Creator / Yuuichi Nakamura

A seiyuu who tends to play Jerks, usually with hearts of gold underneath. He can also, however, stray into just plain Jerkass territory. How much this is dialed up to depends on the role. He is frequently cast as snarky or sullen young men, but his voice range is also flexible enough to do gruffer characters. He also recently played an Occidental Otaku Ascended Fanboy who has an odd fetish for Gundams that became one of the most popular characters in that series.

Recently, he has also often plays caring fathers or older, occasionally younger brothers as a counterweight to his classic roles, especially if the work involves any Brother–Sister Incest or playing with it, as well as stories about a variety of family conflicts. In this case, expect that his character will be cold-blooded and serious.

Not to be confused with live-action actor Yuichi Nakamura, though reportedly the two are friends.

Relationship Voice Actor with Tomokazu Sugita and also his best friend since 2001. Him and Sugita also host a program at AT-X called Tokyo Encounter. It's a good example that he's a Deadpan Snarker in real life. And with Saori Hayami, with whom they at least four times portrayed the relationship between the protagonist and girl who one-sided in love with him, ironically, two of which have Brother–Sister Incest as a central romantic line.

Not related at all to Chie Nakamura.

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Alternative Title(s): Yuichi Nakamura