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Awesome: History of Power Rangers
  • His decision to make a History of Power Rangers Series. OK, so on the surface it doesn't seem like much, but it's the fact that he's Doing It for the Art makes it so awesome. How? Well, to start things off, he made an original opening showing all the Power Ranger teams fighting monsters as well as a sliding effect of all of the Power Ranger members and series logos (aside from Power Rangers Samurai, since that's so new) with tight editing making it seem really professional in scope. Next and more importantly, he not only chooses to take a serious-analysis approach (see his crowning moment of funny for his thoughts on that idea), but he's willingly subjecting himself to full-on Archive Panic twice. He admits that he didn't rewatch all the Zordon Era episodes but after the first 293 episodes, he's willingly watching 266 hours of Power Rangers just for the fun of learning what went on in Power Rangers after he stopped watching. That is just Awesome!
    • Speaking of the opening, he kept good on his promise and revised it to include Samurai after the Gold Ranger joined the cast. And the new opening is even more awesome than the first one.
    • And then updating it again once Megaforce came out.
    • And likely he'll be updating it again once Dino Charge is out (which, considering the schedule (or lack of one) might end up happening before he can even get to Megaforce).
  • It was only a brief praise moment, but from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, there's his mentioning of the filler episode "The Rescue Mission". He describes it as "Essentially an Aliens ripoff, but for a kids show, it's simply spectacular." Lewis despite his love of the show was not always keen to handing out open praise, but to give it such high praise is pretty awesome to hear.
  • The opening of the Power Rangers Wild Force videos, with Lewis very firmly making his case that the "History of Power Rangers" series has no set schedule and constantly complaining about how long it's taking for the next update only makes the series seem like a chore, yet remains perfectly calm with zero profanity.
  • Coming up with a detailed explanation of the meaning behind Tommy's Battle in the Center of the Mind in Power Rangers Dino Thunder that fits perfectly with the evidence given and is actually a quite moving piece of Character Development.
  • Berating an extremely sexist line from the SPD pilot.
  • Someone on the boards made the jaw-dropping statement that the franchise should never have a female red ranger, because the fans wouldn't accept it. Linkara's reply:
    It's not different anywhere. Sexist people exist all over. And my point remains: "sexist people wouldn't like it" is not a valid justification for saying there shouldn't be one. Being open-minded does not mean you sacrifice your own opinions, either. And even then, I see no reason why I should be open-minded to people who are CLOSED-minded. The idea of judging a leadership position by one's gender when the position does not require one to be a specific gender is an irrational, hateful thought process. If you want to listen to that position, fine, but there's no reason why it should be given any serious thought beyond that and I would argue against it every time. The presence of a uterus, the presence of breasts, the presence of a womb, the presence of a vagina, and the lack of a penis has nothing to do with the ability to lead a team of multicolored superheroes against threats demonic, alien, or otherwise. THAT is the end of the discussion.
  • Despite how polarizing Wild Force was, Linkara says that wasn't as bad as people made it out to be; the only massive criticisms he handed out were Animus being a dick, Shayla taking the jackets along with the morphers and a small one about Merrick using his Power Crystals as pool balls. Otherwise, he praised it for the plot and didn't moan about the Growl Morphers (which are not phone morphers, as they aren't activated by pressing a keypad combination. They're phone-shaped, and have the number buttons, but they're not literal phone morphers like Robo Knight's; they only have one button to press to morph, not a key combination). In fact, he said Wild Force was at least better than Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (though to be fair, that's not saying very much...), Power Rangers Turbo (but again, Link said he loathed Turbo; in fact, it was the season he called the worst....until he saw Power Rangers Operation Overdrive...) and it's likely he'd prefer Wild Force to Ninja Storm (if only because the story of Wild Force was just "iffy" to Linkara, whilst the story of Ninja Storm was great when done right, but horrible when not); plus Wild Force has a more Wasserman-like theme than Ninja Storm does (and Link loves Wasserman-made songs or ones like his). In addition, Jindrax, Toxica and Zen-Aku all probably put Wild Force above Ninja Storm, since the latter had only one good major villain out of a larger group, as opposed to Wild Force having three good villains out of four major villains. The fact that all three of them are redeemed probably adds to Linkara's appreciation of the series. Obviously, he doesn't think Wild Force is better than Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Thunder or Power Rangers Time Force, but he'd never rank it as low as Power Rangers Turbo or Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
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