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Octav1us (real name Sarah), formerly known as Octav1us Kitten is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Her YouTube channel sees her cover a wide range of games and games-related hardware, but is slightly slanted towards the 80s and 90s; particularly software and hardware that was popular in Britain during those eras, such as the ZX Spectrum.

Her videos take the form of reviews, retrospectives or guides to certain consoles and home computers, as well as top tens. There's also vlogs showing off video game hauls, playing with newly-acquired hardware and discussing mental health issues.

Her YouTube channel can be found here and her Twitch channel here.

Oh, and she sings her own Theme Song.

    Video list 

Game reviews:

Hardware reviews:

  • Palmtex SuperMicro
  • Barcode Battler
  • Casio Loopy
  • GameTrak
  • Pandora's Box 5
  • Tiger
  • Super Cobra Copter
  • Entex Select-a-Game



7 Days of Scary 2017:

7 Days of Scary 2018:

Rats & Tat

  • 1980s Tomy Water Games Waterfuls
  • Astro Wars 190s Grandstand
  • Tomytronic 3D Games


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