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The skulls on Caretaker Claudia's necklace represent her dead friends, family and coworkers.
By the events of the time skip in "Endless", Claudia may very well be the only member of the original team that's still alive due to being caretaker. The seven skulls on her necklace could symbolize her long-lost friends, specifically Myka, Pete, Artie, Steve, Ms. Frederic, Joshua, Claire and probably H.G. Wells.

Brother Adrian
If Brother Adrian, the real one, and the Black Diamond Brotherhood were trapped who was it that warned Artie about unleashing great evil before he used the Astrolabe? Or was it because he touched the Astrolabe to begin with that
the apparently dead Brother Adrian suddenly starting talking to him about the repercussions of using the artifact?
  • That would explain why he told Artie to keep it a secret from everyone.

Brother Adrian: the more important question
If Brother Adrian never came to South Dakota due to having already been trapped, how did Artie and Pete encounter him in the previous timeline? Nothing Artie did in the new timeline could have resulted in Adrian and the Black Diamond being suddenly trapped. Unless Artie himself traveled out and trapped them to aid his own delusions... yeesh, these writers.
  • Most likely, Artie was the one who trapped them. It explains how Brother Adrian was able to give Artie knowledge in the other timeline he wouldn't have had otherwise (it wasn't Artie's delusion, he just hadn't been trapped yet). Given everything Artie did do while in the Brother Adrian persona (such as arranging for Claudia's brother to relocate and taking artifacts out of the warehouse and shipping them places) it's completely reasonable to think that he could have gone out and trapped the Brotherhood to ensure they couldn't stop him. If not Artie, it would have to be some unknown, never mentioned, character with a knowledge of artifacts and knowledge of the Brotherhood who trapped them. That seems unlikely.

Mrs. Frederic vs Batman
Yes, I know I'm a pathetic nerd for even wondering this, and I really should get a life, but I found myself thinking; does anyone else here think that Mrs. Frederic would probably be able to successfully intimidate Batman?
  • The question isn't who can intimidate the other. Both characters have expressed the ability to feel fear and have at times shown that fear to others. The question is which character would blink first... as in, who can mask their fear of the other better? Frederic or Batman?
  • See the WMG below this one. And this famous image.

Warehouse 13 is run by Cadmus.
And Mrs. Fredric is Amanda Waller.
  • With the obvious exception that Amanda Waller isn't magically linked to Cadmus insomuch that she can't teleport in and out or to the side of whomever is employed there. Also, if Cadmus is destroyed, Waller won't die unless someone targets her for assassination. Aside from all that, Cadmus doesn't collect every weird thing known to the DC universe.

Myka and H.G. Wells are in love.
Or at the very least have some Unresolved Sexual Tension... check out the meaningful glance they gave each other seconds before the warehouse exploded.
  • This is canon, isn't it?
    • Definitely canon. Joanne Kelly confirmed it.
  • Canon on H.G.'s part, Myka's... probably not considering she has a secret crush on Pete.
    • What, she can't be bisexual? After all, when Claudia lightly snarks about all the death in the S4 premiere which included HG, Myka chides her that she watched HG die and that quote: "...sometimes you lose people close to to you. People you love."
      • Nobody said she can't be bisexual, but that's not the same as being in love. "People you love" was more likely a reference to familial love than romantic attraction.
    • Wait, what secret crush?!

Pete and Myka will go on to be famous for something and eventually spawn at least one Artifact
H.G. Wells, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, probably a whole bunch of other historical figures have been Warehouse Agents and architects and while the regents are all Almighty Janitor s it seems that many people leave the warehouse famous for one reason or another.
  • alternately: it will be Claudia since she's already a Gadgeteer Genius like HG was
    • It probably will be Claudia since Mrs. Frederic has implied she's being groomed for something and HG referred to someone she knew as the Claudia of her time. If nothing else, Claudia's free pass in the warehouse is to keep tabs on her.
  • "No Pain, No Gain" reveals that fame isn't a necessity for artifacts to be created. And that Claudia can sense when an artifact is about to be born. So maybe it's someone else.

Warehouse 13 contains the Lost Ark.
The Lost Ark was stored in a large warehouse and it wasn't used during any war etc. Warehouse 13 seems to fit the role of such a warehouse.
  • Then it must also have the Crystal Skull, the Lost Ark remake and James Woods
  • James Woods is not in Warehouse 13. The Regents very likely used a mind-erasing device on him so he would not recall being there.
    • Not necessary. James Woods is a former agent and current Regent of the Warehouse.

Mrs. Fredric is a Time Lady
Or Artie. He even has the pocket watch! (Of course, that might be considered evidence that MacPherson is a Time Lord...)

Alternately, Mrs. Fredric is a stable time-loop older version of Leena.
Seriously, they do vaguely resemble each other, and I've thought a couple of times that Leena MIGHT be Mrs. Fredric's daughter.. but as long as we're Wild Mass Guessing, here...
  • Either Eddie Mc Clintock or Jack Kenny mentioned this theory in the commentary for Time Will Tell. The cast found it interesting, and did not either confirm or deny it.
  • Jossed, now that Mrs. Frederic was killed with the destruction of the Warehouse.
    • Not necessarily Mrs. Fredrick is older than Leena so her death doesn't change anything. If Leena had died it would have been Jossed.
  • Definitely Jossed now. Leena is dead.
    • Or is she? Seriously, we've already had one character return from the dead. There's no reason Leena couldn't come back sometime in the future.
      • Good point. That remains true even past the series' end.

The female H.G. Wells is, despite her claims, NOT the H.G. Wells that wrote those books, but merely a hyper-obsessive fan.
Admittedly this is a thing where MST3K Mantra can certainly be invoked (after all in the Warehouse 13 universe Alice Liddell was a psychopath), but the main problem is that she apparently was bronzed early in the 20th Century ( said that Warehouse 12 closed sometime in WWI, so I'm guessing around there), which would make it impossible for her to have written later books like "Men Like Gods", "The Shape of Things to Come" and "Star Begotten", not to mention much of Wells' socialistic writings. Instead, Wells is a very delusional fan (or perhaps one of HG's many mistresses), a Warehouse agent who, through her own encounters with Artifacts and her constant reading of Wells' books, came to believe herself to be Wells.
  • Then again, wouldn't Artie know about it if H.G. Wells was any of those things? Since there is nothing about it in the manual...
    • It wouldn't be the first time Artie has hid some stuff.
  • This would actually make some sense, as with one or two exceptions Wells' work after the point where Fem!Wells was bronzed started to feature less technology and more social commentary. It could be said that her "brother", not having all the science and inventions, had to abandon that side of the genre to a degree.
  • L. Ron Hubbard continued to write books for many years after he died. There are always forgotten manuscripts and unpublished essays lying around after an author dies which their estate can have published.
    • Played with by H.G. Wells herself. She never claimed to have written the books. In her first episode, she states that her brother wrote the books, she merely provided the science and the inventions.

