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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
History of Power Rangers
Teaser/analysis guessing platform for future episodes
  • SPD
    • Something regarding Bridge's over-analysis.
    • "No one gets inside our circle!"
    • The "you'd be psyched to be the Pink Ranger" bit, which he mentioned in the commentary for his Power Rangers Zeo comic review.
    • I think in the teaser he'll show that scene from RIC where the Monster of the Week presents Grumm slime and Linkara voices in a pitch that it'll make his bones sheen.
      • Sadly Jossed, though he did use the "you'd be psyched to be the Pink Ranger" thing as The Stinger.

  • Mystic Force
    • Linkara getting in on the whole "Who's Madison?" trend.
      • Conversely, Madison will get the largest amount of character analysis (behind Nick).
      • Or giving everyone but Nick one sentence, and after covering Nick, who has ten paragraphs, does a long and lenghty rant about how unbalanced this is and how it makes for a bad season.
      • None of the above- Nick had a longer character study, but Linkara was mainly noting that Nick was mostly useless and tended to give up the most. The "Who's Madison?" meme didn't come up at all.
    • Commenting that Nick looks nothing like either of his parents and offhandedly saying that he looks more like Daggeron before realizing the Unfortunate Implications and quickly changing the subject.
    • He'll note that the magic creatures for the zords seem to be In Name Only, as they're all pretty humanoid.
    • In regards to some of the more implausible aspects of the Mystic Force powers, he'll respond by saying it's magic, you don't have to explain it.
    • There has to be a mention of the chessboard cockpits! Even if it's just a Flat "What.".
      • Or he loves it.
      • Nothing about the cockpit outside of wondering why there was one when the Rangers otherwise became their Zords.
    • He'll groan when it's revealed that, on top of Mystic Force not getting a team-up episode with SPD, the only character from the latter series to even make an appearance is Piggy, his least-favorite character from SPD.
      • While its inclusion in the review is yet to be determined, he did end up tweeting about this moment as he was watching it. He was downright gobsmacked by Piggy's random cameo, his reaction being closer to a Big "WHAT?!" than a groan.
      • He was more calm about it in the review, admitting that Piggy's cameo was alright as it helped a character develop.
    • While he's not the kind of person to make gay jokes, I could see him at least pointing out the odd look of agreement Vida gives to the "Leelee's mom is hot" line.
      • He didn't comment on it, but he did show the clip in full.

  • Operation Overdrive
    • The Strange Minds Think Alike scene from "Once a Ranger".
    • The scene where Mac shows up to a fight wearing various 'good luck' items from his team mates over his suit and getting run over by a boulder out of nowhere.
    • "Will! Do not steal anything on your way out." from the College Humor sketch will be The Stinger.
    • He'll make at least one reference to the Miser Brothers.
    • He'll complain about the villain pile-up.
    • He'll either have a mild dislike of the theme song, or rip it apart.
      • He's commented in a few places about hating the theme song.
    • Aside from "Once a Ranger" and maybe Mack's storyline, he'll completely hate this season.
      • This is all but confirmed at the end of his Mystic Force review, when he remarks that Operation Overdrive is probably the worst that Power Rangers has to offer- even worse then Turbo, Linkara's personal least favorite season.
      • But how can he say that when he's only seen one episode? Is he basing his opinion on the fact that several fans don't like the season?
    • I get the feeling that he might try to marathon this season, to get it over with as soon as he can, making this episode come out sooner.
    • He'll rant about Mack being another case of the Spotlight-Stealing Squad and being a God-Mode Sue given how easily he beat Flurious when he got the Corona and the jewels after the rangers spent the whole series trying keep the villains from getting them.
    • He'll express annoyance with Flurious being the Final Boss. In past he's ranted about ineffective villains, and of the 4 sets of villains in Overdrive, Flurious was the least active and effective, and only got his hands on one of the jewels because Norg stole them.
    • Commenting on how it's a bit disturbing/creepy that Andrew Hartford built himself an adult aged son.
      • He probably won't say anything about it, but he probably will imply that he thinks it's odd, because most fans don't really need the concept to be explained.
    • He will dislike Once A Ranger for being a poor and weird team up. He will also dislike the music and morphing sequence they use for Adam.
    • In a massive twist of faith (Since Linkara hasn't seen anything from Overdrive outside of the team-up), he'll love this season.
      • Judging by his tweets from the few episodes he's watched so far, jossed
    • Linkara will probably either hum "When You Wish Upon a Star" or make a Pinocchio joke when Mack is made into a human at the very end.
    • Saying that Spencer seemed like the mentor figure to the Rangers while Andrew Hartford was more like a financial backer.
    • He will start the episode with an absolutely epic rant aimed at the fans for dissing him and essentially demanding he make more episodes, reminding them of what his rules were at the start of the series.
    • The Stinger will be a quote from Alpha or Sentinal Knight in Once A Ranger; or even better from Thor...

