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    Character-Related Guesses 
Dex Holders and their Pokémon
At age 10 you're legally an adult
That explains why no one cares about the characters having jobs.
  • With the exception of Sapphire, none of the Dex Holders were 10 when they started out. Also, the games already had kid Gym Leaders, so it's more like it's just the logical extension from the games that children are allowed to have jobs.

Red will end up like Red does in the games
Alone, withdrawn, and depressed. Preferably on Mt. Silver. I expect this to happen by the end of the HGSS chapter.
  • ...why? Red's a pretty cheerful guy. What would happen to him? Besides, the GS arc already had a plot with him in Mt. Silver...
    • Complaint seconded. Honestly, Red in PokéSpe is not the antisocial mute guy he is in the games, with solely a rival to be close to. So unless he didn't heal his frostbite well or he needs to take care of another health condition he acquired when he was a stone statue (which then makes you wonder why Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver wouldn't need it), he shouldn't return to Mt. Silver (no motive to; even "training in Mt. Silver because of high-level Pokémon" is unlikely, as he liked competing against Green during their training in the FRLG saga, so he can probably train at his gym in Viridian)
      • Red was not anti-social in the games either. Artwork and his counterparts imply he was a bubby, Hot-Blooded boy prior to the Timeskip.
  • Semi-Jossed. HGSS has a flashback of him having a practice battle with Gold on Mt. Silver, where he was obviously enjoying himself. He even became the basis for a superhero show thanks to that fight.
  • Jossed by the ORAS chapter. At 19 years old, Red is still the guy he was back when he was 11, friendly and helpful.

Red's gloves aren't really fingerless
Super Nerd was able to make an invisible insulated coating that went over his skin from the cloth on Red's glove. Plus, all of Lt. Surge's clothing was supposedly insulated, but not only were his gloves fingerless but his outfit was short sleeved. So perhaps Lt. Surge's gloves weren't fingerless and he had an insulated coating on his arms and fingers. It makes sense that he would have an outfit made to resemble a military uniform, since he was comfortable with it. And Super Nerd being able to make the coating suggests that Red's gloves may not be fingerless at all, and may just have clear fingers made from such a coating.
  • Confirmed.

The Dub eye colors are the correct ones
This trope is the basis for this tree. The "correct" names are still the Japanese ones, though.

Kris' hair will change back to brown soon
Lyra is her counterpart in HGSS. While it is arguable Lyra is a retouched Kris in the same way Red is still Red or Ethan is still Ethan, the hair color change still stands. Unlike Red, Kris had her hair change frequently.
  • Jossed in-story. In covers, however, her hair colors keep changing.

Black is now a Dream Walker.
It's safe to say that Black is the only living being in Poké-existence who had his dreams regularly fed on for nearly a decade. This has given him the ability to access Entralink on his own, a place where it is said that dreams intersect. He's seen in front of the tree there when Musha temporarily left him. At one point, Cheren was there too, but that was only after inhaling some Dream Smoke.
  • Given what happens at the end of the Black & White Chapter 1, I sure hope this is true. He might even become a Spirit Advisor out of this deal.

Black and White will each undergo a makeover in the near future...
.. to make them look like the B2/W2 protagonists. First up, there's precedent with Crystal. Secondly, their counterparts are the only important characters in B1/W1 outside of four sages and a few other Plasmaites that don't have an updated forme in the sequels or are even seen in that game. Thirdly, this series already has a second "chosen" pair in Bianca and Cherennote ; White originally seemed more like a Fourth Dexholder like Yellow. Whether or not the makeover is necessary is left to the readers and/or' characters themselves.
  • Looks like I've been Jossed, see the Black & White folder...

Yellow's "instant-level" powers will be Rewritten as being a variation of Mega Evolution.
Mega Evolution temporarily increases the stats of Pokémon as well as changing their types and even moves. This is very similar to one of Yellow's powers. After all, in order to pull off a Mega Evolution, besides having the requisite stones and a Transformation Trinket, the trainer and Pokémon involved have to have a strong bond. As Yellow is an Empathic Friend to All Living Things, the bond is there by default.

As for not changing their forms... meh, the franchise has had worse Early-Installment Weirdness...

  • Jossed with actual Mega Evolution in ORAS.

If Whitley reappears in a later generation...
...she'll get Malva's Delphox. I mean, Whitley's a Dexholder without a Starter and, with Malva's death, Delphox is now a Starter without a Dexholder. There's also the common thread that both Trainer and Pokémon were former members of their home region's evil teams, allowing Delphox to be The Atoner under the care of Whitley who either has atoned or is atoning herself.
  • Confirmed.

Moon has a connection with Erica.
There are many parts of Moon’s character have a potential connection to Erica such as her being a student at a research facility while Erica taught at the University of Celadon, having a natural affinity for grass types like with rowlet, and most notably they both use bows with pokéball tipped arrows.

Other Characters

Giovanni will die at the end of the Heart Gold/Soul Silver Chapter
  • Jossed.

...and Ariana/Athena will, in exchange, be revealed as Silver's mother
Just look at her hair! (enough pics in that page) Then compare to Silver's new style (game and manga)

...or could it be that it's just a new hairstyle that's fashionable in the Pokéworld? Who knows?

If you actually care about even minor clues, also look at their Pokéymanz. The crows are everywhere!

  • Jossed. The question of who Silver's mother is isn't even brought up.

Athena is Chermaine with a new look, and in disguise
Pokéspe is just the sort of series to pull this thing off.
  • It is, but the creators have already said they're trying for an entirely new villain with Ariana.
    • Then they'll be related somehow.
  • Most likely jossed, now that we've seen Ariana.

Team Rocket was always a front for Giovanni to find Silver though he grew disillusioned
He realized that illegal methods were always going to be faster than legal methods. By breeding an army of powerful Pokémon he would be able to fight anyone anywhere who could have taken his son. The reason he doesn't call the Elite trio back in FRLG is because he doesn't want to involve them now that they finally have there lives in order. As for why he simply didn't tell people was because over the years he himself became disillusioned as to what he wanted, addicted to the power it gave him.

After all Giovanni never says he wants Silver to take over Team Rocket, the Beast Trio simply speculate that's what he wants. If you need to ask why he drew the Dex-Holders and Deoxys into a battle when he was locating his son, he was still driven as a trainer to battle Red once again. This could be evidence from the battle on board the airship where he says he doesn't intend to fight Red as Team Rockets leader but simply a trainer. He knew the best way to draw Red into battle was to bring Team Rocket back. If you ask "Well why didn't he just ask him for battle" there was no way he could know that Red would be giving it his all, there were no stakes and no tension. He didn't want a friendly battle against the champion, he wanted Red's absolute best and desire to do anything to achieve his goals.

With an organization of loyal followers including Gym Leaders and an army of super Pokémon, NOTHING could have stopped him from finding Silver. Illegal was faster than Legal even if it made him the enemy of the world.

  • That thing you said is canon. Related to this is also the fact that Silver was purposefully hiding (or Blue was hiding him) so Mask of Ice didn't find him again. And remember that that guy was quite persistent! If he had to hide from such a guy, not even Giovanni with all his power could have found him... And he found him solely because Silver got out from wherever he usually hides because he was curious about his own family and he surely felt quite safe now that Pryce was gone. Whether using legal or illegal means, Giovanni was still doomed to wait until Silver stopped playing hide and seek on his own free will.
  • I kinda doubt that. Giovanni and Team Rocket were written way before Pokémon Gold and Silver were released. Therefore even if he were to change his mind later, the writer did at one point make Giovanni a legitimately evil character. In fact it's entirely possible, maybe even probable that Team Rocket was around before Silver was even born. I like to think that there's more to Giovanni than just "my son was kidnapped". Giovanni loves his son with all his heart, but that's a redeeming quality not the whole of the character, a lot of the fanbase has recently been forgetting that Giovanni is still evil. Then again this is WMG, so it all works out.
  • Giovanni does love his son, no doubt, but volume 43 makes it clear that he still wants to run Team Rocket for the sake of evil and power. However, he is okay with Silver vowing to take down the organization, even advising him to get stronger with Pryce and Lance.

Giovanni used to have the same powers that Lance and Yellow had, but lost them somehow or is unable to use them.
Outside of a mention of him being a "Viridian Trainer" and the fact that this gives him the possibility of taking down Lance, there's nothing to indicate he does. He seems like the sort of person to use any advantage he possibly can, so why doesn't he try and at least partially heal his fainted Pokémon in the battle with Red to make it easier for him to win? It was fairly fast-paced, but I think there are a few windows where he could've used them to heal his Pokémon just enough for a sneak attack. There are three possibilities here:
  • He's simply a trainer from Viridian and the fact that he can take out Lance is because his Pokémon were trained in the Viridian Forest, thus giving them the special edge that they need to take him on.
  • The damage he did to the Viridian Forest actually caused his powers to be taken away. If he does a Heel–Face Turn, he may be able to use them again.
  • He used them so much when he was younger that he actually damaged his own health, thus accounting for his health issues in FRLG. Note that Yellow exhausts herself when she uses them; perhaps if he continues to use them, he might actually die.
  • Or he could've just misunderstood the concept of being a Viridian Trainer, he was never shown using powers like Lance's and Yellow's. In fact he never even mentioned them. He just said he was from the forest. Later he laments on the Mega Volt (which, to clarify, Pika's Thunderbolt with energies from the Kanto trio and their starter Pokémon transferred to him with Yellow's powers), and acknowledges that he nor Team Rocket has the power to stand up to that, further indicating that he's just now learning about them.

