Heartwarming: History of Power Rangers

  • His musical tribute to Zordon at the end of his Power Rangers In Space retrospective, set to Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" montage.
  • There's something very heartwarming about him discussing the Theme of SPD on how the Ragtag Band of Misfits could be as good as the band of Aces, and become true heroes in their own right.
  • The way he talks about Bulk and Skull's Character Development from the original series up through their I Am Spartacus moment in the finale of In Space. He is genuinely moved by how these two have grown and the way they act in the end.
    • Also, his happiness when the duo are back together doing a cameo in Wild Force, saying that its the true reunion of the episode and that people should shut up for any inconsistencies and just be happy that they are back.
  • Even though he didn't fully recommend Mystic Force, Linkara did point out that the Stranger Within and Dark Wish arcs were very enjoyable. Also from the Mystic Force review was him explaining why Chip was his favorite Ranger from the team.
    • On a related note, his reason why Stranger Within is so good is great because it talks about the human element under the silly plot is what makes it so great. That even in the ridiculousness, you can still have great stories with great emotions.
    • His speech in the same episode about how Camelot changed his life and the importance of chivalry in the Arthurian definition of the word.
  • The fact that even though he detests Overdrive, if you happen to like it, "More power to you."
    • Despite not liking Dax, he shows great respect for his profession saying that you don't screw with Stuntmen because of how tough they are as people to deal with the difficulty of said job.
    • His loathing of the Overdrive Rangers compared to other Ranger Teams because they immediately abandon their duties when they lose their ability to morph actually comes across as this, because it comes across as him being so disappointed for not living up to his ideal of what Power Rangers should be. He then shows that Rangers should be Noble, continuing the fight even though they don't have the Powers, not because the Powers are an obligation, but because it's the right thing to do.
    • There's also a tiny bit of heartwarming in his condemnation to Samuel Benta. Lewis has stated that IF Samuel Benta would come up and make a public apology for what he did, he'll still forgive him, meaning that Lewis is still willing to give him a chance even if his act was really unforgivable to the point many fans rightfully would never forgive him (though so far, Benta has not, so the condemnation still sticks so far).
  • His statement that Jungle Fury was wrong to portray beating up a bunch of bullies as evil. Keep in mind that Lewis very much looks down on the idea of revenge thanks to the influence of Camelot.
    • There's something rather sweet about the way he talks about the rangers with such positive attitudes after all the problems he had with Overdrive's characters. How he talks about Casey and RJ are particularly nice, both with RJ's being cool but wise, and Casey feeling guilty about Dai Shi, but being perfectly worthy of being a ranger because he's a fast learner.