When you are bronzed, you only have a week or two of consciousness, though it feels like an eternity.
If there is some residual energy left in the bronzed statue and it is all directed at the brain, the brain could perhaps continue to function for a while, but not forever. It would explain why Artie doesn't care about the bronzed people being conscious, but would still allow someone who got bronzed (who have nothing else to do or occupy themselves with) to have a long time to think, as H.G. Wells revealed she had. It would certainly seem like a long time to them, but it is not an And I Must Scream situation.
  • Right. We're dealing with a mythos in which Lucrezcia Borgia's consciousness is transmitted through her jewelry, and a magic teapot spontaneously produces ferrets, but sure, let's draw the line at the notion that the brain can maintain consciousness indefinitely while the body is encased in bronze.
    • Well, yeah, you obviously can't stop age but keep brain activity. Its impossible, unless some brain-life support is in action. Not like anyone cares through...
  • In episode 10 she says she wanted to "awaken in a different world" by getting bronzed, implying that bronzed people are not awake and that indications otherwise are writing mistakes (or else this is an Author's Saving Throw).
  • Not really. Bronzed people aren't standing around watching the world go by. She said she could think, not that she could see. Even if she could, what's there to see? The inside of a box, being transported in a crate to the new Warehouse, minor changes in fashion? It's not a writing mistake of any kind.
    • How is it an Author's Saving Throw? She still woke up in the future and just because that's what she used it for, doesn't mean that's what it is intended for. She didn't know she'd be conscious the entire time and after she went in, she couldn't tell anyone that she was conscious. I'm pretty sure not a lot of bronzed people are de-bronzed, so she could have gone in thinking that she'd just wake up in the future and then found out later, uh-oh, I'm going to be semi-conscious this entire time. How are the two points mutually exclusive?
  • Many times, in science fiction, the notion has been posited that their is an aura of electrical signals throughout the universe that seems to function as relays like the synapses throughout the human brain. Furthermore, at a certain state of consciousness, or rather, unconsciousness, sentient beings (i.e. humans) have the ability to commune with that aura (i.e.
exist: "I think, therefore I am") lending to the theory of not only heaven, but the concept of indefinite consciousness altogether.

H.G. Wells new invention
Is a time machine. When you hear her ranting about how woman were treated in the past, she brings up a time machine. She certainly seems smart enough, had a lot of time to think and could probably pull it off with the Imperceptor (read:cavorite) technology.
  • Confirmed, although it's a mental-only time machine. Also Jossed, as it is in no way new, and wasn't actually part of her plan.

Mrs. Frederic is immortal and was an agent of Warehouse 1
She was affected by artifact that grants immortality.
  • Jossed: She's a caretaker, someone who is linked to a warehouse to keep it 'alive'.

The neutralizer goo is the good ectoplasm from Ghostbusters 2
That is why negative emotions seem to counteract it's neutralizing qualities. And that is also why it turned Pete and Myka from bickering to playful in one quick splash.
  • Jossed. The goo is created by Global Dynamics of Eureka and therefore has no supernatural qualities.
  • AHA! There's another, similar possibility:

The Ghostbusters sold some of their Cursed Artifacts to Warehouse 13 in one of their lean periods
Video game only, but it would make sense for Artie and Mrs. Frederic to want things like Asmodeus' Hotline and the Pin-up Calendar OF DOOM. And, since the game is mostly canon with the films, it seems like this one's ironclad.
  • Amusing, but unlikely. For one there's no way to separate the canon of the Ghostbusters movies from the canon of the game. For another, supernatural events as big as the ones we see in the Ghostbusters franchise would be huge headline news around the world and would spark a decades-long debate about the nature of life, death, and metaphysics in general that would force us to question everything we think we "know" about our world. Yet whenever Pete and Myka are in the field they're always hesitant to even suggest to witnesses or suspects that something supernatural might be going on for fear of being dismissed as kooks.

Loretta and Sheldon from "Mild Mannered" are actually Kaylee and Simon
After the events of Serenity, the crew drifted apart, with the two lovebirds buying their own ship and traveling the black. One day, they happen upon some sort of Negative Space Wedgie, that shunts them into Warehouse 13s verse. It takes a few years for them to adapt to this different reality, but eventually they settle down in Detroit, change their names, and open a pie shop. When Simon finds the trunks, his first instinct is to use them to protect Kaylee, but the trunks, as with many artifacts, have a will of their own, and he finds himself becoming the Iron Shadow, convinced he's still protecting Kaylee by doing this.
  • Not only that but Jillian and Gary from "Duped" are actually Jo Lupo and Claudia's cousin Zane Donovan from Eureka who, for some reason, act... like... completely different people. Well, hey it makes more sense than the Firefly theory since Eureka and Warehouse actually crossover.

MacPherson is not really dead
He is detached from his body at the moment of death by an artifact. He already had a Heel–Face Turn so he will be back and will help.

Mrs. Frederick, after doing a good job of running Warehouse 13, will get a promotion.
She'll end up being put in charge of a super-secret organization dedicated to protecting humanity from Metahumans.
  • Jossed: Mrs Frederick has died after the destruction of Warehouse 13, seemingly due to old age once her caretaking bond with the Warehouse was broken
    • Un Jossed. Mrs. Frederick is alive and well in Season Four.

Mrs. Frederick has a teleportation artifact.
This is how she manages to make such sudden entrances and exits.
  • Specifically, she has an artifact that allows her to turn any doorway into a wormhole.
    • My money's on those glasses.
  • Maybe it's a perk of being a Warehouse caretaker.
    • So the Warehouse itself is the artifact. Maybe 13 is the only warehouse to grant this ability.

A part of Freddie from iCarly's camera, laptop or something on his tech cart is an Artifact.
It's the reason why the webshow gets so so many viewers, and why people think it's so funny. It releases some kind of artifact pulse wave that generates 'happiness' and/or makes anything funny. It may be related to the artifact that caused so many people to die of asphyxiation from being unable to stop laughing. It was probably made by Alan Turing if it's inside or part of the laptop, or John Logie Baird if it's something to do with the camera.
  • Or, more likely, someone you've never heard of.

H.G. Wells is planning to commit Gendercide
She got along well with Myka and Claudia, she's mourning a daughter, and she rants about the treatment of women in the past. So far, the only people she shows feeling for or cooperates with (without killing them) are women.

Warehouse 13 is run by the same Secret Masters that run the SCP Foundation and Warehouse 23
  • Because secret organizations are incestuous like that.
  • Let's add O2STK as well.
  • It's pretty likely, if there are 12 regents that matches the established number of 05 personnel, and Warehouse 13 could be long-term storage for mid-range safes and some of the tamer euclids.

H.G. Wells' daughter is
  • Myka's grandmother. Just because.
    • Jossed, H.G. Wells' daughter is dead. Pete and Myka have seen the corpse.

H.G. Wells will die, do a Face–Heel Turn, or get stranded in the future in the last episode of season 2

The Regents are all Time Lords and the Warehouse is their TARDIS
They fled the Time War, fell through one of those dimensional gateways and ended up here during ancient times. This explains why the Warehouse is bigger on the inside. Every time the Warehouse has changed, they just programmed the chameleon circuit to turn into something new.
  • Jossed: Warehouse 2 is still where it was centuries ago.
  • The Warehouse is set into the side of a hill. Even if that doesn't account for all the total length, some downward movement might.
    • The Warehouse automatically expands into the side of the hill, due to some Einsteinian tinkering.