Pryce will reappear in a future chapter
Leaving people in the time stream sort of leaves a bad taste in the mouth, regardless of it giving closure. Thus, perhaps the author will bring him back.
  • Maybe in the HeartGold SoulSilver chapter.
    • The possibility is very small, considering the HGSS chapter is over and focuses on the Rocket Executives and Arceus, and that the closure that was given to him in GSC was a happy one for him; there's no reason to bring him back, he's happy. He might appear in flashbacks had by other characters, though.
    • What if he comes in a Big Damn Heroes moment?
      • He has no need to; his storyline is truly over, and a lot of other characters are in need of the spotlight. Unfortunately, we need to let nostalgia die; this franchise moves fast, the authors can't keep bringing everyone back all the time, just a select few (namely the Dexholders; they're the only ones that last). Also, consider that no gym leader aside from Whitney, Morty and Clair appeared in HGSS; not even the Kanto ones showed up (including Green), and the Elite Four was barely upgraded to its proper setting in one single scene. The focus of HGSS are the Rocket Executives and Arceus, and that's all.
    • Actually, every single Johto Gym Leader shows up in HGSS, or at least mentioned (as was in Jasmine's case), except for Pryce. Green appeared in a flashback, wearing his HGSS outfit, when Silver explained how he got his Rhyperior.

Sird was the last person to awaken Jirachi.
In Emerald, Brandon makes a throwaway comment about someone using Jirachi to become immortal, and considering how much the author loves Chekhov's Guns, it's bound to be important sooner or later. Sird wished for immortality, some sort of reality-warping or magical powers, and... something else, which gave her the protection that allowed her to escape Lorelei's ice powers at the end of FRLG and to enter and leave the energy ball thing that Maxie and Archie were stuck in at the end of RS. If she's immortal, it also means that she could have picked up the armor and sword she gives to Guile a long time ago.
  • Specifically, she could have gotten the sword that the boy in the 'Veilstone myth' used to kill and eat Pokémon. Note that Veilstone is where the Team Galactic HQ is located. Hmmmm...

Sird is half Mew
Hey, they learn transform and help out the odd human and she's gotta have SOMETHING that lets her pull off half the crap she does.
  • It's practically confirmed that Sird used Jirachi's power 1000 years ago to become immortal, so that's where her powers came from.
  • On Sird and Mew, how the hell did she petrify the dexholders? If anyone still keeps in touch with the anime side, they might remember the first movie, and the clash between Mew and Mewtwo petrifying Ash. Now then, Mewtwo was also present when the dexholders were petrified, and hasn't been seen since. Not to mention there was a Mew nearby that Sird could have caught, considering how she simply doesn't like missing chances... which starts the whole problem to begin with: she went after Deoxys and ended up petrifying the dexholders (by accident) instead!
  • She doesn't have Mew. A clash between Mewtwo and her Darkrai ended up turning the Dex Holders to stone.

Jupiter is really Sird
They talk very similarly, and Jupiter complained about the cold while touching the her leg the same leg that Lorelei froze!. Not only that, Archie/ Guile Hideout met Sird and implied that she had connections to Team Galactic.
  • The choice of Pokémon (Sableye and Banette) is so similar it's painful.
  • Jossed... but they DO know each other...

Sird is a sixth-or-higher generation shape-shifting legendary psychic Pokémon. Jupiter is a related Pokémon and they share a psychic link.
It's likely Kusaka does have at least a little influence in the games just by looking at stuff like the reveal of Silver as Giovanni's son in HGSS so I wouldn't put it past him to ask Game Freak to create a Pokémon with specific powers in one of the next gens. Considering Sird's still on the run and we don't know if she'll reappear in Unova just yet, he could be saving the reveal of who she really is for the sixth gen games. Being a Pokémon would at least explain all the crazy stunts she pulls off (opening the jammed trunk of the car Maxie and Archie were in and getting them to that white void space, breaking free from Lorelei's ice voodoo by herself and mind-controlling the Galactic grunt with a finger poke); moreover, Jupiter could either be her sister, or they could be two halves of the same entity. In any case, they're psychically bonded and they both feel the same things (can't think of any other explanation as to why Jupiter would've got frostbite at the same time and in the same place as Sird). Basically, they'd be kinda like an evil counterpart to Latios and Latias.
  • Kusaka has absolutely no influence on Gamefreak. While they might take some ideas that could have been influenced by Special (such as Falkner and Janine interacting in HeartGold and SoulSilver) he has no power to influence what they do, especially with important Pokémon like legendaries. Many people think that Kusaka invented the Giovanni being Silver’s father thing but in FireRed and LeafGreen one of the Rocket Scientists in the Sevii Islands mentions Giovanni having a son with red hair. All Kusaka did was gamble on the implications of that hint and guess correctly. The reason Jupiter had frostbite was most likely a result of the battle she was having with Candice (who uses Ice Pokémon) or a result of her trip to Snowpeak. Also Jupiter pulled a Heel–Face Turn in Platinum. That Sird used Jirachi’s wish to become immortal theory to explain all her stunts is much more sound.

Bertha is Agatha in disguise
She just barely changed her name (in Japanese from Kikuko->Kikuno), her clothes, but more important her personality and Pokémon type in order to redeem herself and start over again in a new region. She will be put in a dilemma when she finds out that the grand daughter of Oak, Daisy, is in Sinnoh too.
  • Mostly likely jossed.

Mewtwo's Big Fraggin' Spoon is really a TwistedSpoon
What better item to use for the strongest Psychic Type to use to amplify his powers?

Ho-oh is the 150th Pokémon prior to Mewtwo's creation.
Warning: big spoilers for the RBG arc! Anyway, in volume 2 of RBG, Blue states that there are 151 Pokémon, but Mewtwo hasn't been completed yet. My theory is that the 150th Pokémon Blue refers to is Ho-oh. In volume 3, we see the silhouette of the bird Pokémon Blue was captured by, and it's clearly Ho-oh. After Mewtwo was made, it (Mewtwo) was given number 150 in the Pokédex, and Ho-oh it's given number 152.

    Plot and Setting for Chapters based on Generations 1- 4 
Red, green, & Blue, Yellow, and Gold, Silver & Crystal Chapters
The Viridian Forest didn't grant anybody with special powers after Yellow
A bio page says the Viridian Forest bestows its gift every 10 years. Yellow was nine when she was first introduced, meaning that someone should have been pregnant with the lucky kid. However, around that time, Team Rocket was screwing the forest over, so it decided not to do anything that year.
  • Alternatively, the kid got sent or moved along with his/her family to Isshu. By the time Isshu connects with all the other regions, Yellow will be past 20 and this kid will be over 10...! (might be important to remember that the protagonists are older than 10/11 in B&W)
    • N sounds like he could be a Viridian kid, but then again, I doubt that Yellow is ten years older than him. In any case, no more Viridian kids make Yellow and Lance seem a bit more special.
      • You forgot Giovanni in there. But yeah, N is the most likely, but imagine another option, like White (the female player chara), who has yet to appear in the manga and be given a personality.
      • It's never been confirmed that Giovanni actually has the powers associated with being a Viridian Trainer as opposed to just a trainer from Viridian. Canon was kind of unclear on that point; it's possible that he only counted as being able to take down Lance because his Beedrill was caught and trained in the Viridian forest. Of course, this could always lead to another WMG...
      • Well, it's definitely not White.
      • I've been doing a reread of Yellow and I can't find where it says one is born every ten years. Someone please point it out to me.
      • It's on Yellow's bio page in the FRLG arc.
      • Now, assume some degree of game continuity applies. Assume N is the child in question. Now, assuming that he's not his father, let's think about Ghestis's possible reasons for wanting N...

