Characters: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

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    Fafner Pilots (original series) 

Kazuki Makabe

Voiced by: Makoto Ishii (Japanese), Johnny Yong Bosch (English, series), Micah Solusod (English, Heaven and Earth)

Main character of the Fafner TV series, as well as The Movie, Heaven And Earth, and pilot of the Mark Elf. And later, Mark Sein.
  • Bishōnen
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Shoko, Maya, and Canon all have feelings for him, and he's completely oblivious to it.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Really takes after his mother and not a shred of his father's masculinity.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: In the movie, because his assimilation process is so far gone, there's a big chance that he'll be assimilated within minutes of piloting the Mark Sein. This along with essentially being removed for most of the last part of the movie, prevents him from piloting and easily defeating the Festum army, leaving the defense of the island to his friends.
  • Handicapped Badass: By the end of the TV series, he's nearly blind. In the movie, his assimilation process has reached the point where if he pilots the Mark Sein for more than a few minutes, there's a high chance he'll be completely assimilated. As of Exodus he can see again, but the assimilation phenomenon is still wreaking havoc on his body, leaving him with only 3 years to live.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Soushi. Arguably.
  • The Hero
  • I Just Want to Be Normal
  • I Will Wait for You: Says this to Soushi at the end of the first season, and again in the movie.
  • Legendary in the Sequel: In Exodus, Narain claims that Kazuki is considered a hero by the New U.N. Fafner pilots for his actions in the final battle of the original series. Kazuki himself seems a little put off by the admiration that Jonathan, Billy, and Ai give him when they meet him.
  • Midseason Upgrade: From the Mark Elf to the Mark Sein.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: Goes on one immediately after Soushi is kidnapped by the Festum. It doesn't work.
  • Stepford Smiler: Both in the original TV series and the movie. He gets better. Maybe.
  • Tears of Joy: At the end of the movie.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: Scratching out Soushi's eye scarred him so much that he blocked out the reason as to why he did it, leaving him only with the memory that he had done it.
  • Worf Had the Flu: In the movie, he sortied to face a Sphinx-type Festum, which quickly mutated into a new Aeolus-type, which is capable of mimicing and using human weapons, including Fafner weaponry. Kazuki ended up having an extremely difficult time, mainly because his assimilation process started up and he was struggling to fight back from being assimilated.

Maya Toomi

Voiced by: Marika Matsumoto (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)

Eventual pilot of the Mark Sieben.

Shoko Hazama

Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki (Japanese), Tiffany Gayle (English)

Pilot of the Mark Sechs.

Koyo Kasugai

Voiced by: Miyu Irino (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)

Pilot of the Mark Vier.

Sakura Kaname

Voiced by: Satomi Arai (Japanese), Julie Ann Taylor (English, series), Leah Clark (English, Heaven and Earth)

Pilot of the Mark Drei.

Kenji Kondo

Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi (Japanese), Lex Lang (English, series), Austin Tindle (English, Heaven and Earth)

Pilot of the Mark Acht.
  • The Chick: When piloting a Fafner most of the time.
  • Cowardly Lion: Despite his cowardice, he can actually get a job done.
  • The Medic : In Exodus.
  • Miles Gloriosus: He talks up a big game because he believes it'll help him pick up girls, but when he actually pilots his Fafner he's constantly screaming that he's scared and wants to go home.
  • Ship Tease: With Sakura.
  • The Smart Guy: In the movie, surprisingly enough.

Mamoru Kodate

Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese), Tony Oliver (English)

Pilot of the Mark Funf.
  • The Big Guy: Shares the role with Sakura in the series.
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Declaration of Protection: Screams that he's going to protect everyone before impaling a Festum and himself.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When a Festum pins everyone down, he picks it up and impales it along with his own Fafner on Mark Sein's sword. His cockpit is crushed from being caught in the Festum's explosion, but he's happy that he saved his friends.
  • Hot-Blooded: As Goubain.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Cause of death.
  • Split Personality: He develops a second personality when he's piloting his Fafner. He puts on his Goubain mask, becomes hot-blooded, and kicks total ass, but once you take off his mask, he reverts back to Mamoru and forgets everything he's done as Goubain.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: As Goubain, he acts just like a stereotypical Super Robot pilot and keeps using tactics that are just plain suicidal, believing that a strong heart will save the day and all that jazz. Too bad he's in an extra-bleak Real Robot anime.