Many artifacts gain their power from a mixtures of the energies of a person or a group of people after they die and their association with the artifact-to-be and their claim to fame by the general public. This is part of the reason the Bronze Sector exists.
This could explain in-universe why there have yet to be artifacts of the possessions of living people. Artifacts that were actively used in their source time period would have been activated after the creator's death. Dead Artists Are Better, indeed.
  • Gadgets would be similar yet separate from the more supernatural artifacts, allowing tinkerers such as H.G. Wells, Philo Farnsworth, Hugo Miller, Claudia Donovan, etc to work their magic without being six feet under. The artifacts are still in the warehouse because they too unstable for the open use like Farnsworth's Camera/Projector, or because they just have nowhere else to be like Edison's human-powered cart from the pilot.
  • I would like to speculate that there are two kinds of Bronze Sector inmates: Preventatives and Offenders. A Preventative would be a person who would be at risk of crafting a potentially catastrophic artifact that could not be contained. An Offender would be a renegade individual who is in the loop about the Warehouses, such as MacPherson. Bronzing an Offender would indicate that the Regents are giving the subject a chance at parole, or simply because they cannot trust a single move the person could make using conventional prison methods. This troper isn't sure which category H.G. Wells should fall into as of Season 2's 9th episode, especially if she isn't telling the truth about her incarceration. We've yet to hear the Warehouse file version other than "she is a very bad person, much misfortune shall befall us."
  • Perhaps Artifacts are actually Wonders, and being bronzed prevents one's Wonders from becoming Orphans.
    • To clarify, Wonders are tied to the Genius that created them. And when a Genius dies any surviving Wonders of his become sentient, as well as developing terrifying new abilities.
  • It seems a death could cause an artifact, it just has to be an extraordinary moment.
    • There are artifacts from living people floating around out there but they haven't been bagged and tagged because they still belong to those people and the Warehouse doesn't interfere unless the artifact becomes a problem.

The artifact Hitler's Microphone is not an artifact.
The finale is supposed to have that artifact as a focus point, but a neat, if maybe a bit common, twist would be that it actually has no artifact powers at all, but everyone assumes it does, and the ideas they have about what it could do make them too scared to test it, so it just sits there, a totally normal microphone.
  • Hitler's microphone, according to Jack Kenny, gives the speaker mind control powers.

Artifacts were given their power by the Eureka Artifact.
The crossover episodes mean that the Artifact from the early seasons of Eureka exists in the Warehouse 13 universe as well. On Eureka, it has been shown that the Artifact is capable of strong outbursts of energy, and those exposed to the energy of the Artifact can gain immense powers (the two people affected on the show were at close range, the first Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, the second was said to be able to control the "Akashic field" and also exhibited powers like being able to heal others before being separated from the Artifact's energies by a teleporter). It has evidently been buried on Earth for at least millions of years, so if it periodically emitted energy pulses (dampened by rock and distance), it is possible that the people or objects that got hit could have been imbued with some extra sort of knowledge or power (though far less and more limited that the effects of the Artifact at close range). This would explain why most artifacts are connected with people of note (they used their power/knowledge or an affected artifact in their possession to gain fame/notoriety), and why there are so few people working at the Warehouse in modern times (even 40 years ago in "Where and When", you could see other possible collection teams in the background). Previously the Warehouse was a larger organization, but after the Artifact was discovered and contained at Eureka, it couldn't affect as many people, so most of the collection since then is to recover artifacts from before it was discovered, so fewer teams are needed today.

There is one Warehouse for each major civilization in history
Warehouse 2 fell when the Romans conquered Egypt. Warehouse 12 fell when the United States entered and helped win WWI, cementing themselves as the world's dominant superpower. And where was Warehouse 12? England, the dominant power during the colonial era. A rough list (feel free to fill your WMGs for missing sections):
  • Warehouse 1: Macedonia note 
  • Warehouse 2: Egypt
  • Warehouse 3: Rome? note 
  • Warehouse 4: Byzantine Empire.
  • Warehouse 5: Ottoman.
  • Warehouse 6: Spain through the Spanish Inquisition.
  • Warehouse 7: Holy Roman Empire.
  • Warehouse 8: Austrian Empire.
  • Warehouse 9: French Republic.
  • Warehouse 10: Kingdom of Prussia/German Empire.
  • Warehouse 11: Russia
  • Warehouse 12: British Empire
  • Warehouse 13: America
    • I've added some. I'm assuming that they were in places that were over-run or warehouses completely lost after the empire was defeated, absorbed, had regressed from it's former glory or were involved in revolutions or major governmental changes.
      • HG stated she used to work at Warehouse 12, making it extremely likely it was in Britain. Most likely it was shut down during the blitz for fear it would be bombed.
  • Lucky Syfy has this nice list.[]
    • For those who are lazy:
    • Warehouse 1 - Macedonia
    • Warehouse 2 - Egypt
    • Warehouse 3 - Rome
    • Warehouse 4 - Huns
    • Warehouse 5 - Byzantine
    • Warehouse 6 - Khmer
    • Warehouse 7 - Mongols
    • Warehouse 8 - Holy Roman Empire
    • Warehouse 9 - Ottomans
    • Warehouse 10 - Mughal (India)
    • Warehouse 11 - Russia
    • Warehouse 12 - British Empire
    • Warehouse 13 - United States
      • Note that the Huns didn't necessarily hold the Warehouse — the Warehouse is just housed in the region controlled by the most powerful culture at the time. It probably lends some extra protection (for the Warehouse, from outsiders, and for the culture, from artifacts that could make them fall from power). The Regents have controlled the Warehouse ever since it was created in Macedonia.
      • Maybe it MOVED with them. Damn, that'd be AWESOME.
      • It was there only for a very short time, just as long as they were settled in Europe.

There was a Warehouse 0 in Mesopotamia. Alexander the Great destroyed/conquered it when he conquered Persia.
Because it fits. Surely the artifact problem didn't start during the Hellenistic era, and if someone was dealing with it before then, Mesopotamia is the original center of civilization. (Arguably it would have made more sense for it to be in Egypt for some of that time, but we already know the Egyptian Warehouse was during the Ptolemaic dynasty...)
  • The Egyptian Warehouse is also called Warehouse 2.

Myka will return at the beginning of Season 3
Yeah, sure. Myka's leaving forever. Okay.
  • Confirmed as of the season premiere.

MacPherson will be resurrected sometime later in the series.
Artie recently stated that there are ways of doing it, just that it's dangerous to attempt. The trick for the writers will be coming up with a who and a why.

Season 2 was planned by Adwin Kosan and the Regents
The reason HG wasn't bronzed by the regents, was that they knew about her desires/knowledge and use it to retrieve the trident and the location of Warehouse 2. Next season will have Myka finding out at acting outside of the warehouse to find out why.
  • Jossed, although Steve ends up acting outside of Ware House 13 to find out Sykes' plan to destroy the Warehouse.

HG will return in some fashion to act as a Hannibal to Myka's Clarice.
Considering how many ways artifacts allow people to get around and things like the time machine allowing forward and back, it wouldn't be hard for HG to be able to communicate if nothing else.
  • Confirmed, albeit as a one-shot thing to convince Myka to go back to the Warehouse.
  • And then later permanently Confirmed again. (But then not.)

All of the Regents are The Ageless, and there's about one for each iteration of the Warehouse.
That's why the Organization is so top-heavy. The Regents stick around until they die, but putting someone with that sort of experience in a dangerous or even suicidal mission is a horrible, horrible idea. Some of the Regents either have a youthful disregard for their own immortality (like Mrs. Fredericks) and died before they could gain the cautiousness that comes with age, fell into Who Wants to Live Forever? and/or made a Heroic Sacrifice, or were killed in the line of duty. Most of the Regents not fitting the appropriate look for their time period can easily be explained by Magic Plastic Surgery, being a minority of the time, or both.

At least some of the Regents are actually ascended beings.
Hear me out on this one. In the episode "Breakdown", one of the Regents named Theadora disguises herself as a waitress. Oma Desala in Stargate SG-1 is also an extremely powerful being who disguises herself as a waitress. The two look identical to each other, and are played (I think) by the same people.