Ruby & Sapphire, Fire Red & Leaf Green, Emerald, and Heart Gold & Soul Silver Chapters

The Ruby from the timeline the living one got transferred to died during battle.
Celebi transported Ruby from a timeline where Norman, Steven and Marge died to one where they survived. If we expand this, we could say that in that timeline Ruby died, but Celebi transferred a living one there so he could be happy and the other survivors too, maybe as a way of appreciating on helping cleaning up the mess?
  • I'm not sure how the translation works, but I always thought that Celebi's powers work something like "reversing the effect of time", therefore what it did was reverse the death "event" of Steven, Norman and Marge/Courtney.
    • Word for word, it says Ruby's in a "slightly different future". Also the Ruby and Sapphire chapter suggests that people lose energy to the point where they can die if they use legendary Pokémon. Yet in previous chapters, several characters made use of legendaries and were fine, further suggesting that it is a different timeline.
      • Nobody has a problem with controlling weaker legendaries. Upper-tier legendaries, now that's a problem, and those indeed need some help. Mewtwo: cancer, then later developed a human conscious, so no prob there. Lugia and Ho-oh: freaky mask made of god knows how many crushed Gym Badges, not to mention Lance previously tried to control Lugia with a giant badge amplifier. The Weather Trio: the orbs. Dialga and Palkia: the Red Chain.
      • Mewtwo was unstable and it only affected Blaine because they shared DNA that caused them both fatigue. If Mewtwo were to allow another trainer to command him, they wouldn't have had the same problems. And even if he did have immense power, he was a scientific, genetically created, artificial lifeform, why would commanding him cause the trainer to randomly start dying? The badges were to make the Pokémon obey the person in the first place, this is based on their game ability of making higher level Pokémon obey you. It wasn't to prevent you from dying. And exactly what constitutes upper and lower legendaries? Steven died controlling the Regis. And Norman had lord knows how many Balance Badges, being the Gym Leader of Petalburg, and still died when he used Rayquaza. His and Steven's later survival hints that in the new timeline they were able to control their legendaries without too many problems.
      • Thought Steven died from the exhaustion of everything he had to do up to fighting at Sootopolis, which included waking up the Regis. The Hoenn Elite Four had no problem controlling the Regi assigned to them. Also, I doubt that Norman was holding fifty or so badges with him. And there are upper and lower legendaries. You don't say Moltres is in the same tier as Arceus. Legendaries have varying base stats; by looking at them, you can tell which legendary vastly overpowers another. Also, I have a feeling that only the Weather Trio does the dying bit; any other upper-tier legendary just wouldn't listen to you otherwise.
      • Wallace says that use of the Regis took a toll on all of them but Steven the most, and it's subtle but the Elite Four shows signs of fatigue just from using the Pokémon, and remember two people were each controlling a Regi, supposedly for this reason. And since you're arguing game mechanics with me, he didn't need 50 or so badges, in the games you usually get eight. And Norman said he didn't control it completely anyway. And if you're going to argue base stats, Mewtwo has the same base stat as Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza. And the Regis have the same base stat as the legendary birds or legendary beast trio. And even if we assume that you're right here, the original argument still stands, Ruby says he's in a "slightly different timeline". Again word for word. And outside of the RS chapter, no one has died using a legendary. And while Maxi and Archie's use of the Red and Blue Orbs may have helped them control Kyogre and Groudon, the Green Orb was never finished in either timeline. So the way I see it is that using Rayquaza didn't kill Norman in the new timeline, meaning that if nothing else, using Rayquaza isn't deadly in the new timeline. And your metaphor doesn't work, no Pokémon shares a base stat with Arceus, therefore no one is in his "tier".
      • If controlling legendaries is supposed to kill you then explain Deoxys.
      • Of course everyone was fatigued during the battle of Sootopolis. They were fighting for a couple days straight! Okay, upper and lower tier legendaries, just look at the Battle Frontier to see what counts. The legendary birds, the legendary dogs, the Regis, and the lake guardians are all lower-tiers, as the Frontier have no problem with you using them.
      • Alright, while I'm still convinced that controlling the Regis negatively impacted Steven and the others, I'll just let you have the point that it might not have been. That still doesn't explain why "higher tiers" like Mewtwo and Deoxys can be controlled without any problems. And your "feeling that it's only the weather trio" has no ground either, it never states that anywhere.
      • Mewtwo and Blaine were okay (sorta) due to their shared link, and Mewtwo eventually gained a more human conscious so it could choose who it fought alongside with. Deoxys? Fanwank, but maybe Red's blood had to do with that. Also, Dialga and Palkia had to be controlled with the Red Chain. Maybe if Cyrus forcibly tried to control them on his own, it might have been more strenuous.
      • Red's blood is a bit of a stretch, especially considering Giovanni was the one using him for most of the chapter. Mewtwo and Blaine's link is what was causing them problems in the first place, they needed Entei to heal it. For that matter, Mewtwo didn't develop any significantly higher brain functions between GSC and FRLG, we're just hearing his side of the telepathic conversations this time around. Anyway, this is getting really long and we're going in circles. It doesn't seem like either of us is going to convince the other so maybe we should just drop this debate.
      • No prob. I had fun wanking with you.
      • That sounds so wrong. XD
    • According to Viz's translation, Celebi tweaked the past to change the present, not bringing Ruby and Sapphire to a new timeline.

It was NOT Azelf that petrified the Dex Holders in the FRLG arc.
How would you explain the fact that Silver happened to be both conscious and turned into stone?!
  • Azelf turns you to stone, it's one of the others that takes your mind. (Uxie?).
    • But it's not actual petrification. The myths only say that touching Azelf will make the user "grow immobile" by losing all will, since Azelf is the Pokémon of Willpower. Uxie is the Pokémon of Knowledge and erases all memory, and Mesprit is the Pokémon of Emotion who... drains all emotion. Their effects are based on their titles, no stone involved in Azelf's case.
      • Games != manga. It could just be artistic license.
  • For the first time ever, it could be that the manga borrows from the anime with the clash between a Mew and the spoon-wielding Mewtwo petrifying kids like in the first movie. After all, Mew was seen near the scene by Mewtwo, and Sird was already on her way to that place; how much of a stretch is that she captured it on sight?
    • As it turns out, Darkrai turned the Dex Holders to stone.

Yellow will go missing in HGSS.
The two trainers to be missing in HGSS so far are Giovanni and Lance, the other two Viridian trainers.
  • Elaborated upon by an entirely different crew of people at Bulbagarden (starts somewhere around page 5...)
    • Jossed. The only mention of Yellow in that chapter is when Petrel disguised himself as her to throw Lance off his groove.

The Rocket Executives in HGSS are following the wrong ideal
Related to the "Team Rocket was formed to find Silver" guess, I believe that nobody but the Three Beasts and Giovanni knew of Silver. This would make all the talk of "following Giovanni's lead/ambitions" from the Executives be horrendously wrong, considering he was seeking for Silver all along ( and a Viridian Forest child is, at worst, anti-human but not anti-Pokémon, which would have been required for Team Rocket to work as many seem to believe it should work in the first place).

Also, Archer is quite the creep, in the same vein as Carr actually; wouldn't put it past him to be searching for Arceus just to further his own goals, not truly following Giovanni's ambitions. But just wait until the other three (who seem like nice but misguided people, specially Petrel) understand this; it'll surely be a storm of Heel–Face Turn like rarely seen in the manga (offscreen is common, but in it, not so much). This last point holds true with even more strength if you subscribe to the idea that Ariana is Silver's mom. So far, I don't think she had as much hopes as Giovanni to find Silver, so she could pretty much just ignore that nameless kid she ambushed because she doesn't think her kid lived to tell the tale (taken away by the frightening Ho-oh, mind you). A reveal is bound to happen if this is true.

  • Actually, turns out Archer's kind of gay for Giovanni and the generals know the relationship between him and Silver. They still have no problem attacking their beloved boss's son.
    • Not so fast! Only Petrel knows of Silver being Giovanni's son, actually. Which makes the potential of Ariana being the kid's mom even more tragic. How can she not know she's attacking her own child, you ask? Because she believes him to be dead after the incident with Ho-oh when he was kidnapped!

Lorelei will become the Mahogany Gym Leader.
The Mahogany Gym has presumably been empty for quite awhile. Lorelei is a powerful, unemployed Ice-type trainer whose trustworthy-ness can be vouched by Professor Oak, Bill, and the Kanto Dex Holders.
  • Seems like a good possibility.
  • Well, Pryce is back, but there's nothing to say who's been looking after the gym for the past five years.

Diamond & Pearl and Platinum Chapters

Ruby's use of Celebi caused Sinnoh to get colder.
May cross over into the games, but isn't it odd how things are suddenly so much cooler? A Timey-Wimey Ball might be in effect, considering we're dealing with time-travel, but it would still explain it.
  • But it wasn't time travel, more like reversing the flow of time around the people it did. Not to mention that it would have made Hoenn colder since the effect spreads outward from where its power is used.
  • Sinnoh is naturally colder, as it's far up north in the Pokénation. However, it could also simply be winter.

The two "Important people" Lady Berlitz is trying to save in the Platinum chapter are none other than...
Dia and Pearl. Bit of a foregone conclusion to be honest, since they're the two that mean most to her. Most likely during the conclusion of the battle atop Mount Coronet, Giratina makes his appearance and both of them get sucked in along with it.
  • She's actually trying to save her real bodyguards. Meanwhile, Dia and Pearl are given a mission to search for legendaries.

Platinum caught Regigigas
Just look at chapter 400. It should tell you everything.
  • She did. Or more accurately, it followed her, knowing it would be needed. And now it's part of Dia's team.
  • And according to the Pokémon Ranger manga, Platinum'll get a Manaphy egg too.
    • She did.

