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Huey Freeman grows up, travels back in time, and changes his name to Thomas Sowell.
That is so a grown-up Huey. To top it all off, Thomas was a Marxist in his college days, spending 10 years writing treatises on Marxian political economy as it relates to the black struggle. So very Huey-ish.
  • Jossed. Thomas Sowell writes from a libertarian and conservative perspective these days, which is completely opposed to a lot of Huey's ideas.
    • So? That doesn't mean that Huey-Thomas' views couldn't have changed after growing older.

Ruckus is atoning for his sins.
Ruckus is the reincarnation of an intolerant Southern white who lived before the Civil Rights era. Upon his death, his spirit lived on in the form of an incredibly ugly black male as punishment for his treatment towards blacks. But, being a bigoted southerner, he refuses to learn and admit his wrongs, even trying to bring down his entire race on one occasion, a possible Take That! towards Civil War and Post Civil War-era Southerners. He acts like a "self-hating" black man.
  • Actually, his mother just told him he was really a white boy. Apparently, he gets his racist ideology from his father, and his backwards view of history (including his own) from his mother. It's also worth noting that Uncle Ruckus's name is "a reference to Amos Rucker, an African-American United Confederate Veterans member, who allegedly wanted to stay a slave after the United States Civil War."

The Kool-Aid Lady at "Pause" is Ruckus's sister.
They both have bug eyes and abnormal behavior.
  • She was a parody of a legit actor that is prevalent in most Tyler Perry films and shows. But that doesn't rule this out.
  • It's unlikely that this woman is Ruckus' sister, as she doesn't show up for the family reunion in "The Color Ruckus". Maybe she's a cousin?

Huey Freeman is a descendant of Afro Samurai.
His sword is a family heirloom. Huey wants to follow in his footsteps.

Ed III is competent on his own. He only does stupid things because he listens to Gin Rummy.
Every time Ed does something crazy, he's with Gin Rummy. The one time Gin Rummy sits out ("The Fundraiser"), Ed demonstrates he's Badass and can have decent judgment.
  • Decent judgement? Instead of hiding like Riley and Cindy, he decides to go guns blazing and starts shooting randomly without prejudice in turn, gets shot in his chain and knocked out. This wasn't the first time that Ed had to go it alone and still acted like a moron. For example, the first episode where he ends up getting shot out the window. Another is when he kidnaps the wrong kid in Shinin'. There was also when Riley asked him to find the Hateocracy and he ends up shooting at random old people. Then the whole Thugnificent scenario that ended quite badly for him as well. As his grandfather stated, he is a moron.
    • I stand corrected, especially now that I've had a chance to see "Bitches to Rags" (he flipped out over not being able to sell cocaine when he could have earned a $30,000 commission). Still, he's good for dumb muscle, unlike Rummy who doesn't do anything except come up with bad ideas and give Ed more problems. Though if I recall correctly, in "Shinin'" Rummy was with him.
      • Still, Ed III is more competent on his own relative to when he's with Gin Rummy.
      • Questionable at best, considering that he literally got the crap scared out of him while he was serving in Iraq.
      • If anything, Rummy is the smarter of the two. While still stupid, he's not a complete idiot like Ed the Third.
  • Inverted: Rummy is actually competent on his own, but none of his plans work because he always involves Ed in them. Their plan in "It's Goin' Down" would have worked fine had Ed not left his iPhone at the Freemans' house.
    • I agree with the above, as "The Red Ball" depicts Gin Rummy successfully eliminating the paid-off referee as per Ed Wuncler's orders. Granted, it was executed using a HUGE amount of overkill, but the job got done.

Riley Freeman is gay
Much of his screen time is dedicated to his telling people that he isn't gay and implying/making jokes that they are. Maybe he is just young and confused about his sexuality and he is trying to hide it, because he identifies with a culture that places emphasis on bravado and masculinity. Perhaps when he is older he will be able to make better sense of his identity and will be able to come out. No homo.
  • Word of God: Riley is not gay. It was stated on the commentary of the season 2 DVD which Aaron was specific in his words due to the huge backlash he's seen due to the minimal possibility of turning him gay. I doubt that he even thinks of his own sexuality since he is still 8. He is just mimicking what he sees and hears on TV.
  • Homophobia DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL closet homosexuality. It seems that people like this kind of irony too much.

