Creator / Kensho Ono
The Japanese voice of Harry Potter.

"Ladies and gentlemen!"

Kensho Ono, born in 1989, has been in the business as a child, being the official Japanese voice for Harry Potter and by extension, the dub voice actor of Daniel Radcliffe. It's probably his best-known role after Tetsuya Kuroko in Kuroko no Basuke; that he also portrays in the stage adaptations, and Hakuryuu Ren in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

Not related to Daisuke Ono or Yuki Ono in any way, although the three of them were in Kuroko no Basuke together.

As of February 2017, it's been confirmed that he's in a relationship with fellow voice actress Kana Hanazawa.

Roles done by Kensho Ono: