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Jesus was a casul. The Legend never dies!
Dark Souls, having gained considerable popularity through the sheer amount of mouth-to-mouth praise which cemented its status as a step-up from Demon's Souls (leaping from Sleeper Hit to Breakthrough Hit for FromSoftware), is also prone to spawning endless amounts of memes among the fandom. Here is a list detailing them:


  • Prepare to Die Explanation 
  • The difficulty itself is something of a meme. The game is less about being overtly difficult, and more about requiring a specific, patient mindset.
  • Calling the series "Kill Old Men to Sad Music"explanation(spoilers) 
  • Dark Souls logic Explanation 
  • The Hint System has a lot of memes in regards to which messages are left and where, which naturally leak into other forms of online communication
    • You can write stuff that normally wouldn't be appropriate, namely "Need head" and "Try holding with both hands". Case in point. The tradition continues with the sequel, giving us such classics as "Beware of toxic, but hole." and "Praise the sun, and then Praise the sun!"
    • Amazing Chest Ahead. Explanation 
    • In the same vein, prepare to see a similar message in front of Gwyndolin's boss gate: Amazing Trap Ahead.
    • Players in II often put "horse" at complete random, simply because of how baffling it is that the limited vocabulary would include a "horse" phrase in a game with exactly one horse in it (the DLC's have expanded this to two horses and one respawning horse-like enemy).
    • Don't give up, skeleton! Explanation 
    • This then extended to numerous "Skeleton" messages placed throughout Drangleic, as players either offer advice to or congratulate random skeletons that can be found lying on the ground, as though they are a fellow adventurer. Players on discussion boards will also often refer to each other as "skeleton" in reference to the meme.
    • There's also the ubiquitous "Try Jumping" message, which can be used when there's actually something valuable you can get by jumping, or if you just want to trick gullible players into falling to their death.
  • Never alone. Explanation 
  • This game is just like Dark Souls/reminds me of Dark Souls! Explanation 
  • Because the Estus Flask somewhat resembles a bottle of Sunny Delight and its animation is ambiguous due to model limitation (simply being raised to your face when used), it's popularly depicted in fanart as a bottle of Sunny D that one uses by pouring on their face.
  • Let's stare at bricks for 20 minutes.Explanation 
  • Invaded the world of This Troper as a dark spirit. / Invaded by dark spirit That Troper. Explanation 
  • WaifusExplanation 

Dark Souls I

  • Pretty much anything to do with Solaire and the Warriors of Sunlight really stands out:
    • Jolly Cooperation! Explanation 
    • "If only I could be so grossly incandescent!" Explanation 
    • Praise the Sun! Explanation 
      • "Y" Explanation 
      • \[T]/ Explanation 
  • The tits are a lie. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • The Bonewheel Skeletons, infamous for their deadliness, speed, and most of all, the overwhelming surprise that comes with encountering them for the first time. Most jokes play as a patch introducing absurd situations involving them such as adding ten or so to a boss fight or placing them in extremely tight spaces (like this, for example).
  • 387, from a video mocking a player doing PVP in the forest, which has no Soul Level restrictions. It's an absurdly high level to PVP with, since the community favors staying in the 100 to 125 range, if not lower.
  • While not originating from Dark Souls, "Touch fluffy tail" was readily borrowed from the Monster Girl Quest fandom in association with Priscilla. This then sprung forward to other instances of one's fascination with a Cute Monster Girl's tail in various media.
  • Relatedly, Priscilla's line when you reach her — "This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind" is infamous for evoking a Flat "What." reaction from players, who had just fought through that "peaceful" land. Case in point.
  • The number of nicknames for Smough and Ornstein has become a meme, with fans trying to outdo each other in picking more creative and memorable name pairs for the duo.
  • "The Legend Never Dies". Explanation 
    • "Wat r u, casul?" Explanation 
    • "Wt ring u got bithc?" crops up an awful lot as well. note 
    • "POWER UP THE BASS CANNON... FIRE!" Explanation 
    • "Well? What is it?!" Explanation 
    • "I GOT BACK UP AND PWNED HIM." Explanation 
    • For those that don't know, here's the basics for a Giantdad.
  • THE WALL Explanation 
  • NOPE. Explanation  Further elaboration in video form (first one and a half minutes).
  • Tarkus is better at this game than you. note 
  • Can't stop the Rock. Explanation 
  • You were indicted. Explanation 
  • When I'm Gravelord'n. Explanation 
  • As a crossover meme with Quad City DJs remixes, there's this, with an overabundance of parodied dialogues in the comment section.
  • "Neat" and "Nito" puns are on the rise. note 
  • Ravelord Nito is a popular joke depiction of the Lord of Death, formed by just dropping the "G" from his title of Gravelord.
  • I NEED GRAVITY. Explanation 
  • "Kill the dogs first."Explanation 
  • "He stuck his crystal halberd in her gaping dragon." Explanation 

Dark Souls II

  • Gavlan wheel, Gavlan deal. Explanation 
    • With Gavlan, you wheel? You deal...
  • BEARER SEEK SEEK LEST Explanation 
  • "Don't pull the lever!" Explanation 

Dark Souls III

  • Bonfires are the hardest enemy in the series. Explanation 
  • Best Ass in the Boreal Valley Explanation 
  • Catacombs Ledge Mimic is the real MVP!Explanation 
  • Skeleton Gank SquadExplanation 
  • Christmas in YharnamExplanation 
  • Knights give this game a thumbs up!Explanation 
  • Darth Sulyvahn Explanation 
  • While most often in-game Mound Makers players tend to play very similarly to normal invaders, their reputation as the "Mad" covenant leads to quite a few depictions of them being shown as nearly suicidal Stupid Evil.
  • That no pickle-pee. That no pump-a-rum.Explanation 
    • For some reason, the unseen crow is often drawn by fan artists as a Papi-like harpy.
  • Gives me conniptions. Explanation 
  • "Working as intended." Explanation 
  • An ascended meme of sorts: Priscilla from the first game is fairly popular enough for players to wish she had her own covenant, which is reflected in the Priscilla-tan doujinshi. Come the third game, and Yorshka's Darkmoon Blades is the closest we'll ever get to an actual Priscilla-tan covenant.

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