  • Jungle Fury
    • I think that the theme of the season will be about putting our faith in others which after giving it thought happened a lot in the series.
    • One of RJ's early training sessions.
    • He'll go into some detail over how Casey is treated like a rookie much harsher than other rookies like Wes and Cole, and probably incorporate that heavily in the character section.
    • He'll mention the Eel monster as a teaser moment, on him "being a freak" and Linkara says, "No comment." as part of the monster being Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    • In light of some of the Arbitrary Skepticism displayed in previous seasons, the scene where the rangers first get their morphers will win a lot of points with him. Reason being that, when RJ asks the team if they've heard of the Power Rangers, Casey immediately responds with "Yeah, who hasn't?".
    • Given his track record with the handheld morphers, he probably won't like the Solar Morphers.
      • Debatable. He has voiced a preference for morphers that are unique, and he has said that he has grown tired of both wrist-strap and cell-phone morphers, so he might enjoy them based on novelty factor, if nothing else.
      • He might mention that the morphers in the original sentai were the Battle Claws and voice his thoughts on if that. I know he doesn't bring up the Sentai often, but this would seem like one of the times for him too.
    • With how bad Overdrive's theme song was, he will enjoy this one.
    • He'll at first criticize the initial three suits for having hardly any white in their designs, and then criticize the Super Mode for having too much white.
      • He might also complain about how they (the initial three suits) look rather cheap compared to most ranger suits.
    • Noticing the naming scheme of the Pai Zhua masters and wondering why RJ is the odd one out.
    • Commenting on Theo gaining about a foot in height whenever he morphs and, to the people who were annoyed about it, pointing out that something like that is nothing new.
    • He'll talk about this season being like the last 2 seasons in terms of villain structure, but done differently, what with a Big Bad who starts off weaker than many, and having his growing strength being the framework of their actions.
  • RPM
    • Starting off snarky after emerging from "the Kalish era" on this big new series, only to see the doom, death and HSQ clips, saying finally, "OK, that's interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Power Rangers RPM!" (Kinda in the style he did Time Force which he had great respect for as a "very good series.")
    • The first few minutes of "Ranger Blue".
      • Or the beginning of "Ranger Yellow, Part 1".
    • I think except for Dr. K he'll go over the character episodes when he analyzes the rangers and their character development at the end of the episode, though he'll go over plot points from those episodes such as new zords.
      • He might include her episode alongside the others, since she is a very important part of the season.
    • Linkara will go on a tangent like he did in Turbo about the zords being animal/vehicle hybrids.
      • He'll likely reference how in Go-Onger (the Sentai that RPM is based on) the Zords (called Engines there) were sentient and could speak, whereas in RPM they were just machines and thus it makes no sense to omit their voices and personalities while retaining both the animal designs and the moving mouths/eyes. And then remind us that he has no interest in the Sentai.
    • He will probably like the abundance of helmetless shots and unmorphed civilian fights present in RPM, but probably won't like the shaky cam recording (and given how he pointed it out in Mystic Force he might have a full rant for it like he did for the back explosions)additionally he will probably like how the Military in RPM actually works with the rangers on several occasions and isn't just in the background waiting for the rangers to defeat the monster like it is in most PR seasons.
    • He will probably like Dr. K given that she seems to be the type of mentor he is constantly pushing for: she is usually very open with her team, doesn't waste time giving vague instructions or having the rangers solve a problem she knows the answer to when the city is under attack, nor does she ever needlessly put them in danger just to get a point across, and also monitors the fight as it happens and gives advice to the rangers as it happens.
    • He will probably like how almost all the rangers get a backstory that takes place a few years before they become rangers allowing us to get to know these characters better and making sure that all of the characters get a chance to shine and don't feel left out despite some getting more focus than others
    • Will probably mention the bizarre choice of using a baby carriage as a weapon when the baby is still in it, as well as how the heck a shielded city is broken into so often, and likely won't like the fact that it takes place in a different dimension (might even try to retcon it somehow)
    • His review might be similar to DT in that he praises RPM for having pretty good writing, acting, genuinely funny jokes, great fight banter and pretty good characterization however he might criticize that while RPM is good at building things up it doesn't always have a very good payoff such as how Dillon's virus is resolved rather quickly with Dr. K just conveniently coming up with a cure, or how the hybrids barely do anything in the finale despite that chilling scene where they're all activated,
    • Will also likely draw comparisons to In Space with Dillon and Tenaya's story, which was very similar to Andros and Astronema (whether this will be a good thing or not is still TBD)
    • He will mention that while the demo theme song is pretty good, it doesn't really fit the season and notes that what we did get was okay (lyrics aside).
      • Alternately, he'll agree with the above comment but still hate what we did get.
    • He will probably like the Nitro Blasters as they are guns that fold into swords which he has stated is awesome on several occasions.
    • Whether he likes the ending or not he will likely point out and praise that Dr. K only took the morphers but not the jackets like Shayla did in Wild Force.
    • When he gets to the scene of Ziggy commenting that he dreamed that he was on a date with Dr. K, he'll mention that after the season wrapped the two actors started dating and are now married.