The new Karate Kid is The Boondocks Movie.
After the series, Huey and Riley's mother is alive and well and comes back for her kids. Riley comes to live with her while Huey stays with his grandpa.
  • There are multiple reasons why that can't be true. First, difference in personality. Second, different names. And third, the Karate Kid was from Detroit, while Riley is from Chicago.

Everyone is badass in this series because everyone imitates action shows and video games.
Besides Luna's matches being explicitly based off of Mortal Kombat, there is the noteworthy detail that everyone seems to be skilled at fighting, but no normal training or tactics is ever mentioned. Ed III doesn't act like a combat vet, he acts like he's living in a First Person Shooter. Huey seems to have learned how to wield a katana by watching Samurai Champloo, and Cindy seems to have learned to fight by watching Naruto.
  • When has Cindy shown any ability to fight aside from a Groin Attack?
    • It was sufficient deterrent to keep anyone else from attacking. Come to think of it, maybe a running theme of this story is to deconstruct I Know Mortal Kombat.
    • It was a deterrent to keep a grown man from scaring her off the block. It just may be possible that Huey and the other practicioners just may have trained to get their ability just like everybody else. Since Huey isn't shown doing anything else except reading and on computer, its not too far fetched to believe that he finds time to train when nobody is around.
  • When has Sarah shown any fighting capabilities whatsoever? It's safe to say that she could not handle herself in a fight. Otherwise she'd be wearing the pants in Tom's household.
    • Tom isn't a badass either. In fact he lets his wife throw objects at him with impunity.

The Fried Chicken Flu was real.
(Mostly) Everybody was infected with it before the episode even happened, they just didn't know it. It lay dormant in them until the episode came along. It awoke and caused the symptoms Huey listed, resulting in a mass pandemic and collapse of society around the world. Only those who didn't eat fried chicken ever were not infected, thus they never showed any symptoms. After the initial scare was over, the virus went dormant, waiting to strike once again.
  • Jossed because the so-called "fried chicken flu" was really just a word for salmonella, nobody actually died from it, and civilization is still the same.
  • Salmonella is also still ongoing and dangerous.

The series will be renewed for a fourth season where they move back to the city because life in Woodcrest is too insane.
The series is too popular to cancel, but there isn't much plot left in Woodcrest, unless they want to get into Jazmine and Huey's relationship.
  • Kind of would ruin the whole point of the show if they moved out. If anything, the opening episode of a possible Season 4 should finally introduce Caesar, and have Huey coming out of retirement.
  • Confirmed.
  • Still, there's not a lot left in Woodcrest, since Tom isn't afraid of prison rape anymore and Uncle Ruckus no longer hates black people.

  • While the show was renewed for a Season 4, all of the above guesses are jossed, except for Tom no longer being afraid of prison rape (or it's at least not mentioned anymore).

Some random guessing
  • Season 4 will introduce Caesar to the cartoon and have Huey finally coming out of retirement.
  • Riley, Huey, or both will eventually cross the Moral Event Horizon.
  • The White Shadow is the Big Bad of the series and is secretly pulling an extremely complex and devious scheme on Huey.
  • Stinkmeaner, the Hateocracy, or both will return.
  • Gangstalicious and Thugnificent will both return.
  • Butch Magnus and Lamilton will both return and team-up.
  • We will learn what happened to Riley and Huey's parents.

  • All of the above guesses are jossed, except for Stinkmeaner's return (sort of, except that a clone takes his place).

Ruckus's arrest in the Obama episode was ordered by the White Shadow
All to keep Huey in town for some unknown purpose.
  • "The Red Ball", "The Fried Chicken Flu", and "It's Goin Down" all add some credence to this, especially since said Shadow showed up in "It's Goin Down" to warn Huey. Huey being around saved the town from being bought by communists, his entire house being destroyed (a lesser thing for sure), and an entire building blowing up.

