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Eventually, Wee Hughie will Kill 'Em All.
Eventually, M.M. and Starlight will be killed by The Seven. Hughie will set up an Evil Plan to kill them all.

Afterwards, he will realize that the Boys are as dangerous as the superheroes. He will then kill (possibly by poisoning, followed by an Unflinching Walk) Billy, the Female, and the Frenchman. Then he will blackmail the CIA into letting him start his own team.

  • Eventually, Wee Hughie will kill 'em all.
    • Jossed. Butcher kills Mother's Milk, the Female, and the Frenchman. THEN Wee Hughie kills Butcher. The team is never re-formed.

The Boys are all actually failed Super experiments.
Each one of The Boys is an attempt to make an edgy anti-hero. M.M. was originally going to be a kind of Luke Cage parallel: growing up in the slums, he grew up to fight inner city crime. The Female was going to be a X 23-esque Tyke-Bomb. Billy was going to be a Punisher-type character: the rape of his wife would drive him to fight crime in as a vigilante. The Frenchman, I don't know... Deadpool.

However, each experiment went wrong. M.M. grew up relatively good and the deaths of his brother, father and breaking of his mother drove him to hate Vought too much to be usable. The Female was far too uncontrollable and broke free from Vought's grip. Billy found out that his wife's true rapist was a Super driving him to hate Vought. The Frenchman I don't know... he's Deadpool.

  • Seems to have been Jossed by the recent Mallory arc.

  • So who would that make Wee Hughie the equivalent of?

That guy from Vought-American eventually becomes The Smiler
Yes, both books are drawn by Darick Robertson, but the resemblance is still intriguing and it would certainly fit his career and personality...

The "Vought-American" executive is Mallory.
Mallory's face is purposely blocked in every flashback, and "The Executive" is only ever referred to as that. What is known is that both have blonde hair and nerves of steel. Billy also expresses an in depth hate of "The Executive", beyond other characters despite having (seemingly) just found out about him.
  • Truly, there is no greater punishment then having someone have to Joss' their own WMG.

Black Noir died during 9/11
However, his specific superpower caused him to, instead of becoming completely retarded upon resurrection, keep his intelligence, agility and high level functionality, but lose all semblance of sanity and coherence in social interactions.

  • Alternate. Black Noir is in many ways the Batman of the Super Seven, who are a pretty blatant JLA rip. In keeping with the deconstructor nature of the series though, Black Noirs come and go very easily, which is why he never speaks and always wears a full body costume. We've never actually seen him use any specific powers, so he could just have a boost like the Boys do, but nothing more.
  • Or he really did die and they just got another one - which explains why the 9-11 Black Noir apparently knew how to fly a plane, but later on when they had to get some VA guy to teach him to fly the jet, he didn't seem to know what he was doing.

Jossed. He's a clone of The Homelander made solely to kill him if he gets out of line.

The Frenchman is actually from Canada
His alleged backstory is obviously untrue (and insane), of course, but the name of his claimed hometown may be a clue. "Franglais," a mash up of English and French, is common in certain parts of Canada and is also pretty much exactly how Frenchie talks. He apparently really likes hockey, too, which is probably a point for.

Butcher's wife cheated on him
Everything else happened the way Butcher said it did, but the Homelander and Butcher's wife had a consensual fling that ended up killing her. Butcher either couldn't bear the reality of it so convinced himself that his wife was a completely innocent victim, or makes up the rape story just to avoid the humiliation.
  • Maybe she did cheat on him, but there is no longer any doubt that she died as he had described the situation... unless he's lying to himself.
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  • It seems highly unlikely she cheated on him either, because her secret diary no one was supposed see says it was rape.

Butcher's Dog is his weapon to take down The Homelander
Butcher wants to kill The Homelander. He gives every impression that he thinks he'll be capable of doing so when the time comes, even though Frenchie described it as "Making war on the Sun" and the Boys are seriously outmatched powers wise. We have recently discovered that Butcher was sent to kill Voegel, the creator of Compound V, some years ago. Possibly, instead of doing this, he made a deal to spare Voegel's life in return for creating Terror with, or giving Terror (it's not clear if Butcher already owned him at the time of the Voegel incident), a power set specifically designed to be capable of dealing with the Homelander. One of the themes of the series is that humans can't be trusted with superpowers of the level The Homelander possesses. Butcher might, however, trust his dog. As a bulldog owner, I certainly would.

  • Unlikely due to recent developments. The Boys #59: Terror is dead.

Oh Brother is an evil Garterbelt

Scary Black Man who's also a Pedophile Priest.

The real antagonist of the entire series is, in a major twist, going to be...

Vic the Veep.

