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Funny: Extra Credits
  • In the episode 'Project Ten Dollar', Allison decides she's had enough and attacks Daniel with a pencil eraser, causing the episode to end due to "technical difficulties".
  • "Video Games and Learning", a pre-Escapist episode, starts with Daniel asking the audience to stay, in spite of it being about learning. At the end, he comments:
    Wow, you guys are still here. (laughs) See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Worth sticking around for? (beat) Well, come on! We can't talk about sex every time!
  • From symbolism 101— "These rolls are fantastic!"
    • Also, when mentioning yet another potential future topic — "You know, you could probably make a really dangerous Drinking Game out of the number of times we say that."
  • Daniel playing with puppets in their episode on Anonymous.
  • The first question asked in Mailbag 5.
  • When explaining the Uncanny Valley, his example of a robot that's human enough not to hit the other side of the valley is... Keanu Reeves.
  • This pre-Escapist episode. James sets up his own podium next to Daniel for the episode, and just after he clears his throat... Daniel swipes his papers away from him and goes on with it. And then after he reads the subject out loud, James throws his podium at Daniel.
  • In the horror protagonist episode Daniel is wearing... a Teddie costume.
    • It gets funnier as no one could hear what he said, and after Allison told him that, he removed the head, scaring Lee Lee. Afterwards, he threw the head at her. She catches it, the same look glued to her face the entire time.
  • Anyone else thinks that James, Daniel, and Allison wearing togas is really funny?
  • Daniel summarizing how the first Punic War started.
    All because of some idiots getting bored in Sicily.
  • The latest episode of 'games you may not have tried' which... well contains a mix of funny and disturbing, just take a look.
  • Daniel recreating what the meeting would've looked and sounded like for the "punch to the gut moment" for the third Call of Duty MW game complete with an audible high five.
  • "Quest Design (part 1)" has Lee-Lee being the girl who dropped off the clip, with her going "Later bitches" and then screaming "You all suck!!!" as she falls.
  • The Comedic Games episode had some pretty funny gifs which were relevant.
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