Dia and Pearl will encounter Deoxys in Veilstone City.
Deoxys mentions going to a faraway land that has a meteor that can help Deoxys change forms at will. Veilstone City has meteors.
  • Considering they're traveling around Sinnoh, why not?
  • And if Sird finds out about Deoxys?
    • REVENGE!
      • than that means Dia and Pearl maybe be in some deep ***!
  • Sorry, but no. The far away land in question is Kanto. There are four meteors in Pewter City in Heart Gold and Soul Silver that let you do that specifically. That one was clearly a callback, not foreshadowing.
    • Considering that Deoxys was in Kanto when it said it would go find meteorites in a faraway land, I doubt that that's what Deoxys meant. Besides, not everything in the games makes it into the manga canon, or else we'd have the Viridian Forest chopped down and Cinnabar Island destroyed in the GSC arc.

Rotom will simultaneously control all five appliances at once and form a Humongous Mecha.
The preview for volume 40 indicates a giant epic showdown between all the Sinnoh legendaries, and Rotom will be included. Let's face it, Rotom's not a real legendary and would never be able to hold up its own against the others. However, he and Dia will have watched/read his favorite series, which will give it the idea to turn itself into a combining mecha.
  • suddenly made me very excited to read Volume 40.
  • Jossed. Rotom does not simultaneously control all five appliances... but it does control Dia's toy robot and somehow saves the day in it.

    Black & White Chapters 1 & 2 
Regarding Team Plasma
N is gifted by the Viridian Forest.
To go up with the WMG near the top of the page. Well, we need some way to explain his Speaks Fluent Animal abilities and it would seem weird to have it come from any other way in the Pokéspe-verse. As to how he got it, maybe when he was a kid he was sent to the Forest after all, it was full of tortured Pokémon he could interact with, leftover from the Rocket experiments. The Forest saw what a well-meaning, empathic kid he was and decided to gift him despite him not being born there. Also, him having been at Kanto would explain on how he knows what a Pokédex is and what has been done for the sake of its research (ie, capturing a lot of Pokémon. I hope he never meets Crystal) despite it just being recently introduced in the faraway Unova region.
  • This works out with the fact that around power-granting time, all the locals were scared shitless of the rampaging Pokémon as well as the fact that no strong trainers ever passed by because the missing Gym Leader, meaning that N was even more likely to not interact with other humans. Of course, this potentially makes Ghetsis a bigger asshole seeing how this means he dumped a small child in a forest full of rampaging Pokémon that could've killed him.
  • I hope not. It's been established that you have to be BORN in the forest to get it's powers, you can't just go there. It would feel like such an Ass Pull, and if the forest were to just randomly give a person the powers if they're empathetic towards Pokémon, then why doesn't Red have the Viridian powers? He was there, he's empathetic, I mean he's the one who noticed that Kangaskhan was protecting it's child. He gave Yellow, easily the more empathetic person with the powers compared to Lance and arguably the most empathetic character in the series, her life philosophy, "treat Pokémon with a kind and gentle heart, and they'll always be your friends".
    • Hey, maybe N just got there first ^-^. But seeing how there are already people in the Pokéspe world with the power to understand Pokémon through telepathy-like abilities, who were granted said powers through supernatural means, it seems like an asspull to me that someone just randomly get it out of nowhere. You can't just say it was because N grew up with Pokémon, or else Gold could do it too. If Pokéspe does handwave it through some other source of magic power (maybe the Goddesses?), I'll back off. Though the "every ten year" rule thing the Forest supposedly has means there has to be some people out there with the powers.
      • Well then shouldn't N be a seven year old? Maybe there's a machine that lets him do it that we're not aware of. Maybe he's just a really good guesser lol.
  • Objection! During his battle with Black, N claims not to be able to hear the voices of Pokémon when they're in their Pokéballs. Yellow has been shown to be able to read minds and is hinted to be able to mentally communicate with Pokémon regardless of whether or not they are in their Poké Ball. Exhibit A: Her talk with Mewtwo during her fight with Lance while he was in his Master Ball. Exhibit B: She used her powers to see what Pika saw when she put him in a Poké Ball to squeeze through a hole in the cave she and Bill were trapped in. Secondly, N has not been shown to possess the healing abilities of the Viridian Forest or any powers previously displayed by Lance or Yellow. And more importantly, being able to understand Pokémon when they try to communicate or quote "Speaks Fluent Animal abilities" is different from reading minds, as thoughts do not always come in the form of a verbal phrase and indeed written thought balloons in any comic or manga are meant to give the reader an idea of what the character is thinking, not an exact verbal sentence formed in the brain. Therefore, N does NOT have the powers of the Viridian Forest. Indeed his powers may not even be supernatural they may just appear that way, only time will tell as the story progresses.
    • I'm having far too much fun defending my fan-wank which I admit is probably not true. Yes, Yellow can hear a Pokémon that's in a Pokéball; however, she's always shown holding it when she does so. She has been shown that she can hear a Pokémon even if she's not touching it a la Deoxys (though it is easier for her when she does). N can hear a Pokémon just fine during a battle, but he's never heard a Pokémon in a Pokéball because his repulsion for the balls means he never got close enough to one to hear the 'mon inside. Also, he didn't heal his Pokémon during the battle because he thought it wouldn't be appropriate for him to fall down and fall asleep. Also, hearing a Pokémon's thoughts in sort of human language still counts as Viridian powers, or else Yellow wouldn't have been able to give all that exposition from Deoxys. I doubt she would've understood anything if she was just shown its memories. SO IT STILL WORKS.
      • Doesn't N get right next to White and Black though? Do you really think the distance is enough. I mean it was never stated that Lance and Yellow had more trouble reading the thoughts of Pokémon, and not being able to hear them would make more sense if it were a vocal thing, not a mental thing. Especially when you consider that N's powers focus more on voices than thoughts. And in the Mewtwo example, Yellow read what Mewtwo was feeling rather than a vocalized thought, in the case of Deoxys it was specifically trying to talk through Yellow, because it needed to be vocal. Also throughout the Yellow chapter, Lance heals his Pokémon with no negative consequences. Not relevant to the argument but maybe it's just Yellow who has that problem.
      • N wasn't touching the Poké Balls, so he couldn't hear the Pokémon inside. Also, he spent the entirety of the battle listening, so using anything else would have risked knocking him out. Yellow uses her powers more often than Lance to make up for her sub par battling skills, so she's more at risk than he is of falling unconscious.
      • Not really, Lance heals his Pokémon some five or six times and is fine. Yellow got drowzy after reading Pika's mind in her battle with Lorelei. And Yellow's battling skills aren't really sub par so much as they are different. She just doesn't like hurting the other Pokémon and tries other methods. She's kind of like the Shaolin Monk to most other character's Samurai, in that the Shaolin don't kill and Samurai do. Similarly, Yellow tries not to hurt the opponent unless it's a last resort, whilst other characters just go at it.
    • Hold it! And speaking of holding, Yellow wasn't holding Mewtwo's Master Ball when she heard him either, it was in her belt pouch.
      • As a matter of fact, Yellow is in fact capable of understanding Pokémon as if they were speaking a human language. It happened with Lance's Dragonite.
  • Alternatively, N was only conceived in the forest, thus getting a weaker version of the power.
    • ...What about Silver? Isn't he also from Viridian? And therefore at least have it slightly?
  • Maybe Team Plasma knew about the Viridian forest, and tried to replicate it through experiments within their castle. N was the result of these. Since the powers are man-made and not natural, they are weaker.

N's powers, quite frankly, aren't that strong.
Sure he can understand Pokémon, but his abilities are nowhere near as effective as Yellow and Lance's. During his first battle with Black, he completely misinterpreted the thoughts of Black's team, claiming that Black was forcing them to fight against their will. He is also wrong on why Musha left; Musha didn't leave because there never was any bond in the first place, but because it hadn't eaten anything for nearly a week due to Black's troubled thoughts and was nearly starving. The Gym Leaders make it pretty damn clear that Black indeed has a very strong bond with his team and that N is full of shit.

There will be in-universe acknowledgement that N's powers are, quite frankly, not that strong.
N may be able to pick up surface thoughts and feelings, but he has been dead wrong in his interpretations quite a few times: the Unova starters clearly just annoy the hell out of each other rather than being nervous about being given to trainers, Black's Pokémon fully support his dream of becoming the Champion, and rather than never having a true, grounded relationship to begin with, Musha only left to get stronger, hoping its evolved state would boost Black's morale. Also, both the Yellow and FRLG chapter state that trauma can mess with a Pokémon's memories, making them harder to read, meaning that N may have never truly delved into a Pokémon's mind, given the kinds of Pokémon he was purposely raised with as a child.

Crystal has been to Unova and met N.
Kusaka's Twitter says she has a Sigilyph, a Unova Pokémon (why she needs another Psychic/Flying is beyond me). Prior to HGSS, she might have gone to Unova to deliver the Pokédexes to Prof. Juniper, then caught some Pokémon for herself. N sees her catching Pokémon and recording them in her Dex, he asks her what she's doing, and he learns what a Pokédex is from her.
  • Actually, it was a misreading of his tweet. He uses シンボル (symbol, talking about Crystal's star symbol), and not シンボラー (Sigilyph).