  • MMPRRemastered
    • He'll take his original video, cut it down to remove mention of episodes 33-60, add goofy effects, and post it as a joke.
      • It would be a VERY short video if he did that. Like, maybe 8 minutes.

  • Samurai
    • The fight with Negatron
    • Linkara keeps referring to Deker as Cole.
      • On that note: calling Mentor Ji, Grumm.
      • And whenever he mentions Mike, he'll show scenes of Mike from Lost Galaxy. Any reference to the Green Samurai Ranger or Super Samurai Mode will be accompanied by footage from Ninja Storm.
    • Keeps referring to Xandred's medicine as booze.
      • Add to this, he'll point out that in Shinkenger, it was booze.
    • He'll bring up the fact that a lot of fans seem to dislike it, but point out some of the best parts of the show.
      • Though it's also possible that he agrees with some of that dislike. Several comments he's made on his twitter feed heavily imply that he'll eventually declare it to be a below-average season overall.
      • He'll likely touch on the fact that Samurai Sentai Shinkenger had an effect on opinions of this season, due to people watching that instead of the remixed MMPR that Disney put on.
    • He'll Call Back to his Time Force review when he sees that the Samurai Rangers use their swords to pilot the megazord.
    • Following from previous mentions of swords that turn into guns, he'll note how the Fire Smasher and its cannon mode take the idea to its logical conclusion.
    • He won't be too happy with how little screentime Lauren is given near the end of Super Samurai especially since her time as Red Ranger has the rest of the team shilling Jaden.
    • He'll have to hate Clash of the Red Rangers- even if he's not an RPM fan, he'll have to be pissed at how none of the other RPM team-mates show up.
    • Considering how much of a Bulk and Skull fan he is because they had characterization (He criticized a lack of Bulk in Lost Galaxy), he'll probably not like how Bulk and Spike are used, and may bring up how some fans thought Spike would be the Gold Ranger (Speaking of, he'll probably make a nod to Zeo when Antonio first appears.
    • When/if he talks about the opening credits he'll play a bit of the Mickey Mouse club intro to mock the name role call part.

