Funny: Extra Credits

  • In the episode 'Project Ten Dollar', Allison decides she's had enough and attacks Daniel with a pencil eraser, causing the episode to end due to "technical difficulties".
  • "Video Games and Learning", a pre-Escapist episode, starts with Daniel asking the audience to stay, in spite of it being about learning. At the end, he comments:
    Wow, you guys are still here. (laughs) See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Worth sticking around for? (beat) Well, come on! We can't talk about sex every time!
  • From symbolism 101— "These rolls are fantastic!"
    • Also, when mentioning yet another potential future topic — "You know, you could probably make a really dangerous Drinking Game out of the number of times we say that."
  • Daniel playing with puppets in their episode on Anonymous.
  • The first question asked in Mailbag 5.
  • When explaining the Uncanny Valley, his example of a robot that's human enough to hit the other side of the valley is... Keanu Reeves.
  • This pre-Escapist episode. James sets up his own podium next to Daniel for the episode, and just after he clears his throat... Daniel swipes his papers away from him and goes on with it. And then after he reads the subject out loud, James throws his podium at Daniel.
  • In the horror protagonist episode Daniel is wearing... a Teddie costume.
    • It gets funnier as no one could hear what he said, and after Allison told him that, he removed the head, scaring Lee Lee. Afterwards, he threw the head at her. She catches it, the same look glued to her face the entire time.
  • Anyone else thinks that James, Daniel, and Allison wearing togas is really funny?
  • Daniel summarizing how the first Punic War started.
    All because of some idiots getting bored in Sicily.
  • The latest episode of 'games you may not have tried' which... well contains a mix of funny and disturbing, just take a look.
  • Daniel recreating what the meeting would've looked and sounded like for the "punch to the gut moment" for the third Call of Duty MW game complete with an audible high five.
  • "Quest Design (part 1)" has Lee-Lee being the girl who dropped off the cliff, with her going "Later bitches" and then screaming "You all suck!!!" as she falls.
  • According the episode on Hidden Object Games, James has a habit of kicking Daniel's door down when he gets an idea for an episode.
  • The Comedic Games episode had some pretty funny gifs which were relevant.
  • The "So You Want To Be An Indie" episode has Lee Lee and Scott spray an indie dev with an unrealistic budget plan with water spritzers like a naughty cat.
  • Apparently on Czar Alexanders coronation day, thirteen-hundred people died because there wasn't enough beer and pretzels... at least according this
    • And in the same video, right at the end... a sandwich was involved at some point in the war... this Troper has no idea how much of this is actually made for the sake of lightening the mood or if it's real.
    • It's real. Apparently the assassin was just so happening to be eating a sandwich when Franz Ferdinand's motorcade passed on by. We can guess what happened after that.
    • And in the episode itself, while in events destined to be tragic... the delivery of one line can make one chuckle. "Holy S**t is that the Archduke?"
    • Apparently one of the assassins tried to escape, only to land in a four-inch deep puddle of water injuring his leg in the process. Desperate to avoid capture, he bit down on some poison, but it had lost its potency to the point where instead of killing him, it reduced him to a vomiting fit so the guards simply walked down to arrest him. If the whole situation hadn't been so tragic and heartbreaking, his attempted escape would've been a candidate for a top 10 hilarious would-be escapes list.
    • The episode features a few rather amusing sight gags. An equipment malfunction is shown by the annoyed assassin pulling the trigger only to discover he has a "Bang!" Flag Gun, with an expression of pinched annoyance. Later, the Archduke's anger about 'visiting museums while bombs go off' is represented by the Archduke and Duchess cowering under an umbrella while Bob-Ombs bounce off and explode around them—an amusing reminder that the EC crew usually deals in video games.
  • From Big Bad 1, a list of mechanics villains that represent pure evil: The Enchantress, Chaos, Lavos, Maleficent, Tom Nook!
  • Also from Big Bad 1, Daniel announces a new artist taking LeeLee's place: Dan #3. Where's your One Steve Limit now?