The Big Bad is gathering a team of Psycho Rangers to oppose our heroes.
It seems that he's interested in hiring a selfish young computer hacker who Claudia herself notes is as skilled as she is. Whether he himself is the counterpart of Artie or Mrs Frederick will remain to be seen.
  • I wholeheartedly support this, and was actually thinking the same thing.
    • Which I suppose makes the FBI lady and the guy who used to be a cop "in another life" the counterparts to Pete and Myka (and Steve too, I suppose)
  • Jossed, more or less Walter was simply hiring people he found useful, and had no issue getting rid of them before they even face their counterpart, including having the hacker killed by a trap in Warehouse 7 when he's done decrypting a file for Walter

All warehouse employees are Alphas.
Pete being tuned to 'vibes' is his power. Pete's alcoholism is his corresponding flaw.
  • Claudia too, with an Alpha Ability similar to Skylar's.
  • Lindsay Wagner's character is going to appear on Alphas.
    • So, tentatively confirmed?
  • Pete inherited his ability from his mother so it is genetic. The abilities the Warehouse people have all seem to be more stable versions of those seen in Alphas. It would make sense for the Regents to know about Alphas earlier than anyone else and over the years recruit those with useful but mostly passive abilities.
  • Their powers are much weaker and less defined than the Alphas. Could it be that they are proto-Alphas or Betas not quite as strong as Alphas because they came before the Alphas in the evolution of man.

Gunpei Yokoi's Game Boy is an Artifact.
Anyone who turns it on loses several hours of time.
  • More accurately, it's not the Game Boy but one of the game's in his collection.

Van Gogh's paintbrush is an artifact
Similar to the one about iCarly above, anyone who paints with the brush will be renowned as a fantastic artist, and everyone who looks at their art will be amazed by it's beauty, even if it's weird. Alternatively, they can paint things to life. But that's too generic.
  • Walt Disney's paintbrush can paint things to cartooney life. It turns out Van Gogh's "Stormy Night" painting is an artifact, so maybe some of his other works are, too.

Warehouse 12 still exists
And is situated under the British Museum. Honestly... do you honestly the British Empire in 1914 would ever let the Americans in charge of something as dangerous as the Warehouse?
  • Except it's not up to the governments of any nation where the Warehouse goes, remember? The Regents make that decision, and they don't report to anyone.
    • Which is why it still exists. They were pissed that the Regents took off for America, so they restarted their copy and are trying to get into Warehouse 13 so they can get full control again. Unlike Warehouse 2, though, they can't actually get the living spirit or whatever it is back online.

Warehouse 13 (and by extension, Eureka and Alphas) takes place in the "Normal Again" world from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Beatrix Potter was the pen name of Anyanka the Vengeance Demon.
Anya/Aud's worst nightmare was something happening to her beloved bunnies. As her experimentation with mycological toxins for vengeance purposes during the increasingly technological Edwardian era turned back on her, giving her nightmares about her bunnies being put in dangerous situations, harmed, and worse, her fear evolved from bunnies being harmed with her unable to help into a fear of the bunnies themselves (a sort of Pavlovian response).

Magic clearly hasn't overrun the world in Normal Again as it had in the Wishverse and the "What if Buffy died" verse, so the bureaucratic confusion amongst various government agencies ensures that the Secret Service and DCIS are unaware of the Watchers and the Slayer, and the British are still ticked about Warehouse 12 being moved so the Slayer and most Watchers don't know of the existence of the Warehouse. Most of the creators of artifacts put their own brand of energy into the artifacts by the focus and near-ritualistic repetition of what they did (see: witchcraft and its demon-worshipper equivalents), strengthened (or even changed outright) by their public image. Alphas are probably unrelated to magic, and more closely tie into the Mad Science of Eureka and Warren Mears.

As for the thing in Sector 5? It is (among other things) the heaven-dimension equivalent of a Hellmouth. Beauty, comfort, energy, and a Mad Science field come from it the same way dark feelings, demons, and an increased magical field come from the Hellmouths.

The characters of Warehouse 13, Eureka, Alphas and Haven will all be involved in an Avengers-esque team-up.
Of these shows, only Haven hasn't been canonically confirmed as part of the Syfy-verse, even though it has a lot of natural links to both Warehouse 13 and Alphas.
  • Doubtful that characters will show up from Eureka. Possibly Fargo and Holly, but that's it.

Jinks will end up being The Mole in the Big Bad's organization
It seems like he's obviously supposed to be lead into a Face–Heel Turn, but I have trouble buying the idea that—short of complete Brain Washing—Jinks would turn against his friends so willingly. Whether him being fired was a ploy or was legitimate, he will be approached by the Big Bad to work for them. He will accept, but will try to help the Warehouse team as much as he can. This fits with where the show has hinted (the Big Bad clearly has interest in him, him being fired and watching Mrs. Fredrick use torture crossing his idea of the Moral Event Horizon), since if he went to work for the Big Bad willingly, he'd be joining people he knows are no better.
  • Came here to write this exact message. Seen the same thing on Stargate with Jack.
  • As for how this plays out, it's possible he gets killed to keep the Status Quo.
  • He became a mole but then was found out and killed.
    • And then, he got brought back by Claudia and the metronome.

Jinks will end up Bronzed at the end of the season
Face–Heel Turn, Good All Along The Mole, doesn't matter. After he is finished working with the Big Bad, he will be Bronzed, despite him having only tried to have done the right thing. It leaves open the door for his return at any time, if need be. And also makes a nice Call-Back to his earlier (accidental) Bronzing.
  • Jossed (for now) With the Warehouse blown up, it is unknown if the bronzing technology is replicable, as (as far as we know) a warehouse has never been obliterated like that, but normally is simply closed down and locked down. It may well be that the bronzing machine was a artifact and that it will no longer be possible to bronze or unbronze people (presuming that bronzed people could survive a nuclear explosion.
    • This is supported by Artie saying that it would be a "catastrophe" if anyone ever learned how to unbronze people, suggesting that in the thousands of years that the warehouse has existed, no one ever has.
  • Jossed, Steve was working for the Warehouse and got killed. He got brought back by Claudia and now he's alive again. The Warehouse got brought back too much to Artie's distress.

Pete was once a secret, unseen crew member on the Starship Voyager.
His Mom is Captain Janeway and his ex-wife is Seven of Nine. Clearly the guy's been hanging around in space.
  • Problem with that: Star Trek takes place in the late 2,000's-early 3,000's. Warehouse 13 takes place in the present.
    • Warehouse 13 is actually a holodeck adventure scenario a la Captain Photon.
      • Meanwhile, a glitch in the system has caused Janeway and Seven to believe they really the mother and the ex. This explains why there are characters who resemble the Collector and Doctor Sung.

Congratulations Jinx on your upgrade from agent to double agent.
His disagreement with Ms. Fredericks was real, but after his first chat with Claudia, this is what the regents decided to do with him. That's the only way to explain him being a jerk to Claudia on the phone two episodes later, but being clearly happy to get her text message in the bar.
  • Agreed. Furthermore the behaviour of the Regents clinches it. Doing everything possible to screw over a former member's life but leaving them free is not the sort of action one would expect from an organisation that has lasted for two thousand years by relying on secrecy. If he was considered dangerous enough he would have been Bronzed. If they were going to let him go free they wouldn't be going out of their way to antagonise him. Especially while being targeted by a hostile group who have already made several successful attacks on the upper levels. They're clearly helping him build a cover story for insertion as an undercover agent.
  • Disagree. Drawing his gun on Mrs. Fredricks was for Sally Stukowski's benefit, and was part of the plan from the beginning. As for his behavior toward Claudia, he was a jerk on the phone because he needed to keep up the pretense, but he let himself smile at the text message because she wouldn't see his reaction.