N is going to become the lead character for Gray.
At some point in Black and White or the RSEmake arcs, it will be revealed that N is an orphan/was stolen by Ghetsis, and is actually named Gray. He'll be the main character for the Gray arc.
  • Alternatively, he's truly Ghetsis's son, but was renamed from his birth name (Gray > Nezu > N; or also Gray > Void > Null > N) while being brainwashed into obeying fully and being the freaky person he is in the manga. It would serve Plasma's objectives better to have an unquestioning leader figure, after all... In other words, an abusive childhood changed him from Gray to N. Also, we can still hope the next arc is called Gray; we don't even know.
    • Brainwashing sounds like something Plasma would do, because you're right; it would make things much easier for them if their leader was completely unquestioning of the whole thing. And it doesn't really matter what the arc is called, Gray is just a placeholder at this point.
    • Jossed, in some way. N's real name is confirmed to be Naturia Harmonia Gropius. Not sure where Gropius came from, so he's got an interesting past to work through. But he can't be Gray, not with his true name.
  • Jossed even more. Instead, it's going to be Hugh, The Rival from B2W2.
    • That is not confirmed. It's a Prologue chapter to set up for when it officially comes out.
  • Utterly Jossed: There is no "Gray" Chapter. Heck, Hugh's The Rival in what did follow Black & White.

Ghetsis was the one who wished for immortality to Jirachi 1000 years ago
Considering that Sird has already been proven as a Team Galactic chick, as well as potentially Charon's daughter, this removes her entirely from the Jirachi wishlist. However, now in the BW Arc, we can turn our heads to look at the leader of Team Plasma, having a very medieval style, which could be a leftover from his memories of the past coupled with his wish to go back to the good ol' days, where those who had control over Pokémon ruled the world. He could even see normal people getting Pokémon as the ultimate offense to nobility and true power, so this rounds up his motivation for "freeing Pokémon".
  • Well, there's nothing to say that Sird is Charon's daughter, so she possibly made the last wish.
  • Most likely jossed, since Ghetsis is just like every other human. (not immortal)

The Shadow Triad is really Cilan, Cress, and Chili
.Well, look at the masks the Shadow Triad wear in their onscreen appearance. Then look carefully at the heads of each of the monkeys. Kinda similar design, huh. There is no way this is a coincidence.
  • In a recent chapter, they are seen using Pokémon, unlike in the games. Those Pokémon are Lilligant, Larvesta, and Basculin; a Grass, Fire (and Bug), and Water type respectively. They also have the same poses as the trio had in their intro chapter.
  • This would explain why they never show up to fight the Seven Sages with the others!
  • And take a look at both groups' Character Tics...
  • Well...Jossed. So much for that.

Regarding the First Chapter

N didn't order Servine to go to White's side.
The Servine has it's own motives and desires, possibly including pity for the poor girl being betrayed by her Pokémon. Remember, N's Pokémon can more or less do as they please, since they're not specifically 'his' Pokémon. It would make him a hypocrite of his own ideals to offer a choice to Tepig and not allow Servine to have the same choice.

A possible motive for Servine is wanting to have the life the Tepig had and gave up. It might have watched the Pokémon Music and wanted to try it for itself.

  • As an alternative, Gigi and N's Servine were part of the same "starter class". Perhaps there was a rivalry between them. Or perhaps it wanted to thank White for her care of Gigi prior to their reunion.
  • Another potential motive. Maybe Servine was appalled by Gigi abandoning White and sending her into her Heroic BSoD so she became White's partner as a means to apologize or make up for Gigi's betrayal?

White will get an Emolga.
Because if she got the obligatory Pika-clone, she will have to name it Gaga. And that would be glorious.
  • Jossed. Her team is now complete and there is no Emolga in sight.

White will get Zekrom
Putting them in an uncomfortable situation, because whether due to both being Tsundere, bitter enemies, or just their respectively moral alignments conflicting, Reshiram and Zekrom have an overwhelming desire to fight, forcing her and Black to keep them separated.
  • Jossed as well. Like in the BW games, N got Zekrom.

Cheren and Bianca are looking for the Unova legendaries.
With their Dexes broken, they were given another mission from Prof. Juniper. This will involve looking for the Musketeer trio and the Kami trio, and during the League showdown, Cheren and Bianca will show up Big Damn Heroes style with the Legendaries to kick Plasma ass. (Also, this will conveniently get most of the fifth-gen Legendaries out of the way to make room for the inevitable third version arc.)
  • Jossed: They're only doing their own thing while waiting for them to be fixed.

Regarding the Second Chapter

There will not be a Black and White 2 chapter
Instead, the Black and White chapter will just incorporate Black and White 2 elements into it. The eleventh chapter will be whatever game comes out after Black and White 2.
  • Jossed.

Petashi will be the person that inspires Cheren to become a teacher. It will be revealed that his hometown is also in Aspertia City. This is how Hugh will get Cheren's Pokédex.
Just another one of the ways the manga can incorporate game canon into their storyline. As we all know, Cheren works as a teacher at the Aspertia Trainer School in the B2W2 games. In the recent magazine scans, Cheren is revealed to have become power-hungry due to Team Plasma's influence, obviously walking down the wrong path from whence he's started his journey. After Black defeats him, Cheren supposedly gets the sense knocked back into him and genuinely supports Black at reaching his dreams. Assuming that Cheren changes his ways at that point, he would probably feel unsure on what to do with himself anymore. Cue Petashi, the optimistic little boy who's been cheering on for him ever since his defeat during their last battle. They confront each other and talk a bit, one thing leads to another, and eventually Cheren becomes a sort of mentor for Petashi. Also, seeing as how there are already plenty of B2W2 references during the Pokémon League tournament (Marlon, Hooded Man most likely Colress, etc.), it's not hard to believe that the manga would introduce Aspertia City through an unexpected character like Petashi. When the boy tells him his hometown, Cheren eventually decides to go there himself to teach Petashi, and the rest is history.

Cut to 2 years later, where Cheren now lives as a gym leader and teacher in Aspertia City. He encounters Hugh somehow, whether through a gym battle or by other means, and Hugh's goal on seeking revenge against Team Plasma gets mentioned. Hugh would probably start questioning why Team Plasma has been doing such immoral things. Having been influenced by the team himself, Cheren gets into a long conversation about morals, revenge, reaching your dreams and all that jazz. And once all's been said and done, Cheren decides to give his Pokédex to him. And thus begins Hugh's journey as the third Dex Holder of the Unova region.

  • Well, Petashi is indeed from Aspertia City, but the Hugh part is jossed with Rakutsu and Faitsu receiving Pokédexes.
  • Also jossed regarding the fate of Cheren's Pokédex. It was completely destroyed by N.

Hugh will have a member of the Oshawatt line...
and, by the end, Cheren's Pokédex. After all, Black started with, and still has his Emboar, and White now has a Serperior, but Cheren still has a Snivy, so he can't be the third member of the team. (Bianca surrendered her Pokédex to White, so she's no longer part of the main team, even though she has an Oshawatt.) And, for the record, it won't be Cedric's Samurott, as Emboar and Serperior are part of different "classes". (It may be a child of one that Samurott, or perhaps Bianca's Oshawatt... or even both.)
  • Likely Jossed again... one of his contemporaries already has a Dewott. And is established as a Dexholder. I wouldn't be surprised if Cheren gave Rakatsu "his" Pokédex... At least I called said Dewott not being either Bianca's or Cedric's... Hugh will probably get Snivy instead...
    • Cheren's Pokédex broke.
      • From what I was seeing in the reports, I thought It was destroyed, not merely broken, again...
      • Now we see that Hugh has a Snivy.

Rakutsu and Faitsu are Black and White.
After the tournament, Team Plasma captured them and brainwashed them into thinking they are not who they think they are and took away their Pokémon so they will not remember their past. Why would they do this? Well, Black has a Reshiram, so they probably did it to make him and White, who may have a connection to a certain gray dragon, less threatening. They may have altered the memories of everyone around them into thinking Rakutsu and Faitsu are different from Black and White, and that Black has just disappeared. Hopefully, the one who snaps them out of it is N, who could get the third Pokédex and Dewott.
  • Given that Rakutsu is a member of Interpol and Looker's superior, it's likely that it can be jossed for him. Plus, Cheren and Bianca would probably recognize their two friends if they WERE brainwashed.
    • Plus, Rakatsu has a Dewott of his own. So much for Hugh being "Gray"...
      • And since White does appear at the Pokéstar studios at the same time as Whitley...well, this whole thing is jossed.

Rakutsu's and Faitsu's official English names will be:
  • Racket, Faist
  • Racto, Fasto
  • Names sounding similar to "black" and "white" (Blake, Wheatly)
  • Synonyms for "black" (Coal, Ebon, Jet, Pitch, Slate) and "white" (Snow, Light, Ivory, Vanille)
  • Foreign names that mean "black" and "white" (similar to Cheren and Bianca)
  • Black 2; White 2
  • Gray and Rosenote 
  • Gray and Grey

Shogakukan Asia released Volume 52 in December 2016, and they use Viz's translations. Their names them Blake and Whitley.

