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Headscratchers: History of Power Rangers
  • In his History of Power Rangers video about Power Rangers Turbo, why was he complaining about Divatox using missiles to make her monsters grow when Lord Zedd used hand-grenades?
    • Probably because it looks really fake. I know everything looks really fake in power rangers, but the special effect as bad enough to clearly stand out. Or maybe because the missile thing seems stupid in comparison. She is a space pirate and apparently doesn't have a whole lot of resources at her disposal. Zedd was a great evil sorcerer. So it would be more believable that he could create threatening looking silver bombs, than a two-bit space pirate creating CGI torpedoes.
      • Plus it adds an extra, subtle layer of villainy if you think about it. Divatox just blew her monsters up to make them grow. Lord Zedd? He made his monsters blow themselves up. By comparison, Divatox just wasn't as interesting which was the whole point of Linkara's criticism of her.
    • Zedd's "hand grenades" looked magical enough, was caught and activated by the creature itself and seemed to be moreso just a method of making the creature grow that was different from Rita's magic wand. They didn't refer to those bulbs as being hand grenades, while Divatox firing actual torpedoes just felt like a lack of creativity. In Space was just firing a "satelaser" but it came across as something tech related (shooting something with energy to make it mutate is a sci-fi stand-by). There was no explanation how blowing something up with a torpedo would make something grow, even if Time Force's "exposed the mutant gene" made no sense it was still a psuedo explanation.
  • I guess it's a matter of opinion, but it bugs me in his review of season two when he calls the rangers dicks for sabotaging Bulk and Skull's efforts to learn their identities. What, so it's cool and badass when Batman steals evidence of his identity, but when the Power Rangers do it, suddenly it's just mean? Zordon told them to keep their identities secret. And the claim that they could just reveal themselves to Bulk and Skull to make them stop doesn't make sense. What does that mean? That if anyone attempts to learn who Power Rangers really are, they're obligated to reveal themselves to that person? Why? And keep in mind at this point in the show, the rangers aren't friends with Bulk and Skull. Sure, they may not be bullying anymore, but they haven't yet done much to make up for their season one behaviour. Sure, they may have saved the rangers once or twice, but the rangers have saved them plenty of times. The rangers don't owe them anything.
    • To some extent Linkara's opinion was probably influenced by his knowledge of what Bulk and Skull would eventually blossom into, but even so there are at least two points in favor of the "the Rangers are dicks" argument. For starters, Bulk and Skull weren't being written as antagonists anymore. They hadn't done anything bad to the Rangers for a very long time and there was no indication they had bad intentions in trying to expose the Rangers' identities. I'm not sure what their goal was exactly beyond figuring out who the Power Rangers were under the masks, but their efforts seemed more innocent than antagonistic. That lends them a little more sympathy. And second, because most of the time the Rangers destroyed Bulk and Skull's evidence in ways that guaranteed they would be publicly humiliated. It's one thing to steal/destroy evidence to protect your secret identity, but humiliating the person you stole it from on top of that feels a bit mean.
      • How could their attempts to dicover the rangers' identities be purely innocent? Remember the episode where they had a video tape of the rangers morphing? They were about to show it to a whole room full of people. If the rangers hadn't switched the tape, their identities would have been made public. There would be no way they could possibly cover it up once a whole room full of people found out. And maybe the rangers' actions did humiliate them every now and then, but couldn't it be argued that if the two were humiliated by their investigations, they might be more likely to stop? A tad harsh perhaps, but it's ultimately for the best and not enough to brand the rangers as "dicks".
      • That was one of about 4 or 5 different episodes where Bulk and Skull had some sort of hard evidence, but besides the video tape they had plaster footprints (hardly immediately revealing) and the Rangers still went out of their way to humiliate them and destroy that evidence.
      • The plaster footprints? That wasn't humiliating them. They had Ritchie, Ernie's new employee, put on some music and the people in the Juice Bar shoved past them. A little rude, but not humiliation (unless you count Skull letting go of the plaster to slap Bulk on the back as humiliation, which... all things considered, was pretty much par for the course for them).
      • I think it's more of a problem with them constantly humiliating them. If they tried to find out who they were once or twice, it would be one thing, but as he pointed out, they spent most of season 2 doing this. Hell, I'm more frustrated that the Rangers, over time, didn't try to be more covert with two (that we know of) people following them.