  • Megaforce
    • Linkara will probably make some snarky jokes about Troy's acting being very robotic, especially after dealing with Mack and Robo Knight.
    • If the series piles on the environmental aesop, he'll probably call back to Wild Force.
    • After Samurai he probably won't hate this season too much, especially with the Legend War in Super Megaforce.
    • He'll dislike how bulky the new morphers are but enjoy the card angle.
      • As with Jungle Fury, there's a chance he'll like the morphers, since they aren't cell phones or wrist-straps.
    • Considering how he tends to like a lot of the Disney cast so far (SPD in particular), he'll probably get angry at Saban for barely using any, especially since most of the Disney cast still live where the shooting was happening (Depending on his opinions on Samurai and Jungle Fury, he may not like the inclusion of Casey and the Samurai Rangers). He'll probably be surprised that they got Danny Slavin back, and will be happy to see Tommy and Carter back.
    • He'll probably be annoyed at how many times they do the whole "Humans Are Special" and "For the Earth" drivel that he'll be reminded of Wild Force's "Never Give Up!" overuse.
    • Linkara will snark at how Gosei is Zordon's student and how he's been watching the Earth, and proceeds to ask where he's been the past few years.
    • He will do a side by side comparison of "Mega Mission" and "Day of the Dumpster".
    • He will make a joke about how the series ends in a cliffhanger like Turbo did.
    Linkara: (in text form) To be continued in Power Rangers Super Megaforce...
    Linkara: What's next? Super Megaforce Turbo? Super Megaforce Arcade Edition? Super Megaforce Hyper Edition?
    • Linkara will make a joke about how "pirates are in this year" for Super Megaforce.
    • He'll play clips from "Countdown To Destruction" anytime Gosei mentions this being the first time Earth has faced an invasion.
    • He will likely go ballistic when the "are you some kinda superhero" line is shown, might even declare the lady the new Dumbest person in power rangers ever
    • He will complain about the pre-Zyuranger teams that appear in Samurai Surprise.
    • He will use audio from RoboCop when Roboknight is introduced.
    • He will point out the lack of creativity in the names, especially the whole Emily/Emma Mia/Gia thing.

Dino Charge (I know this season hasn't aired yet, so some of the things I'll bring up are mainly from the Sentai)
  • He will talk about how Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, the season before Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, was skipped and bring up the theory that it was because of how poorly Gobusters did in Japan.
    • Linkara, acknowledging anything about Sentai even when it's important and interesting? Not without a 5-minute rant. Let's hope he doesn't.
  • He will compare the season to SPD. Both seasons have a higher number of Rangers than the usual six (with Dino Charge having ten if it goes by the Sentai footage). Also, if Torin is given a PR counterpart, then it will also have the non-human mentor that eventually became Rangers.

The Power Rangers adaptation of Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger
  • He will point out the Megazord's Unfortunate Character Design (where the forward section of the red ressha lowers, making it resemble an erect penis).
    I think I got one of the Cinema Snob's porn parodies by mistake.
  • He will joke about Greeta's PR counterpart looking like the Grimace in drag.
  • He will cut to a clip of SPD when the first ever orange ranger appears.