The Artifacts are the results of Nyarlathotep's manipulations.
They either belonged to famous people or are the centerpiece of famous stories. Odds are he used the power of rumors to bring truth to the tales of distinctive items belonging to the famed being powerful in their own right (the downside rule is him being a douche)

The watch Artie received from MacPherson is a Reset Button.
Or, alternatively, a basic time machine that, unlike HG Wells', could actually change the past.
  • Agreed. Specifically, the watch will allow Artie to go back in time just a minute or two, at which point he can tell H.G. Wells to put the forcefield around the bomb instead of them!
  • Seems unlikely, Mac Pherson's words regarding it are "I hope you never have a reason to use it", implying something much more sinister then minor time travel.
  • Jossed: At least, a lead towards the Reset Button.
  • Well, confirmed insomuch that the reset could not have been achieved without it... especially seeing as they only had 24 hours.

As of the double-length season finale, Janus' Coin has been coded to Jinks.
He was potentially still useful information-wise when he was Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves, just a liability if he had any way to physically interfere, and the villain may not even have know that Jinks was being a mole for the regents. Since we have yet to see the coin again, it's certainly possible. The only thing that really counts against this is that the other option involving the coin would have given him another chance at beating the chess lock.
  • If so, then whose body is Jinks inhabiting? H.G.'s body was used for the creation of Emily Lake, while her soul was in the sphere. So where would they put Jinks's soul?
    • Jossed. Revived with the Metronome.

Steve will come back wrong.
Every artifact has a downside, and the metronome's will be a doozy.
  • Outside of his synchronization with Claudia, this doesn't really seem to be the case.

The Warehouse will come back wrong.
See above, but substitute "pocketwatch" for "metronome".
  • Jossed. Although Mrs. Frederic now has some gray hairs. So at least someone came back wrong.

Jinks will have some serious religious issues with his forthcoming revival.
I'm pretty certain the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation doesn't include zombification by magic metronome.
  • Even if it's not the metronome, any sort of death prevention strategy or Virtual Ghost could result in major Cloning Blues issues once belief in reincarnation is involved.
  • As of "An Evil Within", his issues don't really seem to be the religious kind, despite Claudia thinking that it is...

Their inventions are clearly not considered to be artifacts, and they can sometimes be duplicated or even (with the help of another gadgeteer / Spark) improved upon. However, the inventions are far beyond the understanding of typical science at the time (and can still be beyond typical engineering capabilities of the present), being based on logical leaps that happened to work despite not being obvious to anyone in the past or future. Georg Joachim Rheticus may have been one of the few Sparks who spent enough time in The Madness Place with a single, emotional project or item that an artifact (the compass) was created, or many minor artifacts may be produced by any strong/emotional Spark. M. C. Escher was probably not a spark, but rather someone the Regents hired to think outside and through the box and give the actual Sparks someone to give them ideas and further their own ideas in interesting directions.
  • Interestingly, I would consider H.G. Wells to be a much less powerful Spark than Claudia or Tesla; While she managed to build a Mental Time Travel machine and completely reconfigure the output of a destructive artifact using only 19th-century materials, all of her inventions have some form of Artifact-based Magitek (see again, Rheticus' Compass). It's plausible that she's the sort of Spark that has enough Sparkiness to make the logical leaps and be a Gadgeteer Genius, but not enough to completely subvert the known laws of science without Artifact help. Claudia (at least early in the series) and Tesla, on the other hand, routinely create and rework non-Artifact Warehouse tech to wholly surpass current scientific progress.
  • If The Spark of Genius is caused by an Artifact, it is by far most likely to be some sort of Artifact that promotes the formation of Sparks, releasing their potential, rather than something that directly powers them. If I'm wrong about how the hypothetical Artifact works, it will probably be Played for Drama and come as a shock to Claudia's sense of self-identity. If I'm right, it will probably not result in a De-Power for anyone who has already built up Sparkiness or had a Breakthrough.
  • Interestingly, I'd be of the opinion that Claudia would be a much less powerful Spark than HG or even Tesla. Claudia has merely re-purposed existing technology to reproduce existing technology. To date, everything she has done has simply been a Warehouse/artefact spin on an existing idea. HG, on the other hand, conceptualised and then actualised into technology ideas that the scientific community of her era hadn't even begun to theorize on. HG was so far ahead of the technological curve that she needed to wait a century for the rest of the world to catch up before she could implement some of her ideas. And even after a century the scientific world still hasn't caught up to her. Remember, despite the "artefact of the week" hunts, the Warehouse isn't actually a warehouse for "magic". Per Artie, if a radio fell into the hands of Jefferson, that radio would go into the Warehouse until the "modern" world was able to explain its workings. HG's inventions are so advanced that a century later the world still can't explain how they work. She's not just inventing technology, she's inventing the science behind her technology. Indeed, by measure of genius inventions, perhaps Claudia isn't a Spark at all. Perhaps she's simply brilliant, while HG is an actual genius.

H.G. Wells' request to keep her love of literature before most of her was hologrammatized was intended to be a Batman Gambit.
She had memories related to her love of reading and literature that she hoped they wouldn't be able or willing to destroy after promising that she could keep her love of literature. She might have been able to break through the programming, depending on how the artifact worked (it seemingly did not work that was, from what we know), or might have been able to find herself through flashes of odd memories that she had every time she remembered certain books. This is in no way contradictory against her sincerely wanting to not in any way lose her love of literature.

Claudia will do a Face–Heel Turn in Season 4
Claudia is pissed off at the Regents for letting Steve die, and she wants to use the resources of the Warehouse to save him. She's "tired of arbitrary rules" and wants to bring back a loved one, no matter the cost. This is exactly the same frame of mind that both H.G. Wells and MacPherson were in when they began their Start of Darkness.
  • Artie's recurring dream seems to indicate this, but outside of his frantic paranoia, there aren't many other signs pointing to this. It also seems a bit less likely considering that she got Steve back.
    • Jossed, she only stabbed Artie because he'd gone evil because of the astrolabe.

If the Warehouse is rebuilt (as apposed to revived) it will be referred to as Warehouse 13.2
Doubt it. As of the season 4 premiere, except for Artie, no one is aware of the (averted) destruction of the Warehouse... except maybe Mrs. Frederic.
  • Heck, no one even calls it "13.1" for that matter, aside from Fargo.

The next Warehouse will be rebuilt in a different location
  • Well that's pretty much a given.

Warehouse 13 and Eureka weren't always part of a shared universe
So, season 2 established the shared universe in episode 5, "13.1" and in Eureka's season 4 episode, "Crossing Over." This much is irrefutable. BUT, in the season 1 episodes "Duped" and "Regrets", the actors who play Henry, Jo, and Zane show up, but not as their Eureka characters. So the way I see it, when the Eureka gang went back in time to 1947 and caused a bunch of changes to their timeline, one of the things that was changed was that Warehouse 13 and Eureka began existing in the same universe.

