Heartwarming: Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor

Original Series

  • When Kazuki returns to the island he tells Soushi that although he listened to what he said and fought, he didn't understand that Soushi himself was suffering along with the rest of them. This causes Soushi to break down into tears and finally agree to cross with Kazuki again.
  • Every single one of the Fafner pilots standing up during Maya's trial and declaring that they were the ones who falsified her data. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Canon and the rest of the kids warming up to each other and sharing Friendship Moments.
  • Sakura and Kenji sharing a moment, with Sakura confirming that she returns his feelings. This swerves into Nightmare Fuel territory; immediately after the scene she collapses to the ground as her mind is assimilated.

Heaven and Earth

  • Kazuki and Soushi's reunion in the movie. This is topped off by Kazuki's eyesight being restored and having Soushi be the first thing he sees again.
    Kazuki: I can see... I can see you!
    Soushi: Thank you, Kazuki. For protecting the island... My place to come home to.
    Kazuki: Welcome home.


  • Kazuki's character development comes across as this. In the original series he was so tormented by what he had done to Soushi that he wished he could just disappear. Compare that to now, where he greatest wish is to live and protect the people he cares about. It also doubles as a Tear Jerker, given the context of the show.
  • While throughout the entirety of the first season Soushi and Kazuki could barely stand to look at each other, they're now comfortable enough with each other to lie side-by-side on a beach and stargaze.
  • Soushi telling Kazuki to have good dreams when he takes a nap on their trip to India, and asking him whether he slept well once he wakes up.