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A self-proclaimed real-life Yaoi Guy, born in 1982, with entirely too much time (and too little money) on his hands.

Created the articles for Kung Fu Panda, The Dark Phoenix Saga, and most recently, That Long Haired Creepy Guy.

Suffered TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life early on, especially if they dealt with Video Games and Western Animation. Has become a bit of an edit-whore, and used to have to resist the urge to skive off work so he could make more Do We Have This One? edits than is necessary.


Falls hard on the 'idealistic' side of the Sliding Scale. Shamelessly believes in The Power of Friendship, Redemption Promotion, For Happiness, and the Rule of Fun. Good for his personal life, bad for his writing. :p

Harbors Perverse Sexual Lust for Goliath, the Beast, Xanatos, Wolverine, and Jeebus Oliver. But I feel no shame! None at all! Especially not that last one!

Also a fan of Avatar (the Nick series, not the Anvilicious James Cameron movie), Bewitched, Bunnicula, Jade Empire, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Young Avengers, Kim Possible, Gargoyles, Terminator 2, Buffy (OF COURSE!!!}, WALL-E, and the vast majority of the Disney Animated Canon and Don Bluth filmography. Also, anything by Diane Duane or Tamora Pierce.

Since his exposure to this site, he's also discovered the joys that are Nu Who, Wicked, Dragon Age, Fable II and III, Oblivion, Lunar, (and in 2010) Erasure, The Princess And The Frog, Eureka, and Warehouse13.


In 2011 I discovered Final Fantasy VI for the first time, and was loving Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes and Young Justice until their cancellations in 2013. Also planned on watching a metric crapton of superhero movies as they come out. ^_^ Captain America The First Avenger was the best by far IMHO.

2012 brought on a mad love for The Legend Of Korra, the Avengers movie, Brave, Rise Of The Guardians, Wreck It Ralph, and a slew of new games, like Batman Arkham City, Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning, Skyrim, Sims 3, and (FINALLY) the Mass Effect series.

In 2013, I discovered Once Upon a Time, DC Universe Online, Frozen, and started writing my own original fiction professionally. I also became the voice of Chibi-Cthulu for That Long Haired Creepy Guy's web show, Looking Back In Annoyance.

2014 brings on the advent of finally going to college, and singing an ensemble part in Avenue Q while studying multimedia technology. And a newfound obsession with Lost Odyssey. I also became obsessed with Sailor Moon (better late than never), through its second anime incarnation. Video Game/Journey holds a special place in my heart this year too.


Still not over the death of Eureka.

Spent far too much of my life following X-Men (Storm is my favorite fictional character of all time), until certain plot developments almost ruined it for him, and then other plot developments finished the job.

I WAS working on a blog on the subject, but it swiftly turned into a great big treatise on all the geeky things I like. It updates...infrequently.

Writes fanfic (usually Slash Fic), but really dislikes Not because of the writers or stories, but because of the administration's, er...relaxed attitude towards flamers and spammers.

Since 2013 I have had the distinct honor of playing Chibi-Cthulu's voice on That Long Haired Creepy Guy's You Tube videos.

     Tropes that define me 

More to come as I think of them. (Yes, I consider myself both The Messiah and The Snark Knight. At the same time. I'm a Gemini, we're weird like that)

Closing statement: Love this place. Love you guys. Rock on. ^_^

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  • I enjoy so great a number of works on the list you have created of works you enjoyed that I believe I must read, watch, or play the remaining number. Curses. I'm sure it'll be fun though!Red Wren
  • Fellow Aspie gay (used to be bi, but troubles with women have pushed me to the other side) Troper here. Nice page. I'm not a fan of everything you're a fan of, but I definately share your uber-Buffy fan-ness. Especially with the recent craze. I stand by true vampires, not that sparkly bullshit! Anyway, nice page, be sure to send a return comment my way. Rock on, old boi! —Blake Diamond
    • (Responding to your comment on my page) Me? Crazy Awesome? Nah, you're just saying that :P


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