The Regents are/were immortals, with each having been an Agent at a previous iteration of the Warehouse
Jane Latimer is American, and apparently the most recent Regent. The head of the Regents is a man of Middle Eastern origin, possibly from Egypt, Turkey, or India/Pakistan (Warehouse 2 was in Egypt, 9 in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire, and 10 located in India under the Mughal Empire.) There was a Regent named Theodora, same as the Empress of Byzantium, wife of Justinian, and Warehouse 5 was in the Byzantine Empire. Warehouse 12 was located in Britain, and a British Regent. One Regent had the last name Petrov, and Warehouse 11 was located in Russian. There is a Regent of Asian origin whose actor has the name Loc, a Vietnamese name. Vietnam was once part of the Khmer empire, where Warehouse 6 was located. Another Regent had the name Ganz, of Germanic origin. Warehouse 8 was located in Germany during the Holy Roman Empire. While we are missing some other Regents of matching ethnicities (like Mongolian, among others), it creates an interesting idea nonetheless, when the pieces are put together.
  • It's properly more a case of the Regent's have people from all over the world since the Warehouse does not answer to any one nation.

Claudia's quest to revive Jinks mirrors H.G. Wells's attempts to revive her dead daughter
I always wondered why most of H.G.'s backstory wasn't elaborated on very much. Maybe the writers were saving it for this plotline. According to H.G., she looked for an artifact to save her daughter, and got another Warehouse agent killed in the process, after which she asked to be bronzed. Maybe Claudia will face a similar scenario as Season 4 plays out. Heck, maybe H.G. will try to convince her of her folly, as part of her Heel–Face Turn. Although, looking at the opener, which still includes Claudia, she probably won't be out of the Warehouse's clutches for too long.
  • Jossed, sort of. I guess having guilt-tripped a Regent really made it a whole lot easier for Claudia. If only H.G. knew that back in the 1800's...

Season 4 will end with the world being destroyed and the team having to find a Reset Button for that. Season 5 will end with the universe being destroyed and the team having to find a Reset Button for that.
Seems to be the way they're ending each season. Season 1, Artie & part of the Warehouse blows up. Season 2, team breaks up. Season 3, the Warehouse itself blows up. And each time, rather than preventing it, some sort of Reset Button is used to undo things.
  • Confirmed. Ish

Artie has an 'out' with the astrolabe, at least as far as telling someone. He can tell the dog since, being psychically linked with the dog, they're effectively the same mind. Plus, of course, it's a dog.
Wouldn't that very same psychic link backfire on Artie once the dog is put "in grave danger"?
  • The basic conceit is that the dog and Artie are the same person as far as the Astrolabe is concerned. So Artie telling Trailer isn't considered telling someone. Rather, it'd be like talking to yourself. So Trailer wouldn't be put into 'grave danger'.
    • Brother Adrian already contradicted himself and Artie, in his world of paranoid delusion, hasn't puzzled that out yet. The original timeline Adrian warned Artie not to tell anyone lest a great evil be unleashed. The new Adrian warns Artie that to escape the great evil, he must undo what he did. But Artie hasn't told anyone what he did, so why is the great evil already after him?
      • The answer is "because new Adrian is a figment of Artie's imagination"

Myka will eventually come out as bisexual. But like with Jinks, it really won't be much of a plot point.
At most, it'll be used similar with Kelly - more about the relationship and the demands of the Warehouse rather than "OMG! Bisexuality!"

Time travel will become a recurrent theme for the show.
Mental Time Travel has already been explored with H.G.'s machine, as well as You Already Changed the Past. And now the latter trope has been averted with Artie's use of the Reset Button. I'll bet there's going to be at least one more plot line involving time travel. Although I'm hoping it won't be just another Reset Button.
  • Looking forward to Eureka-esque drastic alternate timeline with good guys as bad guys and versa and strange new artifacts and technology.

The dagger is not a murder weapon, despite Artie's dreams.
Maybe his nightmare is just being taken out of context. Now that the second episode shows that it may be an artifact, maybe it does something else, and his suspicion of Claudia being the "evil of [his] own making" is just a Red Herring.
  • Five bucks says the show will play up this possibility and then turn it around at the end with Artie's interpretation of his visions being accurate after all.
  • With Brother Adrian establishing himself as the Big Bad of season 4, Artie's suspicions of Claudia and the threat of the "evil that will live with [him] the rest of [his] days" seems a bit less connected... but maybe that's just me.
  • The evil will be Artie himself. A highly dangerous opponent to the warehouse agents.
  • Confirmed in "We All Fall Down". Claudia does stab Artie with it, but he survives, and the evil in him is gone.
    • Well, we don't really know if the evil in him is gone. It is very likely, but the episode ended before we could see.
      • Doubtful that evil Artie is gone. Very likely, evil Artie will become a separate entity

Claudia's deconstruction of the Warehouse's organizational structure will be further explored in Season 4.
It was actually refreshing for someone to have a different perspective regarding the necessity of Regents, Mr. Kosan and distinguishing them from the field agents. Now that Claudia has gotten to Jane, I think this issue will be tackled again as the season plays out.

The Brotherhood itself is the "evil of [the astrolabe user's] own making."
It's starting to become a bit annoying how Brother Adrian insists that the pre-Reset Button scenario (where the world has lost hope) is much more preferable to the fact that someone has used the astrolabe to avert that timeline. Maybe they just want to keep the astrolabe's existence to themselves, but not due to any good intentions like the Regents being seemingly ordinary citizens, just out of sheer greed or selfishness. And another thing that bugs me is that there's a historical record of the astrolabe being used before (Robespierre's Reign of Terror). The mere fact that there was a record of that seems to imply that the astrolabe's use that time was not undone. With that in mind, Brother Adrian's seeming overuse of the word "evil" to refer to the astrolabe's consequence seems to me as just a subtle warning that they will stop at nothing to regain control of the astrolabe, even at the cost of other people's lives. Although I would have to wonder how they expect Artie to use the astrolabe again and antagonize him at the same time.
  • Possible though probably unintentional. The Brotherhood didn't know the world was without hope (and they certainly wouldn't know after the astrolabe was used). From that perspective, the idea that someone has the unfettered ability to travel back in time (physically even) with knowledge and skills intact is a lot of power. The evil may simply be a warming that such power is incredibly tempting to use - and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for both Brotherhood and Artie (Brotherhood crossing lines to prevent the astrolabe from use, Artie for crossing lines trying to protect it).
    • Jossed. The evil created by the astrolabe is within its user, and will eventually overtake him completely. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood appear to be a lot less hands-on with trying to stop said evil...

Jinks is an Alpha
Considering they've been confirmed to exist in the same universe, his ability to tell when someone is lying can be construed as an a Alpha ability. So far there really hasn't been an explanation for it other than he can just do it, and it would make sense.
  • There doesn't seem to be any downside for it though.
    • Arguably, his seeming inability to tell a lie himself - or at least, tell one convincingly - could be the downside.

