Funny: History of Power Rangers

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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
  • From the intro to his History of Power Rangers series: "...Otherwise, this will be an attempt at serious analysis. Yes. Serious analysis of Power Rangers. I'll let that part sink in for a moment."
  • Also from the intro: "Liking a cheesy kids' show to the point that I'm actually doing analysis of it doesn't make me a freak any more than someone who thinks that The Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars movie is a freak... though that is very sad."
  • From History of Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin' Series One, his WTF moment at Zordon's request for "five overbearing and overemotional humans" to help save the world.
    Linkara: Are you supposed to be joking? Five overbearing and overemotional humans? Yeah...those are traits that make for great superheroes. Has someone changed the water filter in your tube lately?
  • From his review of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season two:
    • Before the theme, when Lord Zedd mentions his dimension is "The Otherworld":
    Linkara: Oh my god, Lord Zedd has access to the Otherworld of Silent Hill? No wonder he looks so freakishly awesome! ...Though he must've hired an interior decorator or something. His version of the Otherworld is rather well-lit and has a surprising amount of foliage.
    • Linkara's epic rant about the scene with the runaway baby carriage.
    Linkara: "Anyway, to make a long story short, they decide it's time to "can this bitch"..."
    Jason: "Time to can this fish!"
    Linkara: "And defeat it. Lord Zedd takes it well."
    • The PWNED caption over the scene of Tommy telling Goldar "You are... out of your mind!" and then landing a flying punch on his chest before kicking his sword away.
  • At one point Linkara calls season two The Tommy Oliver Show Featuring the Power Rangers.
    • What makes the line funnier is how nonchalantly he says the line.
  • In his review of Season Three, he repeatedly refers to the Zeo Crystal as the "MacGuffin Crystal," saying that it will never be mentioned again. It's the way he says it.
  • When Master Vile departs the show, leaving Lord Zedd as the main villain once more, Linkara remarks he "expresses his happiness about being in charge again with his expected level of restraint and subtlety"
    "YEEEEEEEES! I never thought I'd be happy to see the goody-goods triumph, but Goldar, I am very, very happy! *kisses him*"
  • The teaser with Billy and Adam sticking their hands out of the ground to grab some Tenga.
    Linkara: "Oh my god, Ninja Zombie Power Rangers! This show is Freaking Awesome!"
  • "They find Ninjor inside of a bottle and it turns out he's voiced by Dudley Do-Right." (Clip: "I am the Great Ninjor")
    Dudley Do-Right!Linkara: Nell!
  • His remarks about Zedd's 'backswing,' given that he says he'll hurl Rita 'into the farthest regions of the universe' and she's back halfway through the season.

    Power Rangers Zeo 
  • When going through the color changes of the season, when he gets to Tommy:
    Linkara: And yes, Tommy, the Native American, is now the Red Ranger. Whoops.
  • His knocking on the Dawson Casting when talking about the infamous episode, "There's No Business like Snow Business" (paraphrased):
    Linkara: This is a little uncomfortable, as she's supposed to be in her thirties, while Tommy is still a teenager. Well, in the show, anyway. I don't think anyone in the casting department has ever seen a real teenager.
  • "Last time on Power Rangers." *scenes of the Command Center blowing up* "Eh, nothing that important happened."

