made Of Win to whoever did this! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM ASDFGHJKL *squee*
1810072342: A good pat on the back and slice of cake for whoever provided the page quote for Elemental Powers.
Aang: I'm the Avatar, master of all four elements!
Dmitri Mendeleev: Really? I'm Mendeleev, master of all 118+. *swoosh* That was polonium-bending. You probably didn't feel anything, but the symptoms of radiation poisoning will set in shortly.

And another one for this entry on the Fan Fic page of Warp That Aesop:

Pattycakes: Cult leaders who take days to brainwash people are pussies; if you're serious about it, you can do it in an afternoon.

LongLiveHumour: Perhaps the most accurate description of Idiot Plot is on Civil War's YMMV page:
A lot of the plot makes more sense if you assume the brains of everyone in the Marvel Universe have been replaced with fish.

1810072342: On the Sliding Scale wiki (another Just For Fun area), there is a sliding scale of Bigger Is Better. For the smallest one, there was something about the way that "-2: OMIGOD THAT IS A BIG QUARK" was written that makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe it's the caps, maybe it's the Dissonant Serenity. I don't know. But it's win.
redgyarados: This is from a while ago, but the page quote for The Beast Below is genius, particularly the "record" part.
SpiriTsunami: Another one that sadly has been lost to the sands of time, for reading like a Long List of Noodle Implements if taken out of context:
...amnesia, being under the influence of magical trees/candy, ambiguous use/interpretation of the word "partner", sexual assault by clones, time travel, magically aged bishonen, misplaced parental affection, mind reading, a cursed vampire loli, self-depreciating lesbian half-demons, and a robot.
Naturally, this comes from the Love Dodecahedron page and is a list of all the things that make the one in Mahou Sensei Negima so goddamned complicated.
SAMAS: To Willbyr for the caption for Hospital Hottie's picture:
A very popular choice for women seeking classical hysteria treatments.note 

Seanette: In the Real Life section of Alternative Calendar, whoever came up with the phrase "one-time administrative assistant to the Mayor of Cloudcuckooland", referring to Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan.
SpiriTsunami: Every contributor to the "Real Life" section of Level-Up at Intimacy 5. Describing marriage in game incredible.
Medinoc: One point to whoever potholed Assassin's Creed II in the classic definition of a Munchkin (edit history has been lost, sadly).
Dante668: On the Brain Food page, under Video Games, the example of the Combine Advisors which defines the actual eating of brains to gain memories and knowledge as NOMNOMNOMKNOWLEDGE (sic).
Kuropuppy: One to MikeRosoft for this gem on The Croc Is Ticking: "Since the invention of cell phones, there have been instances of ringing dogs. If a dog is big enough to swallow a phone whole, the phone can still ring, letting people know they need to go to the vet and the phone store, definitely in that order."
MH Mhasf 1998: On the Most Triumphant Example section, for the Most Wonderful Sound trope, there is the example of the VWORP VWORP VWORP from Doctor Who. The example is seconded by Amelia Pond.
Earnest: One to gibberingtroper and Blackest Of Mages for this exchange in Exposition Beam:

Chris X: One for GethN7, admin of the Trope Mirror Wikia, who solely made up an account to post in the Ask The Tropers just to clear up on how he's still cool with TV Tropes and will have none of those anti-TV Tropes trolling bullshits as of late. That post better be immortalized.
Earnest: A MOW to Jeez, qx100 and Tuckerscreator for the... *ehem*... "ending(s)" in Ending Fatigue.

Ingonyama: One to whoever made the hottip on the Common Mary Sue Traits page, where it had been noted that for some reason a lot of Sues speak Lakota: "A Mary Sioux?"
Sea Maid 96: One to AngryBob with this beautiful gory little quote from the Battle for Wesnoth page:
"Fighting [saurians, a lizard-like race] (...) can be compared to juggling fetuses: slippery, unpleasant, and more likely to get blood everywhere than accomplish anything worthwhile."

