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Funny: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor
  • Combines with Crowning Moment Of Awesome. Even this series has one, in the finale after Kazuki and the Mark Sein had been absorbed into the Festum world and it looks like he might get out of it, the Mark Nicht with Idun appears in the real world proclaiming "I'm still here!". Only to be covered in crystals and assimilated by the Sein and Kazuki. Those who hated Idun this comes off as both awesome and funny.
  • When the show manages to slip in a funny moment, it stands out all the more. An example? Well, the episode where Hiroto barricades himself into a classroom, and Kiyome recalls a similar occasion... where Maya's sister Yumiko climbed up the lighthouse and announced to the whole island that she would become an idol singer!
    Maya: Hey, sis, did you really do all that?
    Yumiko(sweating bullets, with a Luminescent Blush): AAAAGH! STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!

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