    Power Rangers Turbo 
  • "Welcome friends, to Power Rangers Turbo: the series that almost ended the franchise."
    • Recall that this line was preceded by a 2-minute montage of Turbo footage that showcased the most awesome moments from the feature film ending with Justin saying "Guys, I'm the new Blue Ranger!"
  • "After a filler episode where [the Rangers] get baked into a giant pizza... Excuse me a moment. (walks away) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (walks back in, calmly continues review)" Poor guy, there's only so much he could take.
  • His response to the Turbo Zords, which can be summed up in one word: "WHY?!?"
    • "Uh, yeah, you've got cars now; they're super awesome. Here's the keys and your ranger powers- byyyye!"
  • "Tommy is suspended over the Vortex of Eternal Sorrow. I imagine it's like replaying this season in an endless loop."
  • His scathing rant on Turbo at the end of part one:
    Linkara: This should've been the team graduating to the next level, dealing with the harsh world of adulthood as metaphor for growing threats and more dangerous adversaries. The stakes should've been higher, the audience should've grown along with the characters, and the characters developed to their fullest. Instead, we've got a friggin' twelve-year-old driving around in a supercar, the Rangers tossing the keys to their weapons over to a bunch of untested newbies, our wise leader and quirky-but-intelligent robot buddy replaced with a woman pretending to be deep and her jive-talking faux-street robot, intergalactic empires with armies of deadly soldiers replaced with a woman whose mask doesn't fit right in a submarine along with her incompetent nephew, and her tendency to whine every five seconds because she doesn't have the good sense to set her damn explosives for thirty seconds instead of an hour, AND WE HAVE A POLICE LIEUTENANT RUNNING A FREAKIN' JUICE BAR! GAAAAAHH!
    Rita Repulsa: I have a headaaache!
    • Followed by the first thing you hear when Part 2 begins, with straightforward deadpan to contrast the above rant — "This season blows".
  • The Stinger at the end of the video, where the Blue Centurion stops the two pizza controlled vehicles.
    Blue Centurion: Their evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight.

    Power Rangers In Space 
  • "They remove Psycho Yellow from the Megazord by using the anti-virus technique of hitting it with a sword."
  • "There is however one good part where Raph hits Elgar" * shows clip of Raph hitting Elgar* "And I like Elgar getting hit, as a matter of fact lets see that again. * shows the clip again.* Hah! That's for Zordon's tube, you cone-headed freak!
  • His authentic glee at the fact that the battlizer isn't just glitter.
  • "But this isn't the last we see from Darkonda, because it turns out he has extra lives... Yeah, he has extra lives. I wonder if he also has a save file he can load from."
  • When T.J. says something about heading to the Dagobah system, Linkara says, "And hey, if Yoda can't help them find Zordon, who can?"
  • His utter glee at Elgar being destroyed by the Z-Wave.
  • After Andros demorphs, Linkara calls him "Legolas".

    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 
  • "Sometime, in the not-too-distant future...way down in Deep 13!"
  • "Wow, Power Rangers takes Science and beats it with an aluminum bat."
  • "Oh goody, beads."
  • From this episode of History of Power Rangers—where, keep in mind—Linkara only does narration, we don't see him—we have Linkara ranting about the pseudo-suspense of character death on Power Rangers, because of course they'd never kill off anyone on a kids' show. And then, abruptly, we see the character in question actually die, and for all of a second we see Linkara, shocked, almost falling out of his chair, before cutting back to footage from the show. It would've been tragic, but for some reason that half-a-second had me laughing.
    • As sad as the rest of it is, the camera briefly cuts away from the review, showing him jump backwards when Kendrix gets blasted after he rants about it all being "false drama" as if to say, "geesh."
  • When explaining that the Savage Sword grows bigger with every blow: "Well, at least we finally have an explanation for why Cloud's sword is so frikking huge."
  • "Mike! Wait, I never met Mike. Who the hell is he?!"
  • His comment on Scorpius' death scene where he bids farewell to his daughter Trakeena.
    Linkara: Ah, almost makes you forget that one of them is wearing a bug on her head and and the other is a slobbering tentacle hentai monster.
  • The scene featuring a talking skeleton, and his initial reaction: "Holy Crap, Army of Darkness!"

    Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 
  • "Thank God! We'll be saved by Clark Kent, The Pink Punk, Mega-Porn-Stache Man, The Mighty Crossdresser, and Elderly Woman!"
  • His abject glee at Carter trying to destroy a monster by running its ass over.
  • The honour of "Dumbest Person in Power Rangers Ever" goes to...the woman telling the girl that there's no such thing as monsters.
    • In a series where the Rangers DON'T have secret identities and defend the town from monsters ON A REGULAR BASIS.
    • In the team-up, the episode that confirms that, yes, the last seven seasons DID happen.
  • This little bit, right after the Red Ranger runs at a giant monster with only his gun;
  • His brief comment on the Titanium Ranger's gun that turns into an axe.
    "Melee weapons that become guns are fricking awesome! And no, gunblades do not count since it's not a gun that transforms into a sword, it's a sword whose hilt is shaped like a gun, which is stupid."
  • His reaction to Vypra being consumed by Queen Bansheera: "Oh, now you learn how to act! Little late for that now, lady!"
  • Referring to Carter's direct attack on Bansheera as the "I AM A MAN!" punch.

