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Fridge Brilliance
  • Besides just plain old lust, there's likely a couple of other reasons for Robert's tendency to date younger women:
    1. Given how old Robert is, and the fact that he's heavily implied to be a widower, it's quite understandable that the poor guy just doesn't want to die alone.
    2. Robert may not live long enough before Huey and Riley reach adulthood. He may believe it to be necessary to leave behind another guardian for his grandsons.
  • Given his overall personality, it makes sense why Uncle Ruckus has had so many different jobs throughout the series. After all, no sane employer would want to keep someone that overtly and openly racist on their payroll, even if they are a Boomerang Bigot. Plus, when you take into account his moments of hostility towards the Freemans while on the job, who's to say he didn't behave like that towards other non-white customers?
  • Ruckus constantly getting fired from all the jobs he gets makes a ton of sense in a really sad way: as hilarious as he can be, Ruckus is, at his core, a man who has internalized the racism and abuse he encountered from society and his own family and loathes himself. This self-loathing prevents him from reaching his potential and drives him to self-sabotage all his career prospects.
  • We get a possible reason in "The Story of Lando Freeman" for why Ruckus is so poor despite working so many jobs all the time. He claims that he will work for very low wages as long as his employers are white. There are probably plenty of people in Woodcrest who take advantage of that.
  • While in-universe it was just a bad example, R. Kelly's victim in "R. Kelly on Trial" calls him "The Pied Piper of R&B!" The Piper, after not being paid by the townsfolk for leading the rats away, uses his music to abduct children, making this one of the best Stealth Insults of the series!
  • In "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back", Sarah doesn't notice anything off about Tom when he's possessed by Stinkmeaner, and even Robert and Riley didn't realize what was going on until Huey pointed it out. This could be a nod to the fact that Tom and Stinkmeaner are both voiced by Cedric Yarbrough.
  • Huey believes Ronald Reagan to be the devil himself. The Reagan who appears in "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus" could actually be an agent of the Devil.
  • In "The Story of Thugnificent", Thugnificent tells Huey congratulations for being able to read. At first it looks like he's just being an idiot; but earlier in that same episode, we see that his hometown is so decrepit and poor that many of the local residents can't even afford clothes (and thus are quite likely illiterate too). Thugnificent later mentions having a college degree (bachelor's in communications) as well. So of course he would appreciate that Huey is educated.
  • At the end of "The Story of Catcher Freeman", it makes sense that Tobias is revealed as being the true Catcher Freeman; since him being a conniving coward, backstabbing sellout, and shameless opportunist, are also all traits shared by Catcher's (alleged) descendant Robert!
  • In "Freedom Ride or Die", why would a proponent of non-violent direct action use a martial art, even one that is designed to protect one's attacker at all times? Well, we see what happens when Sturdy Harris doesn't do anything: two men are hit in the head by the debris of a baseball bat that shattered on his torso, and another guy that tries to punch him gets a broken hand. So Harris pretty much has to be a bit more aggressive and take down his attackers as gently as possible, because otherwise they're more dangerous to themselves than they are to him.
  • Reading Ed Wuncler II's character page, you might notice that he's an ex-soldier from the Iraqi War and has a large fear of crowds. Of course he would - many soldiers who come back from a war like that often end up questioning themselves and their actions, and it often leads to them fearing why other people are looking at him. Ed most likely has some form of PTSD or something close to it.
    • It might also explain why he swapped over to petty crime when he returned - he probably gets a similar stimulus to engaging in soldier activities as he does breaking and entering. He's using his criminal activities as a coping mechanism for his actions in Iraq... or the shame of what he was.

Fridge Horror

  • What the White Shadow says about the government spying on Huey holds truth, and not just because of his far-left-wing activism. In the first episode, there's a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment where three very important-looking people (who all appear to be in the military) turn their heads towards Huey, overhearing his conspiracy theory about the FBI and the Pentagon during the fancy garden party. One of them was a Drill Sergeant Nasty-esque figure who gave a clear hand gesture.
  • Luna's toxic friend in "Attack of the killer kung-fu wolf bitch" almost certainly had no idea that her Luna was taking her hyperbolic "advice" literally. So she's probably going to wake up one day and find out one of her good friends just committed suicide.
  • The cold open of "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy", even if it turned out to be All Just a Dream. During this scene, Robert has a nightmare about an army of angry Stinkmeaner clones attacking his house and neighborhood. While everyone is fleeing, Robert chooses to save his own ass by abandoning all of his friends and family, letting the Stinkmeaners kill them. Would he do the same thing if a similar life-or-death situation happened in his real life?
  • The ending of "It's Goin' Down", which implies that Jack Flowers and Ed Wuncler III might have been injured or even killed in a shootout just outside of the Wuncler Mansion. These two characters, along with Gin Rummy, are never seen again during Season 4. Just what the hell happened to them?
  • In "Good Times", we learn that Ed Wuncler II has stabbed at least one of his debtors to death, and he expects the Freemans to dispose their corpse for him. Just how many times has Wuncler murdered people, and got away with it because of his wealth and power?

Fridge Logic

  • In "Freedomland", it's kind of baffling how the white-loving Uncle Ruckus has no objections over how his boss Ed Wuncler II is keeping white people as slaves.
    • Uncle Ruckus is not a very logical man.
  • In Episode 1 Robert says the whiteman can be tamed by cheese. A little later it is proven true, why is this? Another term for a white man is what else Cracker, and what goes well with crackers?