Artie's pulling a Tomato in the Mirror for the "great evil," and Brother Adrian is a split personality.
Or rather, Adrian is a real dude, but Artie only actually interacted with him in the original timeline. He's only been imagining him since, and any actions Brother Adrian has taken have either been imaginary or (like stealing the bag of marbles and mailing them to Hugo) actually performed by Artie in a fugue state. It's a bit suspicious that no one else has spoken to or seen the good Brother since the timeline switch, and there's surely going to be some kind of Prophecy Twist regarding the Great Evil and Artie's vision - i.e. the evil is probably not Claudia doing a Face–Heel Turn. Also, it'd be a lot easier for Artie to steal Artifacts than Brother Adrian, and this is minor, it's kind of weird that both times Brother Adrian has shown up, he hasn't actually opened the door or rung the doorbell or anything. Oh, and if Artie's doing this sort of thing, it was probably him who moved Alice's mirror out of the Dark Vault in the promo.
  • So he bought a spur in Univille? (Univille doesn't even seem to be featured so much in season 4, but I digress.) And where would he get the black diamonds from? It's also starting to look strange that Artie seems to be the only one monitoring Warehouse security, despite Claudia being responsible for most of its upgrades...
    • The spur doesn't have to be real either. No one else saw it, and it's gone now. The black diamonds are definitely real though. He could could have acquired them somewhere or other, but they are one of the main points against this WMG.
  • Confirmed in "The Ones You Love".

Dark Claudia from Artie's vision is actually possessed by Alice.
If Alice's mirror has gotten out of the Dark Vault, it's fairly likely we're going to get an episode where she's escaped again. If she's possessing Claudia the way she did Myka, it would explain the vision without actually having Claudia perform a Face–Heel Turn. It would also mean the vision really was "of Artie's own making," if he was the one who moved the mirror like in my above WMG.
  • Jossed in "Fractures". Steve prevents this (actually, a similar-looking scenario) from happening by standing in front of Artie, resulting in Claudia stabbing Steve and hurting herself in the process. Afterwards, Alice is returned to the shard, which is then neutralized immediately.

Alternatively, Artie in his vision is possessed by Alice.
And the dagger just destroys a possessing being. Claudia is helping by removing (literally cutting Alice out) Alice, and her hateful expression is directed at the monster taking over her friend.
  • I guess it could explain Claudia's anguished scream in the background.
    • Jossed, Artie's possessed by the "evil within" from the use of the Astrolabe. Although the part about her expression and the reason for it is metaphorically true.

Alternatively it's the Dagger that's possessed by Alice
And Claudia is along for the ride, trying to fight it.
  • Jossed. As revealed in "Fractures", Alice Liddell needs a human body to inhabit, not another object like the remaining shard of Lewis Carroll's mirror. And it's been established since "An Evil Within" that the dagger is another artifact entirely.

Claudia will take over as the Warehouse's caretaker...
...which will make the search for another way to keep Steve alive much more urgent.
  • Confirmed. Except for that last part, which is already sorted by then.

An artifact will be created by one of the main characters before season 4 ends.
My best guess as to what that would be is an artifact that could keep Steve alive without the metronome. Or its nature would be left as a cliffhanger for the next season, if there would be one.

The rifle-looking thing Artie was holding when he welcomed Pete and Myka to the Warehouse is another Chekhov's Gun.
A number of scenes and lines of dialogue from the pilot have already been revealed to be Chekhov's guns as of season 4, like the football and Pandora's box. Granted, the "rifle" (along with the straw hat) has also been seen being used by Claudia during the season 3 premiere, but that looked more like a Call-Back to the pilot than a Chekhov's Gun. I'm guessing either that it may be connected with the hiring of new Warehouse agents (having been seen after Pete, Myka and Steve have been approached by Mrs. Frederic), or that it may be the book-end of the entire series. Or maybe it's not the "rifle", but the hat, for that matter.
  • Along the same lines, "fix the fish" will finally be explained, and the "fish" will play an important role.
  • As it turns out, the "F.I.S.H." is a UFO-like invention from the 50s that helps keep Warehouse 13 hidden. The hats and masks are needed for unstated reasons whenever it cloaks or decloaks itself. The rifle is like a remote control.

The rifle-looking thing Artie was holding when he welcomed Pete and Myka to the Warehouse is Chekhov's Gun.
Just because.

Brother Adrian is the evil the Astrolabe created.
What it says.
  • Now suggested in-universe by Mrs. Frederic.
    • Half right it turns out. The Brother Adrian that's causing trouble was a hallucination all along. The real Brother Adrian was trapped in an artifact with the rest of the Oot BD.

Trailer the Dog survived the Warehouse explosion because of his link to Artie.
That is, since they share a mind (sorta), as soon as Artie realized what was happening, Trailer did to. Which gave him enough time to (via Artie's knowledge) figure out some sort of personal safety plan. Whether this was hiding somewhere, using an artifact, or what have you.

The Claudia stabbing Artie is really Adrian using the Thimble to look like Claudia.
The idea being that he, in trying to infiltrate the warehouse, disguises herself as Artie. Artie, not knowing it's a disguise and freaked out by the events, panics and turns it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Jossed. The thimble is not involved when Claudia does stab Artie.

Jinks can do deep cover despite being a terrible liar because deep covers require a lot of actual (ie truth) events to occur to happen.
For instance, if his cover requires him to get fired from the ATF, he'd actually have to get fired (ie put down on paper with his superiors) that he's fired. This circumvents his inability to lie well since technically he did get fired. And so on.

Marcus' other for purposes of the metronome was already dead or comatose from all the abuse that Marcus suffered.
In the comatose side, the person just wasn't feeling much (or couldn't do much). From the dead, well... for some reason the metronome just keeps working that way.
  • Or... more than one person took hold of the metronome to bring Marcus back to life.

The dagger Claudia stabs Artie with is an artifact that will cancel out the Astrolabe's effect on Artie.
Because Like You Would Really Do It
  • Semi-confirmed.

Leena is Mrs. Frederic's great great granddaughter. Her grand son is in a retirement home, and Leena's the right age to be his granddaughter. Mrs. Frederic also wants to protect her. Along with all of this, we don't know what Leena's last name or connection to the Warehouse is.
Problem is that Mrs Frederic wants to protect all of them, not just Leena. So the only real argument that they are related is that they share the same ethnic origin.

Someone else will use the astrolabe to undo the blue orchid plague.
The only apparent danger is if Artie uses the astrolabe; meanwhile, everyone else is fair game. And now that the dagger is at hand should the new user unleash another evil, things just got way easier.

Reusing the astrolabe does not undo the timeline created by its initial use.
If the express purpose of the astrolabe is to undo the past 24 hours, then maybe that's all it can do. It's just that no one has actually tried using it twice. Or even if someone did, there would be no record of it, unlike Robespierre's "Reign of Terror". Heck, it has yet to be said if Robespierre did end up re-using the astrolabe at all.

The Warehouse allows a dead person to take care of unfinished business whenever someone dies inside it.
MacPherson in "Mild Mannered" only disappears after Artie finds the watch in his B&B room. And Leena in "We All Fall Down" leads Pete to H.G. Wells's research on the dagger.

Mac Pherson is trolling the Warehouse from beyond the grave.
Basically, one way or another he was determined to get Artie on the Dark Side. If the Phoenix didn't cut it, he had any number of backup plans:
  • We know he debronzed HG, likely with the expectation that she would eventually destroy the world.
  • He was involved in taking Collodi's bracelet away from Walter Sykes in the first place, and had a good decade or so before the Warehouse knew he wasn't in fact dead of prison fire. Alongside giving Rheticus' compass to Joshua, it wouldn't have taken much for Mac Pherson to track Sykes down and give him a direction for his anger.
  • He left the watch that led to the astrolabe for Artie to find, which means he must have had some idea of what the astrolabe would do. And either HG causing a new Ice Age or Sykes blowing the Warehouse to kingdom come would create a situation in which Artie would feel backed into an astrolabe-using corner.

