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Fridge pages are Spoilers Off by default, so all entries have been folderized as a security measure. Proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned!

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    Fridge Brilliance 
RGB arc
  • The presence of Kangaskhan and Venomoth in the Viridian Forest. It's revealed that Team Rocket was using the Forest as breeding grounds, so those out of place Pokémon make sense as they are out of place. Also makes sense on how a Kangaskhan got injured too despite being a strong Pokémon; a lot of different Pokémon were probably duking it out between themselves to make use of their new surroundings. Those rampaging Magmar (which initially came off as bit of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment) that attacked Pewter City were also the effects of the Rocket experiments. Even Pika's appearance in Pewter makes sense; it was stealing food in the markets because it could no longer forage for itself in the forest, not to mention it shows how pissed it is later when it runs into Giovanni.
    • As a matter of fact, any time a Pokémon appears in a location where it doesn't in the games can be attributed to the evil organizations. In the B2W2 chapter, Looker even speculates that foreign Pokémon are appearing in Unova due to Team Plasma's actions.
  • When Red and Blue accidentally switch their teams, Red initially has a hard time getting Blue's Pokémon to listen to him, while Blue has no problem immediately training Red's Pokémon his own way. Not only does this contrast their styles and personalities, it also subtly foreshadows the revelation that the badges Green returned to Red are fakes.

Yellow arc

  • With the Yellow version being originally called Pocket Monsters Pikachu in Japanese, it makes sense that the corresponding chapter would incorporate many elements from the other Pikachu game out at the time, Hey You, Pikachu!.
  • Ice voodoo? Seems like a bit out of left field, but only Lorelei's Jynx has the ability to make the dolls, and it is an Ice/Psychic type.
  • A lot of people slam Yellow's team of Pokémon for being able to take down a Dragonite despite being so weak. But then one has to realize that Dragonite is weak against ice and rock type moves due to being part flying type. Omny knows Ice Beam, and Gravvy is a rock type, so type-wise, those two alone have an advantage over dragon types and Dragonite.

GSC arc

  • When Crystal was trying to catch Suicune in the 131st round, she seriously weakened Suicune with her Pokémon before using a Heavy Ball on it, thinking that there's no way it can break free. However, it did anyway. While this was explained as a case of Heroic Resolve in-universe, it should also be noted that Suicune weighs 412.3 pounds, less than what it takes to be affected by a Heavy Ball. And Crystal has no way to know that: Standing at 2 metres tall, Suicune sure looks like it was heavy enough. And since she only encountered it without catching it, her Pokédex wouldn't display its weight.
  • The reason Crystal has such a hard time catching Suicune despite having a team tailored to catching is the member of her team that stops the Pokémon from running away, her Smoochum, was swapped out for Chikorita. Its not surprising that she had difficulty catching a roaming Pokémon without a mon that knows Mean Look.
  • The springs in Mt Silver having miraculous healing properties makes sense when it's revealed in the GSC games that Fresh Water is collected from them. That water is more effective than standard Potions when it comes to healing Pokémon.

RS arc

  • Ruby sometimes wears glasses. People with red eyes in real life are likely to have poor eyesight.
  • Why would Norman beg Prof. Birch (who in turn had to use all his resources) to get a pair of Running Shoes when they weren't even released to the public yet? Well, they would be the perfect gift for a kid going out on a journey...hinting from the very beginning that Norman was going to give Ruby consent to conquer the Contests.
  • In the bio pages, the levels of Sapphire's Pokémon are shown while Ruby's show their conditions. This isn't only to show their respective goals; this also cleverly hides Ruby's true strength, as his Pokémon (particularly Nana and Coco) would logically have phenomenally higher levels than hers given their pasts.