Sarah had a hidden meaning when she said 'missing out on a lot of things' in "A Date with the Health Inspector".
She may look reserved, but something tells me Sarah has a wild side.
  • Considering her reaction to Tom possessed by Stinkmeaner's ghost, this is obvious.
  • Also worth noting that The Boondocks Wiki states that "while Tom was shown exhausted (and sweaty), Sarah was on the other side reading (with glasses) and did not show any signs of fatigue. It is most likely that their sex life is not that good, or that Tom simply did not give her enough pleasure." I swear that it once stated that Sarah wishes that Tom would be more assertive, possibly sexually.

Robert's car, Dorothy, was named either after his deceased wife or a previous lover
  • Read above.
  • Or it could be named after Dorothy Dandridge. In the comic, it was shown that he had a thing for her.
  • Or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz?

Each character is a representation of certain archetypes within the black community
  • Robert Jebediah "Granddad" Freeman represents the old out of touch indifferent older generation, whom became cynically apathetic and complacent after the civil rights era. Basically suffering from a serious case of Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!. In a sense he seems to have a "I'm over it" type attitude towards "the struggle".
  • Huey Freeman represents all the smart black youth who has a dark cynical almost misanthropic view of the world as far as politics, religion, the media, businesses and corporations, African-American culture and American society goes. Represents the darker view of a left wing ideologue.
  • Riley Freeman The naive, apolitical and or indifferent "ignorance is bliss" type. Also a conformist type despite wanting to be a rebellious thug and gangster. Represents the worst stereotypes of young black america, and is to ignorant to know.
  • Michael Caesar is socially aware but optimistic, unlike Huey, able to see the bright side of things at almost all times and possess non destructive hobbies outside of activism. The more positive side of youth culture.
  • Jazmine Dubois represents the suburban, sheltered, naive, apolitical type of black youth. Uncaringly obeying the system's rules and having no hangups at all about it or how it functions or why its even there and what its doing or not doing to their lives, she just wants to fit into white society. In a ironic way she's the flip side of the same coin of Riley, completely ignorant but for different reasons.
  • Thomas Lancaster Dubois represents the out of touch white collar black professional whom has forgotten his roots. After finding success he marries a blond white woman. His job as a prosecuting attorney is ironic: He essentially sends other people (mostly black men) to the fate he himself most fears. Could also bee seen as someone who wants to fit into white society.
  • Uncle Ruckus is pretty obvious, he's a Boomerang Bigot who doesn't believe he's black. Also an allegory for "uncle toms".

  • This isn't so much a WMG, but more of an obvious list of character descriptions.

Uncle Ruckus will sing a parody of Tigger's song from Winnie the Pooh.
  • What would it be called, "The Horrible Thing About Niggers"?
  • But this never happens.

The fourth season will center on the Freemans moving to California.
  • At the end of "Mr. Medicinal," Granddad is apparently free to go to California as soon as his parole is up. He also says in "It's Goin Down" that they might have to start looking for a new neighborhood.
  • Jossed, they remain in Woodcrest.

Granddad subconsciously harbors guilt for accidentally killing Stinkmeaner.
That is what's allowing Stinkmeaner to come back and try to exact his revenge as opposed to the idea that Stinkmeaner is just that evil, which he really is anyway. Granddad doesn't openly show any remorse for his action only because of what it'll cause people (especially Riley) to think of him.
  • Confirmed, as seen in "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy". Robert feels guilty about accidentally killing Stinkmeaner, but Stinkmeaner's ability to come back to life is unrelated to that, he really is just an evil old asshole.

The origin of Uncle Ruckus.
He in fact does have revitiligo, Bunny Ruckus didn't make that up; it's safe to say it's not a rip off from Michael Jackson's vitiligo because this took place before Micheal Jackson was even born. The story was a white man did leave Ruckus on Bunny's and Mister's porch. After they discovered the baby and Mister also discovered the money Mister decided marry Bunny, then he eventually had a cuple of kids with Bunny and thus officially tying Mister to Bunny. If that white man didn't leave any money with Ruckus, Mister and probably Bunny would of never took the white baby(Uncle Ruckus).
  • Maybe that explains why Mister tended to single out Ruckus more than the other kids due to him being pissed at how shitty his life was due to racism and Jim Crow laws.

