Web Video: PBS Idea Channel

Here's an idea...

The intro.

Started in February 2012, The Idea Channel is a series of weekly videos supported by PBS and hosted on YouTube by Mike Rugnetta. It examines the weird, wacky and fascinating connections between pop culture, technology and art. Basically, its philosophy is bite-sized form, facilitated by millions of references, gifs, funny pictures and an extreme motor mouth.

Every week introduces a new idea, ranging far and wide in topic and scope. For example, take the following video titles; "What Do Santa And Wrestling Have In Common?", "Is YouTube Making Us Smarter?" and "Is A DOS Attack A Weapon?" Each video also has a short minute or so section where a selection of comments are highlighted for further discussion.

Winner of two Webby awards in 2013, for Best Editing and Best Web Personality/Host. Can be found here.