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YMMV: History of Power Rangers
  • Accidentally Accurate: Linkara states that he doesn't consider the Magna Defender to be an actual ranger, and instead thinks of him as an extra character. This perfectly matches the status of the Black Knight from Gingaman, who is considered to be an extra hero associated with the Gingamen rather than a full-fledged sixth ranger.
  • Critical Research Failure: Power Rangers Turbo did not almost end the franchise. Ratings were down since the third season of Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers in Space was being planned before the second half (where the ratings started to go up for the first time since the decline in season 3) even began filming.
    • He actually stated that he would at one point go back and correct every mistake he made.
    • Averted when talking about the "Kalishsplosions;" he notes that the person actually responsible for them was Koichi Sakamoto, though he still calls them "Kalishsplosions" since Bruce Kalish would have had to approve of such ideas, as well as the fact that they became particularly prominent in the Kalish era (They have since shown up in RPM and Samurai).
  • Dramatic Irony: Example of this applying to him instead of the show during his review on ''Mystic Force, where he comments that zord combination sequences look like "somebody took the sentai footage and hit the fast forward button." Anybody that watched Magiranger would know that is more or less the case.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Considers Bulk and Skull the "TRUE Heroes of Power Rangers."
    • Also thinks Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger) is a badass.
    • Among others are Katie from Time Force and Chip from Mystic Force.
  • Executive Meddling: Occurring after the franchise was bought by Disney, with them wanting to cancel new seasons and just show old ones and had been actively trying to cancel the franchise, and had been forcing the show to be "less violent."
    • Also cited as the reason "Forever Red" was shortened and Serpentera was defeated by Cole's motorcycle.
    • This has sort of happened to History of Power Rangers itself; Linkara has said that as a result of his joining the Power Force (a group of officially-endorsed fans), Saban has requested he only use clips from official sources. This is part of the reason for the delay of the Operation Overdrive review, as he had to wait for the Shout! Factory DVD release.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: Pretty much every video will be met with comments from people who call him an idiot because his opinion is different from theirs, or because he has zero interest in Super Sentai other than referencing it to explain elements of the show (like the weirder parts of Turbo spawning from Carranger being a parody) or if people bug him enough about a certain part (The Legend War (note he did say that he watched the Legend War movie and agreed that it was awesome)). Fortunately, most of the comments don't do this; they simply say they disagree with his opinion and state exactly why they disagree.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the Power Rangers in Space review, Linkara joked about the "anti-virus technique of hitting the monster with a sword". In a recent ad for a computer, which used video clips to explain its features, the anti-virus was demonstrated by... the original Megazord whacking Goldar over the head with a sword.
  • Memetic Mutation: "When's the next History of Power Rangers coming out?"Explanation 
    • Lampshaded during Nash's March Megastream, where every TGWTG contributer aside from Linkara that showed up was asked this. Everyone gave snarky replies.
    • Linkara's review of Lightspeed Rescue created the "Carter Grayson is a Badass" meme.
  • The Scrappy: Elgar, Divatox's Dragon from Turbo and In Space. At one point he said that he "Hates him more than he hates Divatox," which is really saying something. At no other point in the series (as of the production of Mystic Force) has he ever sounded so happy that a bad guy got killed than when the Z-Wave turned him to dust.
    • He showed a special dislike for Kite/Animus, who he called "An environmental terrorist," and "a fascist." He concluded his rant on the character with "Up yours, Animus!"
    • Lothor has gone down as one of his least favorite villains, and even three seasons later, he frequently blasts him for his worthlessness. Nevertheless, he goes on to say that Lothor was "preferable" to the villains of Mystic Force.
    • States that the villains of the above season and Lightspeed Rescue weren't all that interesting, but he loathes Vypra the most because of the actress' terrible performance.
  • What Could Have Been: Notes that the series originally planed to have Cassie taking Kendrix's place.
    • Also says that many ideas were thrown around at the beginning with the writers about just what would happen; one of the big ideas was that the whole show would take place in the "Lost Galaxy," which would have justified the title of the series better.

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