     Alviss Staff 

Soushi Minashiro

Voiced by: Kohei Kiyasu (Japanese), Steve Staley (English, series), Josh Grelle (English, Heaven and Earth)

Controller of the Siegfried System. Was the designated pilot of Mark Ein, as shown in Right Of Left, but couldn't due his previous eye injury.

  • Bishōnen: Of the Long-Haired Pretty Boy variety.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady
  • Eye Scream: He has a scar over his left eye and it's implied that he's blind from it. Kazuki did it to him when they were children for some reason. Kazuki did it to save his life. He was getting assimilated.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Kazuki. If not something more.
  • I Shall Return: Says this to Kazuki at the end of the first season, and again in the movie. He finally does.
  • Kuudere: Type 1, big time.
  • Mission Control
  • Nerves of Steel: Required of him while he's operating the Siegfried System, as any show of emotion could negatively impact the pilots.
  • No Social Skills: He has no clue of how to do casual conversation. See the episode where he takes Kazuki into his bedroom.
    Soushi: This vending machine is 11 steps from my bedroom. It's really convenient.
    Kazuki: ...You're really awkward, aren't you?
  • Non-Action Guy
  • Sand In My Eyes: Happens when Kazuki returns to the island and declares that he finally understands Soushi. Soushi is moved to tears, but when Kazuki asks him about it he brushes it off as nothing.
  • The Smart Guy: In the original series.
  • The Spock: The rational one among the younger cast.
  • The Stoic: Is generally this, but slips into Not So Stoic when Kazuki returns to the island, and again at the end of the movie.
  • When He Smiles: In the movie.

Fumihiko Makabe

Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English, series), Brian Mathis (English, Heaven and Earth)

Commander of Alviss and Kazuki's father.

Kouzo Minashiro

Voiced by: Joji Nakata (Japanese), ??? (English)

Soushi's father.

Chizuru Toomi

Voiced by: Emi Shinohara (Japanese), Kate Higgins (English, series), Luci Christian (English, Heaven and Earth)

Maya and Yumiko's mother and grandmother of Miwa in the movie.

Yumiko Toomi-Hino

Voiced by: Yukana (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English, series), Cynthia Cranz (English, Heaven and Earth)

Maya's older sister and Chizuru's first daughter, as well as Miwa's mother.

Yoko Hazama

Voiced by: Nanaho Katsuragi (Japanese), Jane Alan (English, series), Lydia McKay (English, Heaven and Earth)

Shoko's mother by adoption, and Canon's in the movie.
  • Replacement Goldfish: After Shoko dies, Koyo's dog Chocolat likely becomes this to her.
    • Canon as well, later in the series.

Masahiro and Ryoko Kasugai

Voiced by (Masahiro): Tomoya Kawai (Japanese), Doug Stone (English)
Voiced by (Ryoko): Shoko Tsuda (Japanese), Jessica Gee (English)

Koyo's parents by adoption.
  • Jerkasses: They only care about Koyo as a potential boost to their reputation, and when they think he has failed his "purpose" (i.e. falling into a coma from being semi-assimilated), they quickly want to ditch him and get another child who won't become a "loser" by their standards. What do they do when they're refused? Try to freaking kill him.
  • Put on a Bus: They're expelled from the island after trying to kill Koyo and aren't seen again.

Kiyomi Kaname

Voiced by: Shizuka Ishikawa (Japanese), June Ellis (English, series), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English, Heaven and Earth)

Sakura's mother.

Seichiro Kamame

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese), ??? (English)

Sakura's father.

Ayano Kondo

Voiced by: Sakiko Tamagawa (Japanese), Barbara Goodson (English)

Kenji's mother.

Chisato Kodate

Voiced by: Ai Satou (Japanese), Jessica Gee (English, 1st voice), Wendee Lee (English, 2nd voice)

Mamoru's mother.

Tomotsu Kodate

Voiced by: Akimitsu Takase (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English, series), Chuck Huber (English, Heaven and Earth)

Head Mechanic of the Fafners and Mamoru's father.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: After Mamoru's death. He hasn't gotten over it at the start of the movie, probably because his wife is dead, too.
  • Give Him a Normal Life: He tries to give his son a happy childhood by making manga.