The origin of The White Shadow.
He actually is a government agent, probably assigned to monitor Huey because of his involvement in underground black militant organizations. However, at some point he grew sympathetic to Huey's philosophy and went rogue. He was absent from Season 2 and most of Season 3 because he was ordered to stop fraternizing with the target, but breaks his silence in "It's Goin Down" when Huey is in actual danger.
  • Continuing off from this,

The White Shadow is an Astral Projection.
That explains why he's transparent, and how he can disappear and reappear anytime he wants to at will. Perhaps this isn't even his real form.

Uncle Ruckus was like Huey in his youth.
He wasn't capable of holding the weight of his ideals and to bear the degradation of his people. He collapsed from the depression, falling to what he is today.
  • Jossed, Ruckus' unhappy childhood, spent with an abusive father and a white-loving mother, taught him to be a self-hating negro.

Jazmine will wise up about the world around her and support Huey more actively in his goals
  • Jossed because of Jazmine's minimized role in Season 4.

There will be a climactic final battle between Huey and Ed Wuncler I or Debra Leevil.
The show needs to get more epic.

Uncle Ruckus's "father" hates him because he's not the daddy
That's why he calls his dad "Mister" (oh yeah, he's "adopted") and is named after his real father.His mother is an Aunt Jemima — even dying her hair blonde — and instead of saying, "daddy hates you because I slept with his brother 9 months before you were born" she says, "daddy hates you because you're adopted and white and he hates white people for no reason."He's still as opposite of Michael Jackson as can be.

Michael Caesar will never appear on the show.
If they wanted him, he would have been on the show by now.
  • Unfortunately this is confirmed. Though if Caesar did appear in the show, I think he should've been voiced by Phil Lamarr.

"The Color Ruckus" takes place after the rest of the series.
At the end of that episode, Uncle Ruckus said that he should have "sympathy for the black man" instead of hatred. In season 4, he does not seem to be standing by that moral that he learned.
  • While Ruckus does love his black family (minus his father and grandmother), he states that instead of actively hating black people, they should be pitied for their "inferiority" to white people.

Gin Rummy, Ed Wuncler III, and Thugnificent will not appear in Season 4.
It really pains me to make that guess.
  • Confirmed.

Siri made Robert $500,000 by engaging in high-frequency trading.
Because at this point, she wasn't trying to sabotage Robert's life, so it's reasonable to conclude that whatever she did was legal.

"The New Black" is the final episode of the series
There hasn't been any word of any additional episodes, this season is already said to be the final one, and the episode was probably so offensive with the portrayal of gays and mentally retarded people, that it got abruptly cancelled. Or maybe it was the writers' way of going out in style. "We're done with this sh**".
  • Confirmed, Season 4 is indeed the final season of The Boondocks.

Season 4 aired out of order.
The real final episode was "Freedom Ride or Die", as it seems much more conclusive than "The New Black". It's still not too satisfying of a conclusion to the plot arc, but it's still something.
  • "Freedom Ride or Die" was a flashback/prequel episode, so it couldn't have been the finale. I think you may have meant to say "Freedomland", which seems like it was intended to end the story arc, even if it still leaves a lot of loose threads hanging.

The Boondocks is set in the same universe as Django Unchained.
Django Freeman is the ancestor of Robert, Huey, and Riley Freeman. And Stephen is the ancestor of Ruckus.

Tom Dubois is somehow related to Barack Obama.
Just look at the uncanny resemblance! This was even lampshaded in "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman".

Huey and Riley have a Freudian Excuse for their behavior.
We hardly know anything about their early lives in Chicago; all we know is that they lived in a ghetto neighborhood, and that their parents and grandmother are probably deceased. It's likely that Huey and Riley used to be innocent children, but the loss of their mother and father changed them for the worse.
  • Huey was originally just an idealistic bookworm who had high hopes of changing the world, but his parents' deaths made him become very cynical, and so he turned to political extremism.
  • Riley was left without any good role models to discourage him from bad behavior, so he handled his loneliness by making some bad friends who only taught him delinquency and hooliganism.

Robert isn't actually the grandfather of Huey and Riley.
Robert Freeman is actually a lonely old man who never married or had any kids, so he adopted two orphans and raised them like his own flesh and blood.

Huey's and Riley's parents aren't dead
Instead, they left their sons with their grandfather because they are involved in underground organizations that could threaten their sons' lives. One reason is that Huey was named after Huey Newton, the co-founder of the Black Panther Party, which hints that perhaps their parents share Huey's ideological and political views.