      • I thought their motivation behind exposing the Power Rangers' identities was to become rich and famous...or was that just ONE episode?
      • There is also the fact that Bulk and Skull endanger them by doing that. One of the rules of being a Ranger is that they have to protect identity because it it's revealed, they'll lose them.
      • No if that was the case they would have lost their powers when Adam, Rocky, and Aisha found out. They're just not suppose to reveal their identities directly. Still there is a matter of fact that Bulk and Skull want TO EXPOSE THEIR IDENITITIES TO THE WHOLE WORLD. Also Linkara outright says the Rangers should tell Bulk and Skull, completely ignoring the establish rules, showing that Linkara is too much of a Bulk and Skull stan.
      • Actually I agree that they should have just told them. It would have stopped them from trying to publicly out them. After all, remember what happened when they actually found out their identities? They selflessly stand up to the Mot D and sacrifice that knowledge to protect the rangers. Honestly, it would have made more sense to reveal their identities after that moment.
  • During his Lost Galaxy review, he claimed the song was "trying to tell a story, but just ran out of time." Under the same paragraph, though, he compares it less favorably to the original theme. You know, the one with SIX WORDS (Go, Power, Ranger, You, Mighty, Morphing).
    • The original theme wasn't about lyrics. It was about epic guitar.
    • Plus, that's just what you hear in the intro. The full version has multiple verses and talks quite a bit about how awesome the Rangers are.
    • Well, fair enough, but in the minute Lost Galaxy had, it's a bit more compelling.
    • Most likely boils down to a matter of personal taste. He's admitted before that his own taste in music can be a factor (he wasn't fond of Kira's singing in Dino Thunder), and he said that he didn't hate the song, so it's probably simply that he just likes one song better than the other.
  • Anyone know if Linkara would at all care about Gobuster if he knew how Power Rangers inspired it was? If he still doesn't fine, I'm just wondering because of how blatant it is in the show.
    • Knowing him people have probably told him about it by now. I expect another reference to it in his next video like he did with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. He definitely isnít going to watch it though. He once stated on a podcast that he didnít care about Sentai because he didnít grow up with it. He might think it is cool or interesting and I wouldnít be surprised if his reaction is buried somewhere in Twitter, but he wonít watch it.
    • In his review of "Mystic Force" he states that he isn't really interested in watching the sentai at all.
  • Linkara stated in his Ninja Storm review that the rangers actually looked like teenagers. Umm...did he honestly see Shane and Cam? They were pretty clearly in their early twenties.
    • His exact words were "Still, I'll give them credit: These guys actually look like teenagers", and he said it right at the end of his rant about how bizarre it is for Dustin, Blake, and Hunter to all regularly participate in motocross biking for fun despite being teenagers. Perhaps he was only referring to those three?
    • Cam was never stated to be a teenager, in fact it was implied he was older than the others.
  • What are the odds he'll discuss Samurai Sentai Shinkenger when he gets to Samurai? I know he's not a fan of the Sentai, but one of the reasons that Samurai got a less-than-warm reception in the States was because of the 'remixed' half-season that Disney aired leading many to watch Shinkenger (with it's arguably better acting and more emotional moments) instead. Will that play a factor in his overall rating of the season?
    • It's not going to happen. Apart from his not being interested in Sentai, he's also stated that he reviews Power Rangers series based on their own merits and not by comparison to the original.
    • He'll probably mention it being a translation of a Sentai to explain why it didn't make sense sometimes but I don't think he's going to count it against it just a faithful adaptation. The fandom is really hypocritical about that anyways. When Time Force does it it's cool, when Samurai does it it's the worst season ever.
  • How could he miss out on talking about the 2-parter Doomsday back in his review of MMPR s1? Sure the series didn't end there, but it would have been nice if he went into detail about it.
    • Same reason he skipped over Scorpina, it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If it really had been the ending he likely would have given it some focus but it wasn't so it's just another monster of the week episode that happens to be a two parter.
    • It's probably also partly due to the episodes being shorter when he first started. I think he was largely going on memory, only watching episodes that effected the status quo mainly and leaving out most of the filler. It was only when he got to the seasons he was unfamiliar with that he had to start watching more of the show. Since "Doomsday" doesn't really effect the status quo outside of its own episode, he probably missed it. After all he even forgot to mention Titanus, something he admitted himself in the next video.
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