Yukie Kariya

Voiced by: Yoko Soumi (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)

Kyouhei Mizoguchi

Voiced by: Takaya Hashi (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook (English, series), Chris Rager (English, Heaven and Earth)

Ikumi Nishio

Voiced by: Hisako Kyouda (Japanese), June Ellis (English, series), Juli Erickson (English, Heaven and Earth)

Grandmother of Rina and Akira, as revealed in the movie.

Cheremy Lee Marcy

Voiced by: Aya Endo (Japanese), Anastasia Munoz (English)

A former member of the New U.N. introduced in Heaven and Earth who, along with Ian, defected to Tatsumiya at the same time as Michio and Canon.

Ian Kamp

Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma (Japanese), Andrew Chandler (English)

A former member of the New U.N. introduced in Heaven and Earth who, along with Cheremy, defected to Tatsumiya, at the same time as Michio and Canon.

     New U.N. 

  • Red Shirt: Pretty much anybody piloting the U.N.'s mass produced Fafner, the Gnosis-type.

Michio Hino

Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (Japanese), Jack Bauer (English)

New U.N. pilot of the Fafner Megatherion-type and Yumiko's former boyfriend. Goes back to Tatsumiya, his birth-place, and helps defend it from the Festum. Also ties things back up with Yumiko. Later pilots the Mark Ein.

Canon Memphis/Hazama

Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese), Megan Hollingshead (English, series), Morgan Garret (English, Heaven and Earth)

New U.N. pilot of the Fafner Babylon-type. Eventually becomes an inhabitant of Tatsuymiya Island under the care of Yoko and pilots Sakura's Mark Drei near the end of the series. Is officially adopted by Yoko by the time of Heaven and Earth. Starts out still piloting the Mark Drei before becoming the first pilot of the new Mark Dreizehn.
  • The Big Girl: In the movie.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Near the end, she starts developing feelings for Kazuki, which both Sakura and Michio figure out. Because of her upbringing and lack of social skills, she has no idea how to talk to him. As of the movie, it remains unresolved.
  • Death Seeker: Was relieved at the concept of being killed as part of a suicide order by the New U.N. to destroy Tatsumiya Island.
  • Happily Adopted: By the time of the movie.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Defects from New U.N. to Tatsumiya.
  • Midseason Upgrade: Takes over piloting the Mark Drei when Sakura's out of commision.
    • She's shown still piloting it in Heaven and Earth's first battle, before she upgrades to the Mark Dreizehn, and Sakura reclaims the Mark Drei.
  • No Social Skills: Constantly takes suggestions for orders due to having spent so much time in a military environment. The first time she has to make one, she has a near mental breakdown.
  • Sixth Ranger: Alongside Michio in the original series.

Mitsuhiro Bartland

Voiced by: Katsuji Mori (Japanese), Doug Stone (English)

Maya and Yumiko's father and Chizuru's ex-husband.

Yoji Hino

Voiced by: Jurota Kosugi (Japanese), Chris Kent (English)

Michio's father.

Narain Wiseman-Bose

Voiced by: Ryuzaburo Otomo

A general in the New U.N. who joins forces with the residents of Tatsumiya.

Jonathan Mitsuhiro Bartland

Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Leader of the New U.N.'s Perseus team of Fafner pilots appearing in Exodus. He joins forces with Tatsumiya Island along General Narain.

Billy Morgan

Voiced by: Masakazu Morita

Fafner pilot for the New U.N. appearing in Exodus who also joins forces with Tatsumiya Island.

Aishwarya "Ai" Fein

Voiced by: Megumi Han

Another Fafner pilot for the New U.N. appearing in Exodus. She joins forces with Tatsumiya Island alongside General Narain, Jonathan, and Billy.


Mjolnir/Akane Makabe

Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Lynn Fischer (English, series), Jennifer Seman (English, Heaven and Earth)

A Master form Festum who takes the appearance of Akane Makabe, Fumihiko's wife and Kazuki's mother.
  • Heel-Face Turn
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In the movie, she understands Akane's love for Tatsumiyajima, and willingly gives her life to protect Tsubaki's reincarnation and Seri.


Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English)

Another Master form Festum. Eventually steals the Mark Nicht from the New U.N.
  • Big Bad: As close to one as the original series had.
  • Grand Theft Prototype: How he acquires the Mark Nicht.
  • You Will Be Assimilated: As a Festum, he's capable of this. Tries this on Kazuki and the Mark Sein at the end of the TV series, which only gets 'him' assimilated in turn.

Misao Kurusu

Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese), Joel McDonald (English)

A Master form Festum, and a major character in Heaven and Earth. Pilots the Mark Nicht near the end of the movie.

  • Anti-Villain: He truly wants peace between humans and Festum, and is trying everything he can in hopes that it can happen. However, he doesn't dare go against the wishes of the Festum's Mir.
  • Soul Jar: He's holding and protecting Soushi's existence within himself.

     Fafner Pilots (Right of Left

Ryo Masaoka

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese)

Hero of the TV special, Right of Left. Pilots a Titan Model.

Yumi Ikoma

Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese)

Heroine of Right of Left. Also pilots a Titan Model.

Karin Kuramae

Voiced by: Akiko Kimura (Japanese)

Designated pilot of the Mark Zwei.
  • Ascended Extra: Only appeared in one scene in the original series.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Was briefly seen in the first episode before quickly getting killed by a Festum.

     Fafner Pilots (Heaven and Earth) *SPOILERS* 

  • Ascended Extra: All of them (except Akira, as he was not in the series). They were just a bunch of regular school kids previously.
  • Sixth Ranger: All four of them.

Hiroto Douma

Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English, series), Chris Burnett (English, Heaven and Earth)

Inherits Mamoru's Mark Funf in the movie, as well as his Gobain mask.

Seri Tatekami

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Megan Hollingshead (English, series), Jad Saxton (English, Heaven and Earth)

Pilots the Mark Zwelf in Heaven and Earth.

Rina Nishio

Voiced by: Ryōko Shiraishi (Japanese), Mela Lee (English, series), Jamie Marchi (English, Heaven and Earth)

Pilots the Mark Neun in Heaven and Earth, and later co-pilots the Zero Fafner alongside her twin brother, Akira.

Akira Nishio

Voiced by: Yuuki Kaji (Japanese), Ben Bryant (English)

Rina's twin brother introduced in Heaven and Earth. Starts out piloting the Mark Zehn, and later the Zero Fafner with his sister.

     Fafner Pilots (Exodus) *SPOILERS* 

Mimika Mikagami

Voiced by: Yui Ishikawa

An energetic young girl appearing in Exodus who admires Goubine (and Hiroto) to whom Hiroto gives Mamoru's Goubine helmut to.

Reo Mikado

A young boy in Exodus who gives brings homemade cake at the cafe Kazuki works at.

Sui Kaburagi

Voiced by: Kensho Ono

Middle school Student Council President who seems to have a crush on an oblivious Rina.

     Other Characters 

Tsubaki Minashiro

Voiced by: Tamaki Nakanishi (Japanese), Mela Lee (English, series), Kristy Kang (English, Heaven and Earth)

Soushi's younger sister and the core of Tatsumiya Island.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Re-enters the core of Tatsumiyajima and fully merges with the Mir in order for it to fully understand life and death.
  • Hesitant Sacrifice: Right before entering the core, Tsubaki breaks down and laments that she doesn't want to die and that she wants to live. However, she recovers and goes through with it, knowing that it will not only save everyone on the island, but also hopefully pave the way for eventual peace with the Festum.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child

Miwa Hino

Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese), Tia Ballard (English)

Michio and Yumiko's daughter, Chizuru's grandaughter, and Maya's neice.

  • Psychic Powers: She can read the minds of Festums and not only understand their words, but communicate with them.
    • In Exodus they also allowed her to communicate Emery before the two met face-to-face for the first time.

Emery Almond

Voiced by: Rio Sasaki

A young girl found by General Narain in Exodus. He takes her with him to Tatsumiya, where she meets Miwa in person after making friends with her psychically.

  • [[Psychic Powers: She seems to have similar powers as Miwa, which is how the two became friends in the first place]].