Trivia: Extra Credits

  • Channel Hop: From YouTube to The Escapist, back to YouTube, to PATV, and finally to YouTube again.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • In the Non-Combat Gameplay episode, they talked about how James started playing Echo Bazaar. Later that day, Echo Bazaar broke.
    • In the Amnesia and Storytelling episode, Dominions 3 was cited as an example of using mechanics to fill in the player on the backstories of the units. Who wants to wager that there's been an upswing in the number of people playing Dominions 3?
    • This is the point of the "Games you might not have tried" episodes.
    • Averted In the episode on Propaganda, where they very clearly tried to not do this, giving the names of some particularly heinous games but not linking them and encouraging people not to go looking so as to not give these people the hits.
    • They also gave a Shout-Out to Moviebob for plugging them.
    • Dan's guest appearances in the British podcast Digital Gonzo (currently known as Digital Drift) boosted its downloads rate significantly.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: After all of the episodes were deleted from The Escapist, there was a period of several weeks when there wasn't anywhere they could be seen legally. Needless to say, their "Piracy" episode hit a lot closer to home. The resulting moral dilemma was averted after all of their old episodes were added to PATV.
  • Promoted Fanboy
    • One day, Daniel Floyd decided that he wanted to do a report on video games and storytelling. But rather than do a Powerpoint, he put together a video that cited Zero Punctuation as inspiration, and the very first Extra Credits (though the name came much later) video was born. Some time later, he's one of Yahtzee's coworkers and James occasionally participates in debates with him.
    • A few other examples: Many of the guest artists are Real Life friends of the others and industry insiders, including LeeLee, but all are fans of the show. While detaching her own webcomic Name Game from The Escapist, LeeLee became a rotation artist for EC, since Theus has been unpredictable.
    • Also happened to the founding members of Extra Curricular. Some cases of Shoot the Dangerous Minion ensued behind the scenes, as detailed here.