Huey and Riley seem to have always grown up with their grandfather; in "The S-Word", Huey reminds his grandfather how he's always used the word "nigga" in his home, and Riley thought it was his name until he was 3. Also in the comic strip, Caesar used to make a lot of "yo mama" jokes to Huey; it seems like Huey would be more bitter to it if he knew his parents were dead.

The Booty Warrior's real name is Fleece Johnson.
The character was based on this guy, a real prison rapist.

Black Jesus is a very loose adaptation of Huey's play.
Remember Huey's stage play about a Black Jesus? After he abandoned his own project, the script was sold to a media company, who drastically changed it into a sitcom.

Robert's nightmare about the Stinkmeaners was a lucid dream.
Remember when Robert dreamed that a horde of Stinkmeaner clones invaded his house, while Robert allowed them to kill all of his friends and family? And when he wakes up, he feels jubilant instead of horrified. Well he was actually completely aware that it wasn't real the whole time. Hopefully in real life, Robert wouldn't be such a cowardly jerkass and willingly abandon his loved ones like that.

More about Tobias Lynchwater...
Remember Tobias' "screenplay" that he wrote and worked so hard for? Well it was actually a script for a stage play (which would explain away the anachronism, because of course there weren't any motion pictures yet).

Tobias' script, although seemingly forgotten, would eventually be discovered and turned into a play (perhaps loosely), about the legendary Catcher Freeman. Eventually it was adapted even more loosely into the movie Django Unchained.

Tom isn't actually black.
He's actually a dark-haired white man who spends too much time tanning under the sun. For years he's tricked his negrophile wife, which could explain her subconscious disappointment. And his daughter doesn't have an afro, her hair just happens to be very curly.
  • Her hair probably is an afro, as in the comic strip series, whenever she tries to straighten up her hair it always poofs back up again.
  • The real reason he acts white is because he does not want to go to prison.

The comic strip is set before the TV show.
Putting aside all the problems with the Comic-Book Time (which of course complicates the continuity), the comics begin with the Freemans moving into Woodcrest and meeting their new neighbors. Between the events of the comic and the show, these changes happen:
  • Despite not actually doing anything illegal, Huey was added to the federal government's watchlist of suspected domestic terrorists, forcing him to rant about politics much less frequently.
  • Caesar left Woodcrest for some unknown reason. With the sudden loss of the only friend whom he knew how to talk to, this couldn't have helped Huey's constant bitterness.
  • Riley gets a new hairstyle, but is still just as (if not more) annoying as he was before. His bad influence also causes Cindy to become more of a jerk.
  • Robert starts developing the early symptoms of dementia, which explains why he seems to have become so incredibly stupid in the show.
  • Mr. Uberwitz replaced Mr. Petto as Huey's teacher, while Mr. Petto replaced Ms. Peterson as Riley's teacher.
  • Sarah retired early from her law career for some reason, so Tom had to increase his own working hours.

Robert was a womanizer throughout his adulthood, and he only married and had kids fairly late in life.
He's incredibly old (anywhere from 80-120), but he has grandkids who are still in elementary school.

Huey grows up to be Afro's father from Afro Samurai.
Afro with sweet samurai swords and had a dream he was a samurai? Check. That's all there really is to say on this matter. Probably not true but whatever.

Huey Freeman, Bushido Brown, Black Dynamite, and Afro Samurai are all somehow related.
How else can we connect all these Afro Asskickers together?

Maybe sometime in the near future, Aaron McGruder will return for a Season 5.
Although to be honest, this will probably only be wishful thinking for now. Most canceled/ended shows don't get a second chance.
  • But this probably won't stop unconfirmed rumors about the return of the series.
    • Hey, it happened for Family Guy and Futurama!
      • As of June 2019 this has been confirmed, as a Season 5 (or more precisely a Continuity Reboot) has been officially announced.
      • As of February 2022 this has been jossed due to the reboot getting canceled.

If The Boondocks is somehow ever revived, hopefully they'll bridge the differences between the comic strip and the TV series.
Maybe they could fill in the continuity gaps, and bring over comic characters into the show. And as someone else stated, "the show needs to get more epic".

