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Creator: Takahiro Sakurai

Describe Takahiro Sakurai here, Troper-han!


Think of him as a slightly older version of Mamoru Miyano: a handsome guy who also receives handsome guy roles by the truckload. Said handsome guy can be angsty (Cloud), mean (Kanda) or smooth-talking (Kagami). But mostly, he's a guy well-known for his dark Anti-Hero roles. He made one notable exception of playing Suzaku, a guy who would normally be The Hero of a Mecha Show, but this is later subverted. Big time.

In Relationship Voice Actor terms, Sakurai is often partnered with Kenichi Suzumura; the two are good friends in real life, formed a singing duo named R16, and host a radio show together. Both men also work with actress/singer Maaya Sakamoto somewhat often. Thanks in large part to Code Geass, he's starting to form a few connections with Jun Fukuyama. Chris Patton is something of an English equivalent of his—they share a few of the same roles (Fakir in Princess Tutu and Sasame in Pretear) and both are known for the Bishounen they play. Some of his roles has also crossed paths with Yuri Lowenthal (Yuuri Shibuya from Kyo Kara Maoh, Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass, and Haseo from .hack series).

Junichi Sato seems to really enjoy Sakurai's work—he appears in several of the shows Sato has directed, normally as the (take a guess) Troubled, but Cute Bishōnen.

Sakurai also does a lot of roles with vampires; in fact he may even be a vampire fan himself...

He's probably not related to Harumi Sakurai or Masahiro Sakurai.

Notable roles by Takahiro Sakurai:

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Harumi SakuraiVoice ActorsPhilece Sampler

alternative title(s): Takahiro Sakurai
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