    Power Rangers Time Force 
  • Starting the Time Force review with a clip from the original series of the Rangers optimistically hoping for a future with no suffering or war....then cutting to the villains blowing things up and kicking the asses of the Rangers.
  • Mixing up the Time Force finale 'The End of Time' with the Doctor Who special of the same name.
  • This exchange:
    Wes: "Eric, is that you?"
  • Also this bit:
    "After Katie throws a driver out of his vehicle after telling Jen to be polite to him"
    Linkara: "That's Katie. I like Katie."
  • When Vypra fails to retrieve the crystal at the museum:
    Vypra: "Curses..."
    Linkara: "Damn, foiled by easily breakable glass!"
  • The captions pointing out Fridge Logic yet again add some humor.
    Trip: "How has the future been changed?"
    Alex: "I can't tell you."
    Caption: ...Why not?

    Power Rangers Wild Force 
  • His interpretation of Danny's pantomiming in The Teaser: "Actually, it sounds like it was about a kissing booth run by witches who pray to their god, Danny. The townspeople forced to write up their wills and drink themselves to sleep in fear. But, hey, props to Max for understanding any of that."
  • His growing confusion over the narrator. "Seriously, Mr. Narrator, who the hell are you?"
  • "Yes, this is the new Red Ranger... and he's talking to a monkey." (technically a chimpanzee, but that's aside)
  • "Oh boy, here we go..."
  • The vicious caption riffing on the backstory of the Animarium. "Sewer systems hadn't been invented yet, but the animal/human peace was what was important."
    • "His CGI was toxic to nature!"
    • The kid asks his mom to read him the story again, he points out the kid is asking to be read a story where the perfect paradise is being destroyed by evil.
  • "Despite his tactic of screaming like a madman, Merrick is knocked aside."
  • His reaction to Jen's Fetish Fuel outfit - "Holy crap, Jen. THAT'S special assignment gear for Time Force?!"
  • When Taylor punches Cole in the stomach and "drafts" him into the Rangers, he imagines how it would've been if Zordon had done things that way. "You have been chosen to form an elite group of heroes to fight Rita. And if you don't join up, Alpha will kick your asses until you do."
  • After the flashback of Shayla and Merrick singing to the Deerzord, Linkara shouts "Do you people begin to understand why I miss Ron Wasserman so much?!"
    • "They used to sing to it, accompanied by horrible green-screen shots of nature."
  • His reasoning for thinking about why Bulk and Skull respected Tommy so much in Forever Red.
    • To elaborate, a clip used from the early season of MMPR, where Bulk and Skull try to intimidate Tommy and he simply scares them off with his green glowing eyes.
  • When discussing the problems they had had with funding Forever Red, he sums up Disney's feelings on the matter in this impression: "Why are you advertising old toys that aren't made anymore?"

    Power Rangers Ninja Storm 
  • The inevitable response to the Rangers getting a bee weapon.
  • His complaining about Ninja Storm not taking seriously the fact that Power Rangers are real, and that in several seasons, important public events should be proof enough that the Power Rangers are real. Just the way that he almost whines in angry frustration makes it absolutely hilarious.
    • "This stuff happened! You can't deny it!" It goes on to the point where you think he's dealing with the PR-verse equivalent of 9/11 truthers.
    • "There was a freakin' alien invasion!"
  • The demonstration of how similar the theme song is to "Help Me Rhonda".
  • "Anyone else looking at the color-coded Ninja academy uniforms and seeing Slifer Red, Obelisk Blue, and Ra Yellow?"
  • The caption on when Sensei Guinea Pig is explaining how he was transformed.
  • The growing amount of times he says, "Because...uh...I have no idea"
  • "And now it's time for another edition of Weirdest Martial Arts Techniques EVER!"