DP arc

  • The Sinnoh Trio's starters evolved much faster than the other Dex Holders', reaching their final forms right after the third gym. However, the Sinnoh Trio only had two Pokémon each for the majority of their journey, and anyone playing the games can tell you that it's easier to level up the smaller your party is.
    • Also, it was already established in the GSC arc that Pokémon that grew up together tend to evolve together as well. Seeing how the Sinnoh Trio were traveling together, it makes sense that the Sinnoh starters evolved quickly. Not to mention since they were always training with each other, there was always a decent Pokémon available to get EXP from.
    • Platinum often borrows Dia and Pearl's Pokémon to battle gym leaders; wouldn't that be the equivalent of trading in-universe? Traded Pokémon gains more EXP than one you were the OT of, which also explains how quickly they evolved.
    • This ties in to their dynamic since during Diamond, Pearl and Platina's time as traveling companions, they essentially have a full team of 6 Pokémon at all time (Turtwig, Munchlax, Chimchar, Chatot, Piplup, and Ponyta). It wasn't until they split up in order to stop Team Galactic that they chose to expand their Pokémon teams to compensate for the weaknesses that the other members covered with their own teams.
  • Pearl's role in his and Dia's manzai routine is the tsukkomi, which roughly translates to mean 'calling someone out'. Pearl often serves as the one who calls Dia out on his many antics. Midway through the arc though, in a strange case of role reversal, it's Dia who calls Pearl out for his stubborn and abusive behavior.
  • Platinum's nightmare the night before the Sinnoh Trio split up is foreshadowing, not necessarily of Diamond and Pearl's demises (though Dia does get close), but the fact that the Hooded Grunt had Darkrai on him.
  • Although Pearl is shown to be an awesome battler and Platinum is the focus character, it's really Dia who's the hero of the Diamond and Pearl saga. Why is that? Well, consider- he's pretty much Cyrus's antithesis. While the Galactic leader loathes his emotions and his desire to eliminate them is his reason for attempting to become a god... Dia simply embraces the joy of being alive and feeling. Look at how well-adjusted and self-aware he is for a kid his age- when Pearl is angrily yelling at him, Dia's able to argue back completely calmly and tell Pearl exactly why he's wrong without being rude or harsh! How many ten-year-olds do you know who are that mature? It's because Dia is so mature and able to control his emotions (that is, in the best possible way, not suppressing them like Cyrus) that Regigigas chooses him as its partner and that Dialga and Palkia shift their allegiance to him- because Dia represents the exact opposite of what Cyrus stands for- he's the only one of the characters that could make them see that. He may not be the best fighter or most learned about Pokémon, but he's every inch the hero that his fellow Pokédex owners are, and in some ways even more.

Platinum arc

  • Darach and Caitlin's talk about tea time suggests that she has a preference for dry flavors, which is associated with the special attack stat. Perfect for someone who has actual psychic powers.

HGSS arc

  • Gold was in last place while against 3 of the Elite 4 in the Power Competition for the first two events, but manages to get into first by the end. Bit of a copout, except that Koga was winning Circle Push and Will was dominating in Goal Roll. The Elite 4 were playing for themselves, so all of them likely had close scores.
  • In the GSC arc, the Masked Man (Pryce) says that Giovanni wanted control over matter, Lance over space, and himself over time. Guess which three people show up to stop the Creation Trio at the Sinjoh Ruins? They even fight their matches of the Creation Trio: Pryce's Swinub attacks Dialga, Lance's Dragonite attacks Palkia and Silver's Ursaring (under Giovanni's control) attacks Giratina.

BW arc

  • Musha eating away at Black's dreams and helping his thinking capabilities is a reference to the C-Gear. Musha helps him C better.
  • As per manga tradition and the pattern in the games, Cheren should have gotten Oshawott while Bianca should have gotten Snivy since Black got Tepig, not the other way around. However, other "starter" Pokémon exist besides those belonging to the main characters (Kimberly has all three Johto starters, Tucker has a Charizard, random Frontier rentals), so this indicates that Cheren and Bianca aren't counted as main characters.
    • This makes even more sense if you consider White's "starter" to be, not Gigi, but rather N's Servine. Note that when she decided to become a battler and got Bianca's Pokédex, she had the latter Pokémon. Also, none of the DexHolders' first Pokémon were their "starters", yet Gigi was White's first Pokémon (that we know of).
  • After the events at the Nimbasa Ferris Wheel, White knew that there was something bigger than just her going on and that she would have to learn how to battle in order to face it. This, however, entailed that she sacrifice her reputation and career. Think about it; who in their right minds would want to work for/with someone who would apparently just suspend her business out of the blue, especially if said person did so right after successfully organizing an event like the Musical? On the other hand, Black declaring that he would still wear the BW Agency logo at the Pokémon League is Fridge Heartwarming in that he's basically carrying on her dream for her while she can't. Winning the League would be huge media exposure and give her a much needed leg-up after everything is done with.
  • It turns out that Iris's hometown in this 'verse is in fact Blackthorn City. In Memory Link, Iris talks about how everyone takes being with Pokémon for granted back home. Johto in the HGSS games was where you can walk around with your Pokémon.
  • Most people are calling bullcrap on how Cheren's and Bianca's Pokédexes malfunctioned simply by them being dropped into a puddle, especially when the older models survived harsher abuse. What are the Dexes based off of? iPods, which are quite susceptible to breaking.
  • Musha ditching Black might seem out of left field, except that one must remember the manga's insane scheduling release. One unscanlated chapter shows that it actually took Black a couple days to reach N and Alder, and during that entire time his head was full of nightmares, fears, and worries. By the time Black arrived, Musha was probably starved, with Black not feeding him the entire time.
  • So Genesect can freeze the Swords of Justice at PW Laboratory and is also present at the Pokémon League at the same time... somehow. That's because there were more than one Genesect.
  • The Pokédex beeping gimmick is something that was always present since GSC arc, but is never heard again after DPP arc. This is because the Pokédex are never seen as three, only a pair at most.