Robert Freeman is related to Morgan Freeman.
...Or at the very least, Granddad claims so.

In "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back", Mrs. Wong (the old Chinese lady) was being possessed by Stinkmeaner's ghost.
When Stinkmeaner first left Hell, he decided to possess the old woman for the shock value of making her beat and rob a young black man. But then he realized that a younger body was more fit for his plans, so he switched into Tom's body. And Stinkmeaner may have also realized that Tom is a friend of his arch-enemy Robert, allowing him to get close enough to kill him.

Robert Freeman really is both a pathological liar and suffering from the early stages of dementia.
Hence why we can never get a clear story about his early life, as well as how he gets dumber with every season.

Ed Wuncler I is the mayor of Woodcrest.
He said that his ancestors founded Woodcrest, so it wouldn't be surprising if they've held onto their economic and political power through a nepotistic dynasty.

The Wuncler family's corporation will end with Edward III.
Ed III seems to be nothing more than a dim-witted wigger gangster. He seems to lack the intelligence and business management skills of his father and grandfather. Something tells me that when he comes of age to take the family fortune, he will squander it by misspending and overspending it until he goes broke. On the bright side, this would end the economic and political stranglehold that the Wuncler family has over Woodcrest.

Lamilton Taeshawn grows up to become a Serial Killer.
It's made obvious by the episode that he's a ticking time bomb. Lamilton has all the traits of a stereotypical homicidal psychopath: He was raised by Abusive Parents, has no regard for the life and safety of others, commits an act of animal cruelty, and becomes violently angry towards other people at the drop of a hat.

Just as his therapist described him, Lamilton is literally The Antichrist.
Satan himself appeared in one episode of this show, so it's not too far-fetched of a possibility.

The "Ronald Reagan" figure that appeared in Uncle Ruckus' "White Heaven" dream really was the Devil.
Think about it. Reagan appears in Ruckus' dreams, and basically tempts him into spreading racial hatred in order to get into Heaven. Satan, in traditional mythology, was seen as a Fallen Angel (a creature of light), and of course a skilled Consummate Liar / Manipulative Bastard who leads sinners astray.
  • It would've been funny to see the Devil (as he appeared in "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back") fooling Ruckus (or other people) like this.

Luna is Not Quite Dead.
Note how we never actually saw her unplug the grenade. Or her corpse, for that matter. While the camera panned away, Luna opened the car door, unplugged her grenade and tossed it in her car as she ran from the explosionnote . She may have done this in order to go on a Vision Quest, although in order to do that she would have to make everyone think she was dead, so that no one would bother her (especially after she realized that her friend was a Toxic Friend Influence).

Luna was a werewolf.
Her name is Latin for "Moon". Granddad nicknames her the "Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch", because she mentioned that she likes being surrounded by wolves. Had their dating relationship not gone sour, one night of the full moon later, she would be trying to eat him anyway.

Siri was more than just an iPhone app gone rogue.
She's actually the ghost of a crazy blonde white woman who, through some convoluted backstory, died tragically and later somehow possessed an iPhone which Robert would end up buying.

It would explain why she's so much more intelligent and emotional than a real Siri. Also, there was that one scene where she appeared as a spirit to Robert; that's what she actually looked like in her human life.

Siri is actually a hack by Major Doctor Ghastly and Hector Con Carne.
Major Doctor Ghastly used her voice to overwrite Siri, while Hector Con Carne writes down the transcript to hurt Granddad's mind psychologically.

There will be an epic true final season, where Huey befriends Michael Caesar. This would lead to an epic series finale where they finally take down Deborah Leevil, Ed Wuncler I, and Ed Wuncler II; and finally realize Huey's goals to make the world better.
  • Jossed. The writers no longer give a damn about Huey's ambitions or the quality of the series. Heck, the creator Aaron McGruder doesn't even care about this show anymore and moved onto Black Jesus.