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder 
  • "Oh yeah, and there was that period where time kinda reversed and we all became children and a bunch of aliens took over for us and Aisha remained behind in Africa in the past except she became a teenager again when time was restored and her family moved over to Africa too and this girl named Tanya joined us and...well, I guess all of that wasn't important. Also, Kimberly dumped me."
  • Ninja Staring Contest.
  • "Zeltrax gains a new Zord and-HOLY CRAP, HE JUST BLEW UP A MOUNTAIN!!!!!"
  • Doing his best to build up what the franchise did for its 500th episode, before admitting it's a Clip Show.
  • He refers to the team sacrificing the Zords as "The T.J. maneuver."
  • Linkara has a surprisingly philosophical idea about why Tommy goes through what he does in this season, such as being locked in morphed form, stuck as invisible, or fighting his former Ranger selves in the depths of his mind... before admitting that he's probably just rambling.
  • Pointing out the suggestive line from the first episode.
    Elsa: My master calls me Elsa.
    Linkara: Gee, Mesogog is into some kinky stuff!
  • This gem...
    Mesogog: Launch an aerial assault. The citizens of Reefside will think that idiot Lothor has returned.
    Linkara: Heh, I like Mesogog already.
    • Similarly this line from the Clip Show during the Ninja Storm portion.
      Linkara: I also love how Tommy says in the narration that it was the Thunder Rangers that gave them their biggest challenge. Further proving how worthless Lothor was as a villain.
  • His disbelief at the silver stripe on the Green Ranger's helmet, pointing out that, as the suit was featured in the Clip Show, they really shouldn't have made such a mistake.
    Linkara: Geez, maybe Tommy's coma did some brain damage...
  • He refers to the Tyrannodrones as "the Stingwingers' demonic cousins." Particularly funny when you remember that the Tyrannodrones are in fact heavily modified Stingwinger costumes.

    Power Rangers SPD 
  • The first time the Omega Ranger & Battlizer-equipped Red Ranger strike dramatic poses, the screen flashes up "Crotch Shot" thanks to the camera being positioned directly inline of their crotches.
  • Go Go Power Sexism!
  • "I am Omega. Physics for losers."
  • Snarking about how Jason David Frank not returning for the second Dino Thunder/SPD crossover, even in voice over form, works out great since it just means that all we see of Tommy is his morphed form & that was how he was seen for a large chunk of Dino Thunder anyway.
  • "Sam... Has no Character Development. He is a ball of light. Moving on."
  • His slight befuddlement at the series' lackluster titles for its opening episode and finale. ("Beginnings" and "Endings", respectively.)
  • As truthful as it is in regards to its overuse, is actually kinda hilarious hearing his complaining about the abundance of explosions this season and how it make both heroes and villains look like poor shots.
  • "There. Happy, now? I made a Room joke in this. Moving on."
  • At the very beginning of the series, mentions the EPIC way the show starts with Grumm blowing up a planet, followed by him commenting earnestly, "And there's your nightmare fuel kids!"
    • Speaking of EPIC, once he's gotten through part 1 of the finale, he says, "And yes, that was all part 1."
  • When he talks about the Sam two-parter he's perplexed by how it seems the rangers never questioned their powers or how they got them.
    Linkara: They just woke up one day and figured "Hey! I can walk through walls! Neato!" Weird.
  • In the first team-up Linkara goes on a mini-rant about Broodwing's forces attacking a quarry and how most team-ups in the Disney era happen in this kind of area.
    Kat: The quarry's under attack.
    Linkara: It's a freaking quarry! It has rocks in it! Is he attacking the rocks?!
  • "I elbow the person to the right of me in salute."
  • "Jack gives up his coat to a hunchbacked alien lady who came in too late for food...though clearly the coat's not going to fit her. Though they are aliens. Maybe she's planning on eating it."