B2W2 arc

  • So how does Alder manage to almost defeat Ghetsis by himself in the penultimate chapter? He lost against N, who in turn lost against Black. Well, it turns out that he intentionally lost in his match against N, indicating that he's far more capable of a trainer than we would've thought.
  • Also, Alder in the BW arc is never seen with Volcarona, which should be his default signature Pokémon. The epilogue ties into his deceased Pokémon in the games, which most likely was also a Volcarona. Him owning another Volcarona in the present day like in-game would be weird, almost like a replacement.

XY arc

  • When Tierno goes to buy food for himself and his friends, he only brings back potato chips and bottled drinks. Unlike Japan and America, France isn't much of a believer in convenience food.
  • Fridge humor time. When the Kalos gang arrives at Lumiose City, Trevor states that he doesn't know where Professor Sycamore's Lab is. Considering that they walked from the Route 4 entrance to Vernal Avenue, that means that they actually walked past it.
  • Lysandre's remarks about how wonderfully Diantha played a young girl and how she should be young and beautiful forever takes an extra cruel twist once you realize her debut role was Miette from The City of Lost Children. In the climax, Miette defeats the bad guy by aging herself into an old woman.
  • The Team Flare higher-ups discuss how they don't have a lot of grunts available to do the heavy lifting and menial work, which is why the plan is to mind control and force the captured Vaniville Town residents to do it. Considering the incredibly high fee required to join the organization, it's no wonder that their numbers aren't very impressive.
  • Blue mentions that he felt like he was being watched the moment he stepped into Kalos. Why would anyone be spying on some (presumably) random tourist who just arrived? Turns out he has a Mega Ring, meaning that Team Flare likely tracked its energy.

ORAS arc

  • Back at the RS arc, it was revealed that Ruby and Sapphire were attacked by a Salamence, which, after being defeated, went on a rampage and inadvertently freed Rayquaza. Cue in Zinnia from the ORAS arc who reveals that she was the one who intentionally sent her dragon to free the legendary. This actually gives a very good reason as to why a pseudo-legendary Pokémon, whose base form can only be found in a cave found its way over to a research facility filled with people.

SWSH arc

  • Shieldmilia likely named Arrokuda 'Kilo' because the Pokémon in question weighs exactly one kilogram.

Series in general

  • The manga Pikachu are stronger than the game ones. It's a case of actual evolution taking place. Their environment worsened, so they got stronger to compensate.
  • The way Pokéball returning works in this series makes sense; rather than shooting a laser, the ball is thrown at the Pokémon, returning to inside before coming back to the trainer. This at least takes out the minor detail of having to walk over to whatever location the ball lands and prevents it from being lost.
  • Speaking of Pokéballs, the fact that they're see-through makes even more sense when you realize that this franchise was originally conceptualized as Capsule Monsters. The name is based on gashapon machines, and gashapon capsules are generally manufactured as see-through.
  • A lot of the gym leaders and Elite 4 members have powers and/or abilities that have no basis in the games and can possibly border on ridiculous. However, it is well-known that their game counterparts are likely to have underleveled Pokémon with illegal movesets and abilities. It's just the author's way of showing it, albeit in a more flashy and noticeable way.
  • A much more meta piece of brilliance; the arcs are named after the games, but so are the main characters. The arcs are just as much about the characters as well as the games! To use Yellow as an example, it helps justify why the arc doesn't follow the story of the games; because the story had literally just happened in the RGB arc, and also because it focused on the character of Yellow.
  • It took Sapphire 80 days, Platinum a month, and Black apparently 9 months (assuming the magazines don't get retconned) to each obtain his/her region's eight badges. The reason it took Sapphire longer than Platinum was because Sapphire spent most of her time traveling around on foot going the long way around Hoenn (not to mention that the battle against Groudon and Kyogre took three weeks). The reason it took Black so long was because he was traveling with White; all the constant jobs and work meant that they couldn't just hop on over to the next city as soon as he got his badge.
  • Out of all the main series games, the Let's Go Games, BDSP and LA were skipped. Why? Well, the Let's Go games and BDSP don't have anything new to use (Let's Go's stuff had already been established such as Blue taking over the Viridian Gym in the post game and all BDSP really did was change the Game Corner to the Metronmeme Style Shop. Meanwhile, LA has Palkia, Dialga and Giratina existing during Sinnoh's past and their Dex entries establish they'd been around for far longer. In Adventures on the other hand, they were created during the HGSS saga and it's likely the author didn't want to heavily change the existing timeline.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Regarding the fridge brilliance of the Viridian Forest tidbit above, there are quite a few disturbing things it details. First of all, the Forest is full of Pokémon Team Rocket stole and experimented on, which likely translates to "pumped full of rage-steroids" (ie, Misty's Gyarados), not to mention that any un-evolved Pokémon likely was forcibly evolved (ie, the Fan Club President's Abra, Koga's Rhyhorn). These over-leveled Pokémon then duked it out with each other, driving out/and or hurting the local population (Pika and Chuchu, respectively). The ecosystem has truly been shot to hell as:
    1. It is almost impossible to remove all these Pokémon from the forest. There is no way to find out who their original trainers are. Furthermore, they are probably too strong for ordinary trainers to capture and handle. There is also no point in trying to return these Pokémon into their natural habitats, as then those habitats would get disturbed by these uber-Pokémon.
    2. The local Viridian Pokémon, Weedle, Caterpie, and Pikachu, are likely now extremely rare in Kanto. They are weak Pokémon, and even if they escaped the forest, they in turn either disrupted the ecosystem of wherever they ended up or just died off. Hopefully, some of them managed to get captured. And this, my friends, is how selfish humans can really screw over Pokémon and nature.
    • Supplemental Brilliance: This may explain why Red and Blue were not available to help the Johto Dexholders take on Archer's gang; they were probably focusing on rehabilitation efforts. Green too, but he had his Gym to mind as well.note . Yellow could be here as well, if it wasn't for a worse horror below.

