Trivia / Dark Souls

Each Dark Souls game has its own trivia page:

For the series in general:

  • God Never Said That: Fans of both Berserk and the Souls games often talk about Berserk being a primary, or even the inspiration of Souls based on an interview where Miyazaki acknowledged that he is a Berserk reader, but that's probably a big exaggeration. For example, after mentioning Berserk in that interview he attributes most of his inspiration for the Souls games to his collection of Western Tabletop RPGs and Fantasy Literature, as well as the earlier FromSoftware game series King's Field and the Fighting Fantasy game books. He does say in the same interview that when Art Designer Masanori Waragai showed him his Catarina armor design, he felt reminded of Bazuso from Berserk and thought that old design was appropriate for Siegmeyer's character concept, but this is one of the few parallels or Shout Outs he has actually acknowleded. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that Berserk has had some influence on the games, such as when he acknowledged that the greatsword artes and playstyle in Dark Souls 3 were inspired by Guts, but fanon tends to blow it out of proportion and treat Souls as if it were practically Berserk with the serial numbers filed off.
  • Follow the Leader: Ever since its popularity, many games have tried to emulate the franchise's style; aesthetics, Dark Fantasy setting, weighty combat design, "tough-but-fair" difficulty, etc. It's gotten to the point where "Souls-like" is almost a genre of its own, much like Rogue. On a wider scale, the Souls series has lead to many more developers embracing higher difficulty in general after many years of lowering difficulty for the sake of accessibility.