  • In Extra History: World War I - Chapter 4, the Austrian army is depicted as not at all ready for war, unaware of who they're even supposed to attack. This confusion is represented by a list of amusingly disjointed pseudo-commands consisting of works with 'attack' in the name, including Attack on Titan, Attack the Block, and Massive Attack.
    • In the episode depicting the events right after the assassinations, one of sketches has an Austrian diplomate throwing his suitcase into the air, only for it to come back down and bounce harmlessly off his head.
    • From the same video, their depiction of a 'wild, harebrained solution that will surely fix everything' is represented by their beleaguered artist on a deadline crunch...summoning a bunch of kittens to help him in his drawing. The best he gets with the idea is one kitten maybe helping byb keeping his stylus upright, with the others being a mixture of annoyance and cute.
    • Maybe a YMMV moment, but I found it amusing that while Daniel is busy narrating the Austrian war minister's response to the request for war with Serbia, he's doing so in a calm, cool, collected voice. Meanwhile the picture has the Austrian war minister suddenly twice as tall as the messenger, visibly screaming at the top of his lungs while the poor messenger can only cower with his hands up in the air.
    • Lampshaded with the first assassin of the Archduke, where he breaks his leg jumping into a 4 inch deep river and then puking due to a bad suicide pill. As Dan put it, if it wasn't for the graveness of the situation, it would be extremely comical.
  • In "Do games matter less than other media", Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel fame lets himself in and hijacks the speech while Dan wonders what's going on. Mike leaves, inviting Dan onto Idea Channel because Mike feels too "squiggly" in Extra Credits style.
    What just happened?
  • Their episode on Easy Games has yet another amusing visual metaphor for how understanding the rules of a game can allow a player to reduce a difficult problem or high demands into more manageable chunks. This is depicted as first one of their loosely drawn stickmen in his underwear challenging a sabertooth tiger to a more normally drawn person with a wooden stick versus a cougar. They immediately follow this up by noting that this doesn't guarantee that the player will easily overcome the chunks of the problem. This is depicted as the same person fleeing in a panic from the now—angry cougar, which on its own is hilarious in an Exit, Pursued by a Bear fashion, especially with the implication being that his attempts to hit it with the stick were not successful in the slightest.
  • "Video Game Ratings Systems" has hypothetical reasons for an M-rated game presented thusly:
    No seriously
    It's yuckers
  • During the second part of the exploration of the Sengoku Jidai, there's a little excursion to admit they aren't accurate about the most important figures' names, because there are so many of them due to the cultural habit of renaming oneself as one got more powerful. This is represented visually by Oda Nobunaga evolving into a robotic version of himself Dual Wielding Laser Swordss. Named Nobunagatron.
    • On a similar note, Nobunaga gets one during his Magnificent Bastard moment when Ashikaga Yoshiaki gives him moral reason to invade Kyoto. The smile on his face, combined with Extra Credits' impersonation of his promise to Ashikaga.
    • The one small problem with Asikaga Yoshiaki being installed as Shogun? Asikaga Yoshiaki actually believing that meant that he was going to get to actually be Shogun.
    • In Part Three: When Nobunaga was betrayed and nearly got assassinated, the visual depictions of his growing rage ends with an image of him Hulking out and a caption reading 'NOBUNAGA SMASH!' above him.
    • The whole sequence also had Dan point out that Oda was literally angry enough to kill his brother in law; it was not a hyperbole in the slightest.
    • Ashikaga apparently had a profile in 'Samuraibook' where he set up an arrangement with the other clans to help him overthrow Nobunaga.
  • Dan's description in Spectacle Creep of what might have happened during the board meeting that lead to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's "punch to the gut moment."
    Developer 1: Alright, guys, we're stuck. How do we one-up making the player be a terrorist?
    Developer 2: I got nothing.
    Developer 3: Yeah, me either, that seems pretty big.
    Developer 1: That's it! High-five!
    *This is how game-design works.*
  • In "How to Market Your Game", Dan addresses people who aren't comfortable about marketing their games, i.e. those who might say "Boo, marketing and PR! Boo!" All while an actual Boo slowly approaches him and then turns shy when Dan looks directly at it.