Season 4.2 will begin with...
Everybody sitting around in the boarding house in perfect health for a minute or so, and then Pete breaks the silence with: "So, Penicillin. Great invention or the greatest invention?" And then the show goes back to artefact of the week episodes.
  • Okay, that's blatantly not going to happen, but it would be funny if it turned out that modern medicine was capable of dealing with the orchid disease instantly.

The way to reverse the effect of the Orchid...
Is inhalation of the gas form of the purple neutraliser goop.
  • Jossed. St. Germain's ring (and the Philosophor's Stone) did it.

Leena's death created an artifact

All of the Agents are Bisexual
The Myka/H.G. Wells thing is canon and both have mentioned liking men, too. Pete has absolutely no problem with being ogled by another man (even though Steve really isn't into him), and is almost ecstatic when he realizes that Steve's ex resembles him and that he's Steve's "type." Meanwhile Steve identifies as gay, but he probably experimented in the past. Artie and MacPherson were very close; who knows how close? The odd one out is Claudia, unless she and Leena had a thing...
  • The only thing I'd say against this is Pete's reaction to being kissed by a man (and a handsome one at that) while in Mkya's body in "Merge with Caution" was not exactly eager. In fact, his response was "Dude, what the hell?" and the word "ewww" which didn't seem like someone who either was used to or wanted to be kissed by men. More likely, he's just comfortable enough with his sexuality that he can appreciate attention from other men but have no interest in them sexually.

Season five will end with the birth of Warehouse 14
And the final scene will be a flash-forward to 20 years in the future, where one of the current team is doing Artie's job, Claudia looks exactly the same but acts way more mysterious — and the new Warehouse is based on the Moon.
  • Confirmed, except that the details were Jossed. The end of season five was a flash-forward, which may have been twenty years, to a team of Suspiciously Similar Subtitute agents. But they are working in the same old Warehouse 13 in the same place as it has always been. There is a bickering male and female agent pairing, being instructed by an older man who tries to get them to focus on the case. Then Claudia silently appears behind them in a sexy, shiny black outfit. She even reassures them that, no matter how often it seems like Warehouse 13 might move or be replaced, it won't be, saying "If I had a nickel for every time..." before trailing off after realising how much her team really do remind her of her original team-mates.

All or Most of the Agents will die in Series 5
Myka will lose her battle with Cancer, Claudia's sister will enter the picture, killing Jinks while Claudia herself will be killed by Paracelsus, Pete will try and fail to revive Myka, and Warehouse 14 will be formed elsewhere by the Regents.
  • Couldn't be more Jossed, thankfully!

Myka is not dying of cancer
There's any number of reasons that it could have taken longer for her surgery. Remember the only person who told you she was dying was Paracelsus while he was manipulating Pete. He needed Pete to think she's dying so he would act to save her life. The start of Season 5 will reveal that the surgery was completely successful and she has a clean bill of health.
  • Confirmed!

Warehouse 13 will end with a flash forward
The final will move us several years ahead. Pete, Myka or Jinks will have taken on Arties job (whether retirement, crazy, death is to blame is up in the air)and we'll be shown them welcoming a new pair of agents to the Wearhouse. Claudia will have taken Mrs. Fredrics role.
  • Claudia may be pulling double duty for both Mrs. Fredric and Artie
  • Confirmed, although the only current-day character we see is Claudia, who now fulfills Mrs. Frederic's role, as well as being able to teleport like her and speaking in a similar fashion.

Warehouse 13 is allied with S.H.I.E.L.D.,
It was active and collecting weird stuff long before S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded and Nick Fury thought it was a good idea, building his own equivalent called 'The Fridge', for non-artifact-based problems. The Eagle sigil is mounted somewhere in the Warehouse, and agents from S.H.I.E.L.D. are always welcome at the B&B, while agents of Warehouse 13 are always welcome on the Command Helicarrier.

Pete was whammied with a love artifact
Pete and Mike are a textbook case of Like Brother and Sister and all of a sudden Pete out of nowhere he wants Myka. This is the same Pete who used this to help them same Jynxy after the accidental bronzing
  • Myka must have been affected too

Warehouse 13 takes place in the same world as Defiance
  • The Warehouse was preparing to move because the Votan invasion in 2013 would soon redraw borders everywhere. And it's still in South Dakota because that's now part of the Earth Republic.

Mrs. Frederick's husband was Frederick Douglass
  • We don't get to see the memory she shows Steve, but Steve clearly recognizes her husband. He's got the name and might have been around in the time period Mrs. Frederick became caretaker (the 1890s—the real Douglass died in 1895)

The Warehouse moved to Canada
  • The agents at the end of the finale are clearly speaking with either Canadian or American accents, and since the Warehouse is supposed to have moved to another country...
    • Alternatively it was going to be moved to Canada but something happened and the and a sizable chunk of northern America was annexed by Canada so the plan to move the Warehouse was cancelled
    • The Warehouse didn't move. Keeper-Claudia says something about all the times the Warehouse had "almost moved" in the past. And then we're shown an external shot of the same warehouse in the same place.

Pete and Myka aren't in love
In the 5th season, its shown that neither of them 'realized' they had feelings for the other until it was suggested to them by others. Pete himself takes an episode to really believe it, and even there, his only 'confirmation' was the fact that Steve told him he wasn't lying when he stated this (which isn't how Steve's thing appears to work; if Pete thought he was in love with Myka, Steve wouldn't pick it up as a lie even if its wasn't true). Most likely, the emotional excitement of the events they were in and outside forces, and possibly an artifact making them susceptible to suggestion, lead them into just thinking they were in love. Sadly, this also means that they'll likely Rachel and Joey it and decide they're just too close to really be anything more than close friends and so break up soon after.Also, its such a bad retcon that ruins their dynamic that its best to assume its not true.


Artie and Kivas Fajo are one and the same, or otherwise related.
Kivas Fajo, the collector from "The Most Toys" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, are either one and the same or somehow related:
  • Collectors of the arcane and priceless
  • Same look (duh, the same actor)
Biggest problem is I just can't see Artie kidnapping someone out of greed, which was Kivas' apparent motive.
  • Presumably Artie got turned evil by an artefact at some point that also granted him youth and immortality.
Pete was not the first Warehouse agent to trigger the "Upholstery Brush" from "The Greatest Gift"
Artie seemed to have a very good idea of how it worked. This raises the question of how. Neither he nor any other warehouse agent could have ever observed someone else using it. If someone used it then a new reality would be formed in which that person was never born and this reality would only continue when the brush was touched again. From our perspective, nothing would appear to have happened (unless the person using the artefact decided to explain everything). It seems much more likely that a warehouse agent actually found out firsthand what using the brush was like and hence was able to record its functionality.

The Warehouse used to have a lot more agents
While a lot of what happens in the show is in the US, there are artefacts in other countries which have to be dealt with from time to time. Travel within the host country was a lot slower a few centuries ago (on horseback and sailing ship rather than by cars and planes), let alone travel to another country.

It wouldn't be practical to only have a handful of agents and, if you learnt about an artefact in another country, have to book one or more of them on a ship that might not return for years. It would have made sense to have Warehouse agents located throughout the globe near major population centres, only returning to the Warehouse to deliver artefacts. There also must have been a time before the football (or its predecessor, assuming there was one) when it would have been necessary to have people spread throughout the globe gathering information.

Back then, the number of agents to regents was probably more like the number of workers to management that you'd expect. Only more recently in history, as speed of travel has improved, has the number of agents been cut down.

Warehouse 13 shares the same universe as The Lost Room.


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