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...In a nutshell.

Out at Home is a webcomic by Alex Wendzel that started on November 19, 2008. It started as a family Sitcom-style strip, but morphed into a comic about HighSchool-aged Kate Beckett (Not this one) and her best friend Penny O'Brien. The comic combines slice-of-life dialogue and attitude with outlandish, outsized situations and gags. Most of the strips fall into story arcs, sometimes with added audio or video content. Each arc is separated by one-off gags. It's different, as it rarely if ever delves into the emotional and relationship drama featured in most webcomics about teenagers.

The comic is technically done, as the last strip foreshadowed some sort of reboot.

The new comic is called Living to Death.

Out at Home includes examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Andrew Luaertet (the agent in the Appetite for Destruction arc) continually calls Thurman "Thimrod". When corrected the first time, he simply states that Thimrod has more bite and continues to refer to him as Thimrod.
  • Crazy-Prepared: At least Penny has this covered with her alarm clock, on account of her breaking them every morning, just look here.
  • Oblivious to Love: Kate is this in spades during the Prom arc, culminating in this.
  • Precocious Crush: Eddie has a huge one for Penny, starting here.
    Eddie: Penny... she shines as bright as the coin that bears her name.
  • The Power of Love: When trying to get Eddie to do her a favor, Penny uses his crush with an offer of an on-the-mouth kiss. He manages to not only get a 2-hour project he'd expected to be tight done immediately, but also ran it to her side fast enough that even she was shocked.
    Alt Text: You baffle Penny, you're doing something REALLY unusual.