At some point Saban or someone high up will find and watch the videos and like them enough to name a future ranger after Linkara.
  • This is just something that I've had in my head for a while and it would be nice.
    • Well, Linkara did become a member of the "Power Force", which includes at least one person who's had a monster named after him. And "Lewis" would be a pretty good ranger name.
    • Or maybe Saban will just bring him in Super Megaforce as the Green Nostalgia Ranger from the Turbo episode of The Nostalgia Critic

A list of Lewis's favorite Power Rangers Series.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Here's my guesses on what are his current favorite series's. Will be updated as more reviews come out. Feel free to post your own speculations below. -Eric W
1.Power Rangers in Space (He stated this was his favorite season in the Time Force review with strong villains, a theme on the nature of evil, memorable fights, a superb ending and all around more epic than the seasons before it)
2.Power Rangers Dino Thunder (A recommended series. Despite bad payoff over so many different ideas, and some anticlimactic final battles, there are good characters all around both good and evil, mostly fantastic action, and good humor.)
3.Power Rangers Time Force (Despite being overblown by the fans and oodles of time travel plot holes, there are good villains, great acting, strong action, time travel themes, and almost all the characters are interesting)
4.Power Rangers S.P.D. (A recommended series, with good character development, storylining, and villains... but not all characters got the development, and a decent bit of time was devoted to discussing technical problems)
5.Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (despite nostalgia value, too many fillers to place it any higher)
6.Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (for strong themes and character development as well as a mostly solid story after it got going, but numerous behind-the-scenes problems hit the show hard)
7.Power Rangers Zeo (uncertain about this, but overall didn't seem to leave as much of an impression on him compared to many other seasons)
8.Power Rangers Wild Force (underrated with excellent team ups and complex villains, but with a very iffy story)
9.Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (decent with good characters, zords and a different feel, but no good villains)
10.Power Rangers Mystic Force (Like Ninja Storm, good when great, bad when bad, with less likable rangers then annoying ones, a sub-par theme song and too much focus on the world-building. Even so, Linkara gave it an overall recommendation)
11.Power Rangers Ninja Storm (A "flawed" series that is great when good, awful when bad, and has only one good villain out of a much larger stand alone evil group)
12.Power Rangers Turbo (Until Operation Overdrive, this was, in his opinion, the worst season ever with a destruction of the old order in a horrible way with a stupid archenemy and no easily identifiable theme)
13.Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (Has already said in his Mystic Force review that this is "The worst Power Rangers has to offer." He followed this up on Rangerboard by saying he had "words" for it)

  • I would switch Zeo and Wild Force due to him speaking generally positive of Wild Force at the end and with no noted positivity or negativity towards Zeo. Although I could be biased as a Wild Force Fan.
    • You are a biased Wild Force fan, even if he said it wasn't AS bad as fans say he still criticized it a lot. He was much less critical of Zeo.
  • Zeo and Wild Force may rank higher than Galaxy due to Zeo's themes of triumph and having the added bonus of continuing the story from the previous season with returning characters whereas Galaxy had such troubled production, the first quarter of the season was noted as being slow and many of its characters received little to no development, especially Maya and Damon.
  • Mystic Force will probably be No. 10.

He'll like one of the Kalish-era series much more than the fan base does.
  • Probably Jungle Fury, since it does have some parallels to Power Rangers Wild Force (his current choice for most underrated season), has one of the better theme songs of the Kalish-era, and there are fans who regard this series as finally starting to make a comeback.
    • All good points. Plus it has the first Violet Ranger, and partially deconstructs the Rookie Red Ranger trope with Casey and his insecurities about being the leader yet also the least experienced Ranger. Plus there's Fran.
  • Confirmed, he liked SPD, though granted that was already by far the least-hated and most-liked Kalish season.
    • He gave Mystic Force a recommendation, but noted there was a lot of flaws. In particular, he liked the Stranger Within and Dark Wish arc.

He'll come up with his own "Once a Ranger" team, and it won't be the same as the one that was used.
  • We'll have a better idea of who he'd replace when we get there.
    • Of course, we can speculate... Its likely that Carter is going to replace Bridge as the team's Red, and either Jen or Katie taking a Girl spot of the team. T.J. might be put in as the Blue Ranger, Adam kept as the Black Ranger, and possibly Karone as the pink (for weirdness factor) or Kat/Tanya (replace with whether he picks Katie or Jen respectively). Or for comedy reasons, Green Ranger Tommy, White Ranger Tommy, Zeo Ranger 5, Red Turbo Tommy, and Dino Thunder Tommy.