  • So, Pryce, you managed to travel back in time to reunite your Lapras with its parents. That's good and all, but does that mean that the baby Lapras will now also die in the same incident that took the lives of its parents in the first place?
    • Well, Pryce probably told La Glace all about how its parents died — and even if he didn't, La Glace probably saw it happening through the time window thing just like the Pokédex holders. It could probably just tell its parents about the accident so that they could avoid dying there. Yes, this might lead to a paradox, but consider the fact that La Glace being present as an adult before it was even born already changes the past drastically anyway.

  • A lot of people find it hard to swallow how Celebi somehow magically fixed everything, including bringing Norman, Steven, and Courtney Back from the Dead...however, Ruby doesn't state that Celebi did so. He says that Celebi brought him and Sapphire to an Alternate Timeline where the three didn't die. So, does that mean that while Ruby and Sapphire are a-okay, there's another world where the three are still dead and probably everyone there believes Ruby and Sapphire to be dead as well since they aren't there anymore?
    • Well, in Viz's translation, the wording was changed to say that Celebi twisted the past to change the current timeline, not that it brought Ruby and Sapphire to a new one.

  • More like a Fridge Depression, but looking at the timeskip between the FRLG and Emerald arcs makes you realize that Blue spent her 17th birthday as a stone statue. Bet she had already been planning to spend it with her parents instead...
  • Yellow was asleep when Sird called out her Darkrai, meaning that, even if it was for a few seconds, Yellow must have been under the effect of Darkrai's Bad Dreams ability.
    • But Silver said that he was conscious while they were trapped as statues, which means their brains were still working, despite the petrification. Which mean that Yellow wasn't affected by Darkrai's Bad Dreams for a few seconds- she was forced to experience those nightmares for MONTHS.

  • If we think about the fact that Sird implanted her consciousness into a random Grunt, what's to say she can't use whatever Team Galactic used to put all their Grunts under the control of an effective system that makes them all able to work in perfect sync without ever questioning orders to make her own army of competent soldiers with her consciousness?
    • Where did Team Galactic even get an army of Hive Mind, brainwashed mooks?

  • Special is already Darker and Edgier compared to the main series games. N is shown is be a significantly bigger jerk than his game counterpart. And Ghetsis? Worse. Much, much worse.

  • Bianca wandered down a dark alleyway by herself when someone sneaked up behind her and knocked her out. If Pokémon wasn't as idealistic as it is, this could easily be seen as a pre-rape scene.

  • As mentioned in Fridge Brilliance above, Zinnia sent her Salamence to attack the facility where Rayquaza was housed, and either on the way there or in a prior op it went after Ruby and Sapphire. Keep in mind this is the incident that caused each of them to become different people over the resulting grief. How would it affect Zinnia if she found out she ruined others' lives from her own actions? More importantly, how furious would those two be if they ever found this out? For her own sake, Zinnia had best hope Sapphire's feeling merciful...
    • She's not particularly apologetic about it.


    Fridge Logic 
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