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Self Demonstrating / Spyro the Dragon (Classic)

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"Looks like I got some things to do!"
Me, right before I started my quest to kick Gnasty's butt.

Note: can be read in the voice of Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, or Jess Harnell.

Hey, 'sup everyone? I'm Spyro the Dragon, hero extraordinaire! Don't let my size fool you, I've saved the Dragon Realms and accomplished more things in my life than most of the old elders combined.

Not to say my life was always that awesome, though. From the time I was just a hatchling to the time I became a member of the frequent world savers club, I mostly herded sheep as a chore given to me by the elders. Yeah, to say it was rather boring would be quite the understatement. If it wasn't for my best friend Sparx, I would have gone out of my mind in boredom until that day.

What day is that? Simple, it was the day Gnasty Gnorc decided to try and get revenge against dragons. You see, old butt face was like jealous of our gems or... Something. I dunno, wasn't paying attention to that part. All I know was that pain in the tail tried to turn all of a dragon kind into statues, but what Mr. Nuts for brains didn't realize he missed one. Namely, me. Now, other dragons would have been scared, but not me. I jumped right into action and started to torching the behinds of Gnasty's minions before they knew what hit them, freeing dragon kind a long the way.


To make the story short though, eventually I found Gnasty and kicked his butt back to the dump he came from!

After that, the Dragon Realms were hit with a sudden wave of bad weather. Yeah, not exactly the best way to celebrate a victory. So, me and my buddy Sparx decided to take a well deserved vacation at Dragon Shores. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. As it turned out, in the far off Realm of Avalar a mole only known as 'The Professor' was attempting to use a portal to summon a dragon to their worlds, just around the same time I was jumping through my portal to Dragon Shores.

Yeah, to say I wasn't really amused would be an understatement. As it turns out though, Avalar was currently under attack from some midget raptor thing called Ripto. As it also turned out, Ripto hated dragons, and the main reason he was trying to take over their realm was because there were none there. So, the group there decided it to be a good idea to summon a dragon to fight him. Yep, no flaws with that logic there. In the end though, it was all good. I kicked Ripto's butt, finally got my trip to Dragon Shores, and met some of my closest friends on that journey.


Sometime later, in the Year of the Dragon, the dragon eggs that were "routinely delivered by fairies" (yeah, right. I totally believed that one, Elders) were stolen by a rabbit wearing a robe. Having jumped down a rabbit hole (wait... This sounds oddly familiar now that I say it...) that was too small for the other dragons to go through, I was once again charged with the task of saving dragon kind by going an adventure to the 'Forgotten Realms', where I soon faced off against the true villain, "The Sorceress". Along the way, I met up with some pretty cool allies, and even that rabbit decided to pull a Heel–Face Turn to help us.

And that was pretty much it. I went on some other adventures since, but I've already rambled on enough. I think it's time to get to that whole 'Trope' thing this site is named for.

Also, since my personality and that other Spyro's personality is as different as night and day, apparently he got his own page as well. But since I'm so much cooler, his page wasn't considered worthy of existing. What a shame! That's why I'm getting the Updated Re-release!

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