Faitsu will receive a Zorua
Rakatsu is already equipped with a Dewott, so that's all three starters from 3 different groups. That seemingly leaves Faitsu out. So what did the writers do when they introduced the original Fourth Dexholder back in Yellow? They gave her the Mascot Mook of the Franchise. So it would make sense for the Player Character who turns out to be a Fourth Dexholder to have as her "starter" the Mascot Mook of the 5th Generation. As a bonus, it could be the one associated with N, her former boss.
  • Problem with this theory is that unlike Pikachu, Zorua was never a starter. Besides, that particular Zorua has made it clear that it wants to stay by N's side, not leaving him even when released.

Faitsu will get the last starter currently in a Unova Professor's care.
Cedric still has one starter left, even if it is already fully evolved...
  • By that logic, Gigi is available once again. Bonus points for White to technically consider her N's which would probably make Faitsu want to get her. Further bonus if Hugh gets a Snivy, completing the triangle between them and Rakatsu.
    • Hm, Gigi's not that available, seeing how she decided to return to the Agency after feeling that battling isn't really her thing. Unless Faitsu decides to take an acting job at Pokéstar studios or something.
      • What do you know, Faitsu finds out that she likes acting...

An alternative option for Faitsu's "Starter"
All right, so I didn't check the status of N's Pokémon in Special when I wrote my previous theory. However, if it has to be a starter, then there is only one option left.

I speak, of course, of Eevee, which can also be found in Castelia City in Black 2 & White 2 only. Bonus for the possibility for being an Early-Bird Cameo for Gen 6 in general and the Fairy Type (via Sylveon) in particular.

  • Nope, it's gonna be Purrloin.
    • Purrloin never started in a game, main or side, so it doesn't qualify as a "Starter". i.e. Saur is Red's "Starter", not Poli, even though the latter was first; Explotaro and Mega are Gold's and Crystal's respective "Starters", though they both had a few Pokémon before them. etc. And, with regards to my previous theory, the closest that Purrloin got to being a Mascot Mook is A Noodle Incident involving Cilan in the Anime.note 

Faitsu was the Plasma member who stole Hugh's Purrloin
The eyes match, and it's a perfect subplot for Kusaka to make Hugh part of the B2W2 arc. What else is obvious?
  • Except that the woman who stole the Purrloin looks be at least ten years older than Hugh and has uncolored hair. Unless you're suggesting that Faitsu is a Time Lord or something, I'd say this is safely Jossed.
    • Anime age. That is all. Besides, this is the same universe where 10 years old is the legal age for everything, Kaijus pop out of spherical capsules, and castles can pop out of the ground without any structural damage, and you're saying Faitsu is YOUNG!?!?! How about you look at her artwork. Her legs are too long, her breasts are slightly more unnatural than Rosa's were, and the Tsurime Eyes just scream "at least 18 years old" to me!
      • Twelve year olds can have growth spurts and big boobs in real life (it's only a problem if everyone has big boobs, which isn't the case in Pokéspe), and both Platinum and Ruby have tsurime eyes at age 12. Besides, that woman really doesn't look at all similar to Faitsu. And despite all the fantastical elements that Pokéspe has, at least it has a solid timeline that does not adhere to Comic-Book Time. In any case, five years ago, that woman looks older than Faitsu does now.
      • Three years. Also, this is a black and white comic, and the prologue comic was a teaser/pilot. It's natural to have her change hair color. She probably even dyed it so no one would think her to be a Plasma member. At any rate, THIS IS KUSAKA. You're really gonna say my theory is completely false? Even in the WMG section, where everything and anything is possible? That's just mean.
      • Five years. Two years before B2W2, three years before BW. And yes, the latest chapters all but confirm that Faitsu is currently twelve, and that would have made her seven in the prologue. If you can honestly tell me with a straight face that the Plasma grunt woman is seven years old...and retconning the chapters in the volumes would mean all the extra work for Yamamoto to redo the art. Even in WMG, there are limits you know, or else I could say that Faitsu is actually Celebi in disguise.
      • B2W2 seems a lot like spy fiction lite, so there's no reason Faitsu could've put on a disguise, or lied to people. That girl is NOT 12, that is way too freaking Tsurime for my Suspension of Disbelief to hold up. And three years; Hugh didn't appear in B1W1, so he couldn't have fought Plasma. And if it was 5 years, then Faitsu was 12 or 13 in that flashback.
      • Latest chapters confirm that Faitsu is indeed 12 years old right now. Also confirmed are that the team plasma members that stole Purrloin are on Ghetsis' Team Plasma.

Alternate Theory regarding: Faitsu's Purrloin
It's the same one who fought Black in Accumula Town under N's orders. You can get that same Pokémon in B2W2, so what's to say that one of its respective heroes didn't get it?

Granted, what's not to say that, in this continuity, both Purrloin are one and the same?note 

Lack-Two's Dewott will be retconned into being Bianca's Oshawott.
Because having Dewott just exist seems weird considering how important starter Pokémon are. Having it be Oshawott is a lot less confusing.
  • Jossed. Lack-Two's Dewott and Bianca's Oshawott were shown in the same place.

One of the (currently) Five Unova 'dexs will be rendered unusable by the heroes
We have four Chosen Ones with their Pokédexes, but Cheren still has his Pokédex (even if he has forsworn it). This looks like an avenue for one of those five to be either completely busted beyond repair (as Green and Blue's first 'Dexs were) or else stolen by Plasma for the duration to be reverse engineered (Red's was captured and partly RE'ed but recovered prior to the end of FR/LG). In fact, I'm surprised that one of the Pokédexes awarded to Rakutsu and Faitsu wasn't Cheren's.
  • Yep. N destroyed Cheren's Dex in Cedric's lab. Too bad N didn't think to take it, but that's just not his style. Also would've appreciated the chance for Cheren to discover just what "true strength" is...

The other Dex Holders will appear in Pokémon World Tournament
Just like the game counterpart in which Red and Green appeared the other dex holders for sure will appear in the Pokémon World Tournament in the Black/White 2 chapter. The same could be said about all the other regions gym leaders.
  • Perhaps this Tournament will, like the Tournament in the Emerald arc, be after The Cavalry arrived from abroad to put down Ghetsis once and for all.
  • YES! YES! And hopefully being older, they also decide to engage in romance. The shipper in me demands it.
    • The PWT is still under construction at the time of the chapter, so unless there's a time skip at the end that shows its completion and somehow gets every dex holder to come (which by then would mean no threat to fight anymore), this is jossed.

Looker's Croagunk will die in the B2W2 chapter.
The XY games state that Looker's Pokémon partner died during a mission. Rakutsu also has already said that Looker's battling skills are lacking. Things will not go well in that final battle against Team Plasma...
  • Jossed.

What Colress did at the end of BW Chapter 1 merely delayed Team Plasma's ultimate defeat.
Team Plasma would likely get Kyurem sometime during the 2nd chapter. Eventually they'll get it into their heads that they should recreate the Original Dragon by using the DNA Splicers with both Zekrom and Reshiram.

There's just one thing they may have overlooked: In order to be able to escape at the end of the 1st BW chapter, they had to put Black into the Light Stone. So when Reshiram merges with Kyurem and Zekrom, Black's soul goes with it. Can you say "Heroic Possession?" The best case scenario for Plasma would be if Kyurem shows obvious signs of Fighting From The Inside, such that they attempt to avert "Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?"

The attempt would fail, of course: my money is on Black living and coming back to his body and the real world. Whether the Tao Trio survives may be another matter...

  • Semi-jossed. They don't attempt to create the original dragon, but Black did have an idea of attacking Kyurem from the inside once fused with it.

    Chapters based on the 6th Generation 
X & Y Chapter
Red has an acquaintance who lives in Kalos. It is possible that it is either one of the main protagonists from the upcoming X and Y games.
In the bonus chapter featuring Red and Pika, Red has a Charizard poster in his room with its English name "Charizard" labeled rather than its Japanese name "Lizardon." When Gold is confused by this, Red explains that the poster was given to him by someone he knows from a distant country. At first this seems like a random shoutout to all the non-Japanese fans out there, but then I realized that the new X and Y games are being released regionally, which means all the information regarding the names of the region and Pokémon (from the Japanese names to the English, Spanish, Italian names, etc.) are being released all at once. And now that it's canon that there are foreign countries in the Pokéspe universe that use different names for all their Pokémon, could this be some sort of foreshadowing for the X and Y saga?
  • That would require all the people in there to call the Pokémon by their English names, unless it's being "translated" to the readers. Maybe he got it from Lt. Surge, also known as the Lightning American.
    • Hm, that is true. Although I can't really wrap around the idea of "America" existing in this universe, what with Unova already being partly based on it and all. Plus, not all of the gym leaders are completely based on their game counterparts (Misty isn't rich in the games), so it's not certain whether Lt. Surge is American in this manga unless stated otherwise. Nonetheless, if he is American (which is likely), the idea of the Kalos region calling Pokémon by their English/Spanish/Italian/whichever names is still an interesting concept to think about.
  • Technically, Kalos is Poké-France. Doesn't Joss the theory outright, but it does disconnect the "evidence" from it.