Once he reaches all seasons, we'll get a retrospective series where he counts down favorite Rangers, episodes, storylines, etc.
Basically, like an epilogue to the series, of sorts.
  • And some of the components will include best season, most underrated season, best fight, best stand alone season, coolest costumes, best villains, best character, worst (insert thing here).
  • Given that there's an unproven fact that Power Rangers is unkillable, this may never happen depending on if Saban can keep the series going indefinitely.
  • Alternatively, he will do a retrospective to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers
    • In his Mystic Force review, he has said when he finishes that he'd try to do a video to correct any mistakes he had made.

  • Linkara will point out how Spencer in OO was Butterbur in the Fellowship and in RPM Dr. K's actress showed up in The Two Towers. Hopefully he'll find someone who was in Return of the King.
    • He'll also point out how Master Mao in Jungle Fury had a supporting role in the latter two Matrix movies. Why? Rule of Nerd.

He won't like RPM
  • Citing the Darker and Edgier plot, and the season's Lampshade Hanging on some of the clichés that the show uses.
    • But, on the other hand, he doesn't exactly have a problem with Darker and Edgier as two of his favorite seasons are In Space and Time Force which are certainly darker than the average season. What's important to him is that the story makes sense, moves logically at a good pace, and has good characters. As for the Lampshade Hanging, that might be something he's not as fond of, since that kind of humor is kinda similar to Ninja Storm which he didn't like as much. Regardless, I expect him in talking about Power Rangers RPM to bring up Power Rangers Turbo and compare them on whether or not they're any different in adding silly material to a serious story.
    • Whether he ultimately approves of it or not, he's almost certain to get some Hype Backlash like he did with Time Force.
      • And, similarly, even if he likes it, he'll most likely point out that having a 'darker story' has nothing to do with whether it's good or not, seeing as that's something that comes up on AT 4 W all the time. While he may ultimately like it for its strong character development, legitimately funny jokes, interesting plot, explaining Ranger technology and for having its own identity, expect him to qualify his praise with a statement along the lines of, "And, no, it's not because it's 'dark'. Making it 'dark' does not make a story better. That's not how storytelling works."
      • Alternatively, he'll love the Darker and Edgier stuff, but criticise the humour. As much as he claims that Power Rangers is "supposed to be cheesy", he tends to be quite critical of the more comedic aspects of the series, such as Turbo and Ninja Storm.
      • He could be mixed on the different types of humor though. For example, he may like meta humor that pokes fun at the show, but not any of the other humorous bits like Ziggy's schtick.
      • It should probably be noted that he DOES like self referential humor, as he did say in one of his MMPR videos that he loves those bits and then showed the "What is it this time, a monster that blows itself up?" bit from Zedd. It seems likely he didn't like the humor in Turbo because it was a 100% mood whiplash in the earlier parts of the season, and didn't like it in Ninja Storm due to his dislike of Lothar (who made a good chunk of the lampshades) as a villain.

He'll love RPM
  • He loooves Power Rangers taking itself seriously so he will probably dub RPM one of the best Power Ranger seasons