  • After what happened with the President and the wolverine, I am convinced that Vic the Veep will be a Karma Houndini who will completely escape the consequences of his stupid actions - not unlike Schwartzenegger and Bush Jr.
  • Seeing as the promised shocking revelation in The Boys #65 is gonna be about Black Noir, and he does behave almost the same as him, you might be on to something.
  • Not so sure about Black Noir being Vic the Veep, they have completely different builds. Come to think of it, it was explicitly stated by The Homelander that he and Black Noir have similar builds when they set up that prank to have Black Noir sleep with Queen Maeve. That and Homelander said he and Black Noir go way back in a way that suggests camaraderie, and he seems to loath Vic whenever he speaks about him.

  • No. No, not at ALL.

The Deep will be the only member of The Seven to survive the series.
Throughout the entire series, The Deep is the only member of The Seven that we haven't seen do anything particularly villainous, aside from being complicit in The Seven's failed rescue of the plane on 9/11. On the contrary, other than possibly buying too much into his cover story from the comics, he's the most well-adjusted member of The Seven besides Starlight. He even suggested working with The Boys to try and find out who tried to play the two groups against each other, as well as suggesting to A-Train that he be wary while The Homelander gets on with his plan to take over the government for Vought-American, and that they may be considered expendable to that end. This implies a degree of pragmatism that will possibly see him through to the story's conclusion.
  • This could actually turn out to be true; as of issue #65, he is the only member of The Seven (aside from Starlight) who hasn't been explicitly shown to die. And looks like he wasn't part of The Homelander's attempted coup, so it seems likely he wasn't killed off-panel either.
    • Partially confirmed. Starlight survived, but all the other original members of The Seven are dead.
    • And in #72 one of the "New Brand" of supers is "Plainly The Deep"

Frenchie and the Female survived the bomb
In the final scene of the series, Hughie and Annie are kissing in front of the rebuilt Brooklyn Bridge. In the sky above, two large bunches of balloons are floating – just like the bunch that the Female hid inside during the Believe festival. This troper reckons that, when the Frenchman discovered Butcher's bomb, he and the Female leapt out of the window just in time to avoid the blast – it was a hell of a fall, but they're both superhumanly durable, so they survived (albeit probably badly injured). Knowing that Butcher would still try to kill them if he knew they survived, Frenchie took the Female into hiding, and now that Butcher is dead, they can live freely. Perhaps, someday, they'll even reveal themselves to Hughie again...

Black Noir is somehow related to The Frenchman

Jossed. He's a clone of The Homelander made solely to kill him if he gets out of line.

M.M.'s daughter Janine is a Supe

I have a feeling she may have been exposed to Compound V through drugs she obtained while she was doing porn with her mother.

Jossed. She's not a Supe. Not in a way that gives her any meaningful superpowers, anyway. She inherited a Compound-V mutation from her father that made her mature faster. She's really only twelve years old, in spite of appearances.

Butcher will be the only one of The Boys to die.
At some point it looked like all of them except for Hughie might die by the end of the series. But if you look at the situation after issue #65, Hughie and M.M. are too nice for Ennis to kill them; there are hints that The Female can still be redeemed (plus as the only women in the team she's not as likely to get killed); and if Ennis wanted to kill The Frenchman, he would've done it during the fight with Team Titanic. As for Butcher, it seems obvious that once his revenge against Vought and the supes is over, he has no reason to live anymore.

Jossed. Butcher has killed everyone, except Hughie. So far.

Butcher will finish the last arc series by trying to kill every superhuman left on the planet, including his own team.
And I hope he dies trying, given how he started.
  • Confirmed

Butcher is this universe's version of Othar Tryggvassen (Gentleman Adventurer).
Following the above WMG, he is hunting down all the superpowered individuals before killing himself. Except, you know, Othar is likeable.

The series "out-Preachering" Preacher...
At the end of Preacher, none of the main characters have powers anymore, the most powerful characters are dead and the most awesome characters are taken out of the picture. The Boys will top that, likely by having Hughie be the only survivor and somehow removing V from the human gene pool.
  • Which makes this troper hope that means Hughie and Annie end up together again, and end up creating a new generation of superheroes that actually BELIEVE in doing the right thing.
    • Which might unfortunately lead to supervillains....

If the series does get made into a movie, then said movie will be a box-office flop.
The budget would be astronomical, the audiences wouldn't be very big, and on top of that, some plot points and characters may get cut out to make room for the 'main' storyline - arcs that don't necessarily affect the main storyline, such as the G-Men arc, may get removed entirely, which could potentially lead to some fans being alienated. That would bring audience numbers down even further.

Hughie and Starlight will start a new generation of superheroes

Hypothetically speaking, if The Boys series were to be continued, Donald Trump would have made a guest appearance.

The Five Bloody Fingers from The Crossed were originally meant to be characters in The Boys.

Billy is the Devil now.
  • Considering Ennis' penchant for making all his series happen in the same universe, and seeing as the Devil and God are both dead as of the end of Preacher, there's no reason Billy shouldn't have taken over Hell.


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