Awesome: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

Original Series

  • Shouko Hazama getting in the Fafner to fight. She proceeds to absolutely thrash the Festum which was attacking, before tying herself to it and blasting off into the sky, where she proceeds to self destruct, simultaneously destroying her own unit and the Festum, killing herself in a BIG Heroic Sacrifice. Sure, it was also a Tear Jerker, but she did fight valiantly and literally went out with a bang.
  • "Wait for 5 more seconds". You know the scene. Also a CMOH.
  • Most of the cast confessing to tampering with Maya's pilot data.
  • Maya Toumi spends the first two thirds of the series on the sidelines before getting to pilot. When she does, she gets put as a backup, and when she goes into battle for the first time, the rest of the cast is worried about protecting her. In said battle, things start going south when a Festum starts assimilating Sakura - the rest of the cast tries to stop it to no avail...until Maya arrives and nails it with a perfect sniper shot into its weak point. The remaining Festum tries to dive down on Maya from above, and she easily shoots that one down as well. Those at Mission Control are left in awe.
  • Soushi in the final episode:
    "That, Festum, is pain! Would you like to know the name of the tactic I showed you? It's the War Of Attrition! The tactic of enduring pain!"
  • Combines with Crowning Moment of Funny. In the finale after Kazuki and the Mark Sein had been absorbed into the Festum world and it looks like he might get out of it, the Mark Nicht with Idun appears in the real world proclaiming "I'm still here!". Only to be covered in crystals and assimilated by the Sein and Kazuki. Those who hated Idun this comes off as both awesome and funny.
  • Michio's reaction to learning that the New U.N. is planning to blow up Tatsumiyajima. He steals the Megatherion, uses it to tear through the bay where it was held while yelling "I quit the New U.N.!", and flies to the island to join the battle on their side.

Heaven and Earth


  • The debut battle of Reo, Sui and Mimika. Definitely a better first showing than most of their seniors (though the experiences of said seniors probably helped a lot).
    • And the fact that Soushi is taking orders from Sui.
  • Episode 7, the Heroic Second Wind of all the Fafner pilots, coming back from being defeated to Curb-Stomp Battle after they unlock an additional power similar to Mark Sein's.
    • Mark Zwolf, after Seri miraculously came back from the verge of death, holds the Festum with a grapple and finishes it off with a Black Hole attack. You know, the same one used by Granzon.
    • Susanoo gained the power of instantaneous teleportation, which Leo later weaponized to take out the barrier generating Festum, by teleporting to dodge all its attacks and finished off by attacking from 2 directions.
    • Amaterasu gained Not Unlimited Weapon Works, the power to materialize weapons directly from the hangar storage. Later, Sui uses the ability to summon several weapons directly on the Hand Cannon Festum, finishing it off. Archer will be proud of you, Sui.
    • Tsukuyomi gained the power to fire the Aegis Shield even at opponents, trapping them or as a means to attack. It also gained the power to use the Worm Cutter attacks (Which was previously only used by Festums), which Mimika used to take out the four armed Festum, with a In the Name of the Moon speech.
    Mimika: When the Gou sign shines in the mechanical forearm, the inherited soul is an unbreakable sword! Super Ultimate Attack: GOU SPAAAAAARK!!!
    • Mark Neun assimilates 3 Norns turning them into a Wave Motion Gun, which finishes off the Ousia type Festum. The flock that was protecting it? They can't stop the blast and the rest was taken out by the other Norns.
    • All these happened with "Exist" playing in the background.
    • The stare off between all 5 Fafners and the Azazel type, later joined by Mark Sein and Mark Nicht, is truly a sight to behold.
  • In episode 9, Sein and Nicht (out of their limiters) finally get in on the action, and it's every bit as amazing as you'd expect it to be. To put it simply, their arrival turns the entire hopeless battle into a Curb-Stomp Battle in their favor. It must be seen to be believed.
  • In Episode 10 Kazuki and Soushi go all out on the Srinagar's Azazel-type, and though it's less of a Curb-Stomp Battle than the previous episode, and requires a lot of effort, it is even more awesome.
    • Actually, the CMOA of the above should go to that Azazel-type. Given that Sein and Nicht are just too overpowered to those Festum, that Azazel-type manages to shrug off almost all of their attacks with little to no damage, and even heavily damages Sein in the progress; it takes the Combination Attack of the two to destroy it, yet the core still manages to escape.
  • Admit it, in Episode 15 nothing is more awesome than Soushi teleports away from his 2-on-1 fight against another Azazel-type and let loose on the advancing Human Army, warning them to leave by disabling most Fafners with Worm Spheres and Homing Lasers, with zero casualties. Given what happened in the last episode though, you would expect Soushi would simply send them straight into hell.
  • Episode 17 gives us Kazuki finally returns and, together with Canon, takes down the Walker in a truly awesome way. Too bad it's still part of the Bad Future which Canon didn't want.
  • Part-meta, the new Opening sequence since Episode 18 is a combination of CMOA, CMOH and Tear Jerker all at once. They managed to produce an opening animation which links up the past (from Right of Left, original anime and Heaven and Earth), present and the future, while reminding the audience that no sacrifices are left unremembered. It must be seen to be believed.
    • Not just that, the full version of DEAD OR ALIVE includes callbacks and direct lines fromShangri-la, Soukyuu and Exist, literally all the iconic songs from the franchise.
  • Episode 19. "I have managed to saved them, Kazuki." Welcome back, Kouyo.
  • The entire Tatsumiyajima team fight against the Festum in Episode 20, points include Kouyo killing Walker with one sword slice, and Seri literally eat up the Leviathan-type from inside.
    • Kouyo manages to go one-on-one against Walker without his unit being upgraded to Einhenjar Model is a CMOA for him.