In the upcoming X and Y Chapter...
The male character based on Calem is the protagonist, along with the female character based on Serena and the other few (Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor). However, in this arc, the female character is actually a Spy working for Team Flare and the daughter of Team Flare's Boss. As the chapter progress, she will either stay loyal to Team Flare by betraying her own friends and partner with Yveltal, rivaling against the male protagonist's Xerneas; or she will perform a Heel–Face Turn by betraying Team Flare (and her father) and help her friends save the world instead.
  • Seems unlikely. X (Calem) and Y (Serena) are childhood friends, and Team Flare comes very close to killing Y, only to be stopped at the last possible moment by X's Kangaskhan.
  • Seeing as Y is a girl in a Japanese non-Magical Girl manga, it's safe to say X is the main protagonist here.
    • Y has no relatives in Team Flare. Absolutely jossed.

Trevor, Shauna, and Tierno will get the Kanto Starters
Self Explanatory. Also, they'll be like Wally, Cheren, and Bianca in that they aren't "mainline" heroes, and thus won't get a Pokédex full-time, but will still do their part in the quest.

As a bonus, here's how I think it'll break down:

  • Trevor: Bulbasaur
  • Shaunanote : Charmander Allowing her to Take a Level in Badass over the course
  • Tierno: Squirtle
    • (Same Troper) A little clarification may be in order here: True, the Squirtle line doesn't learn any dance moves.note  However, The Bulbasaur line doesn't have the body frame for dancing.note  As for Charmander, I was taking its stock final evolution into account: true, it's very agile, but it flies. Ergo it's not what we'd think of as a dancer.
    • Well, doesn't seem likely any of this is happening as X got Sycamore's Charmander.
      • And now it's totally jossed. The out-of-universe reason X got Charmander was just so he and Blue (Green in Japanese) can show off both of Charizard's Mega forms. Red and Green (Blue in Japanese) later show off their starters' Mega forms.

Professor Sycamore was not only formerly in Team Flare, but helped found it.
He and Lysandre formed Team Flare initially as a movement to "return the world to its original beauty", at first by education and charity, but later found themselves having to take more radical positions to get people to listen. Sycamore had to sacrifice more of his moral principles as time went on, until something terrible happened that made him leave Team Flare. His work with the Kalos Dex holders is his way of atoning for the things he'd done under the belief they'd be better for the world...but still tries desperately to appeal to Lysandre to get off the dark path his old student and friend is quickly descending to. He also doesn't tell any of the Kalos Dex holders of his dark past once Team Flare begins causing real trouble, as he fears they won't trust his intentions.
  • This also counts as it means His cheerful Nice Guy personality has a more morose undertone.
  • Granted the manga barely even started, if at all, hence why this is here.
    • And now it has ended. Jossed.

Green's Charizard's Mega Form will be a Dangerous Forbidden Technique
Considering that by having the Drought ability essentially makes Mega Charizard a mini-Groudon now, it's only fitting that such an unbelievable amount of power will have its repercussions. Using Mega Charizard's ability runs the risk of it running rampant and affecting a wide radius, possibly even a whole city. And considering how much destruction Groudon caused with that ability alone.... The only way to control it is by synchronizing Green's spirit with Mega Charizard's. But at the cost of his lifespan.
  • Ruby's Castform once used Sunny Day during a downpour, but the sunlight was concentrated at an incredibly small radius. Crasher Wake needed all three of his Pokémon to use Rainy Day to return the water back to Lake Valor after the Galactic Bomb hit, at that was immediately after it went off. Mega Charizard's ability, in-universe, probably isn't going to have the same devastating effects as Groudon.
  • What about Charizard's "X" Forme?
    • There were no repercussions shown in the climax. Jossed.

Mewtwo will FINALLY bring Sird to justice during the XY chapter
We all know Sird is still a Karma Houdini right? And I have no idea what's Mewtwo's status right now..., but the games have introduced Mega Evolutions for Mewtwo. This would provide a good opportunity for Mewtwo to get back to the story and perhaps we will know what his progress is on catching Sird. If she is still free, then the Mega Evolutions will help Mewtwo correct that.
  • What about in B2W2? Mewtwo still has his new signature move to show off, and Special makes the effort to introduce every new Pokémon and move before a generation is over. And Mega Evolution was first technically introduced in the fifth generation, thanks to the anime.
    • I didn't know Special does that for Pokémon moves. Anyway, how about Mewtwo returns in the B2W2 chapter to explain his progress and says he has a lead seemingly pointing to Sird having fled to Kalos? It'd be a good way to tie the chapter to the XY chapter.
      • Jossed on the Sird part. Still waiting for B2W2 to finish, though.
      • The B2W2 arc has now ended, which Mewtwo's signature move was shown in the XY arc.
Fennekin will go to Emma.
  • Jossed. Malva got Fennekin.

Potential Omega & Alpha Chapter

Wally will become a Pokédex holder in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Jossed.

The Omega Ruby-Alpha Sapphire Chapter will be...
... a retelling of the Ruby and Sapphire chapter... in the actual Special Universe (as opposed to Spe-2 where Ruby and Sapphire came from).

We'll be getting a lot of For Want of- and In Spite of a Nail moments. Depending on the backstory, the Greatest Failure of Norman, Ruby, and Sapphire might not happen allowing us to see the latter two as they could've been and triggering an avalanche of "nails". Then again, this universe's Ruby and Sapphire are Doomed By Canon, but not necessarily to death...

Finally, we could get a bonus round detailing the actual Bittersweet Ending in Spe-2 and the after effects of the loss of Steven, Norman, Ruby, and Sapphire in that Universe. We could also get indications on whether the DPP, BW (both parts), and/or XY chapters occur in Spe-1, Spe-2, or any other Universe, as well as whether other Dex holders exist in Spe-2.


  • Jossed. This chapter is a retelling of the Delta Episode.

Wally was the Emerald Dex Holder... Spe-2, the world that the original Ruby and Sapphire chapter happened in.
  • According to Viz's translations, the way Ruby worded was not that Celebi brought them to another timeline, but that Celebi went back in time and fudged the current one.
  • All speculation the arc will be based on this supposed alternate timeline (which this troper has always been of the opinion was a misunderstanding anyway) has been jossed with the previews, which show the three Hoenn Dex holders having aged up a little.

Between arcs Ruby has been to other regions
We know he'd participated in some Johnto contests before arriving in Hoenn, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that he'd have traveled to Sinnoh to participate in Super Contests, and maybe even gotten his Pokémon some acting career in Unova (if he did, naturally they'd be represented by the Black White Agency)
  • With the chapter over and none of this brought up, it's most likely jossed. He and Sapphire spent time together after the Emerald arc gathering data for the Pokédex. There's no precise date for when the BW Agency, but White's age should give a good clue. All that said, though, it is still possible that he could have visited other regions.

Emerald will wind up having to use the Emerald Orb to try to control Rayquaza
And probably Mega Evolve it as well. This may also involve...
  • Jossed, Ruby and Sapphire bonded with the Sacred Dragon and Mega Evolved it in space.

Ruby and Sapphire will be forced to control Groudon and Kyogre and make them undergo Primal Reversion
  • Jossed, that was done by Archie and Maxie.

Wally will appear, and wind up becoming Champion offscreen
As far as we know Sapphire's shown no desire to challenge the league (of course when she was badge collecting there were more important things going on) and it would be a nice way to give Wally some development without him being the main character.
  • JOSSED. Wally is seen with Aaron making secret bases in his one and only cameo in the whole chapter.
    • Not. He isn't the champion, but he does make more appearances, showing up and helping Ruby out against Rayqueza.

Wally will become a Pokédex holder after all, receiving either Ruby or Emeralds old one after their Pokédex's were updated to National.
  • Eh, not too sure. He still isn't named after a game, not to mention that not even in the remakes does he get a starter or a Pokédex.
  • Jossed.

Wally will not use Mega Gallade.
It seems Sapphire will be the one to use it. In return, Wally will use Mega Rayquaza. Hey, he was the one to wake it up.
  • Confirmed about Sapphire, jossed about Wally.

    Chapters based in Alola 
Original Sun & Moon

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

The Dexholders for the Updated Rereleases of the 7th Gen will be from the Ultra World
Specifically, Ultra World versions of the current Dexholders. Heck, it's even in the title of the games: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon!
  • Jossed. Sun and Moon simply changes their cloths and hairstyles to match the released games. Heck, it doesn't seem like alternate realities are even a thing in Pokéspe.

One of the above dexholders will get a Poppilo from the present world...
...and the other will bring a Poipole from their world. It's considered a starter in the Ultra World, so that takes care of "3 Starters, 4 Games" problem that Whitley had as well as the "3 Starters 2 Games" problem that Fennekin had.
  • Jossed. Neither Sun nor Moon gets a Poppilo.