He's been saving up an epic rant for Operation Overdrive
  • He keeps alluding to the infamous parts of "Once A Ranger" where the Rangers give up their powers, pretty much from the earliest episodes of HOPR saying that "I'll get into this again in a later episode" or that something similar will be relevant in a later season, which makes me think Linkara will compare the scenes from "Once A Ranger" where all the Operation Overdrive Rangers give up on their quest and no longer have any intention of helping out in any way at all with the scene from Mighty Morphin Season 3 with Ninjor, Lightspeed Rescue's Cyborg Ranger episode, Billy in Zeo and other examples of previous Rangers expressing every intention to keep doing the right thing and keep helping out even if they no longer have Ranger powers and criticise this episode for making the Operation Overdrive Rangers look at best like they're inferior to the other Rangers who showed up and at worst like they're just in it for the glory. He'll probably also assess that this kind of behaviour and how it influences fan perception of later Rangers is one reason why these episodes and seasons aren't as beloved as the more idealistic earlier seasons. He'll also comment on the EXPLOSIONS and the over-the-top civilian powers all the later Rangers have.
    • Semi-confirmed in Mystic Force and with follow-up on Rangerboard- Linkara hasn't seen much yet outside of Once A Ranger and the opening, but he's already made it clear that he hates the theme song and the costumes, and he has "Words," for Overdrive.
      • When did he say he hated the suits? Sorry, but this troper cannot see how in the name of hell anybody could hate those suits.
      • It was during a Super Sentai/Power Rangers podcast where they were discussing all the suits from the beginning until now. He commented that for the main team, the combination of the chrome, the white to color ratio, and the large chest symbol just rubbed him the wrong way and for their sixth ranger, said that suit had too much going on with having four colors and having siren lights as shoulderpads seemingly slapped onto it.
      • But does that necessarily mean he hated them?
      • He outright stated that he did during that podcast when they got to the Overdrive suits.

He'll include Megaforce before he even gets to Mystic Force.
  • Let's face it: he's been putting out videos less and less frequently since it began, and the gap between Dino Thunder and SPD was over 9 months. It's been about 8 months since the latter, and Megaforce airs around February or January of next year. Which means that, at the rate he's going, he'll release the review for the next season then at the earliest.
    • This is most likely the case since Megaforce is set to air February 2nd and Linkara has commented that he hasn't been able to get further than the first few episodes due to his schedule.
    • In January 2013 he put up a post stating that he would attempt to review all the series from Mystic Force through Super Samurai by the end of the year.
    • Confirmed. As of his Mystic Force review, Megaforce footage appears in the opening theme. (Though the original poster probably meant that there would be a video covering Megaforce before the Mystic Force video, which proved not to be the case.)
      • As an add-on, maybe including bits of Super Megaforce in whenever he gets to Overdrive.

Samurai will get 2 videos like early seasons did
It did have two seperate seasons
  • Doubtful, if only because it's one continuous story with the exact same characters stretched out over two years, rather than being two separate stories working into or playing off each other.
  • Linkara mentioned on Rangerboard that Samurai and Super Samurai would be separate videos, similar to how MMPR was three parts. However, since the seasons are half the length of an older season, they likely won't take as long to make, and he might just put them up on the same day as if they were two parts of one review.
    • Recently he's mentioned that he'd most likely combine the two seasons since there just isn't enough story/material to have them be separate but might have more than one video if it ends up running long.

Linkara's favorite ranger from each season
Sometimes it's really obvious who his favorite ranger is and other times it's alot more difficult to tell.
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers-No one is particular, he might have a soft spot for Billy for obvious reasons but he seems to like them all equally, at least the original cast.
Power Rangers Zeo-Same as MMPR. He didn't really start analyzing the rangers until Lost Galaxy so it's hard to tell. Bulk and Skull are his real favorites.
Power Rangers Turbo-Cassie. He singles her out the most and is the only one of the four replacements he takes time to analyze.
Power Rangers in Space-Andros. He likes character development and Andros had plenty. However, this is his favorite season so he probably loves everyone.
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy-Kinda vague. Maybe Leo.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue-Carter. Obviously, surely by now, we all know this, he might even be Linkara's favorite ranger in the franchise.
Power Rangers Time Force-Katie. He says so in the review. Twice actually.
Power Rangers Wild Force-It's very hard to tell. Probably Taylor.
Power Rangers Ninja Storm-Also a little vague. He might like Cam just like everyone else. He may also be partial to Dustin.
Power Rangers Dino Thunder-This is clearly in his top two/three seasons so he may love everyone equally. One of the main reasons why likes this season so much is that none of the rangers are left out in development. But if he had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Trent (for his great character arc) or Tommy (for being the awesome mentor)
Power Rangers S.P.D.-Since he likes to see characters develop and grow his favorite is probably Sky but this another favorite season of his, so he could like everyone.
Power Rangers Mystic Force-Chip. He says so in the review.