    Power Rangers Mystic Force 
  • His, well, utter disbelief at the fact that The Teaser shows the rangers playing around with "Native maraca plants".
    Linkara: ...I have no words.. . Are you sure you people still want me to do this series? (then, with resignation) Okay.
  • Continuity Snark to the max about "humanity living in peace".
  • Calls Nick an idiot due to Arbitrary Skepticism. It's all in the tone.
  • One of the villains in this series is called The Master. Cue the obligatory Doctor Who reference.
  • Linkara's reaction to Piggy's cameo.
  • In the pilot, he's wondering why they don't call the police...oh right, it's Power Rangers.
  • Our introduction to most of the rangers.
    Linkara: We then cut to an MTV reality show already in progress, where this girl, Vida, is pretending to be a DJ, and committing crimes against music in a ragstock.
  • His hilarious deadpan on how "Plan Xander" never ever ever EVER works. Ever.
  • When the rangers morph for the first time, we get this gem:
    Morphing Sequence: Galwit-Mysto-Ranger!
    Linkara (on-screen text): Wait, who the hell said that? Gosei?
  • His final words basically telling his overall thoughts on next season.
  • When giving props to the dimension Nick ended in with Catastros, he praises that actually looks different from a normal place, as opposed to Lord Zedd's otherworld which sums up as "in front of a cave."
  • His reaction to Daggeron's Megazord (Paraphrased):
    Linkara: A magical train that sucks the monster in, Ghostbusters style, and incinerates it in its engine.
    Linkara: Okey-dokey!
  • When Chip first uses magic.
    Chip: What did she say? To use magic, all I have to do is believe. Well, I do! I believe in magic! (As Chip defeats Hidiacs with lightning, Do You Believe in Magic by the Lovin Spoonful plays.)

    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
  • Linkara's beginning comments before the opening to the newest History of Power Rangers.
    Linkara: Oh yeah, it's right there next to that book about the Ark of the Covenant. If you see a book about Atlantis or the Ring of Aeon, you've probably gone too far and need to turn around.
  • His hate for the theme song is so great, he says that if it was a person, he'd strangle it, burn it, boast about doing it, and still be declared innocent for doing it.
  • His response to the opening daydream by Mack, where a Nazi hijacks the plane and steals the relic he had acquired...
    Linkara: And then Ace Rimmer jumps out, riding on an alligator and steals this guy's parachute. At least, that's what I wish happened.
  • Linkara respectively calling Mr. Hartford and Spencer "Indiana Jones" and "Alfred" at the start.
  • This bit after Rose explains how she knows about Flurious and Moltor:
    Linkara: Oh yeah, I heard about that course. It was headed by the same guy who did the lecture series "Universal Conquerors: From Lord Zedd to Lothor".
  • Linkara continuously bringing up Rose's quote on suggesting Mr. Hartford should just buy an army since he is filthy stinkin' rich enough to afford it.
  • His response to someone saying that they can't have mercenaries in a children's show:
  • Linkara states that Will is an idiot after hearing his "Telescopular" comment.
  • He states his dislike of the Kalish-splosions for every little thing in this season and finds that there is about 250 explosions throughout the whole freakin thing.
    Linkara: Don't worry, I won't harp on them for 5 minutes like I've done before, but they move into the realm of completely incomprehensible this season, as we suddenly have explosions that CAME! FROM! NOWHERE!
  • Every time Dax says something stupid (which happens a lot), Linkara responds with a "Shut up, Dax." The tone changes over the course of the review, going from "mildly annoyed" at the beginning of the review to "cursing his existence" by the end.
    • Made even better when he alternates it, such as with Thrax ("Shut up, Thrax") and when another character says something stupid ("Shut up Dax! I mean-")
  • There's something hilarious to how he angrily yells the line when we are introduced to Dax and someone played a joke on him, by giving him a dinky little chair.
    Linkara: "[...] STUNT MEN GET SET ON FIRE!!"
  • Linkara hitting his head against a wall not once, but twice!
    • The first time happens after witnessing Dax do absolutely nothing while his girlfriend (who is actually a villain named Miratrix who used him to steal a Macguffin) escapes scot-free.
    • The second time happens during the team-up episode "Once A Ranger" when Linkara angrily states that he absolutely HATES Alpha's voice in the episode and goes on to ask why Richard Steven Horvitz, Wendee Lee, or Caterina Lucciani (Alpha's voice from Turbo) weren't asked to voice Alpha instead.
    Linkara: Again, would it have been so damn hard to call Richard Horvitz, Wendee Lee, or hell, even Caterina Lucciani with the faux street voice and have one of them voice Alpha?!
  • When noting Tyzonn's human form:
    Linkara: As we established with KO-35, we really only have 2 extremes with alien races: Either "humanoid", or "OH GOD RUN AWAY".
  • He further states on how Power Rangers continues to strangle the neck of science.
  • This bit after "Plan Xander" miserably fails as per usual:
    Linkara: And this Xander, is why you need to modify "Plan Xander" into simply being: summon lots of vines and tree roots from the ground around a guy. That plan worked pretty well!
  • His reaction to Bridge's unmorphed fight.
  • Linkara's reaction to Alpha appearing in "Once A Ranger".
    Linkara: Oh, good God...
  • Linkara lividly recapping how an unmorphed Mack inexplicably kills a giant monster with one slice on his own.
  • When noting the Thor and Loki episode, he dubs over Loki's voice with clips from a certain other Loki.
  • Linkara's reaction to "Once A Ranger's" pacing.
  • Playing the "Snow and Heat Miser Song" over footage of Flurious and Moltor.
  • After delivering a long, screaming rant about how terrible the Overdrive Rangers are compared to past teams and how the anniversary episode exemplifies their worst traits, he takes a breath and prefaces the next bit with "So". What follows is obvious Tranquil Fury as he describes the situation, rising into growling as he explains the climax, with an unmorphed Mack slicing apart a giant monster with Excelsior.
  • His complaint about the gigantic Plot Hole in the episode where they want to get a picture of Norg to get famous.
    Linkara: One: They've seen Norg before! Mack has SPOKEN to Norg before! Two: You're the POWER RANGERS! YOU'RE ALREADY FAMOUS! YOU WERE ON A TALK SHOW!!
  • When Thrax threatens to destroy Earth because he can't obtain the sword of the Warrior Goddess, he just leaves.

    Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
  • When talking about Jarrod's confrontation with Casey, he points out how silly it is for him to be so mean to him when he got exactly what he wanted.
    (In a silly macho voice) How dare you bring me a towel when I demanded one! Stupid Slifer slacker!
  • Early on, he says he eventually realized the reason he so instantly took a liking to Master Mao was due to his resemblance to Shadis from Attack on Titan. For the rest of the review, every appearance by Mao is dubbed over by clips of the abridged series' take on Shadis.
    • Gets especially funny during Jarrod's soul searching moment near the end:
    *In Jarrod's head*
    "The human race needs you!"
    "I've seen the real Jarrod, and he's not evil!"
    "It's never too late to start over!"
  • "Dai Shi likes Camille! Dai Shi likes Camille!"
  • His exasperated "No. Just... No" Reaction to the Pai Zhuq Masters turning into their ultimate Animal Spirits note 
  • His choice of appopriate background music for the final battle: Kung Fu Fighting.
  • CGI is treated as an in-universe superpower, to the point where it seems to be Magic by Any Other Name.
  • RJ reveals he's a Pai Zhua master.
    Linkara: Of course! It all makes sense! Evil pizzas are no match for a simple stoplight, but we can harness the power of pizza for good!
    • At one point, it's noted that Dai Shi's sigil (seen on his war flags and on the backplate of his Lion Armor) looks like…a slice of pizza.
    Linkara: Their relationship is so fascinating- wait. That symbol on Dai Shi's flag, is that a slice of pizza? Oh my God it is! DAI SHI REALLY IS THE PIZZA WHO WAS NO MATCH FOR SIMPLE STOPLIGHT!
  • Take That at Power Rangers Megaforce.
    Linkara: Damn, if only there was a giant tiki-head somewhere on Earth who could also guide them. And by "guide them" I mean give them things at random.