Red's final Gen 1 battle with Giovanni will be revisited...
However we'll see Red actually LOSE that battle. As such, he will have to work for Team Rocket. This Giovanni will be the one that forms Team Rainbow Rocket. It's possible that the other leaders will come from this world as well, as there's no precedent for the importance of Pokédex Holders without Red.
  • Jossed.

The premise of the chapter will be based on the events that transpired in "Episode RR"

The anime and this will crossover
So Red goes to Alola and everything is going to hell. He'll be sucked alongside the anime universe into a giant portal in which the plot will be complex complete With Anyone Can Die, Character Development on all sides Ash using his old Pokémon and Ash and Red becoming friends while cleaning up loose ends and filled with Chevoks Guns. It will be Awesome
  • A bit too fanfic-y, don't you think?

Sun will become a multi-millionaire at the end of the Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Moon arc
Since Sun wants more money for his grandfather's island, he may have other goals such as beating (and possibly pissing off) Platinum to be the richest Dex-holder, turning the Aether Paradise into a hotel resort and marrying Moon in the future.
  • Mostly likely jossed. Wicke is reorganizing the Aether paradise.

Moon and Platinum are related somehow.
Since the two of them share some traits, like similar hair color and grey eyes, not to mention Moon works for the Berlitz family. It's safe to say that Moon and Platinum can be siblings at most and close cousins at the least.
  • Confirmed?

    Chapters based on the 8th Generation 

Gloria will be Sword and Victor will be Shield
  • Jossed. Just like before, the male mc takes the name after the "first" of the 2 version, and the second for the female one. However, their names are unique.

Shieldmilia will be a thief from Kalos
The story will reveal Shieldmilia's childhood in Kalos.
  • Jossed. That said, she does get her Pokémon stolen...

Sword will be 14 years old and Shieldmilia will be 10

Sword will take part in Crown Tundra, while Shieldmilia takes part in Isle of Armor.
This will parallel Diamond and Pearl arc, where Marvin is now given more characterization without serving as the "point of view". Shieldmilia would also start to act more seriously in Isle of Armor, with her Scorbunny now evolved to Raboot.
  • Semi-Jossed. Schilly's Scorbunny evolves to Raboot in the gym battle against Nessa.

The final battle
Here, all the Pokémon across the region are acting berserk with the Dynamax phenomenon, where this will keep the Gym Leaders busy save for Piers. Bede will battle Marnie, who still decides to support Chairman Rose's plan even after being disqualified. The 1,000 year energy situation will likely be shortened to like a year, making it more reasonable why Rose would awaken such a Pokémon, but had to do it in secret to prevent panic. Then would then also apply Adaptational Villainy to Leon, who insists on continuing the League despite the region being almost depleted ofenergy.

Shieldmilia will be revealed as a Kalosian and have a real name

In the remake arc, Dialga will send the trio back in time, while the process of doing so will also be seen as a Arceus and Jewel of Life reference.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have Dia, Platina, and Arceus in center stage
The conflict will focus on Arceus and the Sinnoh Trio needing to solve the mysteries of Mt Coronet. The lore and backstory being tied to Legends Arceus focusing on Dia and Platina's ancestors making contact with the titular myth in Spear Pillar. This connects with the trio's past encounters with the Lake Trio since they recognize Diamond and Platina as descendants of the people who met Arceus and made their presence known to them, with Pearl making contact with Azelf due to him being on it's resting place at the time it sensed Diamond and Platina.

The Sinnoh Trio in the Legends Arceus won't have any of their Pokémon when going back to the past, forcing them to have a new team.

    Special Meta 
My theory about Pokémon Special's timeline
  • RBG Year: 1997. Time Skip: None. RGB: 11. Y: 9. GSC: 8. R: 7. S/E: 6. DPP: 2. BW: 2. (The year the first volume was published. Makes sense to start there)
  • Yellow Year: 1999. Time Skip: 2 Years RGB: 13. Y: 11. GSC: 10. R: 9. S/E: 8. DPP: 4. BW: 4.
  • GSC Year: 2000. Time Skip: 1 Year. RGB: 14. Y: 12. GSC: 11. R: 10. S/E: 9. DPP: 5. BW: 5.
  • RS Year: 2001. Time Skip: 1 Year. RGB: 15. Y: 13. GSC: 12. R: 11. S/E: 10. DPP: 6. BW: 6
  • FRLG Year: 2002. Time Skip: 1 Year. RGB: 16. Y: 14. GSC: 13. R: 12. S/E: 11. DPP: 7. BW: 7.
  • Emerald Year: 2002. Time Skip: ½ Year. RG: 16. B: 17. Y: 15. GSC: 14. R: 12. S/E: 12. DPP: 8. BW: 8.
  • HGSS Year: 2004. Time Skip: 2 Years. RG: 18. B: 19. Y: 17. GSC: 16. R: 15. S/E: 14. DPP: 10. BW: 10. (Did anyone actually refer to the Battle frontier incident as '3 years ago', or anything to that effect?)
    • Yes they did. Also, Emerald took place two-three months after FRLG, not half a year.
  • DPP Year: 2006. Time Skip: 2 Years. RG: 20. B: 21. Y: 19. GSC: 18. R: 17. S/E: 16. DPP: 12. BW: 12. (2006 fits with Dia having a Wii.)
    • The Sinnoh chapters take place after HGSS.
  • BW Year: 2008. Timeskip: 2 Years. RG: 22. B: 23. Y: 21: GSC: 20. R: 19. S/E: 18. DPP: 14. BW: 14. (Unova is basically the Pokémon world America, and 2008 was an important year for America.)

Blue's hair style is based off the original Lass's
Look at her hair. Now look at Leaf's original design. Blue's hair resembles a Gen 1 - 2 Lass.
  • Not a WMG, but actually canon, as the original artwork for a potential female player character went on to influence the creation of the Lass trainer class.

Yellow's parents' names are Satoshi and Mato
This is based on the Trivia that says Yellow's Fisherman uncle is named Hidenori. Her uncle has been shown to have raised her at least partly and is responsible for the kind of person she is. Just like the actual writer, Hidenori Kusaka. And who's responsible for the way she looks? Biological parents, and the artists. And ever so conveniently, we've had two artists. One male and one female. So wherever her parents are that's their names! Okay, I'm not being serious. WMG is for fun. ;)...And Emerald is her long lost little brother but no one knows it! Idea copyright of this troper(Its Just Marty). Haha, would that make Yellow's surname Yamamoto?
  • Well, it does go along with the blonde hair. And the shortness.

The powers of Viridian and the anime's power of Aura are the same thing.
Both allow for empathy, healing, and manipulation of objects. But the Aura from Special and the Aura from the anime work completely differently, such as Riley and Lucario being blinded in the DPP chapters. Anime Aura and the powers of Viridian both work by sensing life energy, however. The differing concepts of Aura is why Lance and Yellow don't manipulate Aura externally. They don't know that it's possible.

Sird's Darkrai
is the same one from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, or at least based on it.The author has already done adaptions of the Pokémon Ranger series, and if I recall he'll do some Canon Welding with it. Some of the crazy stunts Sird has pulled off can be explained by her Darkrai and the villainous Darkrai from the Explorers games being one and the same. To wit: The Explorers Darkrai can time travel, distort space and time for various effects, including boosting his speed and spreading nightmares and darkness everywhere, teleport vast distances, is a good enough Chess Master that he made Dialga AND Palkia his pawns... that Darkrai is a low-level Reality Warper at least. At the very least, if this theory is true, it would at least explain how Sird both rescued Archie and Maxie and took them to a white void area, and possibly how she can brainwash people.

N's characterization is an insult to the fans.
Self-explanatory, really. N's negative qualities are ALL overshadowed by his sympathetic backstory and good looks, which have garnered him a ridiculously huge fanbase. His manga characterization is an attempt to knock sense into them.
  • This seems confirmed.

The current Pokèmon Anime will eventually get cancelled and then replaced by a new series faithfully adapting Special.
C'mon, you know EVERYONE is going to get tired of Ash's bullshitting eventually.
  • Well, some people did. Perhaps Pokémon Origins was a testbed for PokéSpe-type stuff. Heck, judging from the first few episodes of the X&Y season, the anime writers themselves are getting tired of it.
    • Yeah, no. The Mangaka is a fan of the anime (he even drew Ash once) AND owns any and all Manga original characters and content, making an accurate adaption would require going back to fiercely outdated stuff from Red and Blue, back before the introduction of Dark, Steel and Fairy types, and several other reasons. This will never happen.

Yellow and Emerald will one day become player characters in a main series game.
Pokémon Yellow was influenced by the anime, so it wouldn't be much of a shock if the manga eventually influenced the games at some point. They even look like they could be opposite gender characters.
  • Maybe they could appear in Pokémon Masters.
  • If a Kanto remake ever has an androgynous player option, Yellow (with her hat) could work.