Interesting, If I were to speculate for future seasons

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - well there won't be a favorite here probably just a ranger he hates the least (I guess that would be Mack)
  • Lewis seems to like Rose the most out of the rangers, judging from a few of his tweets.
Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Probably RJ since he is a pretty good mentor for the most part (despite using Zordon's methods of endangering the city to get a point across from time to time), and additionally the character is just so entertaining.
  • Either that or Casey for his evolution from a rookie to the hero.
Power Rangers RPM - Maybe Ziggy, in the past Linkara seems to like underdogs (part of why he likes Bulk and Skull so much), and Ziggy is basically the definition of Underdog (and what would have happened if Bulk or Skull ever became rangers), he's surrounded by highly competent rangers while he became a ranger by accident and lacks any real form of training, however he still tries his best and actually came up with plans that saved the day on a few occasions, plus he also crossed the entire Mafia (Before he became a ranger) to get medical supplies to an orphanage, which i think will go over well with Linkara as he has stated "its one thing to be brave when you've got power, good looks and the uncanny ability to do 15 things at once and be loved by all, but its an entirely different matter to be the underdog not the smartest or best in shape and STILL stand up to evil."
  • Doctor K may get an honorable mention if he likes her training methods or her character development.
Power Rangers Samurai - Despite the limited amount of screen time she got, Lauren or maybe Mike.
Power Rangers Megaforce - Robo Knight or maybe Orion depending how his story plays out

Linkara's least favorite ranger from each season
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - No one in particular but he does criticize Tommy for hogging screentime and while he doesn't dislike the replacement rangers, he does give them grief for having little to no personality. And he also hates the Aquitian Rangers voices.
Power Rangers Zeo - Again, no one in particular.
Power Rangers Turbo - Justin. He admits that he doesn't really hate Justin as a character, just the concept surrounding him.
Power Rangers in Space - Zhane. He calls him an arrogant and smug bastard but as mentioned before In Space is his favorite season, so he doesn't really dislike anyone.
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Maya. For being kinda weird and unrealistic but he doesn't seem to hate her either.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Dana. Refers to her as the blandest of the group.
Power Rangers Time Force - Lucas. Probably the first ranger that he flat out dislikes.
Power Rangers Wild Force - Cole. Like every other fan, he really doesn't care for Cole's acting.
  • He didn't seem to fond of Merrick though, and he did say he liked bits of Cole's character arc.
Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Hard to pinpoint. Even though he thinks Ninja Storm is a flawed season, he doesn't seem to have a problem with the rangers themselves (He did snark that Hunter soon became as bland as the rest of the group, implying that he may not think they develop much).
Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Conner. He basically and bluntly calls him an idiot. Even still, judging by how much he liked Dino Thunder, he may still like Conner and just called him an idiot because he is one.
Power Rangers S.P.D. - Sam. Because, you know, he's freakin ball of light!
Power Rangers Mystic Force - He doesn't seem to like Vida or her music and leaves out some notable stuff on her character(her hatred for pink, being the first masculine Pink Ranger). Also, he isn't very partial to Nick.
  • Most likely it would be Nick. Nick is one of, if not the only, Red Ranger to actively suggest simply giving up, an attitude that Linkara can't seem to abide in a leader.

And for future seasons:

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - It'd be easier to say who he actually liked from this season, but so far he really doesn't like Dax.
Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Hard to really tell but maybe Theo. Or Dominic.
Power Rangers RPM - Summer for her tendency to be too perfect at everything making her come off as a bit Mary Sue-ish to him or Gem and Gemma for their behavior and how it endangered the rest of the team and the city on several occasions.
Power Rangers Megaforce - Troy for various reasons and commenting that there was a lot of potential for him, his prophetic dreams for example.
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