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  • In Issue #2, Butcher confronts two Gang Bangers MM's daughter is about to go for a ride with. When one of them tries to scare him off by lifting his shirt and flashing a gun stuck in his pants line, Butcher, without missing a beat, snatches the gun from him and crushes it with his bare hands.
    Butcher: Glock's a wanker's gun, son.
  • The Boys' first scrape against the supes in Issue #6, and they start by promptly curbstomping Teenage Kix.
    "All right, boys... let's give 'em a fuckin' spankin'."
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  • Vas killing a bunch of ROC goons. "AHHHH, SQUAD OF BASTARDS! GO FUCK YOUR MOTHERS SOME MORE!!!" The Oh, Crap! look on a goon's face sells it.
  • A villainous one: Stillwell and some VA mercs wiping out Godolkin and the G-Men; even Butcher is left in shock.
    Stillwell: Just so you know. We can clean up our own shit.
  • Stillwell, in Issue #64, completely demolishing the Homelander with a perfectly calm, neutral "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    Homelander: You're about to be torn limb from limb, and you're completely calm. I think I've finally met a superhuman.
    Stillwell: Why? Because I'm not impressed by you? Think about it. This is par for the course with you. When have you ever done anything remotely interesting or original? What have you thought of to do that the lowest speck of this pointless species couldn't, were they granted your level of power? And what next, destroy another airliner? Dismember more families, that kind of thing? A spoiled child's personal Auschwitz. It's so petty it's actually quite embarrassing. I'm just glad I won't be alive to see it...
    Homelander: What?
    Stillwell: [Calmly walking to the window] In fact, I think I'll save you the trouble. I'll jump.
    Homelander: Stop fucking around. You think I need to impress you? You smug fucking cocksucking prick, you really think I'm looking for —
    Stillwell: [Unimpressed] Oh God, kill me now.
    Homelander: Just because I stood and took your shit, when any time I chose I could have —
    Stillwell: Please kill me?
    Homelander: You... You... Keep watching. Just keep watching. That's all I'm going to say.
    Stillwell: I will.
    Homelander: Shut up! Shut up! [Flies through the window angrily]
    Stillwell: Or I would, if I thought you had something worth seeing.
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  • Billy Butcher's long awaited revenge on Noir for murdering his wife.

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