Some guesses about the upcoming Season 5 / Continuity Reboot that will be released in 2022.
  • Given the move from [adult swim] to HBO Max, the show will eagerly take advantage of the relative lack of censorship and newfound freedom that comes with it; there will be a lot more instances of uncensored profanity, sexual humor, and bloody violence.
  • While the overall tone of the show will still be that of an irreverently satirical comedy, it will also become more of a serialized dramedy rather than just an episodic sitcom, and there will be some more occasional serious shifts in its tone.
  • We will learn much more about the history of the Freeman family; particularly the identities of Robert's wife, Huey's and Riley's parents, and what exactly happened to all of them. They will be featured in flashbacks that are (mostly) Played for Drama.
  • Robert will get an Age Lift; he'll no longer be a World War II veteran (because as of now, he'd be pushing near 100 years old). Instead he would be a veteran of the Vietnam War, which may also still allow him to have participated in the Civil Rights Movement as well.
  • Due to popular demand from fans of the comic strip, Michael Caesar will finally make his animated debut after all these years. Bonus points if he's played by Phil LaMarr (a famous black voice actor who has been notably absent from The Boondocks in the past).
  • Tom, Sarah, Jazmine, and Cindy will play a much greater role in the story (especially the latter three, because let's be honest, this show unfortunately tended to ignore its female characters most of the time).
  • Although Uncle Ruckus will now be the Big Bad, Ed Wuncler I will still nevertheless appear as a major recurring antagonist. Ed Wuncler II could also show up, though how similar/different he would be from his Season 4 incarnation is uncertain. Oh yeah and of course, Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy will most likely return as well.
  • Due to the deaths of Charlie Murphy and John Witherspoon (who voiced Ed III and Robert respectively), obviously they will need to recast new voice actors to play those characters. And if Edward Asner (the voice of Ed I) were to possibly die as well (because he's about 90 years old as of this writing), well then they might have to replace him soon too. And in any case, they'll be commemorated in the end credits.
  • Obviously enough, you can't really have The Boondocks without making tons of jokes and references about African-American pop culture. There will probably be a lot of jabs against the recent state of hip-hop music in the 2010s and 2020s (so Gangstalicious' and Thugnificent's characters will probably be updated to reflect on more current and contemporary rappers).
  • Not only will the show try to catch up on all the major political events between 2014 and 2021, it will become much more focused on them (similar to the later years of the comics). Topics that will be satirized range from Donald Trump (and the 2016/2020 presidential elections) to Black Lives Matter and immigration, the #MeToo movement (with special focus on the sexual abuse scandals surrounding R. Kelly and Bill Cosby), mass shootings and neo-fascist terrorism, the wars in the Middle East, the global COVID-19 Pandemic (through an episode similar to "The Fried Chicken Flu"), etc.
  • Eiither by Huey or Grandad, Riley will get slapped and lectured on for using the word "gay" as an insult, as before the rise of LGBTQ+ acceptance, homophobic remarks used to be more acceptable. This will be done to highlight how modernized The Boondocks has become.
  • All of the above is currently jossed, as the 2022 reboot has been cancelled.

This interview is actually going to be canon for Uncle Ruckus in the 2021 series.
I didn't read the above guesses/theories, so made this a separate thing to discuss ideas/theories around this interview working it's way into the 2021 series.

Huey copied his fighting moves from Bushido Brown.

The episode "Bitches to Rags" was meant to be a representation of the five stages of grief.
In this episode, Otis' rapping career as "Thugnificent" is falling apart around him, and in many ways, his actions and reactions were written to represent the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.
  • Denial: Otis keeps trying to reassure Riley that everything's okay and that his career is doing just fine despite that everything clearly isn't given the run-down state his mansion's in.
  • Anger: Otis lashes out at Sergeant Gutter on live radio, basically taking out his dying career out on him and blaming him for the "corruption" of the music industry.
  • Bargaining: Willing to do whatever it takes to keep his career afloat, he resorts to getting a job (which works as well as one would expect) to even attempting to sell crack and cocaine (which, also works as well as one would expect)
  • Depression: He wakes up in the Freeman's house feeling defeated, ultimately coming to terms with the fact that his days as a rich rapper are over and leaves with somber disposition.
  • Acceptance: Otis is able to regain his happy-go-lucky outlook on life and is now finding a way to make it back into fame even if it isn't through music.

The cancelled reboot would have had previous antagonists team up to take down Uncle Ruckus
Every single villain one shot or otherwise would have set aside their differences to help the Freemans take down Ruckus once and for all.

The Boondocks reboot will get uncancelled
I hope so anyway...