MrUnderhill: One for whoever indexed the Final Death page under Fire Emblem's "That One Boss" page. When the toughest boss in the series is a game mechanic, you know you're in trouble.

SonicLover: Hate to burst your bubble, but I think it was accidental.

Sgt Frog 1: One to Cuddleskunk for the hilarious first line of Playing With: 20 Bear Asses. I haven't laughed this hard since someone made "Playing With: Yourself" a redirect to A Date with Rosie Palms!
This might be the dirtiest sounding title of any trope page or subtrope page...

Zadia: Whoever wrote John Romero's page is absolutely brilliant and gets a hug.
Chabal2: Whoever made the caption for Disney Villain Death's image deserves a medal.

Telcontar: GG Crono appears to have come up with the original idea, and Digivam143 wrote its current form. Good work, guys!

GG Crono: One from me to Chaotic Brain, for his hilarious in-character rewrite of the You Don't Know Jack page. Well done!
Robin Zimm: One for Luca Earlgrey, for creating Laconic.Super Hexagon with the following highly appropriate stinger:
Begin! Visit unabridged version HE—*zap* GAME. OVER.

Wheezy: From Invulnerable Horses: "After all, real bullets don't have anyone's name on them, they're addressed "to whom it may concern...'"
Koveras: A MOW to whomever created the Laconic.Noob Bridge entry—specifically, the small-font section below. It's just a perfect illustration of the concept.
Robin Zimm: Belatedly: the following Insult to Rocks-ish line, added by IntotheSky to the description of Worm on 25 September 2012:
Bullying has also been featured as a major element in the plot and character development of the main character. Recently though, story arcs have drifted almost entirely away from the hellish landscape that is contemporary high school, towards the more uplifting setting of a bombed out city at the mercy of a roving band of psychopaths.

Kuropuppy: Basically the entire Rule 34 Headscratchers page, but especially:(context: people have been discussing a Victorian-houses fetish)
  • If Pro-Mole had a fetish on people who try to take jokes way too seriously, Pro-Mole'd be excited right now.
  • If I have a fetish for people referring to themselves in third person, I would ask what Pro-Mole is wearing and if Pro-Mole knows where to find an abandoned Victorian house.
  • If I had a fetish for hypothetical situations, I would hypothetically be in said troper's bunk.

Koveras: One to Random Surfer for his comment on this YKTTW about the existence of a Stealth Index on this wiki:
"There probably is [one], it's just too sneaky to be found."

Kiapet: One to Mr Death for removing my blatant entry pimping in Fantasy Gun Control. I was young and foolish, and it was a source of shame I never got around to removing.
Zadia: One bright, shiny MOW to whoever posted this in the Cabin Fever page. It made me laugh.

The Plague: It is hinted that the disease will reach pandemic levels, insofar as the hint practically parades in front of the audience in stiletto heels and fishnet stockings singing "Sweet Transvestite" and twirling flaming batons.

Dante668: That would be me. The mental picture was too funny to pass up.

Cb 14: One MOW to Ckuckoo for the "(thanks a lot, mate)" quip in the Shiny New Australia article.
Robinton: +1 MOW to whoever added this to Shinji and Warhammer 40k. It actually expresses how awesome the story and characters are!

[Shinji] somehow becomes 20 times more badass than his canon counterpart as a result, becoming an efficiently intellectual power-player, who knows no fear, charges headlong into combat without hesitation, exhibits nearly prescient planning abilities and earns the reverence and adoration of his people for his heroism.

In the second chapter, he actually arrives in Tokyo-3 and meets his Evangelion.

hydrix: I give a +1 to The Green Herring for his excellent work re-edit on the Doom mods of the Video Games: Other page (which can be found under the Game Mods archive). In the whole time that I have been watching the So Bad Its Horrible page for fun I have never seen such a well-written essay on horrible things in my life. The given examples just seemed to be so fair, so detailed and so well-thought out that seeing the examples would make you wish to yourself that you could write examples as good